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FYC FEST: Ron Howard In Conversation With Viggo Mortensen

Found By: Eriko

Our thanks to Eriko for the find.

© Variety.

On the Set of 'The Dead Don't Hurt'

Found By: Chrissie

Thanks to Chrissie for the find.

Lovely photo posted by Luxembourg Let's Make This Happen:

"Behind the scenes with Luxembourgish actress Vicky Krieps and Viggo Mortensen.

On the set of the western love story “The Dead Don’t Hurt” directed by Viggo Mortensen, the famous American actor got himself a flag of every country involved in the movie.

With Vicky Krieps starring as the main female character, the Luxembourgish flag was a must-have!"

© Luxembourg Let's Make It Happen. Images © Luxembourg Let's Make It Happen.

'The Dead Don't Hurt' News

Found By: Chrissie

Thanks to Chrissie for the find.

It would appear that Viggo is keeping everyone on the set well-fed.

Images © Johnson.

Oscar Voters: Don’t Overlook Some Pre-Fest Gems

Source: Variety.
Found By: Chrissie
© MGM Pictures.

Thanks to Chrissie for the find.

So good to see two Viggo movies mentioned in this article at Variety:

Pundits are focusing on Venice-Telluride-Toronto offerings, but there were a lot of goodies before those events...

​Crimes of the Future (NEON)

Why has David Cronenberg never been nominated for an Oscar? It’s probably because he often creates genre films that make some people uncomfortable. The audacious and witty “Crimes” centers on humans trying to take control over their bodies. There are some squishy moments but as Viggo Mortensen's character says, “Art triumphs once again.”

. . . . . .

Thirteen Lives (MGM)

You might think you know all about the rescue of the young Thai soccer team and their coach from a flooded cave. But you don’t. Director Ron Howard and his team offer what Hollywood does best: a big-scale look at an event that always keeps focus on the individuals. All contributions are first-rate. And like the other films here, it’s definitely worth watching.

© Variety Media, LLC. Images © MGM.

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