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A Call for Artists!

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A Call for Artists

Art Exhibit 2

Viggo-Works is going to host our second art (only) exhibit right here on our own website. This third of what has become ongoing art exhibits here at V-W is open to all artists … all V-W members … all V-W Art Community members … all non-members … anyone who receives this message and is an artist. Our third art exhibit will once again be restricted to art only – any medium except photography. We will host an exhibit for photography only later this fall/winter.

We will open a special page in our V-W webpages for this exhibit.

  • All artists will exhibit 3 pieces of their work.
  • All you need to do to enter is to email and attach the 3 jpegs or three photos of your work for exhibition. The larger the photo or jpeg the better. We will re-size to fit our format and present you art in the most favorable way.
  • We can (in most cases) convert any pdf files to jpeg files if you care to send them that way.
  • All art mediums will be accepted … jewelry … sculpture … print making … painting drawing … ink … pastels … iron work … clay … mixed media, etc.
  • PLEASE remember … NO PHOTOGRAPHY for this exhibit. We will announce plans for our Photography exhibit very soon.
  • Your name and any website address (if you have one) must accompany your exhibit entries. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE A WEBSITE TO ENTER YOUR WORK IN THE V-W EXHIBIT.
  • The deadline for entries is October 5th. The exhibit will debut on Viggo's birthday, October 20th.

The reason that we are calling for artists now is that many of us have new pieces in the works,
and we would like to allow ample time to complete them for exhibit.

If you have any questions about this exhibit, don't hesitate to post on the Exhibit thread on our forums or, if you are not a member at Viggo-Works, you can email me ( ) with your questions. If you need help sending your jpegs of photos, simple contact us using either method listed previously.

This is going to once again be fun and very inspirational. We hope all of you artists will participate if at all possible.

Stay tuned. More to come!

Ask questions, get more info, and comment HERE in the Exhibit thread.


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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

The recent El Mundo Q&A had two pithy little gems that reminded me what a wicked sense of humour Viggo has. Quite a few of the ones I've rounded up below have been knocking around for a while, but I'm determined to give them regular outings to brighten our weekends!

Have you ever been in the Sahara? What do you expect to find there?

Yes, in Algeria and Morocco. I expect to find a lot of sand. That's the only sure thing.

Encounters - Direct Response from Viggo Mortensen
By - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
El Mundo
21 April 2015

Do you feel like a Renaissance man?

No, because at 500 years old, I wouldn't be able to get anything right.

Encounters - Direct Response from Viggo Mortensen
By - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
El Mundo
21 April 2015

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

Not dying.

Q&A: Viggo Mortensen
by Rosanna Greenstreet
The Guardian
2 January 2010

"Thank God for special effects, makeup the voice dubbing and all that. They completely replaced Kodi, thank God! We had Andy Serkis do it."

Viggo talking about 'The Road'
Viggo Mortensen sets the record straight about his acting career, 'The Road' and 'The Hobbit'
By Carla Hay
25November 2009

Me: We have to talk about women, because you are the sexiest man alive.

Him: So there are a lot of dead men who are sexier?

Eats Roadkill, Speaks Danish
By Amy Wallace
Esquire magazine
March 2006

"It comes from a very good tailor in Boedo, in Buenos Aires. San Lorenzo de Almagro".

Viggo on being asked who tailored his Golden Globes suit
Mortensen highlights his Argentinian team at the Golden Globes
By E J Tamara - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
16 January 2012

Following the press Q&A, as he left the stage, he paused, looked at the huge 'Viggo Mortensen' image on the screen behind him, and said, 'You spelled my name wrong…' There was a horrified moment as the organisers checked in panic – then he smiled, 'No, just kidding….'

Viggo after accepting the Coolidge Award in Boston
Greendragon posting on TORn
6 March 2012

What was it that got you interested in A Dangerous Method? Was it mostly working again with Cronenberg, or the psychological theme ? Or both?

Firstly, working with David Cronenberg again. Secondly, the bait that David threw my way, in the form of an elaborate system of undergarments that Sigmund Freud was reputed to have employed on some of his summer excursions deep into the Alps. They included an elaborate system of miniaturised pulleys and wires that assisted in muscular stimulation for the steeper climbs. I was allowed to wear these undergarments in all scenes whether I was climbing or not.

