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Since childhood I have loved taking photos. Through my childhood I lived in the south of Spain, the south of France, Switzerland and Denmark, and this is where my Photography interest comes from, from a very young age. My Cameras, during my many years as a Freelance Photographer, have become my best friends.

I speak Danish, English, French, German and Spanish, and during my adult life I have lived in Spain and Switzerland, when not in Denmark. I love to capture nature photos on my travels.

Up until the end of 2002 I have had several Photo Exhibitions around Denmark.

In September 2009 I opened up my Store at Zazzle, where I design and create many different products with my photos on them for purchase. You will also see some of my Waterpaints over at where you will also find some of my photos in a larger sized format.

You are very welcome to my pages here and to visit my sites where my Art is available for purchase in different formats and on a variety of merchandise at:
Zazzle Shoe and Tie Designs

Fine Art America

You can also follow my work at:


You are welcome to ask questions you may have by contacting me at mailto:[email protected]

I also welcome your comments.

Sincere Greetings, Colette Hera Guggenheim.

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