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Jauja to screen at the AFI Fest

Source: AFI Festival.
Found By: Chrissie
© 4L Productions.

Our thanks to Chrissie for the find.

The AFI Fest has announced its schedule for this year and Jauja will be screening on 8 and 12 November. Full details here.

Images © 4L Productions.

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Happy Birthday Viggo!

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Images © Jeff Vespa.

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Images from the London Film Festival: 10-18/Loin des Hommes

Found By: SkaldIs

Our thanks to SkaldIs for the heads up.

Images ©

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Images from the London Film Festival: 10-17

Images © Zimbio/Getty.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

With all the recent festivals, more movie critics have been commenting on Viggo's performances in Jauja and The Two Faces of January since I last highlighted them in June. Time for another round-up of reviews!


...superb performance at the physical boundaries of acting.

Venniale Tribute publicity
August 2014

Anchored by a rumpled, naturalistic performance by the great Viggo Mortensen—who also produces, contributes guitar compositions to the score, and gets to speak in his native Danish—Jauja is a beguiling little head-scratcher.

Angelo Muredda
5 September 2014

"Jauja" will not appeal to everyone. But those willing to play by Alonso's rules will be treated to a gripping introverted turn from Viggo Mortensen and some truly fantastical imagery.

By David Salazar
Latin Post
27 September 2014

At the beginning... there is something intriguing enough in this story of a Danish military engineer pursuing his love-struck fifteen-year-old daughter, running away across Patagonia in the 19th century, while in the background a genocide of indigenous people is going on. Especially when the possessive and vengeful father has the unyielding face of Viggo Mortensen, as mysterious here as the Sphinx.

Jauja: Viggo Mortensen Lost in Patagonia
By Eric Vernay - translated by Donna Marie
Premiere (France)
19 May 2014

Sweating in layers of bulky long johns, and sporting a droopy, weeping mustache, Mortensen carries the film, his human grumbling and surprised, rageful violence conveying the sense of a nervous, basically average man caught on a journey into his own heart of darkness. Increasingly, as the other characters drop away, Mortensen has nothing to play against but nature and himself.

Mark Asch
Brooklyn Magazine
7 October 2014

The intensity of Mortensen's performance stands in sharp contrast to the non-professional actors Alonso previously cast as leads. Alonso's earlier protagonists spoke as little as possible and largely existed on screen as unknowable, primal mysteries, but Mortensen gets to shade in his part...
...Despite the lack of vanity in Mortensen's résumé, it's still surprising to see him in a mostly silent performance roaming the Argentinian wilderness, and it's equally fascinating to see how the pressures of this low-budget, minimally crewed shoot in remote locations gradually manifest in the actor's increasingly fraught performance.

Jake Cole
20 September 2014

Two Faces of January

If it's almost impossible to feel sympathy or compassion for Chester, who does unforgivable things, Mortensen accomplishes the difficult task of compelling you to respect him, even in failure and defeat.

Viggo Mortensen on "Lord of the Rings" — and playing an American at last
By Andrew O'Hehir
24 September 2014

Mortensen has always seemed to be an underutilized chameleon in film despite acclaimed and recognized performances in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and Eastern Promises. As Chester, he lavishes in a new type of slimy demeanor that stands out as one of the actors most dynamic. He enjoys the aura and demeanor of Chester, unrelenting and unwilling to compromise on an escape but driven by jealousy and rage, Mortensen displays some of his most authentic and creative ticks.

Clayton Davis
Awards Circuit
29 August 2014

Mortensen's elegant-until-cornered Chester is a layered character with quite a moral range, from nefarious swindler to a man able to make a grand redemptive gesture. He cuts an ugly but human figure vis-a-vis Rydal's petty con man. But as Chester points out, it's only a matter of time before the younger man turns into him.

Deborah Young
Courier Post
3 October 2014

Viggo Mortensen is excellent playing a drunk who's spinning out of control, and it's unlike anything I've seen him do before.

Neil Rosen
NY1 Movie
4 September 2014

Mortensen flexing his knuckles and jaw in ways that insinuate the ruthless steeliness beneath the pressed-suit sophistication...

Mike McCahill
Movie Mail
25 July 2014

Mortensen can transition from rakish to villainous with the slightest facial expression...

Stephanie Merry
Washington Post
3 October 2014

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Guadalupe Gaona/4L Producitons.

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