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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

Having taken a look at Viggo the Woodsman last week, this week I thought we'd revisit Captain Fantastic, a film that tells us that every dream should be taken in moderation. Although Viggo would never be a Ben Cash he was perfect for the role, with his huge array of interests and skills, and his ability to connect with all the youngsters. Filming with him must have been, well, fantastic!

When he appears, caked in mud, looking like a kind of eco-Rambo, splashing barefoot through a river and cutting the heart out of a deer, you'll be thinking: Well, that's just Viggo Mortensen's life, isn't it?

Wild man Viggo Mortensen lets it all hang out in Captain Fantastic
Neala Johnson
Herald Sun
8 September 2016

'He is an extraordinary man, an extraordinary mind. He had many thoughts and notes — great insights — before shooting. And once filming, Viggo contributed an effortless simplicity and deep humanity that, I believe, elevated the film.'

Matt Ross
Cannes Festival
Eugénie Malinjod
20 May 2016

In "Captain Fantastic," he truly does seem like a hunter, in the Hemingway/James Fenimore Cooper sense. He looks like the kind of guy who, yes, would worship Noam Chomsky, but he also looks like the kind of guy who would eat him for breakfast.

The Secret Appeal of 'Captain Fantastic': It's Left-Wing… and Right-Wing
By Owen Gleiberman
14 July 2016

"When I was preparing for this role, I went back to where I used to live [in northern Idaho] and spent some time there. I ended up driving to Washington from Idaho in a pickup truck filled with all kinds of things I thought might be useful. It looked like something out of The Beverly Hillbillies when I arrived.

Viggo Mortensen
Cannes Press Kit
May 2016

Mortensen says he brought "sleeping bags, a canoe, bicycles, clothing, blankets, books, pots and pans — all things that I knew these people would have"… Most of it made it into the film, including a loud patterned red shirt that the actor had squirrelled away from his 1987 wedding.

In 'Captain Fantstic,' Viggo Mortensen found more than a modern-day 'Mr. Mom'
By Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post
15 July 2016

'I like gardening and I grow my own vegetables... I could say to Matt, "If it's this time of year, this is how big the vegetables would be. This is what would grow in such a small clearing." All those things you only see in passing, but it was important to him and to me that the way this family lives be completely credible.'

Viggo Mortensen goes 'extreme' in 'Captain Fantastic'
Josh Rottenberg
LA Times
30 June 2016

The Lord of the Rings star shows a full complement of skills including driving the family's bus, lighting a fire, playing guitar and rock-climbing.

"To be honest about the climbing scenes, I have a little vertigo," says Mortensen. "It gets me. I'm glad I look like I'm comfortable."

Viggo Mortensen is a marvel in 'Captain Fantastic'
Bryan Alexander
USA Today
19 May 2016

"He's the gentlest man you'll meet, especially with the kids. He's really quiet out in public, but he loved all [us] little ones to pieces. He was hanging around with us all day and telling jokes. He acted like a father figure. He's a great guy."

Nicholas Hamilton
Young Aussie actor Nicholas Hamilton stars with Viggo Mortensen at Sundance
Harry Winsor
15 January 2015

' is when we all would get together. That was at least once a day we'd get together, all of us. We really were jamming and laughing and talking. We'd have something to eat. Okay, let's go! And then we'd start playing. The feeling there was, There's no such thing as making a mistake. We're just playing together. We got better and better and more comfortable with each other...I thought the music was important as an initial bonding thing.'

Viggo Mortensen
'Captain Fantastic': Matt Ross, Viggo Mortensen and the perils of off-the-grid fatherhood
by Michelle Lanz
The Frame
7 July 2016

"W.C. Fields said don't work with kids or animals, I guess because they'll upstage you or drive you crazy," said Viggo Mortensen, with a soft chuckle. "But I've always enjoyed it."

Viggo Mortensen
How Viggo Mortensen learned to be captain of 6 kids onscreen
Moira Macdonald
Seattle Times
8 July 2016

'For Ben, you can alternate between what a great father and this guy's a maniac.'

Viggo Mortensen Goes Green: 'I Trust Hillary About as Much as I Trust Donald Trump'
Marlo Stern
The Daily Beast
16 July 2016

"You get the sense [Ben] is watching over them kind of like a wolf parent," says Mortensen. "He is not mean to them but a lot is expected. And you are not going to be getting a lot of sugar with it."

Viggo Mortensen gets dirty to play a 'wolf dad' in Captain Fantastic
by Stephanie Bunbury
Sidney Morning Herald
2 September 2016

"Just because it's not possible to be a perfect dad or to be Captain Fantastic, that doesn't mean it's not worth trying."

In 'Captain Fantstic,' Viggo Mortensen found more than a modern-day 'Mr. Mom'
By Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post
15 July 2016

"It was an awesome family of actors. I was so happy watching this movie with all of us together." Mortensen gestures at the cast, and at the screen that has just delivered a beautiful filmic experience. "I just love this family!"

Captain Fantastic: Viggo Mortensen & Family
by Christine Westwood
11 June 2016

'[Viggo] demonstrates the aspirations of the movie, what kind of movie are you hoping to make, and for me, I can have no better faith than in Viggo Mortensen.'

Matt Ross
Captain Fantastic: Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross Interview
Jason Gorber
14 July 2016

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Bleecker Street.

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Video: Viggo's Stay at Home Live Chat

Found By: CoCo

Thanks to CoCo for the heads up on Viggo's April 8 Live Chat now found on Youtube.


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Viggo on Live Chat Tomorrow (April 8)


Crave and TIFF announce new virtual chat guests for Stay-at-Home Cinema

© Bleecker Street.
TORONTO — Bell Media's Crave and the Toronto International Film Festival announced Tuesday this week's lineup of virtual chats and screenings as part of their Stay-at-Home Cinema initiative launched at the end of March. On Wednesday, April 8, Academy Award-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen (pictured) takes over the @CraveCanada Instagram page for a virtual Q&A with TIFF artistic director and co-head Cameron Bailey. Following the chat, audiences are invited to screen Captain Fantastic on Crave.

© Images © Bleecker Street..

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