Laura Linney Joins Viggo Mortensen’s Family Drama ‘Falling’

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Rome Photocall: Alatriste

Source: Getty Images.
Found By: faces_fit
Categories: Movie Promotions
Our thanks to faces_fit for sharing these thumbnails from the Alatriste photocall in Rome.

© Getty.

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"Governments ought to leave art in peace"

Translation by NacidaLibre
Source: Levante
Torrevieja Book Signing 10.14.06
Torrevieja Book Signing 10.14.06.
© vega-baja-segura.
Our thanks to NacidaLibre for this translation of the article in Levante, 15th October 2006.

Viggo Mortensen: "Governments ought to leave art in peace". The actor presents in Torrevieja a book about Cuban art published by his publishing house.

Sergio Illescas, Alicante

Just like the character that he gave life to in The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn, the actor Viggo Mortensen has kept for the Spanish public some mysteries regarding his life. Because, as well as being an actor, he exploits his artistic aptitudes with his painting, photography, jazz and poetry... Yesterday, in Torrevieja, he presented an anthology of critical texts on new Cuban art that his publishing house Perceval Press published together with the Municipal Institute of Culture of the town in the province of Alicante. Few of us in this country knew of his multiple artistic facets beyond those carried out for the film industry, and even less so that of publisher.

"Well, in this book, which is called The new Cuban art: anthology of critical texts, we have collected, as the name indicates, various texts by Cuban writers and artists, as well as various photographs of the island that various authors have contributed."

In a regime like the Cuban one it can not be easy for a North American team to develop something like this. "Yes, in fact many of these texts have only been published once or they have been censured for years because they went against the Castro regime. Governments ought to leave in peace these areas in order for there to be freedom to exchange ideas between countries. I know that my country, USA has, in the last 50 years, set out to provoke the Cuban regime quite enough. However, you must also take into consideration the censure and control tactics to which the Cuban citizens are subject."

Surely it has been worth it. Undoubtedly. "We have centred on the Cuban art of the years between 1980 and 2000 and, no doubt, is the best that has been written just lately about art in South America. It has all been thanks to Kevin Power and Magaly Espinosa, two fairly important experts on Cuba, who have taken care of making the selection.

It is sad that all this does not easily reach the USA. "Maybe it is easier in Spain to get to know Cuban art. There are exhibition constantly. Cuban art reaches my country but not so much. With Perceval Press, my publishing house, we are preparing a publication dedicated to Henry Eric, a very talented Cuban artist. We want to do it in a bilingual edition, so that it also reaches the USA. With the one we have presented we want to do the same thing, but we will have to wait a year because it is longer and the work will be more costly".

There must also be some of your work to be published by the publishing house. "Yes. I'm preparing a new book with photos of mine and some texts in English and Spanish. We are also going to try to launch some Cuban and New Zealand artists. From Perceval Press we like to promote emerging talents. Finding them and helping them is something that is always worthwhile".

On Friday you received the gold badges of the Town and Province of León after playing the role of "Alatriste", the Agustín Díaz Llanes (sic) film. Having heard all kinds of opinions on the film, you seem satisfied with the result. "The film has worked well at the Spanish box office. Obviously your work is not always going to be to everyone's taste. I think it is a film that is very important for Spanish cinema and a great representative outside Spain. Tomorrow - today for the reader - I'm going with the team to present it at the Rome Festival, where I hope it will have a good reception".

The problem is that it is out of the run for the Oscars. "I wish it could have taken part. But if that's not possible, it's not important. Above all it is a film that I'm sure that people will continue to watch as time goes by. I think it is one of those films that make film history in a country".

© Levante. Images © 2006 Bajo Segura Noticias. All Rights Reserved..

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Cronenberg sweeps director's guild awards

© New Line Productions Inc.
TORONTO (CP) - David Cronenberg's gritty crime drama "A History of Violence" is the big winner at the Director's Guild of Canada Awards.

The critically acclaimed movie snagged four of the five feature film awards it was up for, including best film, best director, best sound editing and best picture editing.

The only award it missed out on was best production design, which went to Atom Egoyan's showbiz thriller, "Where the Truth Lies."

