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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

With the Two Cuervos sharing poety together in Barcelona, I just had to do a Quotable on their other great passion - San Lorenzo de Almagro. We know Viggo 'wears a San Lorenzo shirt like it's tattooed on his skin' and I'm sure Fabian does too. Cuervos heart and soul, here's a tribute to El Ciclon and it's fans.

....the Cuervo ambassador to the world.

Jorge Barros
San Lorenzo Supporters Subcommittee interview
Transcribed/translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
SCH tv
20 May 2011

A global star since his turn in Lord of the Rings, he could easily lay claim to the title Lord of the Nuevo Gasometro, the stadium home of Argentinian side San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Fans in high places
20 February 2009

'Although they fail again and again, and only end up champions occasionally, although we have a glorious but hard, and sometimes tragic, history, I like how the San Lorenzo supporter behaves; I like their traditions. They have the best songs and are the most witty, and the other supporters recognize that. And besides, they sing non-stop; it doesn't matter if we're losing 0 to 7. San Lorenzo supporters have a very rich history, of endurance above all, and a special dignity.'

The World of Viggo Mortensen
By Manuel Martínez Torres - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
Esquire Latinoamerica
March 2012

How would you define San Lorenzo fans?

Brothers, sisters - forever.

Viggo, A True Cuervo
La Revista de San Lorenzo
Translation by Ollie, Rio, Sage and Zooey
14 May 2010

Brother Cuervo. I'm going to call you repeatedly during the match. I asked to be free during these two historic hours for our club, the 90 minutes and what could come afterward. They've allowed me to escape from work to shut myself in with the laptop, the candles, t-shirts, flags, medals, little lucky stones and pieces of paper and the hopes of my whole life. I love you.

Viggo Mortensen
The Past Is In Everything
By Viggo Mortensen and Fabián Casas - translated by Ollie and Zoe
19 August 2014

…he went to the seats for the away team where he watched the match just like any other "cuervo", under the sun and with very high temperatures. Although he had been offered a much more comfortable seat in the local area, he chose to be with the San Lorenzo fans, even though that meant bearing the scorching December sun.

Viggo, a true cuervo
Translation by Graciela
Simplemente San Lorenzo
15 December 2008

He arrived in time for the 102nd birthday of the club, on Holy Thursday, fulfilling one of his dreams: to inaugurate a chapel a few meters from the field. It was his gift (one of many), out of his own pocket, one more irrefutable proof of his love/madness/fanaticism for the colors blue and red. For many, an exaggeration, a mystery, a disproportionate devotion. For others, a distinctive hallmark of his Argentinianism and a proof that genuine love, loyal and eternal, finds in soccer a beautiful excuse for expressing itself.

Viggo Mortensen - "Above all, I'm a Cuervo... And a greater pride does not exist"
By Eduardo Bejuk - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zooey
April 2010

What do you remember of the first time you saw San Lorenzo play live in a stadium?

That we lost... but that the passion, the unconditional support of the fans, the non-stop singing, were exactly what I had always imagined and felt. Every time I go to a match I get excited and enjoy myself just as much, no matter what happens soccerwise. As the song says "... it´s a feeling you carry deep inside.."

Viggo, A True Cuervo
La Revista de San Lorenzo
Translation by Ollie, Rio, Sage and Zooey
14 May 2010

'I ran from one side of my hotel room to the other, jumping and shouting like a man possessed. I opened the window and shouted the goal at the crescent moon.'

Viggo Mortensen in Algiers watching San Lorenzo
For It To Rain
By Viggo Mortensen and Fabián Casas - translated by Ollie and Zoe
19 October 2013

Go San Lorenzo! My membership card says "supporter from another country", but I am not a supporter from another country; that does not describe me properly… I am a "local" supporter, [a supporter] from the bottom of my heart, from a heart that is ours, that belongs to all the "cuervos", in the past, in the present and for ever.

