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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

Now we’re once again in Awards Season, I thought it would be great to take another look at why Viggo received so many nominations in 2016-17 when his performance took a small budget, under-the-radar film into the Oscar spotlight with Matthew Ross’s wonderful Captain Fantastic. Could Ben Cash possibly be further from Tony Lip?

Viggo Mortensen overcomes every intrusion of doubt with a performance that is informed, inspired, ideological and overwhelming. He's so sensational that he makes the film's title come true with no strings attached.

Super-Dad: ‘Captain Fantastic’ Enthralls the Senses and Engages the Mind
By Rex Reed
The Observer
5 July 2016

The clan’s father isn’t a superhero, but because he’s played by Viggo Mortensen he’s the next best thing.

Manohla Dargis
New York Times
7 July 2016

Mortensen is outstanding in the film giving one of those rare performances that deserve the term breathtaking.

John H Foote
2 August 2016

...The beauty of the film lies in its refusal to paint Ben as a deluded tyrant or principled pioneer. He doesn’t have two faces — thanks to the script, as well as Mortensen’s squirrely brilliance, he has hundreds.

Charlotte O'Sullivan
Evening Standard
9 September 2016

Mortensen sets about captaining this ship so well, with such fine shadings of distant grief, self-reproach, humility when it’s necessary, defiance when it’s not, that you can’t imagine anyone else in the role, and wouldn’t want anyone else near it.

Tim Robey
The Telegraph
8 September 2016

I really can’t say enough about the work Viggo Mortensen. He’s able to give this character so much life that you’re under his spell; whether you agree or disagree with Ben’s view of the world and outlook on raising his children. We see the best and worst of him, with Mortensen showcasing that brilliantly.

Joey Magidson
7 July 2016

Viggo Mortensen gets the role he may well have been born to play, not as a superhero, but as a super-dad determined to raise his kids on his own terms.... The inspired choice of casting Mortensen — a natural Papa Bear, who taps into both his physical strength and spiritual gentleness — shows through best when interacting with the kids, though the actor also shines when forced to defend his choices to others.

Peter Debruge
23 January 2016

Every now and then, a movie comes along that plays out almost entirely on a gifted actor’s face; you feel as if you could watch the whole thing in quiet close-up, and catch every nuance of the story. I think of Cate Blanchett in “Blue Jasmine,” Brie Larson in “Room,” Denzel Washington in “Flight,” to name just a few — and now, Viggo Mortensen in “Captain Fantastic.”

Moira Macdonald
Seattle Times
14 July 2016

Mortensen gives the performance of his life in the film’s final act, visibly aching, filled with callously crushed desires and a deep well of sorrow.

James Robins
The Listener (NZ)
3 October 2016

At the heart of it all is the ever-brilliant Viggo Mortensen. Ben is a complex character that has every fragment of thought etched into Mortensen’s expression. He’s taken a hold of this character unlike any since Aragon. He embodies Ben perfectly, and the film can’t be imagined without him.

By Amie Cranswick
9 September 2016

Mortensen imbues Ben with such an easy, thoughtful, virile confidence that it is easy to see why his wife Leslie (Trin Miller) and children would think that hiding in the forest with him seems like the best possible option.

John Lui
Straits Times
12 July 2016

Mortensen, a spellbinding leading man who’s got as firm a grip on the audience as his character does on his brood. He sells and sells and sells, and we buy, buy, buy; every idea Ben projects onto his kids, even the zany ones, sound perfectly logical when spoken by a voice so even and wise and alluring. He’s so convincing that when he finally comes to the realization that he may actually be a much bigger threat to his children’s health and safety than capitalism, smartphones or even Kanye West and the Kardashians, our hearts break for him.

Bernard Boo
11 July 2016

With any luck, Mortensen will get an Oscar nomination for his wonderfully soulful performance. As a real-life renaissance man (Mortensen is also a painter, author, photographer, and musician) with an intellectually rebellious streak, it’s a role he was born to play…

Jonathan Kim
Huffington Post
15 July 2016

It’s the ruggedly paradoxical, gentle-but-brute presence of Viggo Mortensen, more than anything else, that makes “Captain Fantastic” a twisting Rubik’s Cube of blue and red.

