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Found By: Eriko
Categories: Photographers

Our thanks to Eriko for the find.


This portrait from the 90's depicts handsome artist Viggo Mortensen (pre-LOR) with his beautiful Sheepdog.

Images © Albert Sanchez.

A Call for Artists

A Call for Artists

Viggo-Works is once again going to host our annual art exhibit right here on our own website. This second of what we hope will by ongoing art exhibits here at V-W is open to all artists … all V-W members … all V-W Art Community members … all non-members … anyone who receives this message and is an artist. Our second art exhibit will be restricted to photography only – any photographic medium. We will host this exhibit for photography only later this fall/winter.

    >Again, we will open a special page in our V-W webpages for this exhibit.
    >All artists will exhibit 3 pieces of their work.
    >All you need to do to enter is to and attach the 3 jpegs or three photos of your photo work for exhibition. The larger the photo or jpeg the better. We will re-size to fit our format and present you art in the most favorable way.
    >We can (in most cases) convert any pdf files to jpeg files if you care to send them that way.
    >PLEASE remember... PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY for this exhibit.
    >Your name and any website address (if you have one) must accompany your exhibit entries.
    >You also need to send the name/title for each piece.]/color]
    >[COLOR=#40e0d0]The deadline for entries is October 18th. The exhibit will debut on November 1st.

If you have any questions about this first exhibit, don't hesitate to post on the Exhibit thread on our forums or, if you are not a member at Viggo-Works, you can email me ( with your questions. If you need help sending your jpegs of photos, simple contact us using either method listed previously.

As it was last year, this is going to be fun and very inspirational. We hope all of you artists will participate if at all possible.

Please come to the Call for Artists thread to discuss and ask questions.

Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

For those that like to neatly label creative people as an 'actor', 'artist', 'photographer', 'musician' or 'writer', Viggo presents a challenge. Surely only one thing can be a serious career, and everything else has to be dabbling? One thing I've always liked about Viggo is that he has always completely understood that creativity is a state of being. Being creative is what you are, not what you do. Trying to put a truly creative person in a box is impossible because they just can't see the sides.

In memory of our friend Peggy, all the photos I've chosen are by Deryck and taken at the various artistic events they shared.

'A photo, a painting, a poem or music that we use to express our experience is not the main thing, but what you are expressing. How you sense the world around you is art in its own form. To stop for one silent moment and just see what happens.'

Viggo Mortensen
Margt til lista lagt article from Fréttablaðið
Translated by Ragga
June 2008

'Inspiration is a notion, an impulse that has its own shape, before you stumble onto it. If you're in too much of a hurry, you try to tell it what it is, instead of having it tell you what it is. And I think if you do that, you're gonna miss out.'

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen ('80) Remembers
By Macreena A. Doyle
St. Lawrence University, 2003

'...if one can decide to become an actor, it's not the same for art - there is no starting point, it's there, in you, that's all."

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen: The Soul of a Warrior
by Juliette Michaud
Studio Magazine
December 2002

'I've always loved the kind of isolation that comes from intensely devoting yourself to art forms like painting or poetry or whatever. That's also what makes being an actor so fulfilling in that you can share the creative process and get out of your own head.'

Viggo Mortensen Goes Back to His Roots for 'Everyone Has A Plan'
19 April 2013

"Creative expression is social change. Wear your feelings on everything you do. It will help people open up their minds and see themselves and their communities in new ways."

Actor Viggo Mortensen urges expression
by Kaci Yoder
Desert Sun
7 July 2013

"People who are creators create," he says. "People say to me all the time, 'Why don't you just focus on one thing?' And I say, 'Why? Why just one thing? Why can't I do more? Who makes up these rules?"

Viggo Mortensen
Finding Viggo By Alex Kuczynski
Vanity Fair magazine
January 200

'To be an artist is to remain conscious of your surroundings, and I believe that we all have that capacity. Children have it and, as they grow up, they lose it.'

