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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
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It's wonderful news that Viggo will be at the Barcelona Poetry Festival on the 12th of May, reciting poetry with his great friend Fabián Casas. Viggo has a long history of poetry readings with several recitals at Beyond Baroque and other venues. He's recorded his poetry on CDs, often to an improvised musical accompaniment, and has also read other poets' works including Eliot's masterpiece, The Waste Land, at the British Library (also recorded for Touch Press). I love the fact that he carries a notebook wherever he goes 'just in case a moment presents itself to be stolen.'

Poetry Reading and Book Signing - Odense, Denmark 2003

'It is important to protect living poetry, which is also why I participate as often as I can in public readings."

Viggo Mortensen
A Year in the Life of Viggo Mortensen
by Sophie Benamon
Studio Magazine, 2003

"Exene... encouraged me to recite my poems in public. At the beginning the idea was totally worrying for me. But something happens when you are faced with an audience. No matter whether you present photographs, pictures, movies or poems to other people, it's worth it because you always learn something."

Viggo Mortensen
Two-Men Show
By Silvia Feist - translated by Always Smiling and Doreen
Vogue Deutsch
November 2005

"As an actor you're always reading someone else's words, and then what you do gets edited. So there's several screens through which you're speaking, if at all. As a poet, it's your words."

In The Navy
By Joy Ray
September 1997

….if you´ve written a poem and you read it, you don´t know what will happen. Something changes between my mouth and the eyes and ears of those who are there reading or listening to my words, my little story. Something changes between writing it and pronouncing the words. I don´t know what the reader receives. There´s no net. For that reason, I'm responsible for what I´ve written and for how I read it.

Viggo Mortensen - All of Us are Mestizos
by Carlos Shilling – translated by Ollie, Remolina, Rio and Zoe
November 2010

On record, Mortensen's speaking voice--especially in Spanish--actually is more melodic and alluring than his singing. Confident and clear, he draws listeners in as he spins tales of deceit and humor.

Sensitive Side of Psycho
By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun Times
16 December 1998

Mortensen began the evening by lighting a candle and quoting a phrase by poet S.A. Griffin. 'We are here for the sweet stigmata of the poem. And here's the news.' The breathless, packed room received the news, and it was clear from the moment Viggo spoke that this was poetry's night.

Three Fools poetry reading
National Poetry Month Starts At Beyond Baroque With Three April Fools
By Philomene Long, Poet Laureate of Venice
Santa Monica Mirror
27 April 2006

"The success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy changed the deal a little. Before then, when I put on a poetry reading, there would just be a circle of my friends around me. Now there are hundreds of inquisitive strangers. If fame can make an under-appreciated art better known, it's perfect!

Viggo Mortensen
Grazia Magazine
Translated by Chrissiejane
December 2009

'It's great if someone who never would've gone to a poetry reading goes to one because they're thinking, "Oh, that actor guy's doing it – it'll probably be shit, but we should go and see it anyway!"'

Viggo Mortensen on 'The Road'
By David Jenkins
Time Out
7 January 2010

If they come and hear the poems and they have a reaction pro or con, and there's a connection made between me and them - then who cares?"

The Brain Dane
by Ariel Leve
The Sunday Times

...he begins reading. He's nervous. "I don't slur when I read other people's stuff," he jokes, and the crowd laughs indulgently. But he soldiers on, losing himself in the rhythm of his words.

They were always giving birth, always pregnant, always taking ****ing for granted. They were not being brave when they dug up the skulls of their past lovers in the middle of the night and painted them for use as Jack O'Lanterns. It was summer and they were crazy about each other.
("Hallowe'en" 1990)

Maybe it's the visceral attack of his writing, or the R-rated shock of hearing Aragorn cuss, but the audience's attention never wavers.

Midnight Special poetry reading
Viggo Trip
By Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39
November 2002

'A lot of people that were here tonight said something about their writing, but were too embarrassed by it. And I'd ask them about what they write and encourage them to pursue it. People sometimes seem to feel that poetry is just this little thing you do privately, like your diary. But in reality it's something that you can work at in many ways, that you can share, that you can take as far as you like.'

Viggo Mortensen at the Midnight Special reading
A Religious Moment Where Something Might Happen
by Scott Thill
Morphizm 2002

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Chrissie.

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Viggo at the Barcelona Poetry Festival

Source: lameva.barcelona.cat.
Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for the heads up.

News from La Vanguardia that Viggo, together with his friend Fabián Casas, will be performing at the Barcelona Poetry Festival on 12 May.