Viggo Mortensen
Empire On-line Web Chat
31 January 2012

"We can do some doll therapy if anyone's interested…"

Viggo talking about 'Sigi' the Freud doll in San Lorenzo colours
at the Venice Film Festival ADM Press Conference
2 September 2011

On the stillness in Nikolai's character:

"They had to freeze-frame me"

Behind the banter, 'Eastern Promises' actor and director offer serious insights
By Chris Vognar, Dallas News
12 Sept 2007

Viggo Mortensen scrubbed up for the big night. The best-actor nominee prepped by taking "my annual bath. It was an arduous process of refilling the tub many times."

Viggo on Oscar night
Donna Freydkin and William Keck
USA Today
25 February 2008

'Ridley Scott's filming George Orwell's Animal Farm and I'm playing the goat...'

Viggo on being asked if he's grown his beard for a new role
BBC Breakfast Television
13 May 201

"I like to live dangerously. Last night I was quietly at home, cooking a meal of chicken, onions and garlic, Cuban style, and then here I am today facing a pack of journalists."

Viggo Mortensen Talks About "Jauja" and "Far from Men"
By Martin Dale
7 December 2014

"I'm hoping to shoot a movie with an elephant soon, and I've no idea where I'm going to put him."

Viggo asked about buying horses from his films
Long Live the King
By Paul Byrne
April 2004

You looked sexy in The Lord Of The Rings...what's your favourite costume?

My birthday suit.

Now that is sexy, no wonder women love you...

If you say so.

60 Seconds With...Viggo Mortensen
December 2005

How are you doing with sins?

Lately, quite well. You do what you can where you can. Without hurting anyone.

Do you think you'll go to hell?

Well, I like to travel.

"When I wake up I think of death"
By Karmentxu Marín - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
El Pais
9 September 2012

Hi Viggo, aside from knowing your lines, what's the most important thing you do to prepare yourself before you go in front of camera?


Empire On-line Web Chat
31 January 2012

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Vanessa Ragone.

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To Christopher Lee from Viggo at Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press
FOTR: Copenhagen Premiere December 19, 2001
FOTR: Copenhagen Premiere December 19, 2001
Image Toke Hage.
© Polfoto.

Dear Christopher,

It has been an honour to have spent time with you in this world. Not just acting together in New Zealand, but especially during those unforgettable sessions in your London home with your lovely wife Gitte. No matter what time of the day I came by, a nice glass of Danish aquavit was served, along with a good cigar or two. These were not needed to stimulate the illuminating conversations and humorous anecdotes you so generously shared, but they certainly were welcome treats. I'm so glad I got to know you a little, and will sorely miss your voice and your glittering gaze. I'll seek out recordings to accompany my memory of your singular, imposing presence and of that deeply melodious baritone known to millions the world over. Travel well and continue to rumble and shine, my friend.

With love and admiration,
Lille Viggo

© Perceval Press. Images © Polfoto.

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Farewell to an Old Friend

© Polfoto

All of us at Viggo-Works are saddened at the passing of Christopher Lee.
We knew him primarily as Saruman, the character he played with such talent and credibility.
We will miss him as the many portrayals from his many movies, but
we will miss him most as the quintessential Tolkien scholar.

'Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate;
And though I oft have passed them by,
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.'


Images © Polfoto.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo


While doing some recent late night channel flicking I came across Viggo facing off Michael Douglas on the Ferry and stayed so I could get those glimpses of David Shaw hunched on the floor in his paint spattered loft with those enormous works of art. A Perfect Murder is sort of perfect Viggo – a subtle performance, extreme set dressing and, of course, he looks gorgeous. Time to get out your DVDs?

"Normally I think it's an extreme lack of ideas to make re-makes," Viggo Mortensen says, "but on the other side – when you can make "Hamlet" over and over again why not Hitchcock?"

Nice And Sensitive Movie-Star
By Susanne Johansen - translated by Majken
Berlingske Tidende
10 October 1998

" movies are a kind of photo album for me. When I look at them some years from now, they'll reflect my feelings and where I was at that time. The pants I wear are some I found in Denmark. Other belongings are some things I got from my aunt in Jystrup. They're just some small things which make me feel at home and more relaxed," Viggo says.

Nice And Sensitive Movie-Star
By Susanne Johansen - translated by Majken
Berlingske Tidende
10 October 1998

"Viggo's ability to go into his part is very special. And his demands on himself are unique. For instance, he lived for a long time in his character's shabby apartment in Brooklyn to identify himself with the character," says the producer Arnold Kopelson, who also was very impressed about one of the sex scenes between Viggo and Gwyneth Paltrow, a scene which was obviously too strong and authentic for the studio bosses and was, therefore, cut out of the movie.

