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Another Short Report from Asia
Source: Negahe Emrooz.
Found By: Lucifer
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Our thanks Lucifer at for this brief update on Viggo's trip to Tehran.

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These are from an article in Negahe Emrooz weekly magazine from the sunny persian gulf area. It has effected me deeply. Viggo changed my view on life.

"It says Viggo Mortensen who is not just an actor but a very good poet and painter and runs a publishing company called Perceval Press has been to Asia in June to visit a young writer in hospital. She has had an accident with head trauma and has been seriously injured and was in a coma. The 24-year-old writer has awakened just a short time before Viggo arrived. The article talks about the poor girl's injury and her condition but it more focuses on Viggo and that how generous, lovely, caring and thoughtful human being he is and his feelings and talks are truly geniune and universal. It says he is a burst of sunshine and compassion and He has proved to be one of the kindest and most precious men anyone could know."

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