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Actor Viggo Mortensen joins pro-independence Catalan group

Categories: Politics

As is his way ... Viggo takes a stand.


American actor Viggo Mortensen, known for playing Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has become a member of pro-independence Catalan association Omnium Cultural, the organisation said Thursday.

© Getty.
"The Omnium family is getting bigger and bigger, and from today, we have the honour to count on the support of actor Viggo Mortensen as a new member," the group said on Twitter in a post re-tweeted by an account of the actor.

The 59-year-old, who grew up in Argentina and currently lives in Madrid, is in a relationship with Catalan actress Ariadna Gil.

Last year, he came out in favour of an independence referendum in Catalonia, which took place on October 1 despite a court ban.

Founded in 1961 to promote the Catalan language and culture that were then being severely repressed by dictator Francisco Franco, Omnium has in the past years become a major actor in the region's secession movement, organising huge protests along with the ANC, another pro-independence group.

Its current president, Jordi Cuixart, has been in jail since mid-October, accused of rebellion for his role in the region's failed secession bid.

© Images © Getty.

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Viggo in New York this Summer

Source: City Parks Foundation.
Found By: Chrissie

Thanks to Chrissie for the heads up.


One for the calendar (particularly if you live in New York)

"The People Speak" Filming - Boston 1.8.08.
© AP.

August 28 at 8pm

Voices of A People's History featuring Staceyann Chin, Rachel Dratch, Michael Ealy, Laura Gómez, Celisse Henderson, Viggo Mortensen and more at Central Park.


Voices of A People's History

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Doors open 7:00 pm)

SummerStage, Central Park
Rumsey Playfield, Manhattan, 10021

featuring Staceyann Chin, Rachel Dratch, Michael Ealy, Laura Gomez, Celisse Henderson, Viggo Mortensen and more.

We are excited to collaborate with VOICES, a non-profit arts, education and social justice organization originally founded by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, who together edited the book Voices of a People's History of the United States, which brings to life the extraordinary history of ordinary people who built the movements that made the United States what it is today, ending slavery, protesting war, creating unions, advancing women's rights and LGBTQ liberation, and struggling to right wrongs of the day. Five SummerStage VOICES programs will feature contemporary artists and authors who will use events, music and words from our nation's history as inspiration for new discussions. The series will culminate in Central Park on August 28 with live readings, dialogue, and celebration with very special guests. By giving public expression to rebels, dissenters, and visionaries from our past—and present—SummerStage and VOICES seek to educate and inspire a new generation working for social justice.

© City Parks Foundation. Images © AP.

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Celebrities Criticize Trump Cuts to Palestinian Refugees

Source: U.S. News.
Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Politics

Thanks to Iolanthe for the find. Viggo takes a stand.


Hugh Grant, Viggo Mortensen among celebrities, others denouncing Trump's cut of funds to UN Palestinian refugee agency.

© AP.
JERUSALEM (AP) — Actors Hugh Grant and Viggo Mortensen are among more than 25 celebrities and public figures expressing "horror" over President Donald Trump's decision to cut funding to the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, an advocacy group said Thursday.

"The real target of this lethal attack is the Palestinian people themselves," the group said in a joint statement. "It has been launched with the clear aim of dismantling their rights, by dismantling the institution that is charged with protecting them."

Actresses Gillian Anderson, Olivia Wilde, Emma Thompson and Tilda Swinton were also among the signatories.

The letter was released by the Hoping Foundation, a London-based group that assists Palestinian children.

Expressing frustration with a freeze in Mideast peace efforts, Trump this month blamed the Palestinians for the deadlock and threatened to cut U.S. funding. Washington subsequently suspended a $65 million payment to UNRWA, the U.N. agency that provides education, health care and other social services to over 5 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants scattered across the Middle East.

On Thursday, Trump said in Davos, Switzerland, that the Palestinians must return to peace talks to receive U.S. aid money.

The United States is the largest single donor to UNRWA, and the agency has launched a global fund-raising appeal in hopes of closing the gap. In all, it provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the Palestinians.

