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New Alatriste Trailer

Source: Official Alatriste Website
© Twentieth Century Fo....
At least there are many scenes in this trailer that we have not seen before and all we can say is WOW!!

From The Official Alatriste Website.

© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

An Unfortunate Delay

Source: Perceval Press
Categories: Books & CD's
We are sorry to report that due to unforeseen delays in production, there will be a postponement of the anticipated 4 August shipping date for the cd/dvd package of 3 FOOLS 4 APRIL. The new shipping date will be posted when it is known. Thank you for your patience, and please accept our apologies for this delay.

© Perceval Press.

Alatriste In Spanish Cinemas on September 1

Source: 20th Century Fox.
Found By: Sachie
Categories: Alatriste

The official Announcement from 20th Century Fox. Thanks to Sachie for the heads up.

© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Appaloosa News from Robert Parker

Found By: Wowie
Categories: Appaloosa
© Touchstone / Buena V....
From Appaloosa author Robert B. Parker's blog at I believe it was wowie at VFB who first surfaced this piece. Many thanks!
Saturday, July 29, 2006

9:20 AM PDT, July 29, 2006

Now that I've had a week or so to sort things out, it is my plan to post a new message every Saturday. There are many questions, and a lot of them overlap. So I'll try to answer them in some sort of categorical way. As we move along I'll probably modify and improve. But here we go: What's ahead? At the moment Blue Screen (Sunny Randall) is the most recent book. In October will come Hundred Dollar Baby (Spenser), in the Spring will appear a Young Adult novel called The Edenville Owls (my first try at this), and in the fall of 07 will come Jesse Stone again (High Profile). We start shooting the next Jesse Stone movie, Seachase (Tom Selleck as Jesse), this October, and it will be on CBS sometime duringthe 06/07 season. When I know, I'll tell you. Incidentally I think Tom has absolutely nailed the role. Ed Harris is developing my western novel, Appaloosa for a feature film. He plans to star (as Virgil Cole) and to direct. So far he has Viggo Mortenson attached (Everett Hitch) and Diane Lane (Allie). I'm very pleased with the casting choices, and have a lot of confidence that Harris will get the movie made (as you may know, most movies don't get made). He should be wonderful in the role. I've seen the script and it seems flawless. Stay tuned.

© 1996-2006,, Inc. Images © Touchstone / Buena Vista Pictures.


Source: Telecinco.
Found By: Sachie and paddy
Categories: Alatriste
© Estudios Picasso / O....
Our thanks to Sachie who has come up with yet another background video on Alatriste...this one focuses on costuming and sombreros. And, of course, we thank the wonderful paddy for a translation.

Here is the video from Telecinco. You must scroll down to Video: algunos detalles del vestuario

Paddy's translation...

Francesca has made some fantastic costumes,very, very Italo-Spanish; she has avoided the combinations of flashy colours, which didn't exist in Spain; she had a fantastic crew, she was an impressive perfectionist and she had an extraordinary good taste.The only thing I asked her for was that the girls had different tones/shades and so on. For cinema, the Spanish had a good thing, which is that they wore black (clothes), that always looks great in cinema. Alatriste's hat is a period hat, and Viggo is very meticulous so it took us a long time to find the right hat but we finally did, that is, she made it several times and it turned out well. She worked very hard on the hats... she grabs it, takes it, she works on it, this and that, she puts it on (someone's head) and it looks fantastic. For me the costumes this woman has made are extraordinary.

© Europortal Jumpy España, S.A. 2006. Images © Estudios Picasso / Origen Producciones.

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