Owen Gleiberman
13 July 2016

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Wilson Webb/Bleecker Street.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

All I’m going to say is, BAFTA voters and Academy Members, please take note…

Viggo Mortensen, as far as I’m concerned, could do a Rubix cube on screen for two hours and I’d still want to watch him, the guy is that good.

Metal Gear Solid Movie: Eight Actors Who Could Play Solid Snake
By Liam Hoofe
Flickering Myth
15 September 2017

Viggo Mortensen is one of the greatest actors working today. Of that, I have no doubt.

Talking with Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross of CAPTAIN FANTASTIC
Matt Oakes
22 June 2016

Philip Seymour Hoffman, certainly one of the great actors of our time, told us in a Venetian hallway of the Hotel Excelsior how he regarded Viggo Mortensen as one of the masters of the profession. A point of view that is totally shared.

Viggo Mortensen in the Shoes of Dr. Freud
By Nicolas Crousse
Le Soir – translated by Dom
4 September 2011

Mortensen, perhaps the only actor alive who could play Sigmund Freud, William Burroughs and a Middle-earth king...

Uday Bhatia
Live Mint
11 September 2015

He's the kind of star directors dream about: professional, playful and eager to make a movie that doesn't wrap itself up in a neat pre-digested bow.

Viggo Mortensen on Everybody Has a Plan, Argentine Popes and His Beloved San Lorenzo
John Lopez
Huffington Post
21 March 2013

Viggo Mortensen is one of the most fascinating stars in contemporary cinema. The image of his penetrating gaze and wide jaw seems to have traversed all the corners of the globe and of Planet Cinema.

Manu Yáñez
13 August 2014

“...what was surprising to me about working with him is that I could never catch him acting. He doesn't have any false moments."

Matt Ross
Dr. No: Viggo Mortensen Has Made Turning Down Roles Into an Art Form
By Oliver Jones
The Observer
6 July 2016

When it comes to cutting an effortless master like Viggo Mortensen, what can I say besides you’re just trying to pick the best of the best and make sure it all hangs together in the right way. He makes it look easy.

Interview with Joseph Krings, Editor of "Captain Fantastic"
Manhatten Edit Workshop blog
20 July 2016

Good acting isn’t just about showboating speeches, about also about tiny vocal inflections and precise body language. Mortensen’s got it nailed.

Robert Horton
Seattle Weekly
27 November 2018

Viggo Mortensen has so much on-screen magnetism, he'll probably destroy the credit cards of anyone sitting in the first 10 rows.

Wallace Bain
Santa Cruz Sentinel
25 January 2012

"He is methodical, exacting in his work, he carries out meticulous labors to do something that looks true, and projects it. He is like Robert Mitchum or William Holden, the class of actors whose work seems effortless."

Ray Loriga
Chiaroscuro: Viggo, Light And Dark
By Rocio Garcia - translated by Graciela, Remolina, Sage and Zooey
El Pais
26 June 2009

Mortensen is one of the most diverse, least mannered but most overlooked actors working in Hollywood.

Emanuel Levy
1 Sept 2007

“Viggo's … a real artist. He cares about what speaks to him. He doesn't care about how much he's paid, doesn't care where he lives, doesn't care how nice the hotel is. He's a horse. I feel like he could go all day, work all day and he's polite and creative and generous. That made it easy. Not only is he physically gifted, he’s graceful and tough.”

Garret Dillahunt
Fred Topel
20 March 2009

Mortensen, who radically rejects any clichés and stereotypes, has become one of the most interesting and idiosyncratic actors of his generation. And incidentally, so to speak, a world star of cinema.

Venniale Tribute publicity
August 2014

‘I would want to watch Viggo Mortensen in any language.

Sanford Panitch, President of Fox International
Fox International Acquires Worldwide Rights To Viggo Mortensen-Starrer 'Everybody Has A Plan'
By Mike Fleming
5 May 2011

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Universal.

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Quotable Quiz Answers

Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Media Quotable Viggo

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas! Here are the answers to last week’s Quotable Quiz and I’m betting all of you did amazingly well.

While filming which movie, did Viggo…

Singe his co-star?

Two Faces of January – Kirsten Dunst: ‘Viggo had to illuminate that scene with a lighter, and he was holding it and he burnt me and he was wailing and being emotional, and I couldn’t say anything. The light was out was out but it was still so hot. I think I still have a scar. I didn’t want to mess with Viggo. ‘
Black Book 2014

Send down for a sandwich?

