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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
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Talking about the wonders of suits last week let me to watching Two Faces of January again and to this week's Quotable. As in many of his projects, Viggo's interest in the movie and the quality of the script helped kick-start the film for Director Hossein Amini. Along the way Viggo peeled back the layers of conman, Chester McFarland, rocked his white suit and nearly set fire to Kirsten Dunst.

"He was incredibly gracious and generous — I hadn't directed anything," Amini says. "He said as long as it's done properly, as long as we shot in Greece, as long as there was a sufficient budget. He became almost like a partner, sort of a patron saint to the whole movie. That allowed me to go and get the financing."

New director turns to an old favorite, '2 Faces of January'
By Pam Grady
San Francisco Chronicle
1 October 2014

'I just tried for so long and just couldn't get anyone to finance the movie or be interested in kind of, you know, exploring it, and the moment Viggo read the script and was interested in doing it; it's amazing how suddenly people start kind of saying, "Oh, well we're interested in doing it," because if it's a business decision then they can. Suddenly, there's foreign sales and they can sell the idea. It suddenly [went] from "this is too dark," "the characters are [too] unlikable and complicated,"- it was suddenly, "Well it's Viggo."'

Hossein Amini
Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Hossein Amini – The Two Faces of January
By Robyn Candyce
24 September 2014

"For me it was the story first," she said. "I loved the script and Viggo [Mortensen, her co-star] was attached already, and I've always wanted to work with him, so that's what drew me to be part of the film. Sometimes it's about the role for me, but most often it's about the actors I want to work with, the director and the story."

Kirsten Dunst
Dunst's Guide To Dressing
By Lauren Milligan
15 May 2014

Who's been your favourite actor to work with?

Viggo Mortensen was a delight to work with on The Two Faces Of January. There was one occasion where I had a fitting with him in Barcelona but Viggo had just come down with a fever and was completely delirious. He was sweating buckets and he confessed to his girlfriend afterwards that he hadn't a clue what he was trying on, but he remained professional to the core. I wasn't aware how bad he was until he confessed to me later that he could have been trying on bin bags for all he'd known.

Steven Noble
ESQ&A: The Hollywood Costume Designer
By Tom Ward
Esquire Magazine
6 December 2014

"Chester is kind of a slob, all sweaty and paranoid; he's crazy from the start, really."

Viggo Mortensen
Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Hossein Amini – The Two Faces of January
By Robyn Candyce
24 September 2014

''s part of his con, the look, he wants to look like he came from money and all that. I don't think his origins are those clothes that you see.'

Viggo Mortensen on "Lord of the Rings" — and playing an American at last
By Andrew O'Hehir
24 September 2014

Soaking up the highlights of Ancient Greece, Chester MacFarland resembles a spick-and-span palace. In fact, as becomes apparent, he's a ruin. Every time he gets drunk another partition collapses; when he sobers up, the grand edifice dazzles again.

It's the best thing Mortensen has done in years.

Charlotte O'Sullivan
London Evening Standard
16 May 2014

"He's got a lot of hidden fears. It's a real banquet for an actor."

Viggo Mortensen explains rooting for the bad guy in 'The Two Faces of January'
By Chris Lee
Entertainment Weekly
26 September 2014

"[As an actor], you lie as well as you can, that's what you're paid to do. And in this case I'm lying about a guy who's lying about being this person who's lying about being another person. It's kind of like a hall of mirrors. Instead of looking in one mirror and trying to be that person as an actor, it's a whole series of mirrors. It's fun."

Viggo Mortensen
The many faces of Viggo Mortensen
By Karl Quinn
Sydney Morning Herald
5 June 1014

"One of the first things we did, where it still had to be kind of neat and tidy, we were filming in a bus that travels around Crete," he said. "It was a vintage bus, a 1959 Mercedes bus, and the seats were red leather, beautiful seats. But it was so hot, and we were sweating so much that when I stood up, all the dye from the seats got on it, so I had this big red ass."

Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst Experienced the Downside of Wearing Vintage Costumes in The Two Faces of January
By Bennett Marcus
Vanity Fair
17 September 2014

...they start out as this glamorous couple that you could almost be envious of. This golden couple, and life is good, life is beautiful, "if only we could be them" is how you feel. And then you start to find out who they really are, and they disappoint you, they shock you, they embarrass you.

Viggo Mortensen Talks The Two Faces Of January
Adam Miller
15 September 2014

But as an audience member you find yourself cheering them on. You want them to get away with everything. You want them to get away from the cops, you want them to get away with the girl, with the money. It's a contradictory thing, it's a strange thing, but it's a dynamic that happens a lot, at least to me as an audience member. When a movie, a film noir thriller, works I want the bad guy to get away with it.

Viggo Mortensen Talks The Two Faces Of January
Adam Miller
15 September 2014

If it's almost impossible to feel sympathy or compassion for Chester, who does unforgivable things, Mortensen accomplishes the difficult task of compelling you to respect him, even in failure and defeat.

Viggo Mortensen on "Lord of the Rings" — and playing an American at last
By Andrew O'Hehir
24 September 2014

Can you talk about that very fateful moment in the cave, or would you prefer not to spoil it.

KD: Well, Viggo had to illuminate that scene with a lighter, and he was holding it and he burnt me and he was wailing and being emotional, and I couldn't say anything. The light was out was out but it was still so hot. I think I still have a scar. I didn't want to mess with Viggo.

Scarred her for life.

Kirsten Dunst & Viggo Mortensen Talk Bonding On Set, Paparazzi, & 'The Two Faces of January'
by Hillary Weston
Black Book
1 October 2014

"Everybody's got their secrets; even the nicest, calmest nun has got the possibility to think strange things or have resentments. All these characters have their secret desires and resentments, and their own sense of morality. Chester's just an opportunist. No one's purely good or purely bad in this story."

Viggo Mortensen
"The Two Faces of January" - Production Notes
February 2014

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © StudioCanal.

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‘Captain Fantastic’ by Matt Ross Triumphs at Rome Film Fest

Source: Variety.
Found By: Kath

Thanks to Kath for the heads up from Variety.

© Bleecker Street.
By Nick Vivarelli

ROME — U.S. actor-director Matt Ross's "Captain Fantastic," starring Viggo Mortensen as a survivalist super dad who takes his kids to the woods, is the winner of the BNL People's Choice at the Rome Film Festival.

The Eternal City event wrapped its eleventh edition on a positive note Saturday with ticket sales up 13% and overall 18 % rise in attendance.

Ross and Mortensen both attended Rome where Mortensen held one of fifteen onstage conversations that have become a defining trait of the big city event which hit its stride this year, the second edition under the artistic direction of Italian journalist and film academic Antonio Monda.

Monda said "Captain Fantastic" had been voted fest favourite by a landslide.

"Captain Fantastic" is enjoying a nice run on the fest circuit after launching from Sundance. It scored best director at Cannes in Un Certain Regard and audience nods in Deauville and Karlovy Vary before triumphing in Rome, which does not have jury prizes.

© Variety. Images © Bleecker Street.

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Interview with Corriere dello Sport

Source: Corriere dello Sport.
Found By: Iolanthe
Many thanks to Iolanthe for this piece where Viggo discusses Captain Fantastic, future plans, and football.

Viggo Mortensen: "Totti lo ammiro moltissimo. Mourinho mi sta davvero antipatico

© La Presse.
By Simone Zizzari

ROMA - Viggo Mortensen tornerà al cinema a dicembre con un film che al Festival del Cinema di Roma ha ricevuto tanti, tantissimi applausi. Si tratta di Captain Fantastic, un film di Matt Ross che esalta le qualità indiscutibili dell'attore americano. Mortensen, famoso anche per il ruolo di Aragorn nella trilogia del Signore degli Anelli, è un padre sui generis che cresce i figli dentro i boschi del Pacific Northwest a metà strada tra i precetti di Rousseau e le critiche alla società americana di Noam Chomsky. Captain Fantastic ha trionfato a Cannes e a Sundance Festival e ora è pronto a sbarcare in Italia. Durante il giorno della proiezione in anteprima a Roma abbiamo avuto la possibilità di incontrare l'attore 58enne per parlare con lui di cinema, progetti futuri e sport. Calcio, in particolare.

In Captain Fantastic lei interpreta un ruolo difficile, quello di un padre che fa crescere i propri figli in una foresta, lontani dai vizi della città. Lei in realtà che tipo di padre pensa di essere?

