Lasgalen Arts

I am an amateur photographer living in the United States. My passion comes from the ordinary and some times extraordinary objects I see each day. There is no subject I see not worth capturing and if done well, I find its personality and give it the attention it deserves.

Currently I work with my Canon 80D, an old Olympus OM10 and a pinhole camera made from cardboard. I enjoy the challenges each style brings to my images and feel it's an important process to help me understand the nature of the preferred medium for my creative outlet.

What you'll find in these small galleries are samples of my work. I have chosen from my large inventory of images the very best quality to be included for sale in my Fine Art America galleries Lasgalen Arts.

I also am an artist and currently use printmaking as an outlet. More information can be found in my "Printmaking" Gallery.
If you wish to read my adventures in art, please feel free to visit my blog Lasgalen Arts - Blog.

If you wish to contact me please do so by dropping me an e-mail at mailto:[email protected]

Thank you for looking.
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