Captain Fantastic - “When everyone climbed down for lunch, I was still standing up there,” he said, laughing. “The kids were like ‘Viggo come down to lunch!’ and I said ‘No, just send a sandwich up!’ I was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t look down.”
W Magazine 2016

Break a rib during filming?

TCM: Leatherface – ‘...the production itself had a few hiccups; the originally cast actor for the role of Tex didn't work out, and had to be replaced (however he was replaced with Viggo Mortensen, so it's not exactly the worst thing that could happen)... The screening was boosted by a fun Q&A with Foree, who revealed that he accidentally broke Viggo's ribs during their fight scene - the shot is seemingly in the movie (watch Viggo suddenly clutch his side after being thrown to the ground)...’ 2014

Borrow a camera and end up with a book?

Hidalgo – ‘[Miyelo] came from a scene in the movie called "Hidalgo" [about long-distance horse rider Frank T. Hopkins, forthcoming in 2004] where the character I play, who's at the end of his energies and in the middle of nowhere without any water or hope left, begins to hallucinate. In a delirious state, he starts to hear these voices and see these fragments of people. I wondered how one would use a still camera to represent images of the ephemeral dancers in wide-open, empty landscape - how the ghosts of Ghost Dancers might look. So I really approached it as an exercise. In the end, I didn't actually use my own camera. I wanted to include more of the landscape, and Richard Cartwright, a very fine photographer who was shooting the official stills for the movie, was kind enough to lend me his panoramic Hasselblad camera.
Viggo Mortensen 2003

Turn street sweeper?

Appaloosa – ‘Each time the tracks in the street were swept away rapidly by the crew including Dennis 'the horseman'. All of a sudden Viggo Mortensen apppeared, grabbed a big broom and started sweeping vigorously alongside the crew Now that was different. Viggo Mortensen is definitely not afraid of hard work and dirt…’
Blogengeezer 2007

Give away one of his own poetry books?

GI Jane - 'I… suggested to Ridley Scott the use of a poem by D.H. Lawrence for the introduction scene in "GI Jane'. This reference gave my military character another dimension. It made him a lot more original, it was also my way of making him less misogynist! And the book which I give to Demi Moore, in which there is that poem, it was mine, all battered, really old ...'
Viggo Mortensen
Studio Magazine 2002

Save the music budget by sending the director one of his own CDs?

Jauja – ‘We didn't have any money in the budget to buy music, but I told him, "I know a brilliant guitar player and we've recorded together." I sent him 10 tracks to see what he's interested in, and he picked "Moonset". He was right—it was perfect.’ 2015

Do a stunt with ambulances standing by?

The Road – ‘How was it to jump in the ocean? “It was very cold. I asked for another take, but they were terrified. They didn’t want me to. They had ambulances. The water was 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind was just really blowing. The air temperature was the same, but because there was howling wind, I was practically frozen. I think the air was probably freezing. It was so extreme. They had an ambulance and they had all these heaters on, and I just sat in there with a bathrobe and said, “Just tell me when you’re rolling. I’m just going to run out and go.”’ 2009

Buy posters of Birds of North America, some landscapes, a small ceramic eagle for the set?

A History of Violence – ‘Mortensen's commitment translated to a collection of artifacts he purchased in the Midwest on his travels, which included ducks and a bank in the shape of a fish head that says 'fishin' money' on it and is set on the diner's cash register, posters of Birds of North America, some landscapes, a small ceramic eagle and other animal sculptures for his daughter's room which he thought Tom's character would have in his home."
Cannes Film Festival Press Kit 2005

Shoot a scene with an actor playing one of Viggo’s own ancestors?

Hidalgo – ‘“I found out a while back that I’m related to Buffalo Bill - distantly, on my mother’s mother’s side of the family,” he says. “It’s true: I went to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, and saw the records that prove the connection.” Mortensen finds J.K. Simmons’ performance as Buffalo Bill “terrific” - and it gave him an interesting opportunity to play in scenes with a distant relative.’
Cowboys & Indians 2004

Make his own honey?

Todos Tenemos Un Plan – ‘One of the skills he had to learn for the film was beekeeping. “We got to make honey,” he says, smiling. 'I have one jar left.”’
Telegraph Men’s Style Magazine 2013

Sing his co-star Argentinian love songs?

