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Christmas is Coming at Pine Ridge Too - Won't You Help?!

Source: Friends On Board.
Found By: lsnaturegirl
Categories: Friends on Board

Please Help To Provide A Holiday Meal

© 1, 2, 3 Hi Baby!.
The cold winter months are already upon our friends in Pine Ridge. They have some huge challenges ahead of them, and with the holidays just around the corner, there's an added challenge of putting food on the table for 250 plus families for Christmas holiday dinners.

There really is no better way to show your gratitude for all your blessings this year than to help a family celebrate Christmas with a traditional holiday dinner. A dollar a day isn't much ... if 250 people made the commitment to donate $1.00 per day for the next 30 days, 250 families will have a ham or turkey dinner to enjoy on Christmas Day. If you can donate more than $1.00 per day then we can provide for more families. Make the commitment today so our friends at Pine Ridge and clients of 1,2,3 ... Hi Baby! can enjoy their Christmas holiday ham or turkey dinner.

Please make your donation for the full pledge now ... donate by visiting Friends On Board and click on the Holiday Meal Donate button on the sidebar. We will be accepting Holiday Meal donations until December 20, 2008.

Images © 1, 2, 3 Hi Baby!.

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Viggo-Works Christmas Calendar 2008

Created by Techadmin
Our Viggo-Works Christmas tradition arrives for 2008

Click Here Daily in December for Your Viggo Christmas Gift!

Be sure to click on each date as that date arrives. You will not be able to click on future dates. Be patient! Santa arrives daily!

Created by our own Techadmin

© Images © New Line Productions Inc.

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Viggo Mortensen takes on Spanish challenge

Source: Japan Today.
Found By: Sachie
Our thanks to Sachie for sending along this piece from Japan Today.

Next up for Viggo...Spanish theater.
© Japan Today.
TOKYO -- Viggo Mortensen is surprised at how many fans he has in Japan. "They turn up at my movie premieres, photo exhibitions and poetry readings all over the world, even in places as faraway as Iceland. It makes me so happy," said the 50-year-old star during a visit to Japan this month to promote his new film, "Alatriste."

Born in New York to a Danish father and American mother, Mortensen spent much of his childhood living in Venezuela and Argentina. Completing his education in the U.S., Mortensen started writing poetry and short stories and took acting classes before making his movie debut in "Witness" (1985). Among his other film credits are "The Indian Runner," "Carlito's Way," "Crimson Tide," "G.I. Jane," "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promise."

"Alatriste" proved to be Mortensen's biggest challenge to date because it is all in Spanish. Based on five of Arturo Perez-Reverte's novels, "Alatriste" tells the story of soldier-turned-mercenary Capt Alatriste, a heroic figure from the country's 17th century imperial wars. It covers 20 years of his life, from the wars in Flanders in 1623 to those against France in 1643, when Spain, under King Philip IV, accelerated its decline from its position as the world's dominating superpower.

"The golden age of Spain has never really been told by Spanish filmmakers before," said Mortensen. "There have been countless books and some Hollywood and English productions, told from their point of view and self-promotion. The Spanish have never been big on promoting themselves after their empire. So everybody in Spain had high expectations for the film. I thought they'd be out for my scalp. But I'm certain this movie will grow as a classic film from Spanish cinema."

Mortensen said he felt comfortable making a movie in Spanish. "Sometimes, I can express my feelings and access my emotions much better in Spanish than I can in English," he said. "For the movie, the challenge was not the Spanish dialogue. Having been raised in South America, I'm fluent in Spanish, but the challenge was to learn the different dialect of another time and place. I was never familiar with words and phrases from the 17th century. It was an interesting anthropological project."

Mortensen thinks "Alatriste" will appeal to Japanese audiences because of its similarity to Japan's samurai era. "There are many parallels to Japan, including (legendary swordsman) Miyamoto Musashi and his code of ethics," he said. "The themes of friendship and pride are universal."

Next up for the actor will be a stint in the Spanish theater. "It's been 20 years since I last did stage work. There's no take 2, no escape. You either remember your lines or you don't. It'll be a good challenge."

© Japan Today.

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Here is a rare find and a great opportunity.


Green #2
Green #2.
© Viggo Mortensen.
Viggo Mortensen
Green #2, 1998
Chromogenic color print
16 x 20 inches
Signed on verso: 4/25
Exhibited at Track 16 in Recent Forgeries
Published in Hole in the Sun (Perceval Press, 2002, page 19)


"This is a photography of understatement, even absence--there is always a sense that what's there could be something else. That is perhaps a silly thing to say but what I mean is that it could have been something else in terms of its importance in the world, which is very distinct from its importance to Mortensen himself. He is not dealing in content; rather, he is locating "lyric valuables." The images make us feel something, but we do not have to know what it is we are actually looking at: the literal falls into insignificance.

Mortensen again and again focuses and frames his sense of being in the world, the strangeness of it, and his strangeness before it. He does not seek out the shockingly strange or rhetorically declarative, but he notices the sharp buzz of formal or color relationships that momentarily bring the contiguous into tension . . ."

