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Alatriste: The Soundtrack

004acd.jpg 001acd.jpg 002acd.jpg 005acd.jpg 006acd.jpg 003acd.jpg
Thanks to Indian Moon for the heads up on the post by elisheva at Lots of soloists on this soundtrack.

Click on images to enlarge.


Angélica y María
La conquista de Breda
Quien no sospecha tanto amor
Asalto al galeón
Toca ser libres
Los menesteres del Rey
Traición a Iñigo
Recordando a Quevedo
El collar
La mancha de la traición
La playa
Héroe abalido
Cuenta lo que fuimos
Fanfarre y créditos

One comment said that the last track is seven minutes long and absolutely magnificent.

© Meliam Music S.L. Karonte Distribuciones. Images © Estudios Picasso / Origen Producciones.

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Alatriste Premieres in León: September 1

Text by Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno
Source: Diario de León.
Found By: Chrissiejane & Chrissie
Diario de Leon - 8.20.2006 Viggo Mortensen y Yanes estevan en Leon... Diario de Leon - 8.20.2006 Viggo Mortensen y Yanes estevan en Leon...

More Gifts from Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno

Click on scan to enlarge

Many thanks to Miguel for sending this one scan and also the text reported by Chrissiejane, Chrissie, and I will bet they are celebrating in León.

Read the entire article at Diario de Leon

A bit of translation by Chrissie

Ever since 27 February last year when Viggo Mortensen decided that the character of Captain Alatriste would have his roots in the mountains of the Curueño, León has not stopped being in the news on thousands of web pages dedicated to the North American actor. It is because of his power of seduction, and not only with the female public, that lately there has been avalanches of rumours and requests for information as much about the actor as the long-awaited Agustín Díaz Yanes film and they have been mainly about the commitment Mortensen made to the Leónese for the opening of the film. From Far East countries like Japan, China, Russia and the Balkans, to Europe, the Americas and Australia, there have been requests about the promise Viggo Mortensen gave to our newspaper that he would be present at the opening of Alatriste in our city.

Now we can say yes to all of them, in spite of the confusion of dates created by different mass media, Viggo Mortensen will indeed fulfil his promise and will be in León on 1st September at the worldwide opening of Agustín Díaz Yanes' film, who will accompany him having made the vow to him last summer in an interview with us in Uclés: 'Where Viggo goes, I go.'

The Diario de León, as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations, will be the official sponsor of the event that will take place at the Emperor on 1st September at 22.00 hours, with the presence of the aforementioned people and an actress that is yet to be confirmed, but it could possibly be either Ariadna Gil or Elena Anaya.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was possible to see him last June accompanied by a film unit doing scenes of him in Valdeteja during a strong heavy shower, scenes that will not be seen in the film but are more likely to be in the extras of the DVD.

© Diario de León.

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Alatriste - Viggo Mortensen

Source: TFI/Estudios Picasso/Origen Producciones.
Found By: Exxeke & Paddy
Categories: Politics
© TFI/Estudios Picasso/Origen Producciones.
Again...many thanks to Exxeke at for posting this eye-popping video clip, and to Paddy for bringing it to us at Viggo-Works.

Alatriste - Viggo Mortensen

© TFI/Estudios Picasso/Origen Producciones.

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Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano: Partial Translation

Source: XL Semanal.
Found By: Miguel. Translation by Paddy
XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano
XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano
Image César Urrutia.
© XL Semanal.
Our thank to Paddy who has translated Arturo Pérez-Reverte's column from the XL Semanal scans provided by Miguel. In this article Arturo discusses how he felt after seeing the pre-screening of Alatriste. Because of this content, many may feel that it contains...