Viggo's speech
100th year San Lorenzo celebration
Buenos Aires
Translated by Silver
2 April 2008

Excuse the daring but, sincerely, did you come to Argentina for the screening of Alatriste or to watch a San Lorenzo game?

To screen Alatriste...

You mean that wholeheartedly?

Well. El Ciclon (San Lorenzo de Almagro's nickname) and the heart are pretty close to each other…

"Now Even My Son Wants To Get To Know Argentina"
By - translated by Margarita
3 April 2007

I woke up with my clothes on, my head wrapped in a flag with the image of Pope Francis, as if it was some sort of turban, and the TV full blast showing The Mummy with Boris Karloff, but we are still champions!

Viggo Mortensen
In This Heat
By Viggo Mortensen and Fabián Casas - translated by Ollie and Zoe
18 December 2013

....if he were called to face the end of the world as we know it, he would do it with a t-shirt from his team pressed to his heart.

In The Name Of The Father
By Natalia Trzenko - translated by Ollie and Zooey
La Nacion
22 June 2010

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Stella Pictures.

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Viggo and Team Rynkeby

Source: VDonline.
Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for these images. While visiting family in Denmark Viggo has taken the opportunity to sign three jerseys for Team Rynkeby which they will be auctioning on 11 April in aid of a children's cancer charity.

More details (in Danish) about the auction here at VDonline.

Images © Peter Bisgaard.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

2015 is on the near horizon – time for a bumper look back at all the best quotes of 2014. Most are film related in a year which saw Viggo appear in three new movies, visit more film festivals than he had hot dinners and stun critics with some linguistic fireworks. Along the way we have had Sobrevueloscuervos, covering every topic under the sun and giving us laughter and tears, and always something to think about when the reading is done.

'I think that you have to be able to speak without fear, that one can, and at times must, name things, facts, freely speak your mind. Free discussion without fear of anyone or anything.'

Viggo Mortensen
If The Rain Gets Here
By Viggo Mortensen and Fabián Casas - translated by Ollie and Zoe
9 October 2014

Mortensen, who radically rejects any clichés and stereotypes, has become one of the most interesting and idiosyncratic actors of his generation. And incidentally, so to speak, a world star of cinema.

Venniale Tribute publicity
August 2014

''s difficult for things to go wrong when you work with Viggo Mortensen.'

David Oelhoffen
Q&A: Viggo Mortensen and David Oelhoffen on 'Loin Des Hommes'
By Roslyn Sulcas
New York Times
26 August 2014

Viggo Mortensen is one of the most fascinating stars in contemporary cinema. The image of his penetrating gaze and wide jaw seems to have traversed all the corners of the globe and of Planet Cinema.

Manu Yáñez
13 August 2014

"Any film he's in is a film I want to see. He's one of the greats. Getting to collaborate with him on Captain Fantastic is quite literally the best thing that's happened to me since my wife asked me to marry her."

Matt Ross
Viggo Mortensen To Star In Electric City's 'Captain Fantastic'
By Mike Fleming Jnr
20 February 2014

'Suddenly, there's foreign sales and they can sell the idea. It suddenly went from "this is too dark," "the characters are [too] unlikable and complicated,"- it was suddenly, "Well it's Viggo."'

Hossein Amini
Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Hossein Amini – The Two Faces of January
By Robyn Candyce
24 September 2014

There's been a lot of good-looking men at this year's 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, but none of them can compare to the sexy beast that is Viggo Mortensen.

The Huffington Post
9 September 2014

Is there a language Viggo Mortensen doesn't speak?

Jill Lawless
Associated Press
2 September 2014

Viggo Mortensen can do anything. Until recently, that wasn't true. We could all look at him and think, "Yeah sure, but can he speak French?" The answer was no, and our world had a modicum of balance. Now it turns out that answer was yes, and we are all ****ed.

