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original watercolours, giclée prints, photographic prints

I grew up drawing on any surface I could find, illustrating my own short stories and dabbling in oils, until as a teenager I gave up art in pursuit of a "proper job". Many, many years later my interest in photography was kindled by the beautiful scenery of the Iveragh Pensinsula in Co Kerry, Ireland, and from there I took up painting again, this time in watercolour. I began by interpreting scenes from the work of my favourite author JRR Tolkien, and I still regularly paint from the imagination in this way. I'm a great believer in "going with the flow" - appropriate for watercolour!

I hope you will enjoy browsing the artwork and photos at my website. Many of the paintings are available as giclée prints, and photos can also be purchased. If you would like to know some background to my creative (ad)ventures, please visit my blog!.

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