Laura Linney Joins Viggo Mortensen’s Family Drama ‘Falling’

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Sociedad Geográfica Española Interview

Source: YouTube.
Found By: Iolanthe
Thanks to Iolanthe for this interview from the SGE Awards where Viggo talks about Perceval Press:

© Sociedad Geográfica Española.

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More of Viggo at the SGE Award Ceremony

Found By: Eriko

Thanks to Eriko for the finds!

Pics from the SGE Award Ceremony:

©Sociedad Geográfica Española

And another lovely portrait here

©Krzysztof Durajczyk

La2noticias news clip is here.


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VIDEO: Viggo Accepts SGE Award!

Categories: Award Ceremonies

Here is the video of the SGE Award Ceremony tonight in Madrid. Viggo's portion starts at 1:12 minutes into the program and is definitely worth the watch.

© Sociedad Geográfica Española.

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Source: Sociedad Geográfica Española.
Found By: Eriko and ollie
Categories: Award Ceremonies
© Sociedad Geográfica Española.
Thanks to both Eriko and ollie for the heads up.

"I don´t know if it will available in all countries, but for all of you who want to try, here´s the link to the Sociedad Geográfica Española. They will be streaming the 2017 SGE Prizes:D. It starts at 7 this evening (in Spain.)"

© Sociedad Geográfica Española. Images © Sociedad Geográfica Española.

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Viggo Mortensen to Chair the Twelfth Glenn Gould Prize Jury & DIRECT in 2018

Source: Glenn Gould.
Found By: Aralis

Thanks to Aralis for the heads up!


An Extraordinary Global Panel Convenes in Toronto April 11-13 to Choose Next Glenn Gould Prize Laureate

© Glenn Gould.
The Glenn Gould Foundation is honoured to announce the members of the Twelfth Glenn Gould Prize Jury, convening April 11 - April 13, 2018 in Toronto to select the next Prize Laureate.

Viggo Mortensen, acclaimed actor, writer, poet, musician, painter, photographer and publisher will chair.

The Glenn Gould Foundation has assembled a diverse panel of outstanding artists and world citizens who bring a broad and multi-disciplinary range of perspectives to their deliberations. The Foundation believes that the combined wisdom and experience of these remarkable jurors will ensure that the tradition of The Glenn Gould Prize is not only honoured, but also extended.

The Foundation thanks those members of the public who took the time to submit nominations. Your hard work will be reviewed by our Jurors and will receive their careful consideration.

The jury will engage in a lively, thoughtful and intellectually rigorous process to weigh the exceptional and diverse achievements of the nominees.

JOIN US - on Friday April 13 at the Leslie and Anna Dan Galleria at Koerner Hall, The Royal Conservatory of Music at 12:30 p.m. for a public press conference in which the jury will announce their selection for the Laureate of The Glenn Gould Prize (free admission).

A celebratory concert in honour of the jury will take place April 13 at 8:00 p.m., Koerner Hall, details to be announced.

Viggo to DIRECT 'The Horsecatcher'!

© Glenn Gould.
Viggo Mortensen - Jury Chair, born in New York City in 1958 and a citizen of the USA and Denmark, has been a professional actor for nearly four decades. He has had the good fortune to work with many internationally renowned directors, including three times with David Cronenberg, and has been recognised by various film academies and critics' organisations for his work. Apart from acting in movies and plays, he is also a poet, photographer, musician, and painter. He founded and is the editor of Perceval Press, an independent company that has offered a wide range of publications - including poetry, photography, painting, music, and critical writing - since 2002. This year he plans to make his debut as a writer/director with an adaptation of Mari Sandoz' The Horsecatcher.

© Glenn Gould. Images © Glenn Gould.

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