Evan Saathoff
25 August 2014

A wonderful reflection on the evocative power of cinema. And, incidentally, the umpteenth confirmation of Viggo Mortensen´s great talent. Mustachioed , astride his horse in a cavalry uniform, sword in sheath and a splendid hat on his head, he is reminiscent of John Wayne in the early John Ford films.

Jauja review
Franck Nouchi - translated by Ollie and Zoe
Le Monde
19 May 2014

Sweating in layers of bulky long johns, and sporting a droopy, weeping mustache, Mortensen carries the film, his human grumbling and surprised, rageful violence conveying the sense of a nervous, basically average man caught on a journey into his own heart of darkness. Increasingly, as the other characters drop away, Mortensen has nothing to play against but nature and himself.

Jauja review
Mark Asch
Brooklyn Magazine
7 October 2014

Anchored by a rumpled, naturalistic performance by the great Viggo Mortensen...

Jauja review
Angelo Muredda
5 September 2014

The voice on the phone is husky, familiar, and just a little menacing. "I was told to call this number," the speaker says. I give a little shudder before realising it's Viggo Mortensen, calling as planned to talk about his new film, The Two Faces of January. Phew.

The many faces of Viggo Mortensen
By Karl Quinn
Sydney Morning Herald
5 June 2014

'I liked the psychological acuteness, the darkness, the immorality that was in the script and all of this immersed in a dream setting. Just like something left rotting away in the sun.'

Viggo Mortensen: "I love the darkness and immorality of The Two Faces of January"
By Thomas Agnelli – translated by Celine
Premiere (France
June 2014

Viggo Mortensen surely wasn't just cast because he's a great actor; it's because no one can rock a 1960s cream linen suit quite like him.

Leigh Singer
19 May 2014

'I wasn't aware how bad he was until he confessed to me later that he could have been trying on bin bags for all he'd known.'

Steven Noble on Viggo being ill with fever through his costume fitting
ESQ&A: The Hollywood Costume Designer
By Tom Ward
Esquire Magazine
6 December 2014

"Viggo really embraces the ugly side of characters… not a lot of stars do."

Two Faces of January review
Dave McNary
22 June 2014 of the great little pleasures of cinema in our day - seeing Mortensen tilt his head and sketch a knowing half smile with the corner of his mouth.

Manu Yáñez
13 August 2014

Mortensen is terrific. His post-'Lord of the Rings' films have been an idiosyncratic mix. His my-way-or-the-highway approach doesn't always pay off, but it does here with this engrossing drama.

Loin des Hommes
Cath Clarke
Time Out
2 September 2014

"It takes me a long time to say yes to something. But once I do, I'm there."

Viggo talking about choosing his films
Adam Nayman
Globe and Mail
9 September 2014

...he packs all the qualities of the archetypal strong and silent man as he has been constructed in the mythology of classic American westerns.

Loin des Hommes review
2 September 2014

...a face that paints a thousand unknown memories...

Loin des Hommes review
1 September 2014

Viggo Mortensen:
We went through a lot of actors.

David Cronenberg:
This is not the original Viggo.

Viggo and Cronenberg talking about the dangers of filming the fight scenes
Listening in: Cronenberg and Mortensen introduce AHOV at Tiff 2104
14 January 2014

Muddy paths, the grey rampart that advances relentlessly and swallows the sky, the threat of something big, powerful, unstoppable. Rain is the universal music - along with the contribution of the wind through a forest or punishing an open window, the roar of the rivers, the sea.

Viggo Mortensen
If The Rain Gets Here
By Viggo Mortensen and Fabián Casas - translated by Ollie and Zoe
9 October 2014

Now the thunder and lightning are multiplying and it's starting to rain. I'm tired, but I think we've shot some good scenes today. I put the Cuervo flag in my backpack, next to that of Real Madrid and the Montreal Canadiens, others that I usually hang wherever I travel for work. An old habit, superstitious things.