--Kevin Power, curator and critic

Also included in sale, The Other Parade cd (2003), featuring Green #2 on the back cover (re-issue of the CD has titles and liner notes in Japanese. Still in shrinkwrap).

The Other Parade:

1) Death of a Dentist (2:30)
2) Massage School (4:31)

3) Trouble at the Launchpad (4:12)

4) Strike at the Wig Factory (5:05)

5) The Other Parade (8:15)

6) Room for Nine (2:47)

7) Dream of the See-Saw Repairman (3:30)

8) Night in an Animal Hospital (3:52)

9) ... 3, 4 ...(5:03)

The Players: Buckethead: guitar, bass, robot, weeping, shuffling; DJ Bonebrake: drums, chorus, vibes, ropes, telephone, marimba, vocals; Exene Cervenka: guitar, chorus, flags, dog chorus; Brigit: vocals; Sarah P. Smith: trombone, chorus, plastic flute, vocals; Hank C. Mortensen: piano, drums, thread, chorus; Travis Dickerson: hammond organ, woodpile; Zak Marmalefski: guitar, chorus; Viggo Mortensen: motorcycle muffler, drill, chorus, percussion, keyboard, wheelchair, vocals, drums, xylophone

This auction is only for residents of the US as I will only ship to the US. I accept Paypal, Money and Cashier Checks (which must be verified and cleared before I send the item.) I do not accept personal checks. Winning bidder must pay within seven days of auction's end. Please ask all questions before bidding, there are no returns. This piece will be sent three day delivery via Fedex Air for a flat rate shipping fee of $25.00 and must be signed for upon delivery. You will be provided with a tracking number when it's on its way.

You can bid on this true Viggo collector's must-have item here on eBay.

© Viggo Mortensen.

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Capone has a GOOD chat with Viggo Mortensen about politics, THE ROAD, APPALOOSA, and THE HOBBIT!!!

'Good' Premiere: Rome 10-26-08
'Good' Premiere: Rome 10-26-08.
© Cindalea. Used by permission.
Our thanks to Eriko for surfacing this in depth interview with Viggo at AintItCool News.
Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here.

In late October, as part of the Chicago International Film Festival's Closing Night festivities, Viggo Mortensen got himself a Career Achievement Award just before a screening of what will now be his next film to be released in theaters, a strange film that examines the fluid definitions of right and wrong--a movie called GOOD. Set in the early days of the National Socialist moment in Germany, GOOD centers on a professor who wrote a harmless novel years earlier that inadvertently is serving the Nazis as a justification for their theories of racial purity and the killing of the Jewish people. The book serves as such a great inspiration and blueprint that the professor is elevated up through the Nazi ranks almost without any ambition on his part to do so. Now that the adaptation of THE ROAD has been moved into 2009, GOOD is being pushed as Mortensen's shot at an Oscar for 2008. It's a quiet, understated performance about a complicated man, who is both far from flawless and far from guilty.

I don't tend to talk about the circumstances that lead up to any interview I do, but this particular day was interesting. Mortensen only spoke to three journalists during his short time in Chicago--one from a local newspaper, one from a local TV station, and me. Just to add some context to the beginning of our conversation, we spoke about five days before Election Day in November. In addition to his memorable work in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, THE INDIAN RUNNER, CRIMSON TIDE, THE PROPHECY (he played the motherfucking devil!), G.I. JANE, A WALK ON THE MOON, and a pair of films with David Cronenberg (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and EASTERN PROMISES), as well as the criminally overlooked APPALOOSA earlier this year, Mortensen is a fierce activist. For those of you who hate it when actors talk politics, you may be forced to skip huge sections of the beginning of our conversation, which also covers his disappointment at THE ROAD's release date getting pushed back and whether or not there's a chance he'll appear in the two-film adaptation of THE HOBBIT.

Mortensen is without a doubt one of the most engaging people I've ever talked to. His answers about any of his films are not prepared or cut down to sound-bite-ready snippets. If the spirit grabs him on any topic, he goes with it, as you'll see from the beginning of our talk. Enjoy 35 minutes with Viggo Mortensen!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Capone: Yeah. I'm guessing that Peter Jackson has not contacted you about participating, but would you even want there to be a place for you?

VM: Well, the first movie, if it's going to be the book, I'm not in the book.

Capone: Right, exactly.

VM: The second movie, I would think they would do for story fun and also for economic reasons, I'm sure.

Capone: I would think it would like THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RING.

VM: Yeah, but that's what I'm saying. They would do that, using what they legally have the right to, which I assume are the appendices of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I don't think they have the right to take whatever they want from the SILMARILLION, for example, but they could take from the appendices.

For example, we shot a sequence, Liv Tyler and I, and it's in Lorien, and we're walking around, and it's when I'm know, I'm wearing clothes that are more like something you'd see Legolas wearing. