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Video: Viggo's Stay at Home Live Chat

Found By: CoCo

Thanks to CoCo for the heads up on Viggo's April 8 Live Chat now found on Youtube.


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Viggo on Live Chat Tomorrow (April 8)


Crave and TIFF announce new virtual chat guests for Stay-at-Home Cinema

© Bleecker Street.
TORONTO — Bell Media's Crave and the Toronto International Film Festival announced Tuesday this week's lineup of virtual chats and screenings as part of their Stay-at-Home Cinema initiative launched at the end of March. On Wednesday, April 8, Academy Award-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen (pictured) takes over the @CraveCanada Instagram page for a virtual Q&A with TIFF artistic director and co-head Cameron Bailey. Following the chat, audiences are invited to screen Captain Fantastic on Crave.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

This week we have the third part of our look at Viggo’s work with Actor/Directors. Viggo was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Ben Cash in Matt Ross’s Captain Fantastic, taking the role a little away from Ross’s original concept but delivering a performance full of authenticity which Ross loved. An actor giving another actor space to truly create something remarkable. Not for nothing was Viggo Ross’s first and only choice.

I often ask actors what it's like to work with directors with an acting background but, strangely, so seldom get to ask actor-turned-directors what it's like to work with actors.

[Laughs] I think it makes them comfortable because I'm an actor. I think a lot of directors don't understand the acting process. I think they feel alienated from it. They're either overtly respectful or overtly disdainful of it, you know? It's very hard! Good acting is seamless, right? That's why everyone thinks they can do it. Good acting should look absolutely seamless. It's like ducks: the feet are really moving under the water. I think I understand the process because I've been an actor my whole life. Truthfully, I love acting and I love actors. Not all directors do.

A Conversation with Matt Ross & Viggo Mortensen
20 May 2016

"Viggo was an easy first choice, casting him was intuitive."

Matt Ross
Film takes audience on 'Fantastic' journey
Jay Meehan,
The Park Record
21 January 2016

“Viggo was a central collaborator in terms of his ideas about the script. He had wonderful and insightful ideas about everything, including adding his own original music to the film. For me, he exemplifies a very high level of artistry and integrity. That is one of the things that made him my first choice to play Ben, Physically and temperamentally, he was absolutely right.”

Director Matt Ross
Cannes Press Kit
May 2016

‘I've been around long enough to know to know that this was one of the best things I'd read in a long time. But I have to say, when I met Matt Ross, I said, "This is a great script, a near perfect blueprint for a story, but I don't know how you can make a movie as good as the script unless you find six genius kids." He said, "Well, we will try!" I was nervous. Fortunately, he included me in the process of the final auditions for each of the kids' roles and they were all so talented.’

Viggo Mortensen on Captain Fantastic, Being Typecast, and the Long-term Benefit of Being in Lord of the Rings
7 December 2016

…almost as soon as they began talking about the movie, Mr. Mortensen sent Mr. Ross a 10-page list of factual questions. "He was very interested in the family compound," Mr. Ross said. "He wanted to know all about the sanitation, the water source, the food supply — things like that."

Viggo Mortensen Goes Off the Grid With 'Captain Fantastic'
By Charles McGrath
The New York Times.
28 June 2016

What are the distinct differences you see in being directed by someone who is also an actor? Are there things Matt did as a director that made your job easier?

You don't have to be a great actor to be a good director of actors. But I haven't seen anybody do a better job of than Matt did of going the extra mile every day to make sure everybody was comfortable, and not just the kids. This was only his second full-length film. It was very ambitious. We're talking about an indie movie where we are changing locations almost every day, you have a lot of child actors who have limited working hours legally, and you are shooting outdoors a lot of the time. That would be challenging for any director, even a seasoned one. But he was great at creating the illusion. That's how good an actor he is: Inside, he was probably ready to curl up and die. [Laughs.]

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen on Captain Fantastic, Being Typecast, and the Long-term Benefit of Being in Lord of the Rings
7 December 2016

The director sent Mortensen a huge box of books of recommended reading, including texts by Tom Brown, the renowned naturalist and author of ‘Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Wilderness Survival; linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky; and Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and writer Jared Diamond, all of which he felt Ben would be intimately familiar with. “I thought that was a great way to frame some of the knowledge that this family would have,” Ross says. “It turned out Viggo had read all the books already.”

Cannes Press Kit
May 2016

How different was the character from the page to what Viggo Mortensen brought to it?

Ross: I think the character as originally conceived was a little bit more… he had a bit more of a twinkle in his eye, a little more of a trickster. Not a jokester because that implies a broad comedic performance. What [the character’s] doing is so extreme and rigid, I thought one of the ways he would counter balance that is with a real ‘joie de vivre’ – a real playful, fun father. So he was constantly mocking his children and playing with them and poking at them. It was different kind of energy. More like Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. A guy that you love and want to be around. Not obnoxious but playful. But that’s just not Viggo’s energy and I never really talked to him about it. I just let him reflect and interpret [the part] as he would. I liked what he did because what he does is bring credibility and an authenticity. I thought that was just as valid of an interpretation.

Matt Ross Reveals How ‘Captain Fantastic’ Changed from the Page to the Screen
by Tommy Cook
7 September 2016

“...what was surprising to me about working with him is that I could never catch him acting. He doesn't have any false moments."

Matt Ross
Dr. No: Viggo Mortensen Has Made Turning Down Roles Into an Art Form
By Oliver Jones
The Observer
6 July 2016

‘…for me, I can have no better faith than in Viggo Mortensen.’

Matt Ross
Captain Fantastic: Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross Interview
Jason Gorber
14 July 2016

“I’m thrilled that CAPTAIN FANTASTIC has been included among this year’s Academy nominees! Our movie has heart and brains. It entertains, inspires, and encourages honest communication in equal measures. I’m extremely proud to represent Matt Ross’ extraordinary story. It is one of the finest collective efforts I’ve ever been a part of. YES WE CAN! I wish my mother, who loved movies and taught me about them, was still here to enjoy this moment.”

Viggo’s reaction to his Oscar Nomination
Entertainment Weekly
25 January 2017

How much of Viggo Mortensen is there in the movie, since you also have a farm, make cheese...?

Viggo Mortensen: I don´t make cheese, that comes from a lie told by Karl Urban three years ago, he said I had a farm in Segovia, something I would love.

Matt Ross: He makes all his clothes and shoes. I´m going to continue making myths about you.

More on Viggo’s goat farm...
Hablamos con Viggo Mortensen y Matt Ross por el estreno de 'Captain Fantastic'
By Mikel Zorrilla
Blog de Cine
19 September 2016

Viggo Mortensen’s dedication to his craft and to the world of the story he’s telling have been an inspiration to me for years,” said Ross. “There is a depth to his art that I greatly admire. Any film he’s in is a film I want to see. He’s one of the greats. Getting to collaborate with him on Captain Fantastic is quite literally the best thing that’s happened to me since my wife asked me to marry her.”

Matt Ross
Viggo Mortensen To Star In Electric City’s ‘Captain Fantastic’
By Mike Fleming Jnr
20 February 2014

You will find all previous Quotables here.

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