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Agustín Díaz Yanes: "I never thought there was enough money in Spain to make Alatriste"

By M J Álvarez - translated by NacidaLibre

18 January 2007

Source: 20 Minutos

BIO - Born in Madrid in 1950. In 1996 he received the Goya for best new director and best script for Nobody Will Speak Of Us When We're Dead.

His Alatriste is the film with most nominations in the 21st edition of the Goya awards

A total of 15 nominations for the statuettes.

The story of this mercenary of the Spanish Golden century has managed to rise above all other stories in Spanish cinema, at least as far as nominations are concerned.

Alatriste is the candidate for fifteen Goyas, amongst which are those for best film and best director, Agustín Díaz Yanes.

He has hopes, but says he has no knowledge.

How did making Alatriste come about?

I never thought of making a film about this character. But I was offered to do it, the financial conditions were ideal, and I just went for it. But I don't think on my own I would even have thought of it. Also, I never thought there would be enough money in Spain to make Alatriste.

How come if last year more than one hundred films were made in Spain people only know about three or four?

It is very difficult to get around that. The Americans for example have made more than four hundred films this year, and only 20 or 25 are spoken about on the streets. The solution is difficult because the public is at the end of the line, it is they who pay for their tickets and go to the cinema to see films. And it is not bad that this year amongst Spanish-made films there have been four or five films that a great deal of people have seen. We should not complain.

Do you think you will leave with many Goyas?

When you have been nominated, of course, you always have hope.

Who do you think will be winners?

I truly have no idea. Neither I nor anyone else has. It can't be foreseen.

Do you not even have a speech prepared just in case?

The speech has to last thirty seconds. I'll think about it on the way to the gala, which is the moment I'll have to prepare the speech in case I get the award, or my mind set in case I don't get it.

What are you going to do to get through the four hours of the gala?

Anyone can put up with it if they are sitting down.

What sort of chances do you think Volver and Pan's Labyrinth have at the Oscars?

I don't know the Oscars very well because I have never been, but I have got many friends who have been, both Viggo and Pedro (Almodovar) are very good friends of mine, and I think there are lots of chances in all kinds of categories, not just for foreign language film but for other things. They are two very good films, and I am told that both are widely appreciated.

Any future projects?

I am writing. My 2007 diary is very full, and also we now have to do the international presentations of the film, and I am not very good at all the airplane stuff. Some people can concentrate and get down to writing, but I don't manage it. So I don't know if I will have time by the end of this year, but my plans are to start filming at the end of this year or the beginning of 2008.
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