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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe
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We've been hearing a lot about fatherhood lately. As well as being the father to a large family in Captain Fantastic, Viggo has been in several films with a strong theme of fathers trying to do right by their children: Dinesen looking for his daughter, Tom Stall and his two children, the Man and his son in The Road. Fatherhood is also a strong theme in Alatriste, where the Captain is trying to do his best for his ward, Inigo. Even Freud in A Dangerous Method has a paternal relationship with Jung. But – of course – Viggo is a real dad with a real son...

Does your son think you're cool?

I wouldn't say so. I think, being a teenager, he has a healthy amount of -- I don't know if disrespect is the word. But he thinks I'm kind of a goofball a lot of the time. He doesn't buy the Aragorn or Frank Hopkins image. He knows I'm his dad.

Viggo on locusts, life and kissing Liv Tyler
By Molly Woulfe
Northwest Indiana Times thetimesonline.com
3 August 2004

'I am a dad and there is no such thing as a perfect father and mother and this character is doing the best he can.'

'Captain Fantastic' explores fatherhood, family and man vs. society
Larry D Curtis
25 January 2016

The real pull [of The Road], however, was the theme of fatherhood. Mortensen cracks with pride if you ask about Henry, his 21-year-old son by Exene Cervenka, singer with the influential punk band X. Their marriage ended after 11 years but the couple remain on amicable terms, and Henry is the apple of his eye. They share a "pals" relationship, writing poetry, jamming together, and taking cross-country drives
across America.

The Road
Interview - Viggo Mortensen, Actor
By Siobhan Synnot
The Scotsman
28 December 2009

'The H [tattoo] stands for Henry - my son. I got it tattooed to feel his presence when we are separated. It's more practical than constantly holding a photo in your hand.'

The Outsider
By Roland Huschke - translated by Sally
January 2008

SKIP: You are a profound connoisseur of the writings of both Freud and Jung and occupied yourself in depth with their theories. Both worked on the psychology of children - did they form any influence on the way you brought up your son (Henry Blake, born 1988?

Viggo Mortensen:
If ever I learned something from Freud and Jung, it's the fact that you cannot form a human being, but only guide him. You can aid him in being aware of himself, but never change him basically. With Henry, it was important for me from the beginning to show him asmuch of the world as possible and let him take his own decisions. He always was a very bright boy, he reads a lot and watchesall kinds of films.

Couch Hero
By Kurt Zechner - translated by Athelin
September 2011

"I have never met a child so well adapted as he is. He is taller and physically stronger than me, and he is a very calm and rational person. I often wonder how he can be so calm. He is very social and he has much more self-confidence than I had at his age. He is pretty remarkable."

Sophisticated and Talented Hollywood Eccentric
By Tina Joehnk Christensen - translated by Rosen and Estel
January 2007

Are you a hands-on dad?

I've always been a hands-on dad. I thought about my son quite a bit while making the [The Road] and the transition that he made into pre-adolescence. My son reminds me of Kodi a lot. He's also wise beyond his years. In this movie, you see the kid calling on his dad for strength, but the dad can't always be strong and have all the answers. I guess that's universal. Any parent that has a relatively consistent relationship with their kids, no matter how good it is, reaches a point in pre-adolescence where they suddenly look at their dad or their mom and realize they're not everything.

Mortensen Ponders Fatherhood And The End Of The World
By Cindy Pearlman
Chicago Sun-Times
22 November 2009

A poet and musician himself who attends school in New York City, Henry has traveled extensively with his dad, joined him for live readings, and played with him on his albums. On a coast-to-coast road trip when Henry was 11, Mortensen says, his son made a homemade map ahead of time to chart their itinerary, a map Mortensen has kept. "Instead of a little under 3,000 miles, it looked like it was going to be 16,000 or so, a kind of insane cardiogram, you know?" he laughs. "It took us the time it took us."

A History Of Defiance
By Daniel Mirth
Men's Journal
October 2009

'We know very well that the experience of fatherhood is always unique, bringing up a son is a real adventure. What really counts is the example we give to our children, our behaviour, especially when we are tired or stressed.'

Captain Alatriste: betrayed by life, by his woman and his king
By Chiara Ugolini - translated by Cindalea
16 October 2006

David Cronenberg: As far as I know your son advised you to take this role [Aragorn] because he knows the books by Tolkien, and he was present during the shooting. And I still haven't met him. Or do you fear I could have a bad influence on him?