El actor Viggo Mortensen recitará sus poemas junto al poeta argentino Fabián Casas el viernes 12 de mayo en un acto auspiciado por la Semana de la Poesía de Barcelona, han anunciado las organizadoras, Teresa Colom y Àngels Gorgori, este lunes en rueda de prensa. Gorgori ha celebrado poder mostrar "la faceta menos conocida de Mortensen, que es escritor de poesía y, sobre todo, editor de poesía" a través de un sello norteamericano, con el que ha publicado también textos en castellano.

© Europa Press. Images © Marc Arias.

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Your May Reminders

Categories: Calendar: Viggo

Click on image to enlarge.

© viggo-works.com. Images © Jeff Vespa.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Media Quotable Viggo

Short, pithy and to the point, these one sentence comments say it all, although I've been very generous to Matt Ross at the end and allowed him two…

They don't make them like Viggo Mortensen anymore.

A Reader interview with Viggo Mortensen
By Ben Olson
Sandpoint Reader
13 January 2017

Is Viggo Mortensen the most interesting man in the world?

Viggo Mortensen: Still here, still fantastic
The Film Experience
By Nathaniel Rogers
24 April 2016

He's constitutionally incapable of creative blockage.

True Colors
By Margot Dougherty
Los Angeles Magazine

Viggo Mortensen is, besides a great actor, an inexhaustible conversationalist, so full of curiosity that he doesn't hesitate to occasionally take the role of the interviewer.

The Dark Side Of The Hero
By Walder & Castro - translated by Graciela, Remolina and Zooey
Marie Claire (Spain)
June 2009

Actor, poet, photographer, musician and always exquisitely provocative.

Mortensen Code
By Sol Alonso - translated by Remolina
Vanity Fair (Spain)
November 2008

Mortensen is a matinee idol with a philosopher's soul — Jean-Jacques Rousseau trapped in the body of Rudolph Valentino.

Viggo Mortenson is complicated
By Micjelle Devereaux
San Francisco Bay Guardian
12 September 2007

His work is a trace of his own adventure, lived openly and exploratively, with curiosity and a constant sense of surprise.

Kevin Power
Viggo Mortensen: A Life Tracking Itself
Singlanguage 2002

'It's difficult for things to go wrong when you work with Viggo Mortensen.'

David Oelhoffen
Q&A: Viggo Mortensen and David Oelhoffen on 'Loin Des Hommes'
By Roslyn Sulcas
New York Times
26 August 2014

When the elements, the weather and the terrain get tough, Viggo gets going.

Interview with Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Contender
3 September 2009

Viggo Mortensen has so much on-screen magnetism, he'll probably destroy the credit cards of anyone sitting in the first 10 rows.

Wallace Bain
Santa Cruz Sentinel
25 January 2012

Viggo Mortensen is a study in contradictions: rugged and undeniably virile, and yet thoroughly and irresistibly sensitive.

Interview: Viggo Mortensen
By Todd Gilchrist
26 November 2009

He has that incurable, unbearable, enigmatic eroticism of a three in the morning dream you've just awakened from.

Talking With Viggo
George Magazine

He never had Champagne dreams and caviar wishes.

Viggo Talks and Talks
By Zoe Heller
T Magazine
2 December 2011

If fame came with a report card, Viggo's would say can do better.

The Man Who Would Be King
By Nick Dent
December 2001
Black & White magazine, #58

Viggo Mortensen is not about the words. He's about being... present. .......

Ray Pride
Movie City News
4 March 2004

Mortensen is not what Tolkien's Treebeard would call "hasty."

After Aragorn
By Jeffrey Overstreet

Is there a language Viggo Mortensen doesn't speak?

Jill Lawless
Associated Press
2 September 2014

He's like a one-man United Nations.

The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars
Empire Magazine
October 2013

Trying to describe his movie career is like finding your way in a Middle-eastern medina.

Viggo from Hollywood
by Poul Hoi
M/S (Danish magazine)

"Viggo's cheap, he's available and he's obedient... and he's got a great chin."

David Cronenberg
Ties that bind
by Melora Koepke, Hour CA
13 Sept 2007

The man has never disappointed us.

Viggo Mortensen in the Shoes of Dr. Freud
By Nicolas Crousse
Le Soir – translated by Dom
4 September 2011

"Doesn't everybody want to be Viggo Mortensen? I do!"

Matt Ross
Captain Fantastic: Viggo Mortensen & Family
by Christine Westwood
11 June 2016

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© VIggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Madame Figaro.

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Images © SandpointCyclocross-teamautism247.com.

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