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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

A few weeks ago I was trying to explain to a friend why a rather dark, rather blurry black and white photo of a tree which I have hanging on my wall was, in fact, an atmospheric work of art. That there is more below the surface than initially meets the eye. That the profile of the tree looks, to me, just like a face. That it appears to be shouting at a distant factory like an enraged Ent. I don't think I convinced her, but that doesn't matter. It convinces me. The photograph, of course, was taken by Viggo Mortensen and he chose it as one of his many tree pictures for his Skovbo Exhibition in Iceland in 2008. I like to think it's because of Viggo's ability to find 'find small wonders and flashes of surprise'. And because it's an Ent...

In high school, the shy kid began carrying a camera everywhere he went. Structuring his vistas within a viewfinder was a natural impulse. Already he had hopscotched through many disparate worlds, never lingering long enough on any to burn a permanent image.

Viggo Trip
By Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39
November 2002

…as an adolescent, he felt comfortable behind the lens of a camera. Mortensen says he started taking pictures as a teenager, although he wasn't "really serious about it." For him, the camera not only offered a sense of control over his surroundings but a kind of veil to help him feel invisible from a world he found both intimidating and inspiring.

The Other Side of Viggo Mortensen
By Paul Young
Variety Life
October 2003

What was it that inspired you to start making photos?

Nothing in particular. Perhaps it has something to do with a sort of incurable, persistent nosiness.

Q&A with Viggo Mortensen
by Natalie Dodecker
American Photo magazine

Mortensen's photography is decidedly low-tech, utterly spontaneous, and free of preconception, employing no staged lighting or posing. He literally takes pictures of what is right in front of him. But there is certainly saturation to his colors and a mystique to the content which captures the sometimes obscure significance in the ordinary moments pictured. Mortensen's stills are often as much a question as they are an answer.

Things Are Weird Enough
by Shana Nys Dambrot
Juxtapoz magazine #19

'There are a lot of photographs of people that I've seen where it's obviously a very staged scene - something really choreographed, designed, lit a certain way. I don't know if it's just laziness or preference but I like to shoot just with what's there, whether it's night or day. Just what's happening - what I see, without interfering. I mean, things are weird enough, and people do strange enough things, that I don't think you have to try.'

Viggo Mortensen
Things Are Weird Enough
by Shana Nys Dambrot
Juxtapoz magazine #19, 1999

Mortensen's best photographs capture the partial, the fleeting and the unnoticed with surprising ease. One critic described them as "perfectly colloquial." In other words, he makes great snapshots.

The Other Side of Viggo Mortensen
By Paul Young
Variety Life, 2003

"Great artists tell us the task is to train and polish the attention within the brilliance of our small shipwrecks. Viggo does that both insistently and obsessively; he trains his eye to find small wonders and flashes of surprise, and these things are polished by the way he frames them. It is this framing that clearly - both formally and unconsciously - corresponds to his sense of how things are."

Kevin Powers
The Other Side of Viggo Mortensen
By Paul Young
Variety Life, 2003

'In a way, I am a photographer even when I don't take pictures. I think it's an instinctive thing by now, a part of myself.'

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen, The Photographer Of Dreams
By Giovanni Valerio - translated by Cindalea
July 2008
Source: Panorama First

Did you and Viggo Mortensen use homemade cameras?

We're not that renaissance. Viggo's got an old hasselblad that he takes forever to focus & shoot. But I must admit he's got some real talent behind the lens. . . not too bad in front either.

John Doe
John Doe finds Emily at a Crossroads
By Emily Strange
June 2012

"I've photographed a lot with Leica and Hasselblad cameras but last year I started using disposable cameras. They won't be available a short time from now so it was good to use the opportunity while I could and play with them. I often expose the pictures for a long time, shoot directly into the sun. A lot of interesting things happen when the light goes through these unclear plastic lenses. The photos become different. Sometimes I throw the cameras to the ground to loosen the lens a little bit, then interesting things happen. Then you check out the films and choose the best ones. I have an opinion of how I want them to be."

Viggo Mortensen
Dreaming About Telling Stories
By Einar Fal Ingolfsson - translated by Rosen and Ragga
29 May 2008

He got the idea for the exhibition [sadanset] while he was looking at pictures and discovered that two of them sort of continued in each other. He got interested and the next 14 days he worked his way through a pile of pictures to find photos that could continue the horizon-line and make the puzzle more complete.