Cronenberg's bloody drama, a critical hit when it arrived in theatres last year, stars Viggo Mortensen as small-town family man Tom Stall and Ed Harris as the big-city gangster who uncovers Stall's dark past.

© 2006, Canoe Inc. All rights reserved. Images © New Line Productions Inc.

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Translation by Paddy
Source: Diario de León
Image Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno.
© Diario de León. Used by permission.
Our thanks to paddy for this translation of a very interesting part of the article in Diario de León.

Click on image to get a better look at Viggo and Firme.



Diario de León - 10.14.2006 - No quiero Perdeme su infancia
Diario de León - 10.14.2006 - No quiero Perdeme s....
© Diario de León. Used by permission.
The actor signed one of the banners which the association Realm of León received him with, took a carea dog and arranged to meet Javier García-Prieto to have a stew in Valdeteja.

By Asun G. Puente / Cristina Fanjul

Viggo Mortensen's smile grew even wider when the president of the County Council, Javier García Prieto, referred to Valdeteja and to San Lorenzo de Almagro, his football team. The American actor was given a welcome worthy of a favourite son. At the doors of the Palacio de los Guzmanes a display of the banners of the Realm of León awaited him, and he signed one of them with the inscription "Gracias León, que viva" (Thank you León, Long Live)

The American actor arrived at the seat of the County Council at half past twelve p.m., putting the finishing touches to a speech in which he focused in a special way on Valdeteja, the village where he found the character who has made us look straight at the origin of our decline, the essence of what we are.

Hundreds of people applauded the sentences that the actor's slight Argentinian accent was slipping during a speech in which there were moments for gentleness - "One remembers and keeps on coming back"- and for sharpness - "I was told there was going to be a Christ (tr. note: accurate translation would be kick up a big fuss; left the literal translation to understand Viggo's pun) and so it seems", he said after receiving a sculpture of the crucified of Carrizo

After listening to the León anthem, performed by the Capilla Clásica (Classic Choir), Félix García, secretary of the Leonese Canine Society, gave him a carea puppy, an autochthonous Leonese breed. Viggo Mortensen assured that he would take him to England (where he'll start to shoot his next film) and told he didn't want to miss his infancy. Previously he had been offered two Mastiffs called Alatriste and Aragorn, the lastest characters he has played.

The actor didn't part with Firme (the dog's name) until he went out of the Council president's office heading for La Bodega Regia.

There he signed the restaurant's honour book: "Very grateful for letting me sign right after the wife of the Prime Minister and good Leonese Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero", he received from the deputy mayor, José María Rodríguez de Francisco, the rooster of San Isidoro - "there are lots of weathercocks here" (tr. note: accurate trans. would be changeable people. Another play on words) , commented the president - and they all drank a toast to León. One anecdote: Cristina Gómez was toasting with water and the actor (in order to ward off bad luck) splashed some wine with his fingers on the town councillor's glass.

After gathering in small groups, where they talked mainly about his next film, the actresses he has worked with - "the Spanish ones are fantastic" - and the road to Collada, the president invited him to have a stew in Valdeteja. The Councillor of Infrastructures, Ángel Calvo, promised him the road would be fixed by then.


A companion in England.
Can I travel with him?. Viggo Mortensen, on the president's chair in the image, chose this carea named Firme which he'll take to England. "I'll travel to Rome, England and Germany, and I don't know whether they'll let me travel with him. I don't want to miss his infancy", he said.

Signing the banner.
Thank you León, Long Live. The actor signed one of the banners that the association Realm of León brought to the County Council to welcome him. The actor wrote the inscription "Gracias León, que viva". He also carried the score of the anthem sung by the Capilla Clásica.

The Christ of Carrizo.
The gifts. The County Council and the City Council gave Viggo Mortensen, in addition to the golden medals, the diploma of each medal, a reproduction of the Christ of Carrizo and the rooster of San Isidoro. And later at the City Council he received a medal of the Virgin of El Camino.

© Diario de León.

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Images from León

Photos by Miguel and Ramiro
Source: Diario de León
005mig1014.jpg DUPLICATE Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06 Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06
A huge Viggo-Works thank you to both Miguel and Ramiro from Diario de León for all of these wonderful images from yesterday's festivities in León.

Click on images to enlarge.

© Diario de León. Used by permission.

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