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Viggo on American TV

Found By: Eriko
Image Dave Abel.
© Calgary Sun/ QMI Agency.

Our thanks to Eriko for the heads up.

The Colbert Report: Wednesday, Sep. 17

Late Night with Seth Meyers: Thursday, Sep. 18 (from TV Weekly Now)

© Calgary Sun/ QMI Agency. Images © Dave Abel.

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Live Chat with Viggo Mortensen!

Source: IMDb
© StudioCanal.

From the folks at IMDb ...


We are excited to announce Viggo Mortensen will join us for a Live Q&A on Facebook on Wednesday, September 17th, at 10:35 am PT, to chat about his upcoming film The Two Faces of January. Be sure to follow IMDb and RSVP for the event on Facebook to join in the conversation. Released by Magnolia Pictures, The Two Faces Of January is now available on VOD and will be released in theaters on September 26.

© IMDb. Images © StudioCanal.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Categories: Media Quotable Viggo

Face it Viggo – any hope of living down your image as one of the World's Sexiest Men by donning strange hats, sideburns and bushy beards died the minute you washed up on the shores of Tiff in a sun-kissed slightly tousled crop. Just to pass the time, and because The Huffington Post called you a 'sexy beast' this week, I thought I'd scour the Quotable Archives for all things gorgeous.

There's been a lot of good-looking men at this year's 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, but none of them can compare to the sexy beast that is Viggo Mortensen.

The Huffington Post
9 September 2014

At least we can take solace knowing that in this parched desolate land populated by filthy, unshaven vagrants that Viggo Mortensen is still the sexiest man alive.

'The Road'
By Al Alexander
Echo Pilot
25 November 2009

Viggo Mortensen is everything you'd want and expect him to be: shaggy-haired handsome, passionate, thoughtful, and smart.

'Road' Warrior
By Lynda Gorov
Boston Globe
22 November 2009

Just look at him: handsome, square-jawed and angular, but no trace of Hollywood jackass

A History Of Defiance
By Daniel Mirth
Men's Journal
October 2009

Are you are aware of being very seductive?

"Only when I get into a character. And only if I believe in it myself."

By Simona Coppa - translated by Ollie
9 October 2012

He is just the most handsome man you can imagine -- distractingly handsome. But when you are with him, it's not that you forget, but he is so elegant and so kind and also very interested in photography...

Photographer Brigitte Lacombe
GQ Blog
30 June 2009

"I think he has a quality of self-knowing that challenges everyone that he meets - perhaps unwittingly. But the electrical charge of that challenge of 'How well do you know yourself? Cause I know myself real well.' You know, that's kind of the unspoken Viggo experience. He's also fascinated by other people. And when you combine those elements, it's very charismatic. It can definitely be interpreted as sexy."

Diane Lane
The Hero Returns
By Tom Roston
Premiere 2003 charismatic as Steve McQueen and as beautiful as a saint in a master painting.

Dana Stevens talking about Eastern Promises
13 Sept 2007

He's sexy and alluring in a dangerous way.

Behind The Screens - Tough Guy
By Eliza Krause
New York Magazine
23 September 19

Me: We have to talk about women, because you are the sexiest man alive.

Him: So there are a lot of dead men who are sexier?

Eats Roadkill, Speaks Danish
By Amy Wallace
Esquire magazine
March 2006

I'm a middle-aged father of two and I'm sitting in Wellington's Duxton Hotel eyeing Viggo Mortensen's bum. If a man's wife tells him often enough what a privilege it is to meet Mortensen, what physical perfection he is, what a sex god, this is what happens.

To thine own self be true
By Guy Somerset
NZ Listener
6-12 June 2009

Casually dropping his name into conversations with the girls over the past 48 hours has produced more gasps, heaving bosoms and sighs of jealousy than a Lotto win.

"I'm a poet" - Rings star Mortensen
By Josie McNaught
Sunday Star-Times 2003

You looked sexy in The Lord Of The Rings...what's your favourite costume?

My birthday suit.

Now that is sexy, no wonder women love you...

If you say so.

