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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

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OK – things are very quiet here at the moment so here are a few teasers to keep things ticking over. Some of the questions are easy and some might prove a little bit harder! This is just for fun so if you think you know the answers, keep it to yourself so others have a chance to guess too, and I'll post the correct answers next week. Of course, you will all do amazingly well because you are all experts :D.

Find the missing words and the film: man other than Viggo Mortensen could carry the moniker ****** *** and retain the sort of paint-peeling smoldering sexuality that he wields throughout this film (to say nothing of his nuanced, stunning performance, which I guess I'm saying next to nothing about. But don't we all assume such a performance from Viggo?).

The film is also thrillingly beautiful, and graced with Mortensen, who seizes the imagination even when he's sniffing ***** ******.

I don't have much screen time in the movie, but during the preparation of my character I listened to thousands of hours of salsa music from the early seventies. And I also learned to do everything from a **********, including cooking and washing the dishes afterwards.

"From the first moment you start to see the film, you realize that Viggo is not playing a ********, the thing is that he is a ********."

"It was like some creeping disease, you wake up one morning and everyone is speaking *******."

Few stars of his stature would consider such a low-budget arthouse film in a foreign language - let alone co-produce it, be able to act in both Spanish and Danish, and be prepared to sport such spectacularly awful ********.

Ah...that was fun, but difficult, because the truth is that I couldn't prepare the role the way that I usually do...going to *******'* house or meeting him or meeting his family. But I think that we all have a dark side and so I had to think a little bit about that.

"These characters, in spite of seeming to be very cold, in fact, beneath the rags they wear *** ******* *-******," says the actor, and laughs.

"To be honest about the climbing scenes, I have a little *******," says Mortensen. "It gets me. I'm glad I look like I'm comfortable."

What film is this and what is he talking about?

"It was so big, I didn't know at first if I could walk around with it in the movie because it was so huge. Then we made the decision that he should walk around with it everywhere."

...It's deafening. It's kind of shocking at first, but then it's strangely soothing. It's so overwhelming that it puts you into this place where you're very focused, unless you freak out and run away. But I had a good teacher.

"Is it horrible?" he winces. "Does it look like me? As long as it doesn't look like me, then there's no voodoo risk."

"He said 'You know, I can eat a live one.' I said, 'Let's eat all the fake ones first. If we run out, you can eat a live one.' "

What is he not as good at?

"Let's just say I'm not as good as the hobbits."

And finally, which film it this?

…to my absolute amazement, it features Viggo Mortensen in a pre-Rings role, sporting a profoundly ridiculous blond weave, though still giving the film's best performance by miles…

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Media Quotable Viggo

Despite us lighting a forest of karma candles, Viggo didn't walk away with the Oscar. But one day he will – how can he not? Because we are not alone in thinking he is one of the greatest actors working today. So here I'm presenting the evidence. All are familiar quotes (and many are old favourites of mine), but they cheer me up and I hope they'll cheer you up too. Power to Viggo, stick it to the Oscars!

Viggo Mortensen is one of the greatest actors working today. Of that, I have no doubt.

Talking with Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross of Captain Fantastic
Matt Oakes
22 June 2016

Here is a handsome, photogenic, intelligent, multi-lingual actor who has simply refused to be typecast in specific kinds of genres and roles and/or to become a bankable Hollywood star, even though he had all the ingredients for that position two decades ago.

Cannes Film Fest 2016: Captain Fantastic–Viggo Mortensen Dominates Eccentric Tale of Nature Vs. Civilization
8 May 2016

Mortensen, perhaps the only actor alive who could play Sigmund Freud, William Burroughs and a Middle-earth king...

Uday Bhatia
Live Mint
11 September 2015

"There is a depth to his art that I greatly admire. Any film he's in is a film I want to see. He's one of the greats. Getting to collaborate with him on Captain Fantastic is quite literally the best thing that's happened to me since my wife asked me to marry her."

Matt Ross
Viggo Mortensen To Star In Electric City's 'Captain Fantastic'
By Mike Fleming Jnr
20 February 2014

'Working with Viggo was really special, he's an amazing human being, and obviously a brilliant actor…'

Michael Fassbender
Sam Adams
8 March 2011 of the great little pleasures of cinema in our day - seeing Mortensen tilt his head and sketch a knowing half smile with the corner of his mouth.

Manu Yáñez
13 August 2014

I really can't say enough about the work Viggo Mortensen. He's able to give this character so much life that you're under his spell..

Joey Magidson

Philip Seymour Hoffman, certainly one of the great actors of our time, told us in a Venetian hallway of the Hotel Excelsior how he regarded Viggo Mortensen as one of the masters of the profession. A point of view that is totally shared.

Viggo Mortensen in the Shoes of Dr. Freud
By Nicolas Crousse
Le Soir – translated by Dom
4 September 2011

'…I saw "Eastern Promises," in which Viggo Mortensen is giving one of the great, great powerful screen performances. It's absolutely amazing.'

