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Viggo Mortensen supports Danish youth orchestra

Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for bringing this to our attention.

Syddansk Universitets Symfoniorkester spiller i det verdensberømte Carnegi Hall - med hjælp fra Viggo Mortensen

Bob Dylan spillede en berømt koncert der i 1962, Beatles har stået på scenen, Pavarotti også og senest har Neil Young givet en angiveligt helt uovertruffen koncert i januar.

Nu bliver det så en flok unge musikere fra SDU's Symfoniorkester i Odense, der skal på scenen på det berømte Carnegie Hall i New York City i USA.

Det sker 22.april 2014, når Syddansk Universitets Symfoniorkester som det første danske ungdomsorkester nogensinde optræder i den legendariske koncertsal, der blev bygget i 1891 og er verdenskendt for en fantastisk akustik.

De unge musikere deltog i en musikkonkurrence med andre orkestre i Wien tilbage i 2012, hvor de blev opdaget af repræsentanter for det amerikanske koncertsted. Det førte til en kontakt, som nu munder ud i koncerten i april.

De 60 musikere i ungdomsorkestret skal spille to set af 40 minutter med fokus på dansk musik med bl.a. Carl Nielsen i fokus og dernæst også argentisk tango, arrangeret af dirigent og grundlægger af orkestret, Saul Zaks.

- Det er virkelig stort. Vi har før spillet i "Musikverein" i Wien og i "Konzerthaus" i Berlin. Men det bliver virkelig stort at spille koncert i Carnegie Hall som det første danske ungdoms-symfoniorkester nogensinde. Vi glæder os alle sammen rigtig meget, siger Saul Zaks.

En berømt dansk-amerikaner bakker op om de danske musikerne.

Skuespiller Viggo Mortensen stiller nemlig op som ambassadør for orkestret i New York - og har desuden personligt støttet turen økonomisk.

Region Syddanmark har også støttet rejsen til USA med 200.000 kroner fra kulturpuljen.

Udover koncerten i Carnegie Hall skal det unge orkester spille på Whitney Museum of American Art, og senere besøge en dansk virksomhed med filial i New York.

Hvis fynboerne vil høre, hvordan de unge musikere lyder, så kan man gøre det, når de spiller den 15. april kl. 19.00 på SDU's campus i Odense.

© Fynske Medier.

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Viggo sends a video message to Beaune

Source: Vimeo.
Found By: Eriko
Thanks to Eriko for sharing this with us.

Message Viggo Mortensen Festival de Beaune from LE PUBLIC SYSTÈME CINÉMA on Vimeo.

Journée à rebondissements qui s'est finalisée par l'absence regrettée de l'acteur Viggo Mortensen. Retenu à Madrid, il a eu néanmoins l'élégance d'envoyer un message vidéo en français aux festivaliers beaunois.


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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

G I Jane is one of those films. You know, the ones where Viggo gives an outstanding performance but it rarely sees your DVD player (or is that just me?). Finely Directed by Ridley Scott, it should have been a massive hit and many thought it would catapult Viggo into Superstardom, but instead it failed to do as well at the box office as expected, and it took a very different kind of fighting man to bring Viggo to everyone's attention. Despite all the testosterone (and that's just Demi Moore) it's worth giving it the occasional outing just to see those shorts, admire the neat-as-a-pin moustache and hear Urgayle beat an entire company of would-be Marines into submission with D H Lawrence.

For the role of Master Chief John Urgayle, Scott wanted "somebody fresh and new." He did not have to look far. "I'd had my eye on Viggo Mortensen since seeing him in Indian Runner. It was a very dark movie, but he was a very interesting presence. Then my brother Tony used him in Crimson Tide."

G.I. Jane Press Notes
Hollywood Pictures

'The quality that really stood out to me was his quietness,' says Ridley Scott, who cast Mortensen in GI Jane as the Navy instructor who makes life miserable for aspiring SEALs, including Moore. 'He has a still, modest quality to him that was perfect for these guys. I noticed that in some of the movies I'd seen him in, and he also had it in real life.'

Viggo Mortensen
by Steve Pond
US Magazine #236

"I just met Ridley and got the job," confirms Mortensen. "It was flattering to be cast without any apparent hesitation on his part in such an important role. I am very grateful to him."

