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Happy Hanukkah!

Many of our friends here at Viggo-Works begin their Hanukkah celebrations at sundown today.

May the Festival of Lights bring blessings upon you and all your loved ones for happiness and health.


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Scott Feinberg Ranks 'Good' as a Favorite

Source: The Envelope/LA Times.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Good Reviews
Scott Feinberg really does like Viggo's performance in Good - here he is championing it as one of his favourites of the year. Thanks to Chrissie for bringing this to us!

Where is the love... ?

Image Larry Horricks.
© Good Films.
The 2008 awards season has produced numerous magnificent performances. Many came in high-profile films like "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Doubt," "Frost/Nixon," "Milk" and "Revolutionary Road," and have been honored in recent weeks with Golden Globe and SAG Awards nominations. Some of my favorites, though, came in smaller films that seemed to slip largely under the radar, preventing the actors from attracting the attention necessary to generate awards recognition for their performances.

In memory of all of the year's performances that have been unjustly forgotten, here is a look at the five that most impressed me.

2. Viggo Mortensen (Prof. John Halder in "Good")
Although the epic, Oscar-winning "Lord of the Rings" trilogy may have assured Viggo Mortensen of immortality, the films have also made it very hard for people inside and outside the industry to think of him as anyone but Aragorn. Fortunately, David Cronenberg took a chance on Mortensen in two movies in the last few years -- "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promises" -- and he proved that he doesn't need to be surrounded by special effects or CGI to give a memorable performance.

Mortensen's strongest work, however, came this year in a film that is the polar opposite of the blockbusters for which he is most famous. In the big-screen adaptation of C.P. Taylor's play "Good," his character speaks very little (and very softly when he does) but conveys loads through a grimace of the face, an adjustment of his glasses or a glimpse into his eyes. He is not a confident young buck with flowing locks of hair, a man out to save the universe, but a mild-mannered, middle-aged professor who faces a much more intimate sort of question: What sort of a man are you when your back is against the wall?

The rest of the article can be found here at the LA Times' The Envelope.

© The Envelope/LA Times. Images © Good Films.

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Iolanthe's Festive Quotable Viggo

Categories: Quotable Viggo

"'Tis the season to be jolly..." so for the last weekend before Christmas I've compiled some quotable quips - by and about Viggo - to put a smile on all our faces. They are all favourites of mine, many are new and some are old chestnuts that I've posted here before, but - hey - I like them so it's time to give them another festive outing.

'...there are some silly-genes in our family, that he benefits from.'

Aunt Tulle on Viggo interview
15 October 2008

Viggo Mortensen scrubbed up for the big night. The best-actor nominee (Eastern Promises) prepped by taking "my annual bath. It was an arduous process of refilling the tub many times."

Viggo on Oscar night
Donna Freydkin and William Keck
USA Today
25 February 2008

'...they're terrible at writing, but I look forward to seeing them soon.'

Viggo on his horses in New Zealand
'Ordinary guy' role a treat for Mortensen
By Russell Baillie
New Zealand Herald
March 18 2006

PA: If you were a flower, viggo, what kind would you be?

VM: Today, I'd be one of those spiky little red bottlebrush trees.

Interview with Patricia Arquette
Interview magazine, 1995

SC: I read somewhere that you had the best walk. What's that about?

VM: Really? (Laughs) I don't know. How do you they know? I guess people are standing behind you. Yeah ... watching me walk. What's a good walk? I stay in a straight line, I think. That's a good thing to aim for.

Leggo My Viggo
by Suzan Colon
Jane magazine 1999

'The one who is really happy about it is my mother.'

Viggo Mortensen on being told he is a sex-symol
"I'm permanently dissatisfied"
by Amelia EnrĂ­quez, Lecturas Magazine
30 August 2006
Translated for V-W by Margarita

"I dunno, maybe I'm channeling some barbaric ancestor or something."

Viggo Mortensen on his convincing performance in 'A History of Violence'
E online
22 Sept 2005

As we talk about his feelings after completing the final Lord of the Rings movie, Mortensen says that it can't get any bigger than this. "It's been a long journey, and nobody could have imagined its magnitude. And it will continue to be the greatest ever. As for myself, I look forward to totally ruling the world."

Talkin' To Me?
By Gunnar Rehlin
Scanorama magazine, 2004 Viggo Mortensen sits openly in the lobby of the Sutton Place, gently tickling the ivories of a baby grand piano....

His response to the question, "I didn't know you played:"

"I didn't either," followed by a loud, horsy laugh.

Viggo Mortensen plays piano at Sutton Place
Bruce Demara
8 September 2008

....."the fabulous, luscious..... William Hurt. The amazing, always surprising...... Ed Harris... The startling and scintillating..... Maria Bello. And finally, the really not too bad..... Viggo Mortensen!"

David Cronenberg introducing his cast at TIFF
Toronto International Film Festival

"I heard Lord of the Rings win their first one and I thought, 'Well, I can lie here in the dark like an idiot, or I can go out and be a man and sit in the kitchen and watch it with everybody else."

Viggo Mortensen on trying to avoid the Oscars at a friends house
David Letterman Show, 2004

Why, it's Aragorn Powers: International Middle-Earth Man of Mystery!

Comment on the Armani (?) Red Suit worn at the Copenhagen
Easrern Promises Premier
Life&style Magazine
October 2007

VM: Well, is there anything else? It's onerous to talk to me, I know.

DC: It's torment. I actually had to take some codeine pills before we

A Conversation Between David Cronenberg And Viggo Mortensen: The Interview
Transcribed by Patches
28 Sept 2007

"We both have such bad memories that neither of us could remember we had worked together," says Mr. Cronenberg. "It was only when I saw photographs that I realized."

Behind the banter, 'Eastern Promises' actor and director offer serious insights
By Chris Vognar, Dallas News
12 Sept 2007

In a pivotal scene in The Indian Runner, Sean Penn's first film as a director, a character named Frank Roberts suddenly attacks a bartender played by Dennis Hopper, who is cleaning blood off the bar. Is the blood symbolic of something that triggers the attack? "No," says Viggo Mortensen, who plays the violent Frank. "It was Dennis's breath."

Tough Guy
Eliza Krause
23 September 1991

"After this movie wraps, I'm thinking of going into goatherding, like my mother and her mother before her."

Viggo Mortensen on 'Prison'
Prison Press Kit Biography, 1988

© Images © Focus Features.

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Viggo Mortensen is more than 'Good.'

Source: Reel Talk
Found By: Sachie
Thanks to Sachie for the heads up on this Reel Talk TV interview with Viggo!

Click here for the video.


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Found By: Mums
10 Questions with Viggo Mortensen on
10 Questions with Viggo Mortensen on
© Time Inc.
The 10 Questions for Viggo Mortensen interview with is now available on video. Many thanks to Mums for bringing it to us!

© 2008 Time Inc.. Images © Time Inc..

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