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Jauja to screen at the New York Film Festival

Source: film society lincoln center.
Found By: Chrissie
Chrissie brings us this latest screening news.

The 52nd New York Film Festival which opens on 26 September will include a screening of Jauja:
© 4L Productions.
YFF's 2014 Filmmaker in Residence Lisandro Alonso's latest film, Jauja, starring Viggo Mortensen as an Argentinian officer in the 1870s searching for his missing daughter, will have its U.S. debut. The film won the FRIPESCI prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Images © 4L Productions.

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Jauja Now Announced at Toronto International Film Festival

Source: TIFF.
Found By: Iolanthe
Categories: Film Festivals Jauja

Tiff has just announced their latest list of films and Jauja now has a page on It will be appearing in the Wavelengths section of 'daring, visionary and autonomous voices. Films that expand our notions of cinema'.

"In the dazzlingly ambitious new film from Argentinian auteur Lisandro Alonso (Los Muertos, Liverpool), a 19th-century Danish general (Viggo Mortensen) undertakes a gruelling physical and metaphysical journey when he pursues his runaway daughter into the rugged wilderness of Patagonia."

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Where in the World is Viggo Mortensen?

Categories: Events Film Festivals

Viggo has a busy schedule in the month of September. Here are some key dates for him ... and us.

Venice Film Festival

Venice  2014
Venice 2014.
© Venice Film Festival.

Viggo will attend August 31 and September 1.

Toronto Film Festival (TIFF)

TIFF 2014
TIFF 2014.

Viggo will attend on September 9 through September 11.

New York City


Although NOT associated with the NYC Film Festival, Viggo will be in New York City for events on September 14 through September 17. WE URGE CAUTION. We are not sure what the events will consist of at this point, and we certainly remember times when some of his events were by invitation only and that fans who traveled to NYC for them were disappointed. So ... before you make any travel plans, let us see what we can find out about the events and access. Stay tuned on this one.

© Images © Venice Film Festival, TIFF.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

All this week I've been celebrating The Lord of the Rings with some yummy photos of Viggo as Aragorn. I suppose with the release of the latest Hobbit trailer I've been feeling nostalgic for something that – at the time – took hold of me in completely unexpected ways. It led me here, it made me interested in Viggo's approach to art which eventually led to me working full-time as an artist, it led me back to Tolkien and the chance to take part in some amazing Tolkien events. It's been quite a ride, and all because Viggo said 'yes' to that extraordinary last minute call from Peter Jackson.

You can have your wee hobbits and wizened wizards. Give me the man who would be king.

It's Good to be "King"
By Susan Wloszczyna
USA Today
16 December 2003

We knew we were blessed in having Viggo - who is part-Danish descent - step into the role of Aragorn when he arrived carrying a copy of the Volsunga Saga that he had taken from his bookshelf! Viggo not only has an actor's sense of bringing his character to life, but also an innate understanding of 'the warrior code' and Tolkien's philosophy of heroism.

Philippa Boyens
The Making of the Movie Trilogy

How do you 'dive' into fight scenes?

Well the first day I met the fight choreographer, Bob Anderson, who's been around a long time - he taught Errol Flynn to fence and represented the UK at the Olympics. I went into this room and there were all these stunt people standing there and screaming and yelling. He had them all pumped-up and he stood me in front of them and said "Okay, go!" And they all started running at me, and I was like, "Holy shit!" He said "stop" and they all stopped. Then he told me: "This is what you're going to be dealing with so let's get to work..." He gave me a sword and it was just, like, crazy for two days. The first thing I did on camera was swordplay and I liked it. It was fun.

Viggo Mortensen
The Ranger - Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
by Martyn Palmer
Total Film magazine, 2002

Mortensen's facility with the sword became immediately apparent. "The people who were teaching him said that he was insanely talented," says Miranda Otto, who plays the Lady Eowyn, who falls for Aragorn. "There's one scene [at the end of] the first film where a knife is thrown at Aragorn, who clocks it with his sword. One of the stunt guys who was meant to be his double said, 'I've been practicing that and I've never been able to [hit the knife] once, and Viggo hits it on the first take. I hate him.'"

Miranda Otto
The Hero Returns
By Tom Roston
Premiere 2003

"It was very important to me to make everything as believable as possible. That's why, even when I was exhausted, I always fought with the [heavy] steel sword rather than the lighter one," he explains. "I wanted to make sure the fight scenes were realistic."

Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen
by Desmond Sampson
Pavement #62, 2003

'Viggo came late to the project, but he brought a dedication and an understanding of the role that became an example, particularly to the younger cast members. You have to remember that this was Orlando Bloom's first movie. Not only was Viggo valuable in his performance, but he was valuable as a leader of the cast.'

Barrie Osborne
The Lord of the Rings: The Untold Story
By Ian Nathan
December 2004

"He got this reputation as an eccentric because he would carry his sword around, but I found it quite inspiring. There was a glimmer in his eye - he was aware of how other people were perceiving him - but he really reawakened in me a sense of the possibilities of what it can be as an actor enjoying a role."

Sean Astin
A Fantastic Leap of Faith
by Brent Simon
Entertainment Today, 2001

"At the end of shooting one day, we went out and had a drink and Viggo was just so encouraging of everybody he'd worked with, including the extras. He always had a kind word to say to everyone. And I don't know anyone who has a bad word to say about him. He bought flowers for all the extras on one incredibly rainy day. He was just really generous with his time but he never talked himself up. He's quite shy about talking about his own achievements. They were really lucky they got him for this. He kind of makes the film for me."

Jed Brophy
Viggo Mortensen
by Desmond Sampson
Pavement #62, 2003

"For our love scenes, he would come to me the night before and say he wanted to change all the lines to the Elvish language. He was trying to make that connection stronger, and I thought it was beautiful that they'd speak Elvish to each other because it adds a layer to their history that you wouldn't otherwise see."

Liv Tyler
Mellow Warrior
By Anthony Breznican
South Coast Today
15 December 2003

"On the fifth take, Viggo kicked the helmet, screamed, clenched his fists and dropped to his knees. I thought he was just doing some powerful acting. But then I noticed after I said 'cut' that he wasn't saying anything. Finally, he did the next scene limping."

Once they had finished filming, Jackson made the actor take off his boot.

"His toes were broken. Normally, an actor would yell 'ow!' if they hurt themselves, and stop the scene. Viggo turned a broken toe into a performance that's a great moment in the film."

Two Towers 'bloodier, more compelling'
New Zealand Herald
7 December 2002

…I would say probably 95% of the work that you see as Viggo onscreen is completely computer generated, because he has a wooden leg and he can't run.

IGN Interviews Dominic Monaghan
December 2003

Instead of the standard luxury lodging demanded by most stars on set, Viggo and co-star Orlando Bloom shared a converted bus while filming Rings. Viggo stocked the bus with a wine cellar and wallpapered the inside with candid behind-the-scenes photos. A source on the set said the bus was the site of frequent cast parties, with the motto, "Everyone is welcome, but when it's time to go, get out!"

Could Viggo Mortensen Be The Perfect Man?
By Nathan Cooper & Mike Glynn
23 December 2003

Corey, Triple M, Melbourne: Viggo you're now at the stage where you could get the majority of roles you wanted. You've had love scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow and now Liv Tyler. Is there anyone you aspire to have a love scene with, in the world?

Viggo: Gimli? That was cut from the movie - maybe it'll be in the extended version.

Return Of The King Press Junket: Viggo Mortensen
By Nazz
December 2003
Source: Nazz

"I heard Lord of the Rings win their first one and I thought, 'Well, I can lie here in the dark like an idiot, or I can go out and be a man and sit in the kitchen and watch it with everybody else."

Viggo Mortensen on trying to avoid the Oscars at a friends house
David Letterman Show

Viggo has that dark, mysterious, quiet-man quality. He's also very intelligent and private. A lot of people have said these movies are going to make Viggo a big star. I nod and smile, knowing that being a big star is the last thing in the world that Viggo wants. He's completely unimpressed and disinterested in that world. I think he'd prefer to stay home and paint, write his poetry, and enjoy himself rather than play the Hollywood game. That's an aspect of him that I respect a lot.

Peter Jackson
Movieline Magazine

"In a story like Lord of the Rings, whether the Ring and Sauron are evil is incidental to me. Even if we were not to get the Ring anywhere near Mount Doom. Even if we all died. It doesn't really matter," Mortensen says. "It's the fact that everybody got together and decided to go on this trip. That's the thing. That's the miracle."

Viggo Mortensen
The Hero Returns
By Tom Roston
Premiere 2003

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © New Line Productions, Inc.

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Loin des Hommes - Venice screenings

Source: La Biennale di Venezia.
Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for bringing us screening dates.
Image Michael Crotto.
© One World Films.

The Venice International Film Festival schedule is out and Loin des Hommes will be a gala screening on 31st August and will screen for a second time on 1st September. Details here and here.

Images © Michael Crotto/One World Films.

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