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A Message from Viggo

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: Chrissie
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Thanks to Chrissie for bring us this from Viggo's Perceval Press.

Last Wednesday, I participated in an onstage interview session moderated by Elvis Mitchell following a screening of "Green Book" in Los Angeles, along with the movie's director, Peter Farrelly, and my acting partner, Mahershala Ali. As has been made public, I spoke the full N-word when referring to the fact that many people casually used it at the time in which our movie story takes place, in 1962. I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone by speaking the word, but immediately realised that I had inevitably done so, and therefore apologised for having pronounced it.

What has not been made clear is that I was attempting to make the point that the extreme, dehumanising ugliness that this word conjures, the hateful attitude behind it, has not disappeared just because white people generally no longer use it as a racist insult — at least not publicly, or unless they are part of a hate group. It is not true, as has been implied in much of the reporting on what I said on Wednesday, that I was naïvely claiming racism had disappeared along with the general use of the N-word. I was actually stating the opposite, that discrimination evolves and changes its vocabulary, and that we must always be vigilant.

I accepted the challenge of working on "Green Book" because it is a beautiful and profound story about a hard-earned friendship, and because I hoped that our movie might in some way play a part in changing peoples' views and feelings regarding racial issues, that it might help expose ignorance and prejudice. The character I play in the movie says and does some very hateful, ignorant things. Thanks to spending two months on the road in pre-Civil Rights Act southern states with the character that Mahershala Ali plays, he evolves during the course of the story. He does not become a perfect person, entirely free of prejudice, but he does change. Although Tony Lip saves Don Shirley from a couple of predicaments in "Green Book", it would not be an exaggeration to say that Don saves Tony's soul. I, too, have learned valuable lessons from working on this movie, and from what has happened this week. It is my sincere wish that others may also be inspired by our story to continue with constructive conversation.


Viggo Mortensen
10 November, 2018

© Perceval Press.

Happy Birthday Viggo!

Categories: Viggo being Viggo

From all of us at Viggo-Works ... Happy Birthday Viggo!

Images © Getty.

Viggo in New York

Source: Instagram.
Found By: Chrissie

Thanks to Chrissie for the find. A couple of candid photos via Instagram from Viggo attending the musical Hamilton last night.

Images © Robert Walters/A J.

Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

I've put together a light-hearted Quotable for you this week with a lot of old favourites, all of which are a little offbeat, quirky, amusing and very, very Viggo.

When asked why he always sports [San Lorenzo] gear during interviews (today it's a pullover with their logos) he jokes, "mind control."

Viggo does 'Good'
Mortensen shows us his softer side
by Tina Chadha
Metro New York
9 January 2009

'Ridley Scott's filming George Orwell's Animal Farm and I'm playing the goat...'

Viggo on being asked if he's grown his beard for a new role
BBC Breakfast Television
13 May 2014

'I'm not usually a suit person… You're lucky I'm wearing shoes!'

Viggo Q&A after accepting the Coolidge Award in Boston
Greendragon posting on TORn
6 March 2012

PA: If you were a flower, viggo, what kind would you be?

VM: Today, I'd be one of those spiky little red bottlebrush trees.

Interview with Patricia Arquette
Interview magazine, 1995

Me: We have to talk about women, because you are the sexiest man alive.

Him: So there are a lot of dead men who are sexier?

Eats Roadkill, Speaks Danish
By Amy Wallace
Esquire magazine
March 2006

"I like to live dangerously. Last night I was quietly at home, cooking a meal of chicken, onions and garlic, Cuban style, and then here I am today facing a pack of journalists."

Viggo Mortensen Talks About "Jauja" and "Far from Men"
By Martin Dale
7 December 2014

"We can do some doll therapy if anyone's interested…"

Viggo talking about 'Sigi' the Freud doll in San Lorenzo colours
at the Venice Film Festival ADM Press Conference
2 September 2011

You looked sexy in The Lord Of The Rings...what's your favourite costume?

My birthday suit.

Now that is sexy, no wonder women love you...

If you say so.

60 Seconds With...Viggo Mortensen
December 2005

"Thank God for special effects, makeup the voice dubbing and all that. They completely replaced Kodi, thank God! We had Andy Serkis do it."

Viggo Mortensen sets the record straight about his acting career, 'The Road' and 'The Hobbit'
By Carla Hay
25November 2009

Corey, Triple M, Melbourne: Viggo you're now at the stage where you could get the majority of roles you wanted. You've had love scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow and now Liv Tyler. Is there anyone you aspire to have a love scene with, in the world?

Viggo: Gimli? That was cut from the movie - maybe it'll be in the extended version.

Return Of The King Press Junket: Viggo Mortensen
By Nazz
December 2003
Source: Nazz

When I ask him for his favourite joke he responds with a rare one-word answer: "Me".

A History of Defiance
Daniel Mirth
Men's Journal
October 2009

Following the press Q&A, as he left the stage, he paused, looked at the huge 'Viggo Mortensen' image on the screen behind him, and said, 'You spelled my name wrong…' There was a horrified moment as the organisers checked in panic – then he smiled, 'No, just kidding….'

Viggo after accepting the Coolidge Award in Boston
Greendragon posting on TORn
6 March 2012

Hi Viggo, aside from knowing your lines, what's the most important thing you do to prepare yourself before you go in front of camera?


Empire On-line Web Chat
31 January 2012

When you were a kid, what'd you want to be when you grew up?

A crow was probably what I wanted to be most of all.

Really? Why is that? What is it about crows?

They're survivors. They can live anywhere. They're very self-sufficient. They're very resourceful. They're adaptable.

That sounds like you.


Viggo Mortensen: Making peace with the camera
By Tracy Smith
11 December 2016

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-works/Iolanthe. Images © Besiktas JK.

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