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Happy Independence Day!!

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Video: Viggo Mortensen & Lisandro Alonso interview regarding Jauja

Source: YouTube.
Found By: Eriko
Many thanks to Eriko for bringing us this interview from ViendoMovies Channel.

© ViendoMovies Channel.

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Viggo on stage: Solos at Teatre Romea

Source: Teatre Romea.
Found By: Eriko/translation: Ollie
Many thanks to Eriko for this find and to Ollie for translating.


Durant la temporada 2014/2015

El SOLO és un modalitat artística que s'aplica més aviat a la dansa i a la música que al teatre. Un SOLO és també una manera d'afrontar un fet artístic. Sense ningú, sol davant el públic. En perill. Quedar-se sol en un escenari és el moment més excepcional per a qualsevol que tingui una relació vital amb el teatre. He demanat a una sèrie de persones, unes més properes que altres -però totes molt admirades-, que m'acompanyin en aquesta primera temporada al capdavant del Romea. Homes i dones que tenen una relació amb el teatre, però que no han de ser necessàriament actors o actrius. Els cedeixo l'escenari buit una nit i ells l'omplen, tot regalant al públic 60 minuts del que vulguin: poesia, prosa, teatre, cançons... El que desitgin o necessitin. Aquelles paraules que formen part del seu bagatge personal i artístic però que, tot i voler compartir-les, potser mai no les podrien fer pujar a un escenari. Les regles seran les mateixes per a tothom: una tria personal sense cap mena de directiva, poc assaig, llegit o de memòria -poc importa-, potser un músic o un instrument, la seva presència i la paraula. Ni més ni menys. Un plaer i un honor. Borja Sitjà

The SOLO is an art form that applies more to dance and music than theatre. A SOLO is also a way of addressing an artistic event. Without anyone, alone in front of the audience. At risk. To be alone on stage is the most exceptional moment for anyone who has a vital relationship with theatre. I have asked a number of people, some closer to me than others, but all much admired, to join me in this first season in charge of the Romea. Men and women who have a relationship with the theater, but who don´t necessarily have to be actors or actresses. I offer them the empty stage for one night and they fill it, giving the audience 60 minutes of anything they want: poetry, prose, drama, songs ... Whatever they want or need. Those words which are part of their personal and artistic background but, wanting to share them, perhaps they could never bring them to the stage. The rules will be the same for everybody: a personal choice without any directive, little rehearsal, read or said by heart - it doesn´t really matter, perhaps a musician or an instrument, his presence and words. No more nor less. A pleasure and an honor. Borja Sitjà

Solos a càrrec de:
Pere Arquillué
Juan Villoro
Juan Echanove
Alberto San Juan
Lluís Soler
Nathalie Poza
Viggo Mortensen
Emma Vilarasau
Xavier Albertí
Andrés Lima
José María Pou
Lluís Homar
Marcos Ordóñez
Nora Navas
Mario Gas
Ariadna Gil
Eduard Fernández
Carles Canut

© Grup Focus · Avís Legal.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

You may have noticed that to amuse myself I've been posting Western photos all week. Maybe because Viggo looks so darned good in Cowboy gear. So to continue the theme I thought I'd take another look at Appalooa (still one of my favourite Viggo films) and Hidalgo (West meets East with horses). All together now.... Yee-ha!


Are there two more stronger, silenter types in modern movies than Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen?

Richard Crouse
6 September 2008

Viggo Mortensen follows a classic cowboy code in the Western "Appaloosa": Speak softly and carry a big honkin' gun.

Mortensen Packs a Big Gun
By David Germain
Associated Press
17 September 2008

With his chiseled, windburned, mustachioed face, Mortensen is a dead ringer for men you'd see in an actual frontier photo.

Jim Vejvoda
18 September 2008

Mortensen's performance is flawless – so real that the film seems more like a look into the past, rather than a fictional slice of entertainment. You can see his power, his strength, and his intelligence as easy as you can see the all-prevalent dusty wind.