Viggo Mortensen
I wouldn't look the Alatristes of today in the eye
By Oskar L. Belategui, translated for V-W by Margarita
Hoy Sociedad
3 September 2006

Asked about his favourite medium - photography, painting or writing - Viggo Mortensen says it's all part of the same continuum. "You ask the question, you investigate, you make that extra effort to be aware and express your reaction to your surroundings," he says. "Whether you paint or act or write, you're giving importance to a given moment, a place, an emotion, and you're communicating the discoveries you've made as you engage in that process. So in that sense, everything is connected."

Viggo Mortensen, Photographer
Massey University

'I'd do it [acting]for myself anyway. Before I got into acting, I was interested in one way or another in photography or writing stories or poems or making drawings or something because I like doing it. That's who I am. That's my way of being in the world. I imagine I'll keep doing things that way. Who knows? Part of being in the world is being open to changing your mind. But so far, I haven't changed my mind about that. That's what makes me comfortable.'

Viggo Mortensen
A Sense of Finality
by Markus Tschiedert
Green Cine, 2003

He has mounted a half-dozen solo exhibitions in Cuba, Denmark, New York, and Los Angeles. His New York dealer, Robert Mann, says he had no idea who Mortensen was when he first met him four years ago.

"The Lord of the Rings wasn't out, and I was clueless about that part of his life' Mann says. "I saw the work and responded to it on its own merit. There's a lot of volatility to it, a lot of emotion, a lot of subtext and sensitivity." Mann says that, typically, celebrity art implies an underlying dilettantism. But Mortensen "is not a dabbler. I consider him a very lucky and talented person. Most artists are lucky to express themselves in one avenue."

Robert Mann, New York Gallerist
Finding Viggo
By Alex Kuczynski
Vanity Fair magazine
January 2004

"....he's incredibly gifted as a visual artist. He is a very multifaceted and slightly compulsive individual, constantly creating in every medium. His creative energy is boundless; I assume acting is another extension of that."

Robert Mann, New York Gallerist
In the Spotlight But Shining On Its Own - Celebrity Art
by Lisa Crawford Watson
Art Business News, 2001

?does he worry that people will just dismiss his eclectic works as mere half-arsed nixers of an over-indulged Hollywood star?

"I was drawing and painting and writing poems before I did acting, but people are going to make up their own minds about you anyway," he replies. "I feel it's personally a waste of time and inevitably a frustrating exercise to try to accommodate others all the time, or to try to please everyone.

Analysis of dream career
by Declan Cashin
Irish Examiner
15 February 2012

As always, you will find all previous Quotables here in our Webpages.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Deryck True.

The World of Viggo Mortensen (part 2)

Source: Esquire Latinoamerica.
Found By: Translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
Thanks once again to Ollie, Rio and Zoe for bringing us a translation of the second part of the Esquire Latinoamerica article:
Image John Russo.
© Esquire Latinoamerica.
"When we did the press conference in Madrid for the play Purgatorio, issues like the Germans and the Second World War came up. We were talking about forgiveness, because the question the play asks is: could you, could I forgive anything? In principle, we should be able to do it, but if someone kidnapped or killed your son, would you be able to forgive them, even though that person might not have repented? To me, it seems most Christian to say 'Yes, you can. There´s no obligation, but it can be done.' And among many other things, I mentioned ETA, and you wouldn´t believe what came down on me [laughs]. To me, the most Christian thing there is is forgiveness without conditions. And I told them there, and I also told them that sometimes the most Catholic, most conservative ones, are the ones opposed to that forgiveness. They told me, 'No, sir, in the Catholic Church you have to speak about repentance so there can be forgiveness.' And it could be that it´s technically right, but it doesn´t seem very Christian to me.

People were taking what I had said out of context depending on their political point of view. Some were saying, 'Viggo is pro-ETA. He is an etarra [trans. note: a [member of ETA] because he says ETA should be forgiven,' and others were saying, 'No, Viggo says that the government should be forgiven.' I was saying both things [laughs]: ETA has to forgive and you have to forgive ETA, without conditions. 'What do you mean without conditions?!' I´m not saying they shouldn´t go to jail, but they also can be forgiven in the heart, in the soul.

If we don't talk about these things - with respect and good manners, and informing ourselves as well as possible - they get worse and worse, darker. There are more misunderstandings and problems. As in any relationship, the things that aren't talked about come out later in another way.

