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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

After Thursday's gorgeous 'Good Day' Nigel Parry photo and Alix Lambert's wonderful film of Viggo padding around his pool with his feet all au naturel, I'm sure we are all feeling nostalgia for the barefoot King. Can I do a quotable all about Viggo's feet? You bet your life I can. Vintage Viggo!!!

…there's a good chance Mortensen has the smallest shoe collection in Hollywood.

Viggo Mortensen Rides Back In 'Hidalgo'
By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun-Times
29 February 2004

We wander our way to the Japanese garden, where the cherry blossoms bloom and sit on a steep grass bank. As is his wont wherever and whenever possible, Viggo wears no shoes. He spots an oval-headed balding man, with wisps of gray hair, walking with two younger women.

"Is that Arthur Miller?" he whispers. "Wait till we see his face."

We watch, and even before we see his face, we agree that there is something about the way this man walks that is not the way we somehow know Arthur Miller would walk. And the women are somehow not the women Arthur Miller would walk with in a Japanese garden.

"Let's just say it was," Viggo says, and by this I don't think for a moment he is suggesting that we should conspire to lie about it. Just that, with some willpower and a creative refusal to join the dots and draw a line we will no longer be able to cross, we can delay even this small disappointment and keep alive our moment in the park with Arthur Miller a little while longer.

The Rebel King
By Chris Heath
GQ magazine, 2004

Barefoot, carrying a coffee plunger of water and sporting a United Nations badge on his jacket, Hollywood star Viggo Mortensen wandered into his own press conference as though he were planning to sit on the back lawn.

A Barefoot Viggo Lords It Over The Fans
By James Gardiner
29 November 2003
Source: New Zealand Herald

Viggo Mortensen rolls his own cigarettes, totes his own teapot, does his own driving, opts for his own bedroll over hotels when travelling in New Zealand, performs his own stunts and cultivates his own casual take on fashion that precludes the wearing of shoes and socks.

But one thing the soft-spoken "Lord of the Rings" star won't do is beat his own drum.

By Hugh Hart
San Francisco Chronicle, 2003

'He'll show up at your door barefoot. It's real with him - it's not an affectation. He is very much of the earth. He's relaxed and in the moment and he brings real emotions to the table. He's very human with great artistic sensibilities.'

Dennis Hopper
Super Natural
by Anna David
Daily Telegraph 2002

'Viggo has no idea how attractive he is to women,' says friend Elijah Wood. 'He finds all the attention embarrassing. He is really not the celeb type, prancing around at fancy Hollywood premieres. Dear god - we're talking about a guy who runs around barefoot and speaks about spiritual art!'

Elijah Wood
Viggo: "I'm shy with women"
By - translated by Suzy
Vecko-Revyn #3
30 January 2003

'The "Blood Red" auditions at the Actors Studio were notable for one other reason: Viggo Mortensen came by every day—barefoot, with long, dirty blond hair—wanting to audition in the worst way for one of my Italian immigrants. His dirty feet and hair scared me just as much as his blue-eyed blondness wasn't right for the cast I was building. After days of just being rude to him, I finally threw him out of the studio and told him never to darken my casting door again. I have since apologized to him for my lack of artistic vision and behavior. It's the one truly bad casting mistake I ever made. He's such a talented actor; he could have played Italian or anything else he made up his mind to do. I often use him as an example of how one-pointed, dedicated, and willing to be rejected an actor has to be.'

Pamela Guess
July 2010

The executive producer insisted that the actor spent the entire day, "I think even the weekends, filthy and with his make up on, because he said that he had to feel as uncomfortable as the character in order to portray it correctly." The difference is that, when he wasn't shooting, due to doctor's advice, he would take off his boots and walk barefoot, "so in Seville he walked into a store and the owner, an old man who did not know who Mortensen was, gave him a pair of used canvas shoes."

"En España no hay suficientes actores jóvenes buenos para rodar 'Alatriste"
By L.M.-L. Alatriste conference in Murcia
El Faro de Murcia

Wandering around the gallery in bare feet sporting a Lord of the Rings shirt, Mortensen describes how one series of photographs on show were a bit of a fluke. Lost 1,2,3 and 4, he jokingly calls them, were taken when he was geographically challenged in the bush on the West Coast one night. The photographs were snapped so that the flash might give him light to get his bearings.

"I eventually had to lie down under a tree for a while till the moon came over me and I could figure out where I was."

Viggo Mortensen at the Massey exhibition, NZ.
Viggo Says Thanks in Pictures
by Bess Mason
Dominion Post, 2003

"He is so kind and playful and funny off set. He's almost like a hippie. We picked him up at the airport one time, and he wasn't wearing shoes. I still have no idea how he got through the airport barefoot."