60 Seconds With...Viggo Mortensen
December 2005

Q: What do you think makes you sexy?

VM: I don't really know how to deal with that question. I'm sure that there's just as many people who think I'm a grizzled hack.

The Hero Returns
By Tom Roston
Premiere 2003

When, a while back, an American magazine decided I was one of the 50 sexiest men in the world, my mother told everybody. Honestly, those kinds of things just make me laugh.

"I'm permanently dissatisfied"
By Amelia EnrĂ­quez - translated by Margarita
30 August 2006

You will find all previous Quotables here.

© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © BTBreakfastTV.

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Viggo Mortensen Comes to Toronto Speaking Four Languages – But Not English

Source: The Wrap.
Found By: ollie
Ollie brings us this report from The Wrap.

Toronto 2014: In “Far From Men” and “Jauja,” the actor appears onscreen speaking French, Danish, Spanish and Arabic

© One World Films.
Toronto 2014: In "Far From Men" and "Jauja," the actor appears onscreen speaking French, Danish, Spanish and Arabic

Several actors appeared in more than one movie at this year's Toronto International Film Festival: Keira Knightley in "The Imitation Game" and "Laggies," Mark Ruffalo in "Foxcatcher" and "Infinitely Polar Bear," Simon Pegg in "Kill Me Three Times" and "Horace and the Search for Happiness," Patricia Clarkson in "October Gale" and "Learning to Drive" and Kristen Stewart in "Still Alice" and "Sils Maria," among others.

But Viggo Mortensen holds the unusual distinction of having two TIFF movies in which he speaks four different languages … none of which are English, the language that moviegoers are accustomed to hearing Mortensen speak.

The 55-year-old Mortensen, born in New York to an American mother and a Danish father, speaks both Danish and Spanish in "Jauja," a beautiful and forbidding art film from Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso, and French (with an Algerian accent) and Arabic in "Far From Men," a David Oelhoffen Western of sorts set during the Algerian war for independence.

Mortensen, who calls himself "a restless person," has also spoken Russian, Swedish, German and Lakota onscreen in other films — plus, of course, the bit of Elvish he speaks in the three "Lord of the Rings" movies.

"Jauja," which premiered in Toronto on Wednesday after debuting in May at Cannes, features the actor as a European officer who ends up wandering through the South American desert looking for his daughter, who may have run off with her boyfriend. His journey gets stranger and more mystical as it progresses, and so does the film — though to be fair, it starts out pretty strange and mystical, too.

The film is largely wordless and entirely arty, composed in the nearly square 4:3 aspect ratio and so determinedly slow-paced that viewers can either be mesmerized or bored stiff, or both at the same time. As a cinematic artifact, it's fascinating — and while it has more of a story than some of Alonso's past films, its commercial prospects would appear to be minimal.

His other TIFF entry, "Far From Men," which premiered on Tuesday, is bigger and a little more mainstream. Set in Algeria during the early days of that country's war for independence from the French, it features Mortensen as the Algerian-born son of immigrants from the Andalusian region of Spain.

"To the French, I'm an Arab," he explains at one point. "To the Algerians, I'm a foreigner."

As a schoolteacher and World War II vet who reluctantly agrees to take an Algerian prisoner through the rebel-infested mountains to a town where the prisoner will no doubt be executed, Mortensen speaks Algerian-accented French throughout the film, except for a few conversations in Arabic.

Loosely-based on the Camus short story "The Guest," "Far From Men" is a quietly gripping character study of a good man caught in bad times with nothing but bad options; it's also an effective suspense tale, with the likelihood of success always in doubt and no tidy resolutions in sight.

With Mortensen's 2014 movie "Everybody Has a Plan" filmed entirely in Spanish, the two new films mean that three of the actor's last four films have been in languages other than English. Only the upcoming "Two Faces of January" is an English-language production.

© The Wrap. Images © One World Films.

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From the 'Jauja' Red Carpet at TIFF

Source: Calgary Sun

Some good ones from yesterday.

© Calgary Sun. Images © Dave Abel/Calgary Sun/ QMI Agency.

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