I´m interested in the ideas that lie behind almost all religions. Deep down there aren´t many differences in the good things, like treating your neighbour as you would like to be treated, respecting people, helping those in need, brotherhood, and even treating the earth and animals right. There are many religions that have the same ideas, but at the moment they are written down as law, as rules of behaviour, they become dead words, meaningless, unless someone gives them life with honest acts. And based on those rules, everybody quarrels, kills, doing each other more harm than good.

What scares us, almost without exception, is what we don´t know. It seems to me this is the cause of racism, stupid fights between followers of different religions or athletic teams or any other thing. It´s the ignorance, fear of the other, toward the other.

I'm for San Lorenzo de Almagro, but I don't belong to any church, to any temple, or religious team. If there is a God, God is in people's good acts, and if God has a face, I don't know what color it is. I don't have the least idea if God's a man or a woman, a coyote or an earthworm. God is an idea of good behavior, of forgiveness, for example. If there is a God, I think God would agree with forgiveness without conditions.

Unconditional love, unconditional loyalty, I don't feel those for any team, or any country or anything, only for San Lorenzo. Although they fail again and again, and only end up champions occasionally, although we have a glorious but hard, and sometimes tragic, history. I like how the San Lorenzo supporter behaves; I like their traditions. They have the best songs and are the most witty, and the other supporters recognize that. And besides, they sing non-stop; it doesn't matter if we're losing 0 to 7. San Lorenzo supporters have a very rich history, of endurance above all, and a special dignity.

There are people who don't like soccer, and that's also acceptable, as weird as it may be! [He laughs] In the United States, where I lived for many years, there are people who say they hate it, commentators that say it's an absurd game full of dirty tricks, that people dive - which is true, there are players that are unbearable because they dive so much - that is very boring. They don't understand how a game that ends 0 to 0 could be interesting, and that people would leave cheering. I don't know. To me, soccer is a metaphor for many things, like struggle in life. It's a sport in which someone really little like Messi - who looks like an ordinary guy who could be riding a bike delivering newspapers or sandwiches, whatever - does unforgettable things every time he comes out to play. It's impressive.

Before he went blind, Borges, the great Argentinian writer, worked in a public library in Boedo (a neighborhood in Buenos Aires) and had lunch in a bar there. It was a bar that a lot of San Lorenzo supporters went to. And they always came up to him and bothered him. 'Maestro, maestro,' they said. 'What team are you for?' 'What do you mean, what team?' 'Soccer, soccer.' 'I hate soccer, I don't support any of them, leave me alone.' 'You have to be for San Lorenzo, you have to become a San Lorenzo supporter, maestro.' Every day it was like that. Until Borges told them, 'Look, if you promise me that I won't ever have to go to a soccer game, I'll become a San Lorenzo supporter.' 'Great!' So we say that Borges is also for San Lorenzo, even though we're cheating a little.

I read somewhere that Borges went with another writer to see a match between the national teams of Uruguay and Argentina. Neither one of them knew anything about soccer and they weren't very interested in it, and at the half they left. They didn't know there was another half [laughter].

I began to feel the San Lorenzo colours in the mid-sixties and it was then when I became a true Cuervo. They weren´t champions, but they got support for their efforts. They put a lot of will into it, they had a lot of drive and it was a very good team. They suffered a lot during that decade, but a lot of famous players came out of it, like "El Loco" Doval, who went to Brazil and had great success with Flamengo, or "El Bambino" Veira, who is a legend. In 1968, they were undefeated champions, and because of that the kids in school respected me a little more."

© Esquire Latinoamerica. Images © John Russo.

Images from the Egyptian Theater by Deryck True

Viggo at the Egyptian Theater in LA - 11.6.09 Viggo at the Egyptian Theater in LA - 11.6.09 Viggo at the Egyptian Theater in LA - 11.6.09 Viggo at the Egyptian Theater in LA - 11.6.09
Many, many thanks to our friend Deryck True (and to Peg for the heads up) for sharing these images from Friday evening at the Egyptian Theater in LA.

Images © Deryck True. Used by permission.

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