Also five pictures from one of Mortensen's earlier books raised his interest. The five photos are very similar, but originate from different continents. The pictures show, according to the artist, that people and landscapes are connected.

From movies to photos
Jette Hansen
19 October 2008

I decided to take photos of trees for this show because there are no trees in Iceland. I decided to bring trees to Iceland.

Viggo Mortensen on the Skovbo Exhibition
Capable Of Many Things
By Hanna Björk Valsdóttir - translated by Ragga

30 May 2008

Viggo Mortensen's photographs can be explained as poetic; sometimes the focus is shallow, a lot of movement, light sometimes leaks into the pictures and makes weird influences.

Dreaming About Telling Stories
By Einar Fal Ingolfsson - translated by Rosen and Ragga
29 May 2008

'Two years ago, I spent a few days in Montana with Viggo while he was shooting Hidalgo, and I swear he was never without a camera. One moment he was slamming on the brakes to photograph a horse on a hill, and the next, he was slowing down to take a picture of a cloud.'

Tom Roston
Premiere, November 2004

So how good a photographer is he? I've looked at two of Mortensen's books and from that evidence I would hazard the opinion that he is very good indeed.

Mark Power
The Salt Mine
3 September 2008

You will find all previous Quotables

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Abaca.

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Viggo-Works Art Exhibit: SECOND CALL FOR ARTISTS!

Since Viggo Mortensen is flying under the radar these days, let's have some fun with one of his favorite pastimes.

Viggo-Works is going to host an art exhibit right here on our own website. This first of what we hope will by ongoing art exhibits here at V-W is open to all artists - all V-W members - all V-W Art Community members - all non-members - anyone who receives this message and is an artist. This first art exhibit will be restricted to art only - any medium except photography. We will host an exhibit for photography only later this fall/winter.

> We will open a special page in our V-W webpages for this exhibit.
> All artists will exhibit 3 pieces of their work.
> All you need to do to enter is to email and attach the 3 jpegs or three photos of your work for exhibition. The larger the photo or jpeg the better. We will re-size to fit our format and present you art in the most favorable way.
> We can (in most cases) convert any pdf files to jpeg files if you care to send them that way.
> All art mediums will be accepted - jewelry - sculpture - print making - painting drawing - ink - pastels - iron work - clay - mixed media, etc.
> PLEASE remember / NO PHOTOGRAPHY for this exhibit. We will announce plans for our Photography exhibit very soon.
> Your name and any website address (if you have one) must accompany your exhibit entries.
> The deadline for entries is October 4th. The exhibit will debut on Viggo's birthday, October 20th.

If you have any questions about this first exhibit, don't hesitate to post on the Exhibit thread on our forums or, if you are not a member at Viggo-Works, you can email me with your questions. If you need help sending your jpegs of photos, simple contact us using either method listed previously.

This is going to be fun and very inspirational. We hope all of you artists will participate if at all possible.

Stay tuned. More to come!

© Images ©

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AMFM Festival Update

Source: Huffington Post LA.
Found By: Iolanthe
Thanks to Iolanthe for updating us via Huffington Post LA.

New Arts Festival, AMFM, Debuts in Coachella and Viggo Mortensen and I Are In It

Gordy Grundy

Instead of 40 nights in the desert, the AMFM Fest needs only four. A new festival of art, music, film and more, is debuting June 13-16 in the Coachella Valley with a heavy hitting and very promising line up. It reads like a party with the most interesting people all talking about your favorite things. Ultra classic Viggo Mortensen gets a Dennis Hopper Award. Six films will make a world debut. Many art shows will run amok. The music is down home. The "more" category bounces from comedy to video games to panels and lounges. Michael Madsen, Ed Asner, Monte Hellman and Giancarlo Esposito are a few of the celebrity guests that all have an edge. The AMFM Fest is beginning here and now.

Rather jaded, I've been to a few festivals. To fly far, a happening needs to leap out from the starting gate. I was asked to exhibit artwork. I was a little wary of the pony but I can now admit that I'm excited. The two impresarios Rich Henrich and Robert Galarza have cut their teeth on the Albuquerque Film Festival. Their socially-minded Film 4 Change has proven to be effective and valuable. The co-directors have created an interesting soup of a weekend that I am looking forward to.

Music-wise, the Knitting Factory has been helping to place local bands. Joshua Tree's Gram Rabbit is the top of the cake. The Miracle Dolls were the jewel of the Van's Warped tour and they promise to be interesting. There are a slate of DJs, but the menu is flavored to rock and roll.

