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According to the British press last week, Yerba Mate is becoming very popular in the UK (though I've managed to resist its bitter green charms so far). As well as being an ambassador for San Lorenzo, Viggo has also been a pretty good ambassador for herbal tea, which he credits with giving him so much energy. His bombilla has bemused interviewers all over the world and become known as the guy who, in the words of one writer, 'totes his own teapot'…

Viggo Mortensen, the man who is Aragorn -- the most heroic warrior in the most heroic movie of all times, "The Lord of the Rings", glides onto his chair. Viggo is barefoot, he holds a wooden brass decorated cup with a silver straw and some greenish fluid inside. He slurps. It's Mate tea. Viggo -- was it mentioned already? -- well, he's different.

Viggo Mortensen
By Bernd Volland Translated by JoannaP
Stern Speziel Biografie
April 2003

The Argentinian. The cuervo. The Lord of the Rings. The one who teaches people to drink mate on million dollar sets.

The Habit Of Giving It All
By Juan Manuel Dominguez - translated by Ollie, Sage and Zooey
20 June 2010

Viggo Mortensen rolls his own cigarettes, totes his own teapot…

By Hugh Hart
San Francisco Chronicle, 2003

…a rejuvenating South American tea that resembles wholegrain mustard from where I'm sitting.

Viggo Mortensen: A Method Actor in Middle-Earth
By Ryan Gilbey
The Independent
14 December 2001

"Eastern Promises" finds Mortensen playing Nikolai Luzhin, a Russian ex-con tattooed from head to toe with elaborate designs detailing his every misdeed and prison stint. He puts out lit cigarettes on his tongue, can fight to the death while naked and has a knack for snipping the extremities off corpses to make them more portable.

So it's a little underwhelming when Mortensen walks in and starts bustling around, brewing up a pot of herbal tea and assembling a lovely plate of fresh berries.

Viggo's 'Promises'
By Sara Stewart
New York Post
26 Aug 2007

"It's not lawn clippings, I promise."

Viggo offering a journalist mate
Return Of The King Press Junket: Viggo Mortensen
By Nazz
December 2003

He smells of woodsmoke, as though he's just returned from some manly pursuit like chopping logs in a forest. Again, highly possible. He does have a home in the remote mountains of Idaho, surrounded by woods. In fact the scent is wafting from his cup of tea.

Viggo Mortensen is lord of all things
Chitra Ramaswamy
The Scotsman
24 May 2013

A black-red bag hangs down a shoulder and the other hand holds the mate bin (the bitter, rich of caffeine Argentinean tea) with its straw, a bit raised as if it was the Holy Grail cup.

Viggo Mortensen, by Lorenza Del Tosto
Translation by Cindalea
5 July 2007

An encounter with Viggo is sitting on a porch, drinking a bombilla of mate and watching time pass in such a way that every now and then new reflections, inquiries, ways of looking at things arise. It can take a whole season. Watching many skies pass by.

River Mortensen
By Ramón Raboiras - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
September 2012

Viggo Mortensen loves rituals. He never changes his habits, no matter where he goes. For example, he enters the villa in Deauville – made available by the French top jeweler Cartier – in bare feet, as if he is in his own living room.

In his right hand, he is holding a cup with his favorite beverage: maté – an herbal drink from Argentina, the country where he spent the majority of his childhood. He also remembered to bring a silver straw, the bombilla.

The actor explains why he always behaves the same way, no matter where he is in the world. "In this business you're travelling half the time. Sometimes I feel like a world traveller who doesn't know where he'll sleep the next day. I am exaggerating a little, but I do value my habits, so I can quickly feel at home. If I don't, it takes me too long to adapt to strange surroundings. That's very important for an actor. That way he can more quickly concentrate on his role."

Viggo Mortensen Goes To Bed With A Shotgun
By - translated by Airwin
Algemeen Dagblad
27 April 2009

In the harsh noon glare that seemed more Captain Fantastic than Cecconi's in West Hollywood, we asked the SAG Outstanding Cast nominees — aka the actors who played Mortensen's six onscreen children — what he smells like.

"Tea!" was the universal response. Specifically, green tea and mate, which he drinks out of a special straw and bowl. "That's what he smells like, non-stop, 24/7," said Nicholas Hamilton, who plays Rellian. "He smells like tea, yeah, green tea," Shree Crooks, who plays Zaja, agreed. Samantha Isler, who plays middle daughter Kielyr, offered, "He smells like wisdom." Crooks added, "And beef jerky. Beef jerky, tea and berries."

What Does Viggo Mortensen Smell Like? An Investigation
NY Magazine
29 January 2017

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