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People's History 10th Anniversary

Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Politics Speeches

With thanks to Chrissie, here are a few pictures from Viggo's performance last night at the New School in New York.

Images © The New School.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Reading through old interviews last week, I came across one where Viggo summed himself up as 'curious', pointing out that it could be read in two ways – a curious guy who is curious about the world. It didn't surprise me as the word 'curious' is one Viggo uses again and again to describe the way he approaches life. Being curious is what drives him. He wants to know about pretty much everything.

What would you like as your epitaph?

"He was curious," which you can take more than one way.

Viggo Mortensen Interview
By Tim Wilson
December 2003

Honor? Power? Glory? Don't even bother him with this!

The noble warrior Aragorn from "The Lord of the Rings" fights for only one treasure: to stay curious llike a child.

Viggo Mortensen
By Bernd Volland Translated by JoannaP
Stern Speziel Biografie
April 2003

...and yet, in his many careers, ego has no place...and if ego has no place in his career, apathy has no place in his life. Viggo Mortensen has earned a reputation for having endless energy, for being consummately curious. He drives himself hard in all aspects of his life.

Daniel F. Sullivan
St. Lawrence University
March 1, 2003

'I'm a very curious guy and I stick my nose in everything. I travel a lot because I'm interested in knowing how the rest of the world lives. I love to learn about other cultures, to submerge myself in them, to learn of points of view that are different from mine.'

Viggo Mortensen
"I'm a guy who sticks his nose in everything"
By Stuart Gollum, Gala Magazine
30 August 2006

'Deep down I'm curious, so it doesn't matter what I do, if only my curiosity is satisfied. I would never had imagined that I would become an actor in so many years. And I've thought about quitting many times, cause it can be frustrating again and again to see your work being made in such way, that the final result is bad; when the thing, you've put in the movie, can't be viewed on screen. But I have learned many years ago, to enjoy the things you are doing, while you're doing it.'

The Star Is Named Viggo
By Rolf Pedersen
M! magazine
November 2001

MT:Is there a common denominator to all your various artistic endeavors?

VM: Curiosity, I suppose. I've been aware for as long as I can remember of the fact that I was going to die. I don't remember not being aware of that. And that, therefore, life is limited. And no matter how many movies you see or how many conversations you have or how many people you listen to or how many books you read or how many travel experiences you have, how many times you return to the same street or the same tree, you can never do it enough. So why not make the effort? You can't put everything off until tomorrow.

A Sense of Finality
By Markus Tschiedert
Green Cine, 2003

His work is a trace of his own adventure, lived openly and exploratively, with curiosity and a constant sense of surprise.

Kevin Power
Viggo Mortensen: A Life Tracking Itself
Singlanguage 2002

Viggo Mortensen is, besides a great actor, an inexhaustible conversationalist, so full of curiosity that he doesn't hesitate to occasionally take the role of the interviewer.

The Dark Side Of The Hero
By Walder & Castro - translated by Graciela, Remolina and Zooey
Marie Claire (Spain)
June 2009

Are you a politically-motivated person?

I don't know that I'm more politically motivated than anyone else. I'm curious about the world and I have a resistance to just assuming that what I see on TV is the gospel truth.

The Horse Whisperer
Daily Mirror, by Honie Stevens
16 April 2004

How are you with your artistic side nowadays? (He is known as a musician, poet, photographer and painter.)

I think I´m alright. I continue wanting to learn new things, and to do better the things I already know [how to do]. Whether you have a profession that's considered artistic or not, curiosity is indispensable if a person is to grow in life. As has been the case for so many years, this year I am acting, writing, publishing, taking photographs, and I keep looking all I can at other people´s art. I still travel a lot, and that's always inspiring for me.

Viggo Mortensen demonstrates to this newspaper that the great never lose their humility.
3 July 2013

What was it that inspired you to start making photos?

Nothing in particular. Perhaps it has something to do with a sort of incurable, persistent nosiness.

Q&A with Viggo Mortensen
by Natalie Dodecker
American Photo magazine 2000

You will find all previous Quotables

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © 20th Century Fox/Haddock Film.

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Viggo on Democracy Now!

Source: Democracy Now!.
Found By: Chrissie
© Democracy Now!.
Many thanks to Chrissie for bringing this to our attention.

As part of the promotion for the People's History 10th anniversary event Viggo was on the Daily News Hour.

You can view the video HERE.

(Viggo's bit starts at the 46:00 mark.)

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Viggo's appearance in Lemmings Strike Back

Source: Los Lemmings Contraatacan.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Events Viggo News
Chrissie brings us this news from the Mar del Plata Film Festival about screenings of Los lemmings contraatacan - a film directed by Edmundo Bejarano and including a poetic contribution from Viggo.
© Tuntun Productions.
One of the most lucid poets of his generation, Fabián Casas has built an extraordinary narrative. Lemmings Strike Back tells about that audacious writer's trip across Europe, climbing Berlin's rooftops, assisting the largest book fair in the world along with Washington Cucurto, mixing literature and life. On the way, we see Viggo Mortensen reading his poem at a bookstore in Barcelona. When the trip ends, everyone meets at Fabián's home in Buenos Aires. Sitting in his balcony, he whispers: "accept your fate and try to do the best you can with that."

© Tuntun Productions. Images © Tuntun Productions.

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Viggo - Best Actor Again!

Found By: Chrissie
© One World Films.

Our thanks to Chrissie for bringing us the good news.

News from the Festival du Film de Sarlat in France that Viggo has been voted the Best Male Actor by the Youth Jury for his portrayal of Daru in Loin des Hommes (Far From Men)!


Désigné par le vote du Jury Jeunes :


Congratulations Viggo!

Images © One World Films.

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