Fran Walsh
On 'The Road' And Off, Viggo Mortensen Walks The Walk
By Scott Bowles
USA Today
3 December 2009

Barefoot and clad in a pair of sweats that have seen better days, Viggo Mortensen walks over to introduce himself. His hands and arms are covered with names and phone numbers he has scribbled on himself after checking his answering machine. And his hair is tousled and flecked with tiny bits of paint. None of this can hide Mortensen's deadly good looks.

Viggo Artist & Actor
By Jae-Ha Kim
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Los Angeles, CA 1 April 1999

Viggo Mortensen loves rituals. He never changes his habits, no matter where he goes. For example, he enters the villa in Deauville – made available by the French top jeweler Cartier – in bare feet, as if he is in his own living room.

In his right hand, he is holding a cup with his favorite beverage: maté – an herbal drink from Argentina, the country where he spent the majority of his childhood. He also remembered to bring a silver straw, the bombilla.

The actor explains why he always behaves the same way, no matter where he is in the world. "In this business you're travelling half the time. Sometimes I feel like a world traveller who doesn't know where he'll sleep the next day. I am exaggerating a little, but I do value my habits, so I can quickly feel at home. If I don't, it takes me too long to adapt to strange surroundings. That's very important for an actor. That way he can more quickly concentrate on his role."

Viggo Mortensen Goes To Bed With A Shotgun
By - translated by Airwin
Algemeen Dagblad
27 April 2009

'I'm not usually a suit person… You're lucky I'm wearing shoes!'

Viggo Q&A after accepting the Coolidge Award in Boston
Greendragon posting on TORn
6 March 2012

What some might see as LOTR affectation - such as rocking up to interviews barefoot - is actually the real deal. "No, I'm not doing a hobbit thing or a Peter Jackson thing," he told a reporter who queried his lack of footwear. "I'm doing a Viggo Mortensen thing."

The King and I
By Julie Hosking
Sunday Telegraph, 2003

We can only hope that there is room on the A-list for a shoeless poet looking for beauty in Hollywood's seedy patchwork, who is gamely making it up as he goes along.

Viggo Trip
by Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39, 2002

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Westmount.

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Jauja Argentine trailer

Source: YouTube.
Found By: Eriko
Categories: Jauja Movies
Many thanks to Eriko for bringing this to us.

© 4L Productions/Distribution Company SA.

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Perceval Press is Having a Sale!

Our thanks to Chrissie for the heads up.

FALL SALE! 50% off Books & Cds (except Dreams before Extinction and Twilight of Empire).

Sale prices will be shown in the Shopping Cart.

You can make your selections and purchases at Perceval Press.

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Filmmaker Magazine: Seven Impressions of Viggo, a Short Film by Alix Lambert

Source: Filmmaker Magazine.
Found By: Eriko and SkaldIs

Huge thanks to Eriko and SkaldIs for bringing us this gem.


By Scott Macaulay

In October, timed to the New York Film Festival U.S. premiere of his film, Jauja, Lisandro Alonso was the second director in residence at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The Film Society invited Filmmaker to report on Alonso's various events — lectures, Q&As and sessions with students in both New York and Boston — and we asked filmmaker and contributor Alix Lambert. Jauja is produced by and stars Viggo Mortenson, who shares a tie with Lambert. He and David Cronenberg watched her The Mark of Cain film while researching Russian tattoos for Eastern Promises, and Mortensen's Perceval Press published her 2008 book on murdered Russian journalists, The Silencing.

In advance of Lambert's Winter issue report, which will cover the Film Society residency and the production of Jauja, she sends along this short, Seven Impressions of Viggo, made several years ago but never posted online. In their New York Film Festival Q&A, Alonso and Mortensen discuss the importance of collaboration in filmmaking, with Jauja a particularly striking example. Here, then, is a short film collaboration between Lambert and Mortensen.

© 2014 Filmmaker Magazine / Alix Lambert.

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Marrakech Film Festival: Jeremy Irons, Viggo Mortensen to Receive Honors

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Award Ceremonies

Our thanks to Chrissie for bringing us this from The Hollywood Reporter.


Viggo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons will be honored with career tributes at the Marrakech International Film Festival next month.

Festival organizers called Oscar winner Irons "one of the best-loved actors among film fans the world over," citing The Mission, Dead Ringers and Reversal of Fortune as just a few of his memorable screen moments that will be remembered during the festival, parts of which are broadcast live on national television.

Organizers also praised Mortensen's screen career, from his breakout role as an Amish farmer in Witness to the blockbuster Lord of the Rings.

Egyptian actor Adel Imam, who is a big star in the neighboring country, will also be recognized with a tribute.

Irons and Mortensen will join French actress Isabelle Huppert at the North African festival, where she will serve as president of this year's jury, the role Martin Scorcese took on last year. Remaining jurors and the competition selection will be announced soon.

The Marrakech Film Festival runs Dec. 5-13.

© The Hollywood Reporter. Images © saintvianney.

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