Six films will premiere, one hundred will screen, but the best film event commemorates the 20th anniversary of Dazed and Confused. Richard Linklater's comedy is flawless and the performances are sublime. Director Monte Hellman is honored with a screening of his 1966 western Ride the Whirlwind that was written by and stars Jack Nicholson. The slate is extensive and well curated. The screenings are many. Diving for film has never looked more interesting.

Over a dozen artists are showing their work in most mediums. I am glad to see Viggo Mortensen will be showing some visual work: photos and paintings. He has been prolific. He was once a busy dancer to the L.A. art beat. He has a good eye. At AMFM, photography weighs heavily. Robert Zuckerman, Craig Semetko and others have work that I want to see. There is not a sculptor in the crowd but there are plenty of painters, video artists and concept-minded folk. I would be remiss if I did not remind you that I am showing new paintings.

The AMFM Fest is dedicated to the spirit of actor and artist Dennis Hopper. There is a namesake award to prove it. The Fest promises to be hip, cool, funny and strange. Just like Dennis . I naturally tend to focus on the fun and the AMFM looks like a damn good time. Drinking, dancing and an intellectual massage divvy for a swell weekend. Not incidental, the Fest has a strong social component. "We are a community of artists committed to having pride in what we do and dedicated to making our country great through artistic and creative innovation," promises co-director Rich Henrich. I still say its gonna be a good time.

© Huffington Post.

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AMFM event to showcase work by Marilyn Manson, Viggo Mortensen

Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for this find.

This is the first that we have heard of this and will see if we can find more.
The Arts, Music, Film and More Festival, or AMFM, co-produced by Rich Henrich and Robert Galarza from Film 4 Change, is set to run June 13 through June 16 at the UltraStar Mary Pickford Theatres and in Town Square.

The festival brings together musicians, artists and filmmakers from across the country.

Actor Viggo Mortensen from "Lord of the Rings" fame and musician Marilyn Manson are scheduled to showcase some of their art at the event, Henrich said.


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"Looking Glass" a photography exhibition at Analog Salon

Source: The Analog Salon.
Found By: SkaldIs
Many thanks to SkaldIs for bringing us news of this exhibit.
© Viggo Mortensen.
An official MOPLA event (Month of Photography LA)

EVFA & Digital Fusion Presents Analog Salon

"Looking Glass", A Photography Exhibition curated by Shana Nys Dambrot

Opens Friday April 20th 2012, 6pm -9 pm with a reception for the artists. It is open to the public.

Sponsored by PAMA Liqueurs an Frey Organic Wines.

The exhibition will be open from April 20th, through June 1st at The Analog Salon at Samitaur Constructs, 3535 Hayden Avenue, Culver City, California. Gallery hours are 9am through 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Participating artists:

Viggo Mortensen
Gary Baseman
Lawren Alice
Sam Comen
Marjan Vayghan
Jody Zellen
Mark Schumacher & Scott Elgart
Sara Jane Boyers
Emily Bradley
Johnny White
Jennifer Vanderpool
Suzanne Adelman

"Looking Glass"

Everyone knows a painter, for example, starts with a blank canvas and piles of pigment and that whether they makes landscape, portrait, or abstract images based in whole, in part, or not at all on external phenomenon, that the thing they make is wholly created from "nothing" or, put another way "imagination" whereas photography by definition involves interacting with the external world not entirely of your making. For LOOKING GLASS I've assembled a dozen photographers whose work is in various ways made in a collaboration between the imagination and the world -- to explore ways that the camera is an expressive, fantastical, imaginative and pliable medium as well as form of document that contains evidence of external reality.

-Shana Nys Dambrot, Guest Curator ( )

Event image by Johnny White (Dedication)

The Analog Salon is a fine art photographic exhibition space housed at Samitaur Constructs, the noted architectural firm, in partnership with Digital Fusion, a premiere digital photographic rental and post-production facility and produced by Edgar Varela (EVFA). Located in Culver City, California, The Analog Salon highlights the exceptional talent of new, emerging and established photographers with an emphasis on Los Angeles based artists. Supporting the arts by providing not only a space but a full production and marketing effort to showcase talent and support artist projects, The Analog Salon will contribute to the art dialogue integrating its associated artists and partners as an important part of the cultural life of Los Angeles.

The Analog Salon at Samitaur Constructs
3535 Hayden Avenue
Culver City, California

© The Analog Salon. Images © Viggo Mortensen.

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