Geoffrey Rush at the Toronto Film Festival
Geoffrey Rush Revisits The Golden Age
By Edward Douglas, Coming
5 Oct 2007

'To me, there's a lack of self-consciousness to the great actors. I think the performance of Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises is brilliant: he's living the guy's life on screen and you can't take your eyes off him. It's the same with Marlon Brando. You might not know why you're drawn to him, but you are.'

Actor Richard Jenkins commenting on Viggo
Metrolife film
29 June 200

Viggo is one of the pillars supporting The Road. I´d say he is everything. I have seldom seen an actor so dedicated, so ambitious and so ready for his work. Mortensen immersed himself in the project to the extent of giving all. He placed inconceivable demands on himself. After every take he would look me in the eyes and say: Have we got it? He's been a lesson in professionalism and comradeship.

Javier Aguirresarobe (cinematographer)
On the Road with Javier Aguirresarobe
by Blanca J de la Hoz
February 2010

In Viggo Mortensen, Hillcoat is working with one of the current cinema's great quiet everymen, and if anyone can make the novel's stolid, unnamed hero empathic and emotionally alive on screen whilst remaining loyal to the novel's aesthetic minimalism, it's this immensely physical, restrained performer.

Kris Tapley
August 2009

Mortensen is long overdue for an Oscar win and if this film doesn't earn him that honor, there really is little justice (or sense) in the Academy voting system. Hearing the cast and crew talk about the actor's strict dedication to the part is downright inspiring.

Kofi Outlaw, 'The Road'
24 November 2009

…the ever-flawless Viggo Mortensen.

Jesse Hawthorne Ficks
San Francisco Bay Guardian
26 September 2011

"Viggo's an artist," said a movie exec and Mortensen fan during the Toronto fest. The way he said it underlined "artist."

Naked Viggo Mortensen: artist at work
By Lisa Kennedy
Denver Post Film Critic
September 2007

Mortensen is one of the most diverse, least mannered but most overlooked actors working in Hollywood...

Emanuel Levy
1 Sept 2007

Fantastic performance from Viggo Mortensen... he is absolutely a brilliant actor, he is the Robert de Niro of his generation, the Marlon Brando of his generation, the man is a genius.

Mark Kermode, A History of Violence
BBC Radio Five Live
30 September 2005

He's the kind of star directors dream about: professional, playful and eager to make a movie that doesn't wrap itself up in a neat pre-digested bow.

Viggo Mortensen on Everybody Has a Plan, Argentine Popes and His Beloved San Lorenzo
John Lopez
Huffington Post
21 March 2013

'I would want to watch Viggo Mortensen in any language.

Sanford Panitch, President of Fox International
Fox International Acquires Worldwide Rights To Viggo Mortensen-Starrer 'Everybody Has A Plan'
By Mike Fleming
5 May 2011

'There are actors whose performances come as light emanating from the screen. Then there's Mortensen. His effect is gravitational. It draws you closer, inward.'

Actor Geoffrey Rush after seeing the film at Tiff
Naked Viggo Mortensen: artist at work
By Lisa Kennedy
Denver Post Film Critic

'When it comes to cutting an effortless master like Viggo Mortensen, what can I say besides you're just trying to pick the best of the best and make sure it all hangs together in the right way. He makes it look easy.'

Interview with Joseph Krings, Editor of "Captain Fantastic"
Manhatten Edit Workshop blog
20 July 2016

Viggo Mortensen, however, is that rare American actor who is both muscular and humane, tough and sensitive, fighter and lover. He seduces us with a threat of danger, his chiseled Nordic physique and stunning blue eyes. Never over the top, for Mortensen, less is more. His performances are slow reveals of hidden information and emotion.

Viggo Mortensen Talks The Road
By Anne Thompson
Indie Wire
13 September 2009

Viggo Mortensen has so much on-screen magnetism, he'll probably destroy the credit cards of anyone sitting in the first 10 rows.

Wallace Bain
Santa Cruz Sentinel
25 January 2012

"Viggo is just... a great actor."

David Cronenberg interview, by Moriarty
Ain't it Cool News
November 6th, 2005

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Condolences to Viggo and Family

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Images © Viggo Mortensen.

Our Sincere Sympathy Goes Out to Viggo and His Family

Found By: Wen
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Viggo and his father visiting Denmark in 2010
Viggo and his father....

Thanks to Wen for bringing us the sad news about Viggo's father from


Actor Viggo Mortensen's Father Passes Away

The father of Watertown native and noted Hollywood actor Viggo Mortensen has died.

V. Peter Mortensen of Cape Vincent passed away in Watertown Thursday at the age of 87.

He is survived by his sons, siblings and grandchildren.

According to his obituary, Mortensen was a successful entrepreneur and gifted athlete, having won national championships in his native Denmark.

Cleveland Funeral Home in Watertown is handling the arrangements.

See his full obituary

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