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$5 Fall Sale at Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Perceval Press
Thanks to Chrissie for the heads up.

Announcement at PP that Linger is only $5 in their Fall Sale. Fall? It's only August. For those of you who don't have this book the offer is a real bargain.

Full details here.

© Perceval Press.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

Ah, Appaloosa. Viggo with his goatee and dapper clothes, the big honking gun, Ed Harris and his big black hat, and so much strong silent stuff the West has never been so… well… west. Heck, Viggo even rode off into the sunset. A film hugely short-changed at the box-office despite two of the best actors in the business getting together and riding the hell out of the Western genre. How is that even possible given these fantastic reviews?

While many might not appreciate this slow and slightly revisionist western, I'm going to put it up there with "Open Range" and "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" as one of best. Go to see Ed Harris kick tail, but stay for one of Viggo Mortensen's best performances.

Coop Cooper
The Small Town Critic
1 October 2008

Everett says very little and spends a lot of time just watching the other characters, so Mortensen's performance resides almost entirely in his eyes, which register tiny, unmistakable nuances of surprise, suspicion and amusement.

These are what make the movie worth watching

A O Scott
International Herald Tribune
18 September 2008

Viggo steals the picture. His always fresh and relaxed expressions, with dark subtexts dancing just below the surface, never cease to astound me.

Rex Reed
The New York Observer
17 September 2008

...Holding one's body still in front of a movie camera while also giving the sense of a mind in motion is a specialized art, one with few masters. Paul Newman comes to mind, notably in his later career, as does Robert Duvall, a perennial movie cowboy who will surely wish that Appaloosa had come his way. And now, it would seem, there is Mortensen, who steals this film by doing nothing much more than lean against doorways and bar counters. Like Harris, Mortensen is a great listener, and good listeners—in life and in movies—barely move. That quality is just right for the role of Hitch, whose life hangs on Cole's next word and slightest gesture. It's an old truth, and not just about westerns: When the talking stops, the dying begins.

Chuck Wilson
Village Voice
17 Septmeber 2008

But while the story is compelling, and the scenes lush, none of that compares to the performance given by Mortensen. He is, simply, Hitch. There is not one moment that seems like acting, or where he seems like anything other than his character. Mortensen's performance is flawless – so real that the film seems more like a look into the past, rather than a fictional slice of entertainment. You can see his power, his strength, and his intelligence as easy as you can see the all-prevalent dusty wind.

Monika Bartyzel
8 September 2008
Early Films

Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen, two of my favorite actors today, had the on-screen chemistry that every filmmaker dreams of. Rugged, badass and tough lawman who just flat out kicked ass through the whole film.

6 September 2008

…if you want to know what the film's "about," above and beyond the story (which is a deliberate but well-constructed yarn in its own right), it's "about" the relationships that certain men build, where they form a partnership that supercedes everything else, a code that exists that is more binding than law. It's about the way that code changes everything else they do. And when you're making a movie about that, and it stars Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen, and Harris is directing which means that there's all the room in the world for these two to just act the shit out of every unspoken silence, every action beat unfolding as a duet between these two serious badasses. This film is all about the soul behind the gunslinger, and it's verrrrry subtle stuff.

Ain't it Cool news
5 October 2008

Are there two more stronger, silenter types in modern movies than Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen? Each of these actors are a throw back to the days when cowboy stars were manly men who mean what they say and only say what they mean and nothing else.

Richard Crouse
6 September 2008

Their bond is easily one of the best portrayed in the entire Western canon. Viggo Mortensen's Hitch outdoes Val Kilmer's role as Doc Holliday, something I wouldn't have thought possible. And the interactions between these two extremely efficient killers and decent men is movie-making magic.

9 January 2009

….a perfect, dryly comic Viggo Mortensen.

Tom Hall
The Back Row Manifesto
6 September 2008

With his chiseled, windburned, mustachioed face, Mortensen is a dead ringer for men you'd see in an actual frontier photo. Because Hitch is the archetypal man of few words, Mortensen delivers a wonderfully nuanced, subtle performance; one sad glance speaks volumes more about Hitch's devotion to Cole than any soliloquy could.

Jim Vejvoda
18 September 2008

"Mortensen is wonderful. He's one of the best actors at not doing anything and making you watch him all the more."