G.I. Jane Press Notes
Hollywood Pictures

For Mortensen's first scene, in which his character addresses some 40 prospective SEALs, Scott was looking for something more unusual than a normal drill instructor's spiel. Mortensen brought in a short D. H. Lawrence poem ('I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself...') that the director says showed richer and more intriguing sides of a character whose ensuing act of violence are so horrific that many viewers may not get past them. The poem, in fact becomes a crucial part of the film. For a key scene in which Mortensen's character gives a copy of the book to Demi Moore's character, the actor used his own dog-eared copy.

Viggo Mortensen
by Steve Pond
US Magazine #236, 1997

'...the book which I give to Demi Moore, in which there is that poem, it was mine, all battered, really old ...'

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen: The Soul of a Warrior
by Juliette Michaud
Studio Magazine
December 2002

'He is absolutely dedicated to the process,' says Ridley Scott. 'He was constantly revisiting me with questions and notes and suggestions, none of which I ever got tired of.'

Ridley Scott on GI Jane
Viggo Mortensen
by Steve Pond
US Magazine #236, 1997

'While Demi and the entire cast endured a mini-boot camp in Florida preparing for the film, I worked with Navy SEAL guys, but on my own for several months. The other cast members, with the exception of Demi, were pissed I didn't go through what they had to go through. And that's what I wanted.

Vim and Viggo
By Merle Ginsberg
September 1997
Source: W

'The profile of the average survivor of the underwater demolition training is a guy like me. Not a big guy, they're not big monsters, you know, "cause it's really more about mental toughness. It's like, in spite of being exhausted, wet and cold and tired and injured and browbeaten and all that, you stay focused on your objective."

Do you think you'd pass this sort of test?

"I'd like to think so, but I don't know until I do it."

Viggo Mortensen
The Master Chief
by Michele Manelis
Marie Claire
November 1997

"A lot of people thought [my] character was just a sadist," he laments, pointing out that the master chief is arguably doing the honourable thing in treating Moore as harshly as he would one of the male candidates.

Viggo Mortensen on fighting with Demi Moore in GI Jane
The Man Who Would Be King
by Nick Dent,
Black & White magazine 2001

"She actually got me in the balls a couple of times," he recalls with a laugh, "but it was unintentional, I'm sure."

Viggo Mortensen on fighting with Demi Moore in GI Jane
The Man Who Would Be King
by Nick Dent
Black & White magazine 2001

His work in GI Jane was brave - he brought understatement to the kind of role that offers grandstanding opportunities on a silver platter.

Viggo Mortensen: A Method Actor in Middle-Earth
by Ryan Gilbey
The, 2001

Doing his best to steal the film, however, is Mortensen, who is simply terrific as the Master Chief who brings everyone to the brink and uncharacteristically loses it when a mock prisoner interrogation with Jordan gets out of hand. This fine actor has been an arresting presence in numerous films in recent years, but he cuts such a strong profile here that he may finally have found his breakthrough role.

Todd McCarthy
7 August 1997

...the pivotal role of her commander, known as Master Chief, is played with cool, charismatic aplomb by Viggo Mortensen. The role, as underwritten, becomes fascinatingly ambiguous in its mixture of veiled sadism and unconcealed patriotic fervor.

Janet Maslin
New York Times
August 22, 1997

Mortensen, who appeared in Portrait of a Lady and Crimson Tide, has rarely looked so sleek, appealing and ready to play romantic leads as he does this time, gleaming out from behind a clipped mustache and a dangerous attitude. This ought to launch his career into the highest spheres.

Barbara Shulgasser
San Francisco Examiner
22 August 1997

'The other day I came across a Mad Magazine. For the first time I felt like I had arrived when I saw a GI Jane parody of me called GI Shame. [Laughs] My favorite part was the idea that the candidates were dropping out of the SEALs not from the physical abuse but from my awful poetry readings.'

Viggo Mortensen on GI Jane
The Hot New 39-Year-Old
by Dennis Hensley
Movieline magazine, 1998

You will find all previous Quotables

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Hollywood Pictures/Trap-Two Zero.

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Images from the Premiere of 'The Two Faces of January' in Paris on 4-3-14

Source: Zimbio.
Found By: Eriko
'The Two Faces of January' Premieres in Paris: 4-3-14 'The Two Faces of January' Premieres in Paris: 4-3-14 'The Two Faces of January' Premieres in Paris: 4-3-14 'The Two Faces of January' Premieres in Paris: 4-3-14
Our thank to Eriko for the heads up.

Images © Zimbio/Getty.

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