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TRANSLATION - In English This Time: Viggo's Bodil Acceptance Speech

Categories: Award Ceremonies
Image Camilla Ronde.
© TV2.

We at Viggo-Works wish to thank a Viggo fan in Denmark for giving us this translation of Viggo's Bodil remarks. Viggo fans are the BEST!!


Viggo’s acceptance speech at the Bodils

Many thanks. Thank you Ghita. You are so beautiful, I cannot decide between you and this one (the Bodil). So I will take both of you, and now - we will just go home, right. Not in that way, Svend ( said to Ghitas husband).. We will just cook and drink a couple of bottles of wine and…. Right? (Yep, says Ghita – we will just cook.) Okay.

Now, thank you for my beautiful new friend, and for the big pat on the back that is contained in such a recognition. I am a bit nervous, as you can hear, so I think I better read some. Sorry. But I have seen there are others who were nervous as well, so I am feeling a bit better. It was a lot worse half an hour ago.

The British prime minister Winston Churchill once said: "There are two things more difficult than giving an after dinner speech. One is climbing a wall that is leaning toward you. The other is kissing a girl who is leaning away from you". He was a bit Storm P.-like, that guy. (plenty of laughter and applause)..But I will try anyway, one has to do the best one can.

It is very encouraging to be included in such a distinguished group of great artists as Ghita Nørby, Jesper Langberg, Bodil Kjer, Charlie Chaplin, and so many talented photographers, directors and other filmmakers, who have received this honorary Bodil.

But perhaps there are some who are wondering how a foreign actor, who never have worked in Denmark and doesn't speak proper Danish gets such a prestigious award. I would understand them - it is absolutely not decent. That guy Chaplin should be forced to return the statuette right away. (great audience laughter ) - or someone in the family.

Fortunately I myself started by earning my money for rent and tax when I was 18 years old as metal worker, flower seller, dock worker, mill worker and waiter, in Copenhagen, Ringsted, Kalundborg and Esbjerg among other places. So………(applause and cheering) And I was a member of the Union – the Metal Workers Union.

I have been inspired by Danish film art since the beginning of my fortunate career. One of the reasons I walked forward on this narrow, often frustrating, but always rewarding path was Carl Dreyers "The Suffering and Death of Jeanne D'arc" from 1928. As well as Henning Carlsen's "Hunger" from '66. Since I began as an actor more than 30 years ago, I have admired en a whole range of talented Danish directors, among them Bille August, Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, Susanne Bier, Lone Scherfig and Nicolas Winding Refn - and many others.

I think - eh, and this is known all around the world, and it is incredible that a country with a bit more than 5 million people produces so many good tv-series, films, directors, actors – it is fantastic, and it is noted world wide.

Now where was I - uhm – that, that is the problem with reading it - - Oh yes – on top of it all my dream about playing in Danish finally came true a year ago with the film Jauja.

And it is not that hard to pronounce the title. It is "Hav" (sea) – as the sea, that surrounds us, and "Ha", as in uha (meaning oh dear) HavHa – (audience laughing). It's not that hard. The French, for example (turning to, including Ghita) they were very afraid of that title and we had to explain all this about hav and ha, and they didn't understand, it got worse and worse – in Cannes that is. But luckily we won the price, so ….

It was an unforgettable adventure for all of us, Ghita Nørby, Vilbjörk Malling, and the whole team. Lisandro Alonso is a gifted director, he has made a very fine Danish movie down there. We also shot in Denmark, down around Faxe.

Well yeah, that was long enough, wasn't it? (Laughter and cheering)

I say thank you and congratulations to all the nominated! Have a great evening!

Translators note:
Viggo's Danish has never been better. Fluent, correct with a slight American accent. If this English version doesn't feel fluent it is because of my translation.

© Viggo Mortensen. Images © Camilla Ronde/TV2..

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Viggo's Bodil Acceptance Speech

Source: TV2.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Award Ceremonies
Our thanks to Chrissie for bringing us this report from TV2 about Viggo's acceptance speech at tonight's Bodil Awards:


Nervøs Viggo Mortensen i Bodil-hyldest: Vi skal drikke kaffe, Ghita

Image Camilla Ronde.
© TV2.
Af Jens Grønbech

Den dansk-amerikanske skuespiller Viggo Mortensen modtog lørdag aften en 'Æres-Bodil' ved den danske Bodil-fest.