The Past Is In Everything
By Viggo Mortensen and Fabián Casas - translated by Ollie and Zoe
19 August 2014

'Ridley Scott's filming George Orwell's Animal Farm and I'm playing the goat...'

Viggo on being asked if he's grown his beard for a new role
BBC Breakfast Television
13 May 2014

You will find all previous Quotables

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Viggo Mortensen/One World Films/4L Productions/StudioCanal.

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Viggo Mortensen: Film and Soccer Activist

Many thanks to Ollie and Zoe for translating the Clarín article that appeared last month during the Mar del Plata Film Festival:
Presentation of 'Jauja' at the Mar del Plata Film Festival - 23 November 2014
Presentation of 'Jauja' at the Mar del Plata Film ….
© Fabian Gastiarena.
Here in Mar del Plata, Viggo Mortensen is on a campaign. Devoted to his films and the dissemination of Jauja, true, but especially dedicated to San Lorenzo, in sync with Fabián Casas, another Cuervo fanatic. The odd man out is Lisandro Alonso, the director, who looks at them incredulously while they paint little signs. "We want the other Cup," they scribble and raise their pamphlets on any stage. They even invent ghost stories to ask people to buy a square meter; they dream of returning to Boedo. And from Boedo, we go back to Jauja.

It's a different movie, but from your standpoint, it could be linked with The Road, right?

Being this character, a man of the 19th century, he has a different logic. But also an analytical way of confronting obstacles in order to find a solution. And also, there's the fear, in both of them, of losing the child. And sometimes the clumsiness of a man who after all is not made for that strange, rocky landscape in Jauja, [or] the destroyed one in The Road. What I like about drama is putting an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation. It's the basis of drama.

What past did you invent for this Captain Dinesen?

I took things from another Dinesen. A writer and adventurer who also went to the New World at the end of the 19th century. A hunter, he was the father of Isak Dinesen whose real name was Karen Blixen. I took things from my grandfather, my father's accent and since I know something about the history of Denmark and Argentina, I could link them. Milkibar, Bigliardi's character, is a version of Lucio V. Mansilla. Dinesen is a quixotic version of that adventurer and a little of my grandfather and father at the same time.

You produce, you made the music, you sing a song…

It's a very popular song that was written in 1848, the first war between the Danes and the Prussians, which Denmark won. Later, in '64, Prussians, Austrians and Hungarians massacred the Danes and they kept the south of the territory. They still have it. The words of that song are still learned in schools.

What do characters like this, put in extreme situations, offer you?

Inevitably they get me thinking about death. Some tell jokes, some get depressed or can't wait for it and shoot themselves. I understand. It's a concern. One of my first memories as a boy was realizing that animals die and therefore people do. It seemed very unfair to me and I'm sure that I traumatized my parents with these questions.

How much of your knowledge comes from film?

I went to college, but I've learned much more doing cinema. Filming is the least of it. For example, I did detective work to find the books that Freud liked to read. Cronenberg saw me arrive with suitcases full of books and objects and we shared opinions back and forth, things that we were learning. Talking with Cronenberg, or with Lisandro or Fabián, it's like working with another actor; they have the same point of view. We explore.

Will you work together again?

I´m sure we will; we get along very well.

How much does getting along well matter in your work?

I like to work with friends, but when I look for something to do, I don´t hope for happiness. I ask myself whether it's interesting, if I'm going to learn something and, above all, if it's something I would like to see.

Do you recommend Jauja to the San Lorenzo supporter?

They are going to think it´s weird. But it´s beautiful to see. And there are scenes that belong to classic cinema. Lisandro is going to have a bigger audience with this film.

Are you going to Morocco? Any prediction?