A Perfect Murder – ‘Interviewer: Is it true that you sang serenades to calm Gwyneth Paltrow before the love scenes in 'A Perfect Murder'? Viggo: That is correct. To calm her and create a certain atmosphere of intimacy I did sing a couple of love songs that I learned in Argentina when I was young. I don't know if that ended up scaring her instead’.
M/S Magazine 2001

Have a suit fitting while delirious with flu?

Two Faces of January – ‘There was one occasion where I had a fitting with him in Barcelona but Viggo had just come down with a fever and was completely delirious. He was sweating buckets and he confessed to his girlfriend afterwards that he hadn’t a clue what he was trying on, but he remained professional to the core. I wasn’t aware how bad he was until he confessed to me later that he could have been trying on bin bags for all he’d known.’
Steven Noble
Esquire Magazine 2014

Eat a flower?

The Prophecy – ‘Mortensen is out of this world. Watching him pluck the petals off a yellow rose and devour its crunchy interior is something you won’t soon forget.’
Scene Stealers 2011

Lose his hat as the final scene was being filmed?

Appaloosa – ‘…as the scene unfolded, Mortensen stood rock solid, waiting to draw his Colt .45. And then his hat went flying away, a Frisbee on steroids. Harris reset the scene, and then cinematographer Dean ran out of film. "That's why I like to shoot digitally," he muttered to Harris.’
Los Angeles Times 2008

Rescue fellow performers from being snowbound?

The Lord of the Rings – ‘Mortensen's humility and generosity turned his Rings co-stars into some of his biggest fans. They tell you of the time when a snowstorm shut down production. The cast was being transported to safety when Mortensen seized a four-wheel drive vehicle and drove back to the set in order to save the hobbits' four-feet-tall scale doubles from getting snowbound.’
Premiere 2003

Terrify the customers of a local restaurant?

Eastern Promises – ‘Mortensen's in-character tattoos for Nikolai were so authentic-looking that when the actor visited a Russian restaurant diners fell silent, thinking that a top Vory had entered. However, once he spoke English, many visibly relaxed...’
Eastern Promises Production Notes 2007

Play the piano every night after filming?

Good – “…I would be playing the piano and thinking about tomorrow's work and I ended up playing musically what the scene was for me, which I had never done before. I liked it so much I just did it all time. When I watched the movie last night there was a certain rhythm in the body language and speech-wise that has to do with the piano."
Sydney Morning Herald 2009

Sing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ with his co-star?

A Dangerous Method – ‘“We also had a lot of fun singing duets. In Belvedere Gardens where Freud did take his walks, and then you see him in the end, in his morning walk, we were singing at the top of our lungs, which surprised the public and some of the journalists. He has a good singing voice and I did harmony. In Belvedere, we sang that song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," including all the high notes, which Michael hit really well.”
Yahoo Movies 2011

Wear one of his own shirts, bought in the 1980’s?

Captain Fantastic – ‘“I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies arriving in my pickup truck,” he remembered, “with bicycles and fishing poles and tools and pots and pans and clothes and sleeping bags, and I don’t know what else.” At least one of the items made it to the screen: a red-print Western shirt that Mortensen said he bought sometime in the 1980s, worn by Ben in a funeral scene.’
Seattle Times 2016

Change the scope of his rifle so that it was more historically accurate?

Young Guns 11 – ‘I was in my hotel room in Santa Fe, and there’s this knock on the door pretty late at night. I open it, and there was Viggo holding a rifle. He said, ‘I got some ideas about the scope my character would have on his rifle. Do you have a minute?’ He came in, and he sat down dead serious and showed me this conversion he’d done to an historically accurate scope. He said, ‘With all the copper mining in these parts, I think it would be copper.’ I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this guy is serious. He’s really got it.’”
John Fusco
Entertainment Weekly 2010

Approach a major corporation about using their product as a prop?

The Road - “The Coca-Cola is in the book. I amused myself with the idea that it was a Diet Coke. (laughter). It would have been funny. But they only place their products in family movies. So I called them and told them everything: It's going to look great! Cheaper! Free! If it were Pepsi, it wouldn't be like the book. We filmed it with Pepsi, with Fanta…Things went better with Coke. [laughter]. We sent the scene to them and it made an impression. And they agreed.
On Madrid - El Pais 2010

Tease his co-star by moving items around on his desk between takes?

