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Viggo Dates in NYC for Captain Fantastic

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This is what we have so far ...

July 11th- 7:00 pm SAG screening and Q&A
July 12th-NBR screening and Q&A

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More from the Captain Fantastic LA Premiere

Source: Getty.
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Thanks to ollie for the find.

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Viggo-Works Editorial: This REALLY Honks Me Off!!

Source: Provincetown Film Festival
'Captain Fantastic' promotion at the Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles - 27 June 2016
'Captain Fantastic' promotion at the Four Seasons ...
Image Emily Berl.
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Same old song ... different movie ... and they will give the awards to the same old Hollywood darlings. Don't get me started on this subject. It won't be pretty.

From the Provincetown Film Festival write up ...

The festival got off to a buzzy start on opening night with the east coast premiere of Matt Ross's "Captain Fantastic." The winner of the Best Director prize at Un Certain Regard at Cannes in May, the film, which opens in limited release distributed by Bleecker Street on July 8, is a showcase for Viggo Mortensen. He plays Ben, the father of six kids, who along with his wife decides to leave the consumerist life and raise their family in a forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Suffering from bipolar disorder, his wife is hospitalized for three months before finally killing herself. Despite the protests from her father (Frank Langella) forbidding the family from attending her funeral, Ben hops into the family bus with his kids, and as a group, they decide to go anyway. Though Bleecker Street's artwork for the film is of an eccentrically-clad family standing next to that bus (echoing the campaign for "Little Miss Sunshine"), "Captain Fantastic" is much more of a searing family drama, calling into question just what constitutes good parenting in this era.

AWARDS POTENTIAL: Though "Captain Fantastic" is easily Mortensen's best work since his Oscar-nominated turn in "Eastern Promises" (2007), the Best Actor contenders look to be very strong this year, so Mortensen would have to be considered a long shot. More promising are the hopes for Ross for Best Original Screenplay. It's one of those scripts where you think you know who the characters are, then the film flips your expectations on its head. Bleecker Street knows the awards game – it successfully brought Bryan Cranston a Best Actor nomination last year for "Trumbo," and it has the most successful limited release film so far this year with "Eye in the Sky."

The man is a brilliant actor. What more do they want? And don't give me that crap about Viggo not wanting to play the Hollywood game. Can't they just reward excellence?


Riv Res:

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Father Doesn’t Always Know Best In Captain Fantastic

Source: TIME
WARNING: **SPOILERS** may be present!
© Bleecker Street.

God save us from well-meaning hippie parents. In writer-director Matt Ross's Captain Fantastic, Viggo Mortensen's Ben is the surviving half of a couple who have gone off the grid, an idealistic dad who's raising six kids in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with no television or computer in sight. Ben homeschools his brood in everything from the views of lefty activist Noam Chomsky to the art of hunting animals for food. One of the youngest, Zaja (Shree Crooks), is a tiny survivalist whose favored chapeau is a taxidermied wildcat. The oldest is lean, ponytailed Bodevan (George MacKay), an avowed Maoist and zealous yoga practitioner who's poised to follow in his father's pine-needle-cushioned footsteps.

So where's the line between rigid parental standards and possible abuse? Captain Fantastic crab-walks tentatively toward that question, and even though its conclusion feels rushed, the movie still works as a portrait of an unorthodox family that's well adjusted in its own odd way. When Bodevan meets a girl he likes, Erin Moriarty's Karin, he embarrasses himself by confusing Dr. Spock with Mr. Spock. MacKay plays the scene beautifully, gallant and lovesick.

Yet it's Ben, so tyrannical in his own purity, whom you feel for the most. Mortensen is such a delicately sentient actor that nothing he does reads as pure caricature. When Ben realizes that in trying to prepare his children for everything he may have prepared them for nothing, it's as if we can see right into his crushed soul. It's also the moment he becomes most human: at some point, all kids have to learn that parents are people too.

© Time. Images © Bleecker Street.

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Captain Fantastic Premiere Arrival Video

Found By: Ollie

Thanks to ollie for the find.

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