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The Professional of the 21st Century, a Blend of David Beckham, J.K. Rowling, Viggo Mortensen, Madonna and Fernando Alonso

Source: PR Newswire
A HoV: Promotional Tour - Mexico November 17, 2005
A HoV: Promotional Tour - Mexico November 17, 2005
Image Marco Polo Davila.
© AFP - Getty Images.
Everybody is looking for a Viggo.
PRNewswire LONDON May 23

LONDON, May 23 /PRNewswire/ --

- According to Catenon, the Perfect Executive Combines the Geographical Mobility of the Footballer, the Creativity and Innovation of the Writer, the Multicultural Mindset of the Actor, the Flexibility of the Singer and the Results-Orientation of the Race Car Driver

The ideal candidate for any European country is the one who not only has the right training, a mastery of several different languages and the willingness to relocate, but also displays a blend of some of the values of the footballer, the writer, the actor, the singer and the race car driver, according to an analysis by Catenon Worldwide Executive Search, an international company that undertakes global searches for professionals.

The study concludes that despite the fact that they all work in a field other than business, all five possess the personality traits that are most sought by companies. For example, Beckham's geographical mobility, J.K. Rowling's imagination and innovation, Mortensen's multiculturalism, Madonna's flexibility and Alonso's results-orientation are all qualities that the perfect executive should possess.

Beckham's geographical mobility

According to the executive search processes performed by Catenon, 30% of vacancies have been covered by looking for candidates in at least four countries at the same time, whereas a mere two years ago 95% of the vacancies were covered by professionals in the country where the job was.

Companies appreciate professionals who can also work in one of their subsidiaries in any country. To do so, they need professionals with the willingness to relocate to other countries that David Beckham has shown in his career, which has encompassed England, Spain and now the United States.

J.K. Rowling's creativity, innovation and imagination

Companies no longer only compete on products or technology. Nowadays human resources are the key to success and their most powerful competitive advantage. Plus, doing things well is not enough, rather they have to be done in the most innovative and imaginative way.

As a result, the imagination, innovation and creativity of J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series, symbolise what is expected of executives: that they are capable of resolving problems using their imagination, and that they have the creative ability to find new paths and bold solutions.

Mortensen's multiculturalism

This is the age of open, multicultural minds, of professionals who know how to adapt in order to live abroad. Companies have internal structures which allow for coordination of a certain area for all geographical markets.

Executives need not only languages, they also need the enriched
experience of having lived in different cultures. This is the case of actor Viggo Mortensen: born in New York to a Danish father, Mortensen was raised in Argentina and speaks English, Spanish and Danish perfectly.

Madonna's "chameleon-like" flexibility

Given the increasing dynamism of the current economic environment, companies put a premium on professionals who are capable of wearing different hats.

Madonna is a fine example of this ability to adapt to different stages. The once-provocative artist is now gaining accolades by writing children's books. She's been successful in her various roles, showing a versatility that is a prerequisite for any job.

Alonso's results-orientation

The last attribute of the perfect executive is the ability to be results-oriented. Companies mainly measure the ability to achieve goals and objectives.

Formula One race car driver Fernando Alonso is not only focused on winning, he also has steadfastness, perseverance and the ability to concentrate.

Catenon Worldwide Executive Search

© PR Newswire. Images © AFP/Getty.

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Good Viggo, Good!

Source: Empire Magazine.
Found By: Michelle
Categories: Good
© New Line Productions Inc.
Our thanks to Michele for surfacing this article from Empire Magazine that we have been hearing about.

Wartime drama begins shooting...

Viggo Mortensen, Jason Isaacs, Jodie Whittaker and Mark Strong have gathered together in Budapest today for a massive party. Not really - they've actually all travelled to the Hungarian capital to begin work on the screen adaptation of C.P Taylor's play, Good. Set during the height of German nationalism, the movie will see Mortensen take the lead role of Professor and family man John Halder - an author whose literary output endears him to a string of powerful political leaders in The Third Reich.

"Good is everything you don't expect from a period film set against such a calamitous moment in history," says director Vicente Amorim: "It's colourful, exciting, funny and utterly relevant. This film involves us in the buzz of a nation on the rise where anything is possible and 'good' people get caught up in a stampede that is heading over a cliff."

The film is populated by a strong British supporting cast that includes Steven Mackintosh, Gemma Jones and Ruth Gemmell. The cameras started rolling today, with the finished product due for release in 2008. Meanwhile, you'll soon be able to catch Mortensen opposite Naomi Watts in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises when it hits screens at the end of the year, while Jason Isaacs will be once again conjuring up all sorts of nastiness as Lucius Malfoy in this summer's Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

© Emap Consumer Media. Images © New Line Productions Inc.

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A First Look at Halder

Source: Odd Lot International.
Found By: Sachie

Our thanks to Sachie for surfacing this update from Odd Lot International, giving us our first look at Viggo's John Halder.

From the Odd Lot International Cannes promo...

Click on scan to enlarge.
© Odd Lot International.

© Odd Lot International.

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"Good" Begins Principal Photograpy

Source: Dark Horizons.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Good

Our thanks to Chrissiejane for surfacing this piece on "Good" from Dark Horizons.
Seven weeks of principal photography begins today on GOOD, based on the Tony® Award wining stage play by CP Taylor, with Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, A History of Violence) in the lead role of John Halder.

Mortensen will star alongside British actors Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Patriot), Jodie Whittaker (Venus, St. Trinians) and Mark Strong (Stardust, Oliver Twist; Syriana). The screenplay is adapted by John Wrathall, and will be helmed by award-winning director Vicente Amorim. Produced by Good Films Ltd, finance provided by the Aramid Entertainment, specialists in the provision of entertainment finance.

GOOD examines the life of 'everyman' John Halder (Mortensen), a 'good' and decent individual with family problems: a neurotic wife, two demanding children and a mother suffering from senile dementia. A literary professor, Halder explores his personal circumstances in a novel advocating compassionate euthanasia. When the book is unexpectedly enlisted by powerful political figures in support of government propaganda, Halder finds his career rising in an optimistic current of nationalism and prosperity. Seemingly inconsequential decisions lead to choices, which lead to more choices...with eventually devastating effect.

The film also stars Anastasia Hille (The Wisdom of Crocodiles), Ruth Gemmell (Fever Pitch), Gemma Jones (Sense & Sensibility), David de Keyser (The Statement), Ralph Riach (Copying Beethoven), Guy Henry (V for Vendetta), Kevin Doyle (The Libertine), Steven Elder (Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God) and Steven Mackintosh (The Mother; Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).

"GOOD is everything you don't expect from a period film set against such a calamitous moment in history," says director Vicente Amorim. "It's colourful, exciting, funny and utterly relevant. This film involves us in the buzz of a nation on the rise where anything is possible and 'good' people get caught up in a stampede that is heading over a cliff."

Odd Lot International will be handling foreign sales for the film beginning at the 2007 Cannes International Film Festival. "We are thrilled to be associated with a project of this caliber and to bring it to the international marketplace," stated Brian O'Shea, head of Odd Lot International. "The script is first-rate and the director has genuine vision that we know will translate well to the screen, especially with the presence of Viggo and the rest of the cast."

The film has already pre-sold to a number of key markets including the UK with Lionsgate/BBC. Domestic sales will be repped by Stuart Manashil of CAA and Graham Taylor of Endeavor. Good is made in collaboration with Laurin Entertainment, Hungary.

© 1997-2007, Dark Horizons┬« Multimedia. All Rights Reserved.. Images © Michael Lavine.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

From All of Us at Viggo-Works

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