Nice And Sensitive Movie-Star
By Susanne Johansen - translated by Majken
Berlingske Tidende
10 October 1998

'All three of the main characters in A Perfect Murder are ambiguous. At my first meeting with Gwyneth, I took two photographs of her. I used both of them for the main art work in Murder. It helped me to believe in my character.'

Viggo Mortensen
Versatile Viggo
By Louis B Hobson
Calgary Sun
5 June 1998

Because of his role [as a painter] Mortensen had to face an interesting phenomenon: Would David Shaw's images reflect the artistic feelings of himself, Viggo Mortensen or do they belong to the character of David Shaw?

"I think both are right", answered Mortensen, "I didn't have time to occupy myself too much with this duality. I think that the artwork represents on the one hand my own subconsiousness and on the other hand my ideas on who David is."

Warner Brothers German Press Release
Translated for V-W by always smiling

'...I'm surprised they let me do that, actually. There was just a little time before we were going to start and I just asked, "What if I did this myself? I showed them a couple of small samples and they said sure if I made this bigger and I said OK. So it was one of those things where you're at a job interview and they say can you speak Chinese? Because if you can speak Chinese you've got the job. And, of course, you go, "Yeah sure. You'll water ski or whatever. Then, you just figure you'll figure out how to speak Chinese between now and next Wednesday. Well maybe it's not that extreme... I like to draw and stuff but the reason they used photography in it was because that was something that I did know and I had a certain stock pile of images I could play with. That helped!'

Viggo Mortensen on doing the paintings in A Perfect Murder
The Fire That Fuels an Artist's Heart,
by Carnell,
Carpe Noctem magazine #15, 1999

'I just went crazy. I couldn't sleep. I did about 45 paintings in two weeks.'

Viggo Mortensen on A Perfect Murder
The Hot New 39-Year-Old
by Dennis Hensley
Movieline magazine, 1998

Interviewer: Is it true that you sang serenades to calm Gwyneth Paltrow before the love scenes in 'A Perfect Murder'?

Viggo: How do you know that?

Interviewer: She has said that herself.

That is correct. To calm her and create a certain atmosphere of intimacy I did sing a couple of love songs that I learned in Argentina when I was young. I don't know if that ended up scaring her instead.

Viggo from Hollywood
By Poul Høi
M/S Magazine
August 2001

Q: What surprised you about your other costar, Michael Douglas?

A: Just before Christmas, Michael was singing Christmas songs all day long, but he'd change the lyrics and he'd make the crew sing along, too. It was just goofy. You don't think of him as being that kind of a dorky guy.

The Hot New 39-Year-Old
By Dennis Hensley
Movieline magazine
August 1998

In the end, the actor who makes the biggest impression is Viggo Mortensen, whose gentle presence seems to be masking some diabolical undercurrents. He's the only character who keeps us guessing throughout, and he manages to steal every scene he appears in by slyly underplaying the role.

Judge Clark Douglas
DVD Verdict
12 June 2012

In 'A Perfect Murder' he is - in spite of Michael Douglas's and Gwyneth Paltrow's presence - the star.

Viggo from Hollywood
by Poul Hoi
M/S (Danish magazine), 2001

Mr. Mortensen has the movie's richest role as the duplicitous painter who is coerced into agreeing to murder his lover. In the scenes in which he is supposed to appear sympathetic, he insinuates enough surliness to give his character a disquieting undertone of potential violence. But once David has been established as a rat, the actor shows flashes of pained regret for having to kill a woman he half loves.

Stephen Holden
New York Times
June 5, 1998

Viggo Mortensen undergoes an interesting transformation in his key scene with Douglas; we believe him when he's a nice guy, and we believe him even more when he's not; he doesn't do a big style shift, he simply turns off his people-pleasing face.

Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-times
June 5, 1998

But Viggo Mortensen, well heck, now there's an actor with some bite!! If you have yet to hear much about this man, open your ears, and listen wide. This guy can act...and act well goddammit! I have loved almost all of his performances, with his role in THE INDIAN RUNNER (5/10) and last year's G.I. JANE (6/10) standing out in my mind, and certainly a force to reckon for all great future character roles. Watch for him...he's hot!

Berge Garabedian
November 2, 1998

You will find all previous Quotables

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © Warner Brothers.

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