Monika Bartyzel
8 September 2008
Early Films

"I like characters who find themselves at the brink of change. Everett is in the centre of the transition from anarchy to civil law in America. My characters always stand for crossing a ford. Years ago, Everett studied at West Point but I love imagining him as the black sheep of the family because he has gone West, looking for adventure and he has found it."

Viggo Mortensen
Appaloosa - 5 Questions For Viggo Mortensen
By Antonella Catena - translated by Ewa
16 January 2009

"It's not a revisionist Western," states Mortensen. "It's not a movie about 1882 seen through our eyes as much as it is a picture that's without judgment of people as they seem to have behaved back then. The standards of behavior were very different. In some ways, there were higher standards of politeness and chivalry, but in other ways, people were much more direct and brutal towards each other."

Viggo Mortensen
Appaloosa: Shooting Ed Harris' Western
August 2008

Watching Viggo Mortensen positioning himself in grand style in the preparation for the climactic shootout offers visual pleasure as well as reaffirmation of a code of honor that may be too mythical but helps maintain the tradition of the Westerner as a gentleman guided by strong inner conscience and sense of self.

Emmanuel Levy
7 September 2008

…as the scene unfolded, Mortensen stood rock solid, waiting to draw his Colt .45. And then his hat went flying away, a Frisbee on steroids. Harris reset the scene, and then cinematographer Dean Semler ("Dances With Wolves") ran out of film. "That's why I like to shoot digitally," he muttered to Harris.

Filming the final scene of Appaloosa
Ed Harris ramrods unconventional western 'Appaloosa'
By John Horn
Los Angeles Times
7 September 2008


Mortensen was clearly chosen for the role in Hidalgo for more than just his acting skills. He is genuinely concerned with things being done correctly, respectfully, and honestly---and it shows...It is a tribute to the creators of Hidalgo that they chose Viggo Mortensen.

Native Voice Interview with Viggo
by Lise Balk King,
Pine Ridge Reservation
South Dakota
December 2003

'It is good to have a movie that's old-fashioned and treats cowboys with respect. But all that can get lost when you get the 'Oh, I heard it's not true' comments. I can't believe that I had to spend half my time on the press tours dealing with that. My job became primarily to defend the movie's right to exist! It's a movie based on a true event, not a documentary. And it is a hell of a ride. That ought to be good enough - is for most movies - few of which can hold a candle to Hidalgo.'

Viggo Mortensen on the Frank Hopkins controversy
A Visit With Viggo
By Marianne Love
Sandpoint magazine

"I found out a while back that I'm related to Buffalo Bill - distantly, on my mother's mother's side of the family," he says. "It's true: I went to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, and saw the records that prove the connection." Mortensen finds J.K. Simmons' performance as Buffalo Bill "terrific" - and it gave him an interesting opportunity to play in scenes with a distant relative.

Viggo Mortensen: The Straight-Shooting Star of the New Western
By Joe Leydon
Cowboys & Indians
April 2004

There is a genre knowingness to a claim like "God didn't make all men equal, Mr. Colt did," but I have to love a movie that lets someone say, "Easy, boys, it's a long way to Damascus." This is not the tin-eared grit of the misbegotten The Missing. Marvel at how Mortensen can all but whisper his lines: "Ain't no money worth a man's life, the way I see it"; "Nobody hurts my horse." He plays tired real good. Idealism resonates all the way through.

Ray Pride
Movie City News
Review Date: March 4, 2004

While the film can waver from itself, Mortensen is steadfast like a throw back to the old school smoldering actors that paraded about the prairies, years ago; sexy and very iconic American cowboy.

Emily Blunt
The Blunt Review

'This film will help shape what people will think about the Old West, the Ghost Dance and Massacre at Wounded Knee, etc., into the future. You've got to be careful. Ten years from now this movie will say more about how we looked at things than it will about the historical things that are touched on in the story of Frank T. Hopkins and Hidalgo.'

Viggo Mortensen
An Interview with Viggo
by Lise Balk King and Frank J King
Native Voice
January 2004

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© Viggo-Works/Iolanthe. Images © New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers.

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