Viggo News (6 June 2004 - 31 May 2006)

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Fahrenfeit 9/11 Trailer

We have found the trailer for Michael Moore's latest thought provoking film.

Click Here To Watch the Trailer
Quicktime or Windows Media required.

Perceval Press Update

Perceval Press has updated their Home Page with a message on the Michael Moore Film Fahrenheit 9/11.

Viggo Has A New Project

Yes...this one is for real. Details as follows.

From Empire Online:
It's been a good five minutes since we did a story touching on the cast or crew of The Lord of the Rings, so we thought it was time to bring you an update on their activities. Viggo Mortensen has signed on to star in A History of Violence for director David Cronenberg, which sounds suspiciously like a match made in heaven from where we're sitting.

A History of Violence is based on the graphic novel of the same name by John Wagner, about a small-town family man leading a quiet and blameless life. When he thwarts a robbery and is feted by the press, some highly unsavoury types see him and suspect that he is a former colleague who disappeared underground years before.

The film will be Cronenberg's first since 2002's Spider, and he certainly seems like the ideal person to take on the famously violent book. Mortensen, fresh from plenty of ass kicking in that obscure little trilogy he starred in, should fit in nicely as the quiet man with a dark side.

The News Page is Open

We at Viggo-Works are delighted to open our News Page. This is where we will be posting all of the latest Viggo and Viggo-related news and updates. Be sure to check with us daily in order to be informed on the latest news.

Those wishing to contribute to the News Page can send any and all information to . Please be sure to give us your name so that we can give you proper credit for your scoop. Wink

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