By Arturo Pérez-Reverte
XLSemanal, 20 August 2006

Well, I've already seen the film. After the credits and all that, the lights of the small cinema came on and I remained hung on to the last images: the old and battered Tercio of loyal Spanish infantry - what else could they do? There was no other place to go - forsaken by their homeland, their King and their God, waiting for the last charge of the French cavalry, in Rocroi, the 19th of May 1643. And the request from the veteran Aragonese arquebusier Sebastián Copons to the young Íñigo Balboa: "Tell what we were". Twenty years of our History through the life of Diego Alatriste, soldier and mercenary swordsman. Twenty years of disgraceful kings, of corrupt ministers and cocky fanatical priests, of despicable people and inquisitorial bonfires, of cruelty and blood, of Spain, in short; but also twenty years of desperate courage, of twisted personal dignity - the peculiar ethics of murderers - in a world that is falling apart around them, shown in the sad look and the lucid words of the poet Francisco de Quevedo, played with a touching, memorable perfection by the actor Juan Echanove.

I cannot give an objective opinion about Alatriste. Although during its long gestation and shooting I tried as much as I could not to get involved, I'm too close to all of it to see it in a cold way. It's true that I like some things more and I like other things less; and that for ten critical minutes - at least for me, the author in the end - of the first third of the film I stirred anxiously in my seat. But apart from that, I must say that those malicious cynics and pen-pushers who foresaw an imperial song of heroic chauvinistic Spaniards and rancid swashbuckling folklore are going to swallow their bile in litres. There's nothing more respectful with the original texts. Nothing more straightforward, fascinating and terrible than the mirror that, through Viggo Mortensen's masterly performance - he looks impressive on the screen, that son of a bitch - is put before our eyes during the two hours and a quarter that the film lasts. An accurate portrayal, in detail, I can tell you, faithful to the spirit of the character that it's inspired by: straightforward, with no gentle ways, full of incidents and stabbings, of course; but also full of extreme bitterness and lucidity. Told in a wealth of such beautiful images that sometimes it looks like a succession of paintings. Animated paintings by Velázquez or Ribera.

And the ending, gadzooks! I'm not going to tell you that, because you would hate me for the rest of your lives. But besides the spectacular beginning, the impeccable development and the actors' extraordinary performances - my!, how they are, all of them: Unax, Elena, Ariadna, Eduard, Cámara, Blanca, Pilar, Noriega... - the ending, or rather the entire last hour leaves the audience definitely breathless, captured by the screen, while the last stretch of the hero's life and the lives of his comrades, from the trenches of Breda to the plain of Rocroi, is analysed and fixed in the viewer's retina and memory. Everything is seen and sounds like a gunshot in the face; like a jolt that leaves you unsettled, your spirit in suspension, stuck to your seat, aware that before your eyes it has been shown, in an implacable way, the eternal tragedy of your lineage. The serene image of Captain Alatriste listening to the approaching murmur of the enemy cavalry, the tragic travel of the camera that follows Íñigo Balboa - "senior soldiers ahead, new soldiers behind" - when he moves back in the ranks to take charge of the old and torn flag, his gloomy and lucid expression - gloomy with pure lucidity - and all that perfect culmination to the splendid journey that Agustín Díaz Yanes has done through the five Alatriste novels, constitute the faithful, tragic, moving portrayal of the Spain of old and the Spain of all times. An unhappy, fierce Spain, sometimes heroic, often miserable, where it's easy to recognize oneself. To recognize each other.

Perhaps that's why, after the private screening was finished the lights came on, and with a lump in my throat I looked around, I saw that some of the actors of the film who were on the contiguous seats - I'm not telling any names, let every one of them confess if they want to - remained still on their seats, crying their eyes out. Crying like babies because of their characters, because of the story. Because of the beautiful, dramatic ending. And also because no one had ever done, so far, a film like that of this wretched and damned Spain. As Captain Alatriste himself would say, in spite of God, and in spite of anyone.

© XL Semanal. Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Images © César Urrutia.

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Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano

Source: XL Semanal.
Found By: Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno
Categories: Alatriste Scans
XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Reverte & Viggo, mano a mano XL Semanal - 8.2006 Ese Capitan Alatriste
We have gifts from our very good friend from León, Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno. May thanks to Miguel for sending us the scans from the latest edition of XL Semanal which features Viggo and Arturo Pérez Reverte...mano a mano.


Click on scans to enlarge.

© XL Semanal. Images © César Urrutia.

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