Rabbit Ridge Art

Welcome to the Rabbit Ridge Art Galleries!

Growing up, I was always a doodler and drawer with an true obsession for color. After retiring from 35 years in Corporate America, I decided that it was time to throw away the excuses of a lifetime and get serious about my passion for art and color. From that inspiration came Rabbit Ridge Art.

I began with the watercolor medium and you can see the results in both the Songs of Middle-earth Gallery and in the Best Places in Middle-earth Gallery. This year, however, I have made the move from the watercolor medium of previous years to markers and ink, and I am having a blast with them. This new medium is what I will be concentrating on for some time to come. I began with a new series of vivid floral designs. You can see these pieces in the Floral Gallery.

I also welcome you questions and comments about different pieces you see here, and about my art in general. You can always contact me at...

mailto:[email protected]

I hope you enjoy your visit here.

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