Han har spillet adskillige store roller i internationale succesfilm, ligesom han har betrådt utallige røde løbere verden over. Men det var alligevel en tydeligt nervøs Viggo Mortensen, der lørdag aften modtog en 'Æres Bodil' af Danske Filmkritikere på Bremen Teater i København.

- Tak for min skønne, nye veninde, lagde Viggo Mortensen ud med at sige om den hvide, ikoniske Bodil-statuette, han fik overrakt af Ghita Nørby, mens han modtog stående bifald fra hele salen.

- Og tak for det store skulderklap der ligger bag sådan en anerkendelse. Jeg er lidt nevøs, som I kan høre, så jeg bliver nødt til at læse op af et stykke papir. Jeg beklager, sagde Viggo Mortensen og takkede ydmygt for at modtage Æres-prisen, ligesom han fortalte, hvordan han som teenager arbejdede i forskellige småjob rundt omkring i Danmark, blandt andet i København, Kalundborg og Esbjerg.

Viggo Mortensen satte også ord på sin forkærlighed for dansk film:

- Jeg har været inspireret af dansk filmkunst fra starten af min karriere. Jeg har beundret en hel række dygtige danske instruktører, blandt andre Bille August, Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, Susanne Bier, Lone Scherfig, Nicolas Vinding Refn og mange andre. Det er utroligt, at et land med lidt over fem millioner mennesker producerer så mange gode tv-serier og film. Det er fantastisk, sagde Viggo Mortensen, inden han rundede af med

- Det var vist langt nok, var det ikke?

Det var Ghita Nørby, der overrakte Æres-Bodil'en til Viggo Mortensen, og de to skuespillere, der blandt andet snart kan opleves i den argentisk-danske film 'Jauja', kender hinanden særdeles godt. Således sagde Viggo Mortensen til Ghita Nørby:

- Ghita, du er så smuk. Jeg tager jer både dig og Bodil... Altså ikke på den måde. Vi skal bare lave mad og drikke kaffe, sagde hans til salens store jubel.

Det var da også en rørende tale, Ghita Nørby holdt forud for prisoverrækelsen til den dansk-amerikanske skuespiller:

- Den mand, vi nu skal hylde, er en fantastisk kok. Den mand i et køkken er et under. Den måde, han lukker en sardindåse op, skærer en citron i stykker og stiller den på bordet. Det er genialt, kan ikke gøres bedre, jokede Ghita Nørby blandt andet og fortsatte:

- Det, der kendetegner Viggo Mortensen, er, at han forsvinder. Det er en meget stor evne som skuespiller at kunne forsvinde og så lade en anden person komme ind. Han er væk og kommer ind som et andet individ med en anden tankegang. Sådan er det at være en karakterskuespiller. Tak fordi han fortsat hedder Viggo Mortensen. Det er en stor ting, at han ikke har skiftet navn, men at han bruger 'Viggo Mortensen' som sig og sit, lød det fra Ghita Nørby, der selv tidligere har modtaget en Æres-Bodil.

© TV2. Images © Camilla Ronde.

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Viggo at the Bodil Awards

Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Award Ceremonies

Our thanks to Chrissie for the update from Denmark.

Ekstra Bladet have posted a short interview with Viggo arriving for the Bodil Awards in Copenhagen tonight - view it HERE.

Images © Ekstra Bladet.

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Hijos de la Selva (Sons of the Forest)

Found By: ollie
Categories: Books & CD's
Presentation of 'Hijos de la Selva' at Museu Blau, Barcelona - 19 February 2015
Presentation of 'Hijos de la Selva' at Museu Blau,....
© EFE.

Our thanks to ollie for the find. Viggo at Museu de Ciencies Naturals

Presentación "Hijos de la Selva" , 19 febrero 2015 from Museu de Ciencies Naturals on Vimeo.

© Museu de Ciencies Naturals.

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Your March Reminders

Categories: Calendar: Viggo

Click on image to enlarge.

© Images © Hexagon Films/Warner Bros.

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