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Loin des Hommes and Jauja- TIFF screening details

Source: TIFF.
Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for bringing us this information.

The TIFF schedule is out!

The screening dates for Loin des Hommes (Far From Men) are:

Tuesday, September 9 - 5pm - Winter Garden Theatre

Wednesday, September 10 - 9am - TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1

Saturday, September 13 - 3pm - Ryerson Theatre

The screening dates for Jauja are:

Wednesday, September 10 - 6.45pm - TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1

Thursday, September 11 - 12.30pm - AGO Jackman Hall

Saturday, September 13 - 9.30pm - AGO Jackman Hall

© TIFF. Images © One World Films/4L Productions.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Everyone has to start their career somewhere and Viggo, as we know, famously started at 8 years old as the 'ass end of a dragon'. Luckily that wasn't the only moment steering him towards becoming one of the most respected actors in the business. Along the way there were inspiring movies, curiosity and rather a lot of serendipity.

"I remember trying out for a play once in junior high school, and as soon as the audition started, they said 'Speak up! Speak up!' And I just stopped and took off. I wasn't really cut out for it."

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Trip
by Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39, 2002

….I went to see films with my mother when I was a child. Towards twenty, I lived for a year close to London, and I went to a cinema which only showed classics. I discovered Bergman, Ozu, Pasolini, Dreyer ... It was a revelation. It wasn't just that I liked going to the movies, it was that on leaving the theater I wanted to enter this world……To discover Bergman, Pasolini, Ozu, Dreyer, at twenty, that was a revelation. Could that be it, the movies? My jaw dropped in admiration. These filmmakers really inspired me. I like the simplicity of Ozu, I like the films of Carl Dreyer, which capture so well the pain of the human condition. I like the purity of Bergman and Pasolini. It was after I discovered their films that I became very curious about film as a means of expression.

Viggo Mortensen: The Soul of a Warrior
By Juliette Michaud
December 2002
Source: Studio Magazine

"When I saw Death in Venice, by Visconti, I had a big shock. It is one of the movies that has really inspired me. I saw it again recently, it's a little dated, especially the flashbacks, but still ... That mixture of beauty and sadness ... And also the performance of Dirk Bogarde is so extraordinary! Its impact on me has been enormous."

Viggo Mortensen: The Soul of a Warrior
By Juliette Michaud
December 2002
Source: Studio Magazine

"I was living in Denmark, and I followed a girlfriend to New York. I saw an ad in the paper for the Actor's Repertory Company, so I made an appointment for an audition. I prepared something by Isak Dinesen, a monologue by this character who may or may not be Jack the Ripper. I did that, and this poem I'd memorized, thinking I was reading for a play. Afterward they thanked me and told me to come back every Wednesday. I'd enrolled in a class."

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo From 5 to 7
By Dennis Hopper
Flaunt magazine
Venice, California 4 April 1999

'I never thought it would last,' he says. 'I just tried it to see what it was like and it just clicked, I guess.'

No More Heroes
By James Mottram
Sunday Herald
25 September 2005

"......I had a good teacher, a man named Warren Robertson. He worked with me, and kind of encouraged me, and felt I had some, you know, raw talent or whatever. Everybody needs a little encouragement."

Viggo on his early acting days
Scott Feinberg's awards season analysis
20 December 2007

'The "Blood Red" auditions at the Actors Studio were notable for one other reason: Viggo Mortensen came by every day—barefoot, with long, dirty blond hair—wanting to audition in the worst way for one of my Italian immigrants. His dirty feet and hair scared me just as much as his blue-eyed blondness wasn't right for the cast I was building. After days of just being rude to him, I finally threw him out of the studio and told him never to darken my casting door again. I have since apologized to him for my lack of artistic vision and behavior. It's the one truly bad casting mistake I ever made. He's such a talented actor; he could have played Italian or anything else he made up his mind to do. I often use him as an example of how one-pointed, dedicated, and willing to be rejected an actor has to be.'

Pamela Guess
July 2010

"I was a bit older than most when I started acting. I was around 27, while many start as teenagers, even earlier. I came to acting because of simple curiosity: I wanted to know how movies were made."

The King Is Mortensen, Long Live The King!
By Marc Toullec
Cine Live #71
September 2003

"When I would see a really seamless, fully realized performance or an ensemble performance, I would wonder, How did they do that? How did they make it so effortless?"

Viggo Mortensen
Good Fellow
By Jamie Painter Young
Backstage West
5 January 2004

He approached acting with a photographer's perspective, examining the mechanics of the craft from every angle. "I started watching more movies and looking at things in that light as a potential performer. You get kind of hooked on it, the workings of it. You start thinking about how to make something interesting."