Ty Burr
Boston Globe: Take 2
October 2008

Viggo Mortensen only gets better and better each time you see him, and as Everett Hitch there isn't a complaint to be had.

Brad Brevet
Rope of Silicon
2 October 2008

Harris and (especially) Mortensen are the magic that makes this movie work so well, film fans can only hope, based on their chemistry here and in "A History of Violence," they are given many more opportunities to work together. They're right up there with DeNiro and Pesci as one of the screen's best team.

Edward Havens
23 September 2008

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Media Quotable Viggo

We've had some lovely photos of Viggo with animals this week. Of course we know how much he loves horses and dogs, but he's also worked with bees, has a thing about crows and has had some close encounters with moose and bears. And then there is the interview with the Sunday Times where the interviewer is side-swiped by both football and a rat-a-roo…

"W.C. Fields said don't work with kids or animals, I guess because they'll upstage you or drive you crazy," said Viggo Mortensen, with a soft chuckle. "But I've always enjoyed it."

Viggo Mortensen
How Viggo Mortensen learned to be captain of 6 kids onscreen
Moira Macdonald
Seattle Times
8 July 2016

'There are images of forests, mountains and animals. Everything is connected. We are related to the animals and we are also in a way animals ourselves.'

Viggo on the sadanset exhibition
Kim Kastrup
Ekstra Bladet
16 October 2008

Viggo Mortensen quietly lounges in his suite at a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel talking about his recent film and looking relieved to not answer yet another Lord of the Rings question… He perks up when asked about his bond with four-legged companions.

"They ground you and calm you," he says. "They're just so admirable for their loyalty."

Hollywood Actor Shares His Love For Animals
By Kyra Kirkwood
Dog Fancy
March 2006

…everyone had a camera, and the room was full of the sounds of flashes and clicks.

I hadn't brought a camera, but I had brought a dog, so the crowds parted for me. They had to, because Chloe would have shimmied past them and knocked them aside if not. I don't know what had gotten into her, but she was bee-lining, it seemed, toward Viggo. Perhaps if she too could not resist his magnetic pull.

Chloe pulled me all the way to Viggo, and when he saw her his tired face lit up. Hey, I thought, that look was supposed to be saved for me… Not once did Viggo look at me, or admire my tall Italian boots or my frilly French blouse. Not once did we lock eyes (his eyes were as blue as the sea!) or fall in love. No, it seemed my fantasy man had fallen in love with Chloe.

When Your Dog Gets to Kiss Viggo Mortensen and You Do Not
By Lee Harrington
|The Bark
16 February 2011

"It's like working with any creature – horse, dog or bee. If you're calm you won't get kicked, bitten, or stung." Did he get stung? "No," he says with a small smile. "I was lucky. And I made my own honey. I've still got a couple of jars."

Viggo on working with bees
Viggo Mortensen is lord of all things
Chitra Ramaswamy
The Scotsman
24 May 2013

…when Mortensen buys a horse, you just know it's because, somehow, the animal spoke to him, that he had to have it.

Lone Star
by Peter Ross
Sunday Herald

"TJ had a strong personality. He was smaller than the other horses and like a dog he thought he was BIG. Like the dachshunds that run around chasing big dogs. He's very smart. He's good at pretending he didn't hear you. He's very lazy. He definitely had a personality! I thought, "This is going to be a chore!" But we got to know each other and he's a smart animal. You're not going to be able to lie to that horse. You need to ask nicely. '

Singin' in the Reigns
by Emily Blunt
The Blunt Review, Mar '04

It takes a thoroughbred star like Mortensen to make the bond between man and horses believable, and to keep Hidalgo from straying too far into fields of corn.

From hobbits to horses
Jennie Punter
The Globe and Mail
5 March 2004

The two horse team was getting a little fidgity. Viggo Mortensen walked over to the horse nearest him and started caressing its right flank slowly, and repeated it over and over, while talking to Renee, standing in the buckboard. The horse relaxed along with it's teammate. .........

Filming Appaloosa
24 October 2007

Sitting casually, hanging out on the bench, seems ideal. But there is a problem. There are rats. Many of them. They are running back and forth between the bushes, over the footpath, and it is impossible to ignore them.

