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Stunning New Alatriste Promo

Source: 20th Century Fox.
Found By: Chrissie
© 20th Century Fox/Est....
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Many thanks to Chrissie for surfacing this EXTRAORDINARY Alatriste promo. Click on Empezar el juego ahora and hold your breath! If that is part of the musical score...WOW!!...indeed.

Of course there are...**SPOILERS**

Have you seen this ?

© 20th Century Fox.

César Urrutia takes pictures, in the style of Velázquez, of the leading actors of Alatriste, the film that will be released in September

Translation by Paddy
Source: Europa Press

Our thanks to Paddy who has kindly translated the article from Europa Press about the exhibition of César Urrutia photographs that is taking place at FNAC de Callao in Madrid:
The Madrilenian photographer César Urrutia has worked throughout the year taking photographs of the twelve leading actors of the film Alatriste, directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes and starring Viggo Mortensen, and which will be released on September 1st in Spain. The Madrilenian headquarters of FNAC is exhibiting these works in its facade, from today until September 15th, works which the artist has touched up in the style of Velázquez.

Captain Alatriste, Angélica de Alquézar, Íñigo Balboa, the Count-Duke of Olivares, Francisco de Quevedo or María de Castro amongst other well-known characters from Arturo Pérez-Reverte's novel, have been in front of Urrutia's lens during the shooting of the film, so far the most expensive in Spanish cinema.

The reading of the script, definitely influenced by Diego Velázquez's figure, was the starting point of this idea of taking photographs of the actors but obtaining "the typical aesthetics for the painting of that time", that is, the XVII century, explained César Urrutia today.

"I took photographs of the characters on a grey background and afterwards we added the images to create the backgrounds helped by the sets and locations in order to get the final look of the pictures", explained the photographer, who used a digital camera to reinterpret the images from scratch without degrading the original and who got his brother Jose's collaboration during this process.

For Agustín Díaz Yanes, director and scriptwriter of Alatriste, the people in charge of this film had a very clear handicap: "In Spain these kind of works have scarcely been done and we tend to compare them with the big American or English productions which have turned out very well."

The director, who has great expectations for his film, pointed out that the first thing they focused on was Velázquez and that, from there on, they wanted to do "a pictorical staging". The director of photography, the art director and the costume designer were fundamental for the success of this work.

Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, Scorsese's The Age of Innocence and Visconti's Il Gattopardo were three of the movies that the crew had as reference.

Javier Cámara (Count-Duke of Olivares), Ariadna Gil (María de Castro) and Elena Anaya (Angélica de Alquézar) also came to this meeting with Urrutia and explained some of the shooting peculiarities.

"It's been a very easy, beautiful and nice shoot,' Ariadna Gil said, 'Tano (referring to the director) has given us the chance of doing something that is hardly done here, putting us in another place and another time." The actress recognized the interest of this film, "which has lots of readings" and was grateful for the "strength and affection" with which the participating actors worked.

For Elena Anaya her character, "very beautiful, is a real gift. I think that it's been a model shoot which many people can learn from. I'm proud of having done it here and in Spanish," she added.

For his part, Javier Cámara was shocked at the thought of the 24 million Euros budget that the film has had, and alluded to the leading actor, Viggo Mortensen, who he had closely worked with and described him as a "fantastic crazy guy".
The original article in Spanish can be found here.

© Europa Press. Images © 20th Century Fox/Estudios Picasso/Origen Producciones. Image by César Urrutia..

Viggo Mortensen and Yanes will be in León to present Alatriste

Translation by Margarita
Source: Diario de León
© TFI/Estudios Picasso....
Many thanks to Margarita who has kindly provided us with a translation of the remainder of Miguel's article from Diario de León on 20 August.

By Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno


There are many fans who have plans to travel to the city to closely follow the act and attend the world premiere of a movie that touches upon a crucial era in the history of Spain, when the ancient empire created by Carlos V was in the heat of its decline, and where the feared Tercios of Flanders played such a spectacular and dramatic role, as has been so well depicted in the popular books by journalist and novelist Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

From the first interview Viggo Mortensen granted this newspaper, the actor made it very clear that Alatriste hailed from the Curueño mountains. The plain-spoken manner of its people, their direct, cutting way of expressing themselves, the fact that they are hard men and at the same time loyal and open once one gets past their suspicion of strangers, resonated deeply with him.

'It hasn't been difficult for me to build my character after having spent time with the people of Valdeteja and its surroundings,' he told us, and it seems that he also felt very comfortable among them, since he has returned on several occasions even after finishing filming.

Thus, he could be seen in June of last year, accompanied by one of the film crew units, filming scenes in Valdeteja in a heavy downpour, cuts that won't be seen in the movie but very likely will be in the DVD extras.

A few days later, as evening fell, he returned to Valdeteja bringing with him an enormous bag of goodies for the town's kids who by now know that Viggo never arrives empty-handed. There, in Anabel's bar, he resembled Jesus among the children. Scores of kids cavorted around him, watching eagerly as Viggo pulled out shirts from his bag, then candies, chocolates and caramels that he distributed like Santa Claus to each child, all under the astonished and pleased gazes of the customers who by now consider the 'American friend' as one of their own.

Mortensen and La Robla

That night he said he would return within a few months. Time went by and the villagers thought that Alatriste had forgotten them. But Viggo's word is law. And on March 3, 2006, we saw his return to León. He returned as he usually does, preceded by news reports of all kinds, and with a wonderful present for Leoneses: his latest book, Linger .

'I hope you like it,' he had already said to us in Uclés, 'You'll see some interesting pictures of your country,' while he showed me a twilit countryside riddled with storks nests.

'Do you know the town where I saw the most storks?' To my surprise, he replied, 'It's near La Robla.'

'The Seca?' I asked.

'Yes, that's the place.'

When I had the edition of Linger in my hands, with the beautiful photograph of Cádiz on the cover, I confirmed that, along with many other shots taken in different places around the world, there was a special section dedicated to León, and among them that famous photograph with the storks. Once more I remembered his words of farewell at Uclés, where the biggest battle scenes were filmed:

'Flee from the highways! Always take the smaller roads, the ones that aren't on the maps. Get lost in the landscapes and people you meet. Retrásate (Linger). Don't be in such a hurry to arrive.'

© Diario de León. Images © TFI/Estudios Picasso/Origen Producciones.

Dear Survivors...

Source: Naked Ink Publications.
Found By: Romarie & Sylvanbreeze
Many thanks to Romarie for surfacing the scan of Viggo's message in the new publication, Love Letters to the South, originally posted by Sylvanbreeze at LiveJournal.

© NakedInk.

León is Upside-Down with Alatriste

Source: Diario de León
Categories: Alatriste Scans
© Diario de León.
Our thanks once again go out to Miguel Angel Nepomuceno for sending yet another great article from Diario de León. It appears that Alatriste is taking León by storm. We also thank him for the kind mention of both and It looks like León is ready to party.

Click on scan to enlarge.

© Diario de León.

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