Nine Lives Studio

Growing up in rural Connecticut kept me close to the earth and nature. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, I started painting sumi-e in 2001 and registered "Nine Lives Studio" in Oct of 2002.

Sumi-e: The simple forms traditionally created with black ink on white paper fascinate me. In order to achieve the Zen simplicity, I have to fully connect with the subject to understand its true nature.

Collage and Mixed Media: Zen concepts, found objects, handmade and hand stained paper are the cornerstones and catalysts for each of my collages. In a mixed media mode, I am very selective about not adding too many extraneous collage elements to a piece.

My experience teaching art is an important part of my own artistic growth; the synergy and exchange of ideas is a catalyst for my creative process. I teach art classes for children to adults in local venues in the South Puget Sound area.

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