Viggo Mortensen: That's it. When I think about it then it's really the first movie where Henry didn't visit me on set, not even for a short time. In some of my other movies Henry appears somewhere in the background.

Two-Men Show
By Silvia Feist - translated by Always Smiling and Doreen
Vogue Deutsch
November 2005

Part of Henry's reward was joining the cast. He has played a villainous orc, a heroic Gondorian and a young soldier of Rohan in some of the battle sequences.

Asked if his teenage son is impressed to have Aragorn for a dad, the actor wrinkles his face.

"Ehhh ... he has a healthy amount of disrespect for me and every other adult," he said. "That comes with being that age. If it was otherwise I would think there is something wrong with him."

Mellow Warrior
By Anthony Breznican
South Coast Today
15 December 2003

You've played many different, complicated roles, but how do you see yourself in that of being a father? What does fatherhood mean to you?

A more important role than all of those I've done in films.

Web Chat with Viggo Mortensen
By - translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
20 Minutos
6 September 2012

How long would he like to live?

"Forever." Without hesitation.

Really? Wouldn't you get bored?

"There's no excuse to be bored," Mortensen says. "Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there is no excuse for boredom, ever."

A pause. "Of course. Henry says, 'Yeah, well, Dad, if you were in my science class you'd know what it is to be bored.' I guess that's something a little different."

Finding Viggo
By Alex Kuczynski
Vanity Fair magazine
January 2004

What's the most special thing about being a father?

Viggo: Everything.

What's special about my dad is...everything.

Pop Stars
June 2001

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © New Line Productions, Inc.

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'Captain Fantastic' Release - 8 July 2016

Source: Deadline Hollywood.
Found By: Lindi
Lindi brings us this latest news from Deadline Hollywood.

‘Captain Fantastic’ Gets Summer Release From Bleecker Street

© Bleecker Street.
Bleecker Street has staked out a July 8 release date for Captain Fantastic, its Sundance drama starring Viggo Mortensen. He plays a father in the forests of the Pacific Northwest who is raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education. Forced to leave his home and enter the world, he begins a journey that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent. The concept of playing a dad facing trying circumstances is nothing new for Mortensen, who also starred in A History Of Violence and The Road.

The film comes from actor-turned-writer/director Matt Ross and also stars Frank Langella, George MacKay, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Zahn, Ann Dowd, Samantha Isler, Annalise Basso, Nicholas Hamilton, Charlie Shotwell, and Shree Crooks. It was produced by Lynette Howell, Jamie Patricof, Shivani Rawat and Monica Levinson.

Said Bleecker Street CEO Andrew Karpen, "Seeing the reaction to the film at Sundance, including three standing ovations at the Eccles, we knew this film had to play in the summertime when audiences are looking for this kind of crowd-pleaser."

© Deadline Hollywood. Images © Bleecker Street.

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Indiewire's Sundance Interview

Source: YouTube.
Found By: Chrissie
Thanks to Chrissie for bringing us Indiewire's interview with the Captain Fantastic cast, now available on YouTube:

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Viggo Mortensen & Director Matt Ross On ‘Captain Fantastic’ As A Different Kind Of Dad – Sundance Studio

Source: Deadline Hollywood.
Found By: Lindi
Thanks to Lindifor bringing us this video interview from Deadline Hollywood.
© Bleecker Street.
"Being a father." That was director Matt Ross's biggest influence in bringing Captain Fantastic to the screen. Best known as an actor who plays steely types such as tech exec Gavin Belson on HBO's Silicon Valley and corrupt Mormon sect leader Alby Grant on Big Love, Ross was at the Sundance Film Festival with his sophomore directorial effort, this one about a counterculture dad of six who wrestles with returning to everyday society following his wife's suicide. Viggo Mortensen, who knows a thing or two about playing dads in perplexing circumstances after A History of Violence and The Road, plays the title character here. In this clip from Deadline's Sundance hub at the Samsung Studio, both Ross and Mortensen reflect on how fatherhood shaped the film. eOne acquired Captain Fantastic's U.K., Canada and Australia/New Zealand territories back in August. Bleecker Street will release the film this summer in the U.S. Today is the final day of the Sundance Film Festival.

[The video can be viewed HERE.]

© Deadline Hollywood.. Images © Bleecker Street.

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Captain Fantastic Interview

Source: YouTube.
Found By: Iolanthe
Thanks to Iolanthe for bringing us this clip from Cinema Magazine.

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