Io cerco di essere un padre onesto, almeno ci provo. Spero di insegnare questa dote anche a mio figlio. Ammiro molto il papà del film e appoggio anche alcune sue scelte. Lui però è estremo, un rivoluzionario, io lo sono un po' meno.

Come si è preparato fisicamente ad affrontare un ruolo non facile dove il corpo ha una parte molto importante della narrazione?

Ci siamo addestrati in un boot camp. Abbiamo lavorato moltissimo ma il cast in quei 15 giorni si è avvicinato moltissimo, siamo diventati una famiglia. Io ho dovuto imparare a scalare, a parlare lingue che non conoscevo. E' stato molto divertente e costruttivo. Sul set ho cercato di essere molto flessibile visto che recitavo con dei ragazzi ancora molto giovani che non sempre rispettavano le indicazioni del regista.

In che modo si pone nei confronti della tecnologia?

Il problema è sempre lo stesso: in che modo e quanto la usi. Se la utilizzi per migliorare la tua vita, per avere dei feedback immediati su ciò che dici o fai allora va bene, se invece la usi per conservare i tuoi privilegi o per isolarti dalle persone che ti circondano, allora diventa dannosa. Il mio rapporto con la tecnologia è normale: ho un telefono, un computer che uso per il mio lavoro, per scrivere, per mandare mail e lavorare le foto. Poi posso comunicare con i miei familiari. Ma non vado oltre anche perchè non ho molto tempo per restare al passo con la tecnologia.

Dopo questo film quali sono i suoi progetti futuri?

Ho appena finito di registrare un album musicale con il piano, è strumentale. Ho scritto tre sceneggiature e mi piacerebbe dirigere un film il prossimo anno come regista. Se mi spaventa fare il regista? Amo le storie di cinema e mi ci tuffo volentieri.

Questi progetti hanno già un titolo?

Non lo dico per scaramanzia, lo farò dopo la prima giornata di riprese.

Quanto è importante per lei lo sport? Nel film ci sono molte scene dedicate all'allenamento fisico quotidiano della famiglia...

A me piace molto vedere e giocare a calcio. Il pallone mi ha sempre entusiasmato come l'equitazione. Tifo per il San Lorenzo de Almagro (la stessa squadra per la quale tiene Papa Francesco, ndr.).

C'è un giocatore italiano che le piace in modo particolare?

Eh, ce ne sono tantissimi, soprattutto legati alla mia infanzia quando abitavo in Argentina. Di calciatori italiani ti dico Gigi Riva, mi esaltava quando gicoava in Nazionale, riusciva a fare dei gol bellissimi.

Siamo a Roma, non posso non chiederle di Totti che a 40 anni ancora incanta con le sue giocate.

E' vero, lo stimo tantissimo. Conservo ancora una sua maglia da gioco che mi diede in passato. Sta ancora a casa mia e ne vado fiero. Purtroppo ha sputato in faccia ad un giocatore danese nel 2004 ma nessuno è perfetto. A parte quell'episodio ammiro molto la sua scelta di giocare tutta la carriera per la squadra della sua città. E' una storia bellissima che merita il massimo rispetto. Però una cosa vorrei dirla, posso?

Ci mancherebbe, prego.

Mi piacerebbe vedere la rivincita della partita fra la Roma e il San Lorenzo (l'amichevole per il Papa la vinsero i giallorossi per 2-1 all'Olimpico lo scorso 3 ottobre). Magari stavolta si potrebbe organizzare a Buenos Aires però.

Un'ultima domanda: è vero che le sta antipatico Mourinho?

Non è un punto di vista ma la realtà: Mourinho è proprio una persona antipatica. Comunque non è un mio problema.

© Corriere dello Sport. Images © La Presse.

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Happy Birthday Viggo!

Categories: Viggo-Works

From All of Us at Viggo-Works ...

Images © Getty/

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Elsewhere in Rome ...

Source: Cesvi NGO/Costa Press Office.
Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for the find.

Viggo adds his signature to the wall against hunger.

Viggo visits the Warkawater installation which is being donated to a community in Madagascar.

Images © Cesvi NGO/Costa Press Office.

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