"Wow. They're bold," he says, incredulously. A couple of Brazilians pass by. "Hey - I could ask them who they played in the World Cup final."...

...Minutes later, he returns. "Yeah, in the final it was Brazil against Holland. I didn't really give a sh** but I was rooting against Brazil - I grew up in Argentina." But Brazil has never met Holland in a World Cup final: it was the semifinal in 1994. No matter, he's still impressed by the rats.

"Whoa! Did you see that one? That was a rat-a-roo. Is it a herd of rats, a flock of rats? Maybe it's a swarm."

Another one tumbles past. "That one has a bad back. He's old - that's sad." Having a conversation about anything else proves impossible. "I don't remember seeing that many rats here," he says. "They're twice as big as the rats in Los Angeles. That one was like a possum'.

The Brain Dane
By Ariel Leve
The Sunday Times
30 November 2003

"A change of light, a sunset, a sunrise. Things you may never see again. You grasp those moments. You don't see a bear in the wild and walk on, thinking: Oh, I'll see another bear. You just wait and watch."

Viggo Mortensen
Sympathy for the devil
By Chrissy Iley
The Observer
19 April 2009

Have you had any dangerous encounters with animals?

I've been very close to bears before, and moose and elk. Wolves I've seen fairly close. I've never been attacked by a bear or a wolf. People don't think of a moose as dangerous but they can be vicious. They're very strong. Especially a mother — a moose-cow. I've had a moose-cow charge me but I was far enough away that I got out of there. I've also inadvertently been between a grizzly bear and its cub, but again, I was near my car and I got in and drove away.

By James Mottram
2 February

Viggo Mortensen didn't want to miss out on Election Day while filming his latest flick, "A History of Violence,'' in Canada so he staged a polling station on the set. People Maggie reports that the "Lord of the Rings" hottie rigged up a mock voting booth and producer Chris Burns used his dog, Rosie, to monitor the voters. Not surprisingly, cast and crew voted for John Kerry though the write-in candidate, Rosie the canine, made a strong showing in second place. Have these people never heard of absentee ballots?

Own Private Idaho
Boston Herald
5 November 2004

"When you were a kid, what'd you want to be when you grew up?"

"A crow was probably what I wanted to be most of all."

"Really? Why is that? What is it about crows?

"They're survivors. They can live anywhere. They're very self-sufficient. They're very resourceful. They're adaptable."

"That sounds like you."

"Yeah!" he laughed.

Viggo Mortensen: Making peace with the camera
By Tracy Smith
11 December 2016

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Your August Reminders

Categories: Calendar: Viggo
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© viggo-works.com. Images © uniFrance.

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LAST FINAL PUSH TO MAKE OUR GOAL ! - 2017 Viggo-Works Webserver Fundraiser

Categories: Viggo-Works

Our THANKS to all of you who have contributed so far. We are VERY CLOSE to the magic number ... but, we are NOT there yet. We can do it with your help!



2016 was an incredible year for us here at Viggo-Works. Once again Viggo was honored multiple times for yet another brilliant film performance … this time in Captain Fantastic. He really kept us hopping here at V-W with all of the news and press coverage … but then … he's Viggo, and we expect nothing less.

We are hoping for a repeat soon, and we want to bring you all of the latest (and greatest) Viggo news and photos, and videos … just as we have done in the past.

Now is that time of year when we renew our website server services and ensure that we are in the best position possible to continue to bring you Viggo-Works without interruption. Servers are servers, but if you read the news, the real threat to everything on the internet is hackers and cyber terrorism. These threats are nebulous but very, very real. Our current webserver is outstanding and they keep us safe from unwanted intrusions.

And so, we again ask for your support for the cost of our webserver to keep Viggo-Works running. Those of you who have contributed over the years have earned our undying gratitude. Thank you all so very much. Please contribute, as you are able, to keep us going so that we can continue to enjoy Viggo-Works every day and every week.

This year we are again adding some enticement to contribute! Everyone who makes a contribution
to our server fund this year will automatically be entered into a special drawing for a signed copy of
Viggo's SKOVBO. Each contribution will automatically be entered (one entry per person). This will be fun for all again!

Our BIG thanks to Viggo for his generosity!!

To make a contribution to our webserver fund and
to keep Viggo-Works on the net... please click on the PayPal button you see at the left on this News Page.

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