Viggo Trip
By Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39
November 2002

"The same day I was offered Witness, I was offered a Shakespeare in the Park production—I think it was Henry V," he recalls. "I made a choice to try something I didn't know much about, which ended up being the right thing, because it was a good story and I got to work with Peter Weir."

History Teacher
By Missy Schwartz
Entertainment Weekly
19 August 2005

'Ironically, he had successfully auditioned for a Panida Theater stage role as Biff Loman in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman before learning of his selection for Penn's movie [The Indian Runner]. Deborah McShane, a Panida board member, clearly remembers the unpretentious, calm and kind man whose audition 'created an energy shift in the theater.

'Karen Bowers (Panida's manager) heard the very quiet, knowing and sensitive voice,' McShane recalls. 'She stopped what she was doing and came down the aisle. We cast him in the role.'

A Visit With Viggo
By Marianne Love
Sandpoint magazine, 2004

"In the beginning everyone was very obsessed with getting my name changed. 'Viggo Mortensen - that's too long and too strange', they said. I suggested as a joke to change it to "Vic Morton'. That sounds like one of those movie private investigators in the 40's... "Vic Morton, private eye'. No, my name is Viggo Mortensen, I am Viggo Mortensen, and Hollywood will have to live with that'.

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo from Hollywood
by Poul Hoi
M/S (Danish magazine), 2001

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-works/Iolanthe. Images © NBC.

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Viggo Mortensen Sang, Wept and Suffered through the Final for the Copa Libertadores in the Midst of Filming.

Translation by Zoe and Ollie
Source: La Nacion
Many thanks to Ollie and Zoe for translating the short article from La Nacion posted earlier.

"Jauja" Premiere - Cannes International Film Festival 05.18.14
"Jauja" Premiere - Cannes International Film Festi....
© Ole.

New Mexico. Viggo Mortensen is shooting his next film, Captain Fantastic. But his heart is not completely into his new character. Aragorn has a part that leaves him and is transported by ear to his writer friend Fabián Casas. San Lorenzo is winning 1-0 when they weren´t playing well, worse than their rival. Anyway, who cares. They are so close to being champions, so close. The two of them were almost demanding it in the Cannes Festival when they were presenting the film Jauja, starring Viggo with a script by Fabián. "We Want the Cup," read the banner held firmly by both. Except for the Argentines who were there, and some other world soccer sicko, how many have understood the emotional weight carried by that flag unfolded on the red carpet at Cannes?

Three months later, it seems that message was heard loud and clear on this side of the hemisphere. 1-0 and so close to seventh heaven, to shouting "Champion of the Americas" for the first time in 106 years. And shutting some people´s mouths. There is Casas, a bundle of nerves in the stands and with his cell phone that doesn´t stop ringing. Only [a call from] a fanatic Cuervo can be answered at that moment. Only someone who is also a bundle of nerves, but who is thousands of kilometres away. And in that way Casas goes on telling Mortensen what is happening on the pitch. And the two of them sing like crazy. Until the match ends. And the same tears that are rolling down the cheeks of everybody in the Nuevo Gasómetro, go rolling down Viggo´s face. Just like in Boedo, but in the New Mexico desert.

© La Nacion. Images © Ole.

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Lisandro Alonso wins prize for Jauja

Source: Festival de Lima (Facebook).
Found By: Eriko
Many thanks to Eriko for bringing this to our attention and to ollie for translating.
Image Guadalupe Gaona.
© 4L Productions.
Felicitaciones al director argentino Lisandro Alonso, por haber ganado el premio a "Mejor película de ficcón en competencia", otorgado por la Asociación de Prensa Cinematográfica (APRECI), por su película "Jauja".

TRANSLATION: Congratulations to the Argentine film director Lisandro Alonso for having won the "Best Fictional Film in Competition" prize, awarded by the "Asociación de Prensa Cinematográfica (APRECI)" [Association of Film Press]

© Festival de Lima. Images © 4L Productions.

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LATEST UPDATE! Viggo-Works Fundraiser 2014 - We Still Have a Ways to Go!

Categories: Viggo-Works

We still have a ways to go to fund our V-W server fundraiser goal for 2014! Please help us reach our goal!

To those of you who have contributed so far ... our SINCERE thanks.

We do, however, need everyone's help to reach our goal and keep Viggo-Works running for another year.

As with the previous 10 wonderful years, once again economic times are challenging, and this year,
we again need to ask for your support for the cost of our webserver to keep
Viggo-Works running. Those of you who have contributed over the years have
earned our undying gratitude. Thank you all so very much.

However, times
are still tight and again this year we find ourselves well short of our goal.
We are asking for contributions. Please contribute, as you are able, to keep us
going so that we can continue to enjoy Viggo-Works every day and every week.

To make a contribution to our webserver fund and to keep Viggo-Works
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