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There's One Helluva Sale Going on Right Now at Viggo's Perceval Press!

Source: Perceval Press
Categories: Perceval Press
© Perceval Press.

Holy cow!! There's an extraordinary sale going on at Viggo's Perceval Press right now! What a great time to round out your Viggo library for pennies!

You can check it out HERE.

© Perceval Press.

News and offer from Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: ollie
Thanks to ollie for bringing us this news.
Dreams Before Extinction
Dreams Before Extinc....
© Perceval Press.
Kavous Seyed is dead. We do not know if those responsible for his unlawful detention and murder will ever be held responsible. His work remains, however, and his compassion and brave work on behalf of endangered species in Iran will be continued by other activists, including scientists and artists like Naeemeh Naeemaei. In his honour, we offer the book of Naeemeh's remarkable paintings, Dreams Before Extinction, which includes a foreword by Kavous Seyed, free of any charge other than shipping cost, until our supply runs out (one per customer please).

Thank you for supporting his legacy and the animals he sought to protect.

Viggo Mortensen

© Viggo Mortensen. Images © Perceval Press.

Viggo and Perceval Press Received an Award from the Spanish Geographical Society!

Source: Sociedad Geográfica Española
Categories: Media Perceval Press

Our thanks to Aralis for the find.


Premio Imagen SGE 2017 – Viggo Mortensen y Perceval Press Un viaje fotográfico a las tribus olvidadas del Paraguay

© Sociedad Geográfica....
El proyecto editorial Perceval Press es la faceta más desconocida del actor Viggo Mortensen, que le ha convertido como un auténtico impulsor de obras literarias, fotográficas y de investigación que de otra manera nunca habrían visto la luz. Comprometida con el objetivo divulgador de trabajos de calidad más que con el comercial, Perceval Press ha publicado, entre otras, obras extraordinarias como "Hijos de la selva", que descubre la desconocida historia del pionero de la etnografía alemán Max Schmidt, y recupera las extraordinarias fotografías que él mismo hizo en sus viajes en solitario por el Mato Grosso de Brasil y por regiones remotas de Paraguay entre 1900 y 1935. Perceval Press ha logrado recuperar los negativos originales en placas de vidrio y representa el valor del mecenazgo para la investigación y difusión de la intrahistoria de la exploración y la etnografía de campo.

© Sociedad Geográfica Española.

Perceval Press End of Year Sale - 40% off

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: ollie
Many thanks to ollie for alerting us to another generous sale at Perceval Press.

Images © Perceval Press.

Viggo's New Book is Finally Here!

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: Ollie

Our thanks to Ollie for the find at Perceval Press.


RAMAS PARA UN NIDO  Viggo Mortensen

The pictures in this book have been made with different cameras, techniques, and, unavoidably, with all the longing, love, laughter, doubts, and mistakes that have shaped my life so far. I've given them titles and dates, but they do not represent a chronology of events or a conscious point-of-view. As always, more than I can possibly imagine has been left out of these glimpses of what is ultimately ungraspable, unnameable. I dedicate this distillation of isolated instants to my brothers, Charles and Walter, and to our father.
Viggo Mortensen,
October, 2017
Softcover, 160 pages, ISBN 978-0-9969227-5-3, $25.00

© Perceval Press. Images © Viggo Mortensen.

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