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A Message from Viggo at Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press
Categories: Politics

Thanks to Viggos Knight for the heads up on this message from Viggo at Perceval. At first, I thought it was just another publishing of his speech at SLU because it contains much of the same material...but...upon careful reading, it is a more indepth and edited treating of the subject matter that should not be missed.
People cannot be mentally focused, positive and actively engaged citizens if they are constantly worried that the only thing keeping them from financial ruin is to dangerously delay seeking or altogether deny themselves and their dependents necessary medical attention. It seems that many in the political arena seem content to have citizens not able to focus too much on monitoring the government's operation and ethical conduct. It is certainly easier for political and corporate operators to steer the average citizen's attention, through costly public relations stunts, away from truly pressing issues ((like health care) when that citizen is preoccupied with scrambling financially to cope with illness and the natural consequences of physical and mental aging in his or her family. Daily concern about health care costs is, unfortunately, a significant problem for most people in the United States. Additionally, the debilitating distraction of worrying that one literally cannot afford to become seriously ill undoubtedly adds stress that can increase one's chances of becoming ill -- a vicious cycle indeed.
Read the entire comprehensive piece from Viggo at Perceval Press.

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