A Dangerous Method – ‘And in between takes—at first I don’t notice—Viggo keeps pushing these penises, no, what do you call them? Phalluses? Freud’s desk had all of these little statutes and things, and some of them were phallus sculptures from different cultures around the world. And Viggo kept pushing them towards my end of the desk. I didn’t notice at first until I looked down and saw them all, inching ever-forward, with Viggo smirking, really a prankster, dressed up as Freud. It was surreal!”’
Michael Fassbender
Pop Matters 2011

Get a black eye so he could only be filmed from one side?

The Lord of the Rings – ‘… you took up surfing for the first time in New Zealand. How did that go? Viggo: Let's just say I'm not as good as the hobbits.
Entertainment Weekly 2003

Get removed from his own set by the security team?

The Road – ‘…Viggo would sleep in his outfit. When he went into a local shop one day, security was called to remove him from the premises, thinking he was a homeless bum.’
John Hillcoat
Telegraph Magazine 2010

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © New Line Productions Inc.

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SPECIAL: Iolanthe's Christmas Quotable Quiz

Categories: Quotable Viggo
Let's celebrate the end of another Viggo filled year with the usual Festive Quotable Quiz. Here are 25 brain-teasers all based around Viggo's filming experiences and they all start with the question . . . While filming which movie, did Viggo . . .?, and while some are easy, others might involve a bit of research. As in previous years, see how many you can get but keep the answers to yourselves so others can guess too. . . .ll reveal all next week!

And here's a clue. The picture below is no help at all. Or is it . . .?

While filming which movie, did Viggo . . ?

...singe his co-star?

...send down for a sandwich?

...break a rib during filming?

...borrow a camera and end up with a book?

...turn street sweeper?

...give away one of his own poetry books? the music budget by sending the director one of his own CDs? a stunt with ambulances standing by? posters of Birds of North America, some landscapes, a small ceramic eagle for the set?

...shoot a scene with an actor playing one of Viggo's own ancestors?

...make his own honey?

...sing his co-star Argentinian love songs?

...have a suit fitting while delirious with flu? a flower?

...lose his hat as the final scene was being filmed?

...rescue fellow performers from being snowbound?

...terrify the customers of a local restaurant? the piano every night after filming?

...sing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' with his co-star?

...wear one of his own shirts, bought in the 1980's?

...change the scope of his rifle so that it was more historically accurate?

...tease his co-star by moving items around on his desk between takes?

...get a black eye so he could only be filmed from one side?

...approach a major corporation about using their product as a prop?

...get removed from his own set by the security team?

Good luck!

© Images © Focus Features.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Media Quotable Viggo

Crows – we know how much Viggo loves them (I do too!) and I was thrilled to get another crow anecdote to add to my collection from all the Green Book promotions. Crows are the totem animal for his beloved San Lorenzo, of course, but he also loves them because they are survivors. And he has a massive tattoo of one proudly inked onto his arm so that he can always carry a crow around with him.

Here, on this flowering slope, moments after reaching higher ground to better witness carmine-lipped clouds begin to pale and shy away, I was surprised to find you, and nearly stepped on your dislocated wing. Your feathers still shine like running ink, and your eyes see through me in the fading rose light.

On finding a dead crow
From ‘Moravia’ by Viggo Mortensen

That morning, Ali says, Mortensen had decided to walk to set. “I see this little black thing wrapped in his jacket. He walks in the trailer, I’m sitting in the makeup chair, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you got a cat.’ And he’s like, ‘No, it’s a crow.’ And so everyone’s looking, like, ‘What the heck is Viggo doing with a crow?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, the crow is not well.’ Shortly thereafter, he goes back to his trailer. He gets out of his regular shirt, because he needs to be in a tank top to get his makeup done, and he walks back in with the crow, and I see he’s got a tattoo on his arm. And I go, ‘Viggo, what kind of bird is that on your arm?’ And he goes, ‘Oh, it’s a crow.’” Ali let out a warm laugh. “I turned to his makeup artist, who says, ‘Oh he does this all the time, he’s always finding crows.’ But, like, they just sort of come to him. This crow was on the ground, and it wasn’t well. It literally died the next day. He tried to get it to some kind of vet — it didn’t make it — but he’s got this thing about him that is a little otherworldly. He’s this guy with a crow tattoo who attracts crows.”