I will go to see the final. I hope it´s between Real Madrid and San Lorenzo. At the moment, there´s an obvious difference between the level of the game and the spirits of these two teams. However, since the supposed experts don´t expect anything from Ciclón, and knowing the famous resilience and strange luck of the Cuervo teams, this is just perfect for us. We don´t have any pressure. We have good players. Real Madrid doesn´t even have us in their radar. Just as well. Torrico is a great goalkeeper. If we defend well and the Merengues [tr. note: Real Madrid nickname], especially Cristiano Ronaldo, during the first twenty minutes get frustrated in the attack, San Lorenzo will be able to gather momentum from the back and surprise with a well-built attack by Pipi Romagnoli, who will come back healthy and well-focused for the matches in Morocco.

"Viggo knows he took a risk"

"I´m excited that Viggo is in it. He knows he took a risk, he likes it. He is opening the field for another audience to come to see the film," says Lisandro Alonso, Director of Jauja, a prominent figure here in Mar del Plata.

It´s a film less "weird" than your previous ones, but with some supernatural elements.

That comes from the hand of Fabián Casas. His contribution through his writing. He invents characters, names, metaphysical apparitions.

Will you continue with professional actors?

To begin with Viggo was a luxury; his experience gives me confidence. I needed him; there´s loss, drama in this story.

The Captain´s Danish nationality, was it to attract Viggo?

It was useful. In the beginning, the character was English but it pissed me off that he´d remain attached to the past of our Patagonia. When Fabián told me that Viggo spoke Danish, had a Danish passport, a Danish father, I said yes, he´s Danish.

How did the story and the duo you created begin?

I had a female friend who fell in love with a guy and she went to live in the Philippines. Years later, I received an e-mail. She had been shot dead, she and the boyfriend. A day before, she had written telling me that she was in love. I wondered how the thing could happen like that, so suddenly. And I thought about her dad, who was from Slovenia. Going so far away to get the body of his daughter. It stayed with me. In a Pizzeria, with Fabián, I threw the idea to him. We didn´t know each other. He had doubts, and we agreed we would try to become friends; if we did, we would proceed with the story. And we spent two years eating asados, our wives became pregnant, until time passed and we said, "Hey, shall we start writing?"

© Clarín. Images © Fabian Gastiarena.

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Viggo Mortensen Sang, Wept and Suffered through the Final for the Copa Libertadores in the Midst of Filming.

Translation by Zoe and Ollie
Source: La Nacion
Many thanks to Ollie and Zoe for translating the short article from La Nacion posted earlier.

"Jauja" Premiere - Cannes International Film Festival 05.18.14
"Jauja" Premiere - Cannes International Film ….
© Ole.

New Mexico. Viggo Mortensen is shooting his next film, Captain Fantastic. But his heart is not completely into his new character. Aragorn has a part that leaves him and is transported by ear to his writer friend Fabián Casas. San Lorenzo is winning 1-0 when they weren´t playing well, worse than their rival. Anyway, who cares. They are so close to being champions, so close. The two of them were almost demanding it in the Cannes Festival when they were presenting the film Jauja, starring Viggo with a script by Fabián. "We Want the Cup," read the banner held firmly by both. Except for the Argentines who were there, and some other world soccer sicko, how many have understood the emotional weight carried by that flag unfolded on the red carpet at Cannes?

Three months later, it seems that message was heard loud and clear on this side of the hemisphere. 1-0 and so close to seventh heaven, to shouting "Champion of the Americas" for the first time in 106 years. And shutting some people´s mouths. There is Casas, a bundle of nerves in the stands and with his cell phone that doesn´t stop ringing. Only [a call from] a fanatic Cuervo can be answered at that moment. Only someone who is also a bundle of nerves, but who is thousands of kilometres away. And in that way Casas goes on telling Mortensen what is happening on the pitch. And the two of them sing like crazy. Until the match ends. And the same tears that are rolling down the cheeks of everybody in the Nuevo Gasómetro, go rolling down Viggo´s face. Just like in Boedo, but in the New Mexico desert.

© La Nacion. Images © Ole.

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