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From the 'Jauja' Red Carpet at TIFF

Source: Calgary Sun

Some good ones from yesterday.

© Calgary Sun. Images © Dave Abel/Calgary Sun/ QMI Agency.

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Tiff: Video of Last Night's 'Far from Men' Introduction and Q&A

Source: TIFF.
Found By: Iolanthe

Our thanks to Iolanthe for the find.


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TIFF teaser: Viggo Mortensen et Reda Kateb pour Loin des hommes

Source: Cine TFO


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Viggo Mortensen TIFF 2014: 'Eastern Promises' Star Is A Sexy Beast

Source: The Huffington Post.
Found By: Estel

Our thanks to Estel for surfacing this nice (and true) piece.


There's been a lot of good-looking men at this year's 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, but none of them can compare to the sexy beast that is Viggo Mortensen.

"The Lord of the Rings" actor proved that he's still hotter than men half his age (ahem, Douglas Booth) when he walked the TIFF 2014 red carpet on Tuesday, looking damn fine in a monochrome suit and sporting light blond hair.

The 55-year-old actor was in Toronto to promote his new film, "Loins Des Hommes" also known as "Far From Men," which features Viggo playing a teacher who helps a villager accused of murder escape into the mountains during the Algerian War.

This isn't the first time the hottie has come to TIFF. The actor, who's a notorious Habs fan, was last at the film festival in 2012 for the premiere of "Everybody Has A Plan."

Lookin' good, V!

© The Huffington Post. Images © Steven Wright.

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More Images from TIFF

Found By: Chippy

Many thanks to Chippy for sending these our way.

Images © Toronto Sun.

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