"We stand for dignity for the most vulnerable, and we stand with Palestinian refugees who are facing a terrible moment," the statement said. The celebrities called on the U.N. chief to convene a conference to establish a stable funding system for the agency.

Meanwhile, the leaders of 21 international humanitarian groups urged the U.S. to reconsider its decision to withhold the funding to UNRWA, warning of "dire consequences" if funding is cut.

The groups said they are alarmed by the Trump administration's link between aid and political objectives.

This marks a "dangerous and striking departure from U.S. policy on humanitarian assistance," the groups wrote in an open letter to Washington's U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, published Thursday.

Haley has linked aid to the Palestinians to their willingness to resume negotiations with Israel.

© 2018 The Associated Press. Images © AP.

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How long are we going to continue to put up with Trump before we have had enough and REMOVE him from office? I, for one, have had more than enough!

Categories: Politics

This message expresses my thoughts only, and in no way reflects the beliefs or thoughts of Viggo Mortensen or anyone else for that matter.

Riv Res

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Viggo Mortensen Slams Argentine President In Film Funds Controversy

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Categories: Politics

From the Hollywood Reporter ...


"All you neo-liberal braggarts: quit the bulls--t. Say no to the destruction of Argentine cinema," said the actor, who grew up in the country.

© Mar del Plata Film Festival.
Viggo Mortensen has become embroiled in a spat with the Argentine government after slamming president Mauricio Macri and the culture minister for their alleged intention to cut down public funding for the country's heavily subsidized film industry.

Mortensen, who grew up in Argentina, recorded a video rant attacking the planned cuts."State funding for films in countries like Argentina or France are unique and successful examples of cultural promotion, admired around the world. Argentine cinema finances itself, and makes the country proud. So, Macri and Avelluto, and all you neo-liberal braggarts: quit the bulls**t. Say no to the destruction of Argentine cinema," said the actor in the video.  

Tweeted on Wednesday by the Argentine Actors Guild, the video was yet another episode in an ongoing political dispute between the local film industry and the government, triggered by the decision to fire the president of the Argentine film institute, Alejandro Cacetta, after a controversial and misleading media report was aired last week in the show Animales Sueltos, accusing Cacetta and other film officials of corruption.
Both the TV report and the subsequent decision to fire Cacetta caused a revolt within the industry, resulting in a huge rally held at the Gaumont theater in Buenos Aires where actors, producers, directors, and other film professionals stood by Cacetta and other officials, and accused the government of staging the media-blitz to justify a reform on the public funding system, in order to relief big media companies from the fees they are required to pay, and feed around 60% of the country's Film Promotion Fund. 

"We can't rule out that this may be a new attack from people who believe national cinema is just another merchandise that shouldn't be supported by the State, and seek to disable its legitimate funding mechanisms," said a statement released by the newly-formed Audiovisual Assembly, which gathers most film professional associations. 

Cacetta's defense included statements from Oscar-winning directors Luis Puenzo (The Official Story) and Juan Jose Campanella (The Secret In Their Eyes), as well as Argentine Film Academy president and producer Axel Kuschevatzky (The Clan) and the country's main star Ricardo Darin (Wild Tales, The Summit).

The surprisingly unified reaction of the industry defending Cacetta and demanding Avelluto's resignation forced a response from both the minister and the country's chief of staff Marcos Peña, denying any intention of reducing government film funds and stating their ultimate goal was making the film institute's finances more transparent.  

"The Minister of Culture states there is no intention, neither in this or any Ministry, nor the President's office, to modify the film industry's funding. Its financing and funds are secure," read a statement issued by the Minister on Tuesday at the Federal Culture Council.

Avelluto was nevertheless summoned by the Senate to explain the conflict, while film professionals remain vigilant about a potential Digital Convergence Law that allegedly could change the legal status of media companies to free them from the tax.

The turmoil also reached the Opening Night of the Buenos Aires film festival (BAFICI) which was held on Wednesday night at the Gaumont cinema, where the Audiovisual Assembly held a huge rally outside the theater. 

© The Hollywood Reporter. Images © Mar del Plata Film Festival.

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