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Viggo Goes to Tehran

Found By: Gabriel, lilivenezuela, Aflon & Stargazer
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Here is a heartwarming story that should come as no surprise to anyone. Viggo visited a young author in the hospital in Tehran. The details are sketchy but our thanks to Gabriel and lilivenezuela from for surfacing the article and photos from an Asian newspaper, and to Stargazer and Aflon for bringing it to us at Viggo-Works.

Once again...Bravo Viggo!

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From lilivenezuela...

Viggo is the loveliest man I've ever heard of. My friend Gabriel has just found a newspaper article in an Asian Newspaper and sent me this with pix. Sorry for the
bad translation:

"Viggo has been to Tehran to visit a patient with head trauma. A young author who was at the hospital due to an accident. The article says just how incredibly compassionate and kind this man (Viggo) is. He is the true example of a real and kind man."

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