Viggo Mortensen, the Unlikely Leading Man
New York Times
By Thessaly La Force
15 October 2018

For the part [of Nikolai], Mortensen studied with a voice coach, traveled to Russia, and read up on Russian jails. Fascinated by prison tattoos, he sent pictures of them to Cronenberg, who told him to run with it. In the film, he strips down repeatedly (attention, swooning Middle-earth fans) to reveal a ripped body covered in ink. Mortensen… says he realized that "there was a literate bent to some of these--phrases from Russian poems." His favorite is a picture of a black crow and "these words from a really old Russian song: 'Black crow, I'm not ready for you to take me yet.' This film is about survival. And Nikolai, he's not ready to die."

Tattooed Love Thug
New York Magazine
24 August 2007

"I really wanted to ask him about his movies, especially his performance as a Russian mobster in Eastern Promises, which I thought was remarkable," says Casas. "But we started to talk and we always ended up with San Lorenzo. 'Did you see the tattoo I had in that movie? It is a huge crow,' he told us.

The Lord Of The Books
El Argentino -Translation by Graciela
23 June 2009

Canuck the crow, the East Van bird who rides SkyTrains when he’s not meddling in crime scenes, now finds himself flying in Hollywood circles. Canuck and I, a 2017 documentary that details the special bond between the crow and Vancouver resident Shawn Bergman, will be screened at the Snowtown Film Festival on Jan. 27 in Watertown, New York. The movie is being included in the festival as a loving nod to Viggo Mortensen, the Academy Award-nominated actor best known for playing the hero Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings franchise, who is native of Watertown and lover of crows.

Vancouver's Canuck the crow now a sought-after film star
Canuck the crow documentary will screen at New York film festival at the request of Viggo Mortensen
Scott Brown
Vancouver Sun
17 January 2018

Thursday, after the speech for the opening of the [San Lorenzo] chapel, he presented his relic: a bronze crow, a unique piece, life-sized, that he'd acquired in New Mexico a couple of years ago. He saw it while filming a modern western with his friend Ed Harris. He bought it, put a plaque on it with the Ciclón logo and presented it before fans and admirers. Those who adore him and see him as a kind of Chosen One, the Aragorn who will free the people (San Lorenzo) from their numerous sorrows, who will fulfill utopias and dreams and who will not be stopped by Sauron himself in all his dark power. Until the world championship is achieved, Viggo, brandishing his invincible sword, will not cease his quest.

Viggo Mortensen - "Above all, I'm a Cuervo... And a greater pride does not exist"
By Eduardo Bejuk - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zooey
April 2010

It was getting late when the Snowtown Film Festival organizers stepped onstage to say they had a couple of surprises in store. First up was a plaque honoring Mortensen with something called the North Country Inspiration to Artists Award. "Does that certificate mean I can go to Watertown Wolves games for free? No, I’m kidding," Mortensen quipped. "I’m kidding. I’m glad to have it”. Then, local artist William Salisbury walked onstage holding an original sculpture of a crow. That's Mortensen’s favorite animal and it just happens to be one of Watertown’s most notorious pests — so, in other words, a little piece of home.

Days after Oscar nod, Viggo Mortensen comes home to Snowtown Film Festival
by Lauren Rosenthal
North Country Public Radio
31 January 2017

"When you were a kid, what'd you want to be when you grew up?"

"A crow was probably what I wanted to be most of all."

"Really? Why is that? What is it about crows?

"They're survivors. They can live anywhere. They're very self-sufficient. They're very resourceful. They're adaptable."

"That sounds like you."

"Yeah!" he laughed.

Viggo Mortensen: Making peace with the camera
By Tracy Smith
11 December 2016

“… and they are kind of treacherous; they’ll steal from you,” he said. “They are opportunists and they can handle anything. It seems like they are invincible … and they are beautiful.”

Vancouver's Canuck the crow now a sought-after film star
Canuck the crow documentary will screen at New York film festival at the request of Viggo Mortensen
Scott Brown
Vancouver Sun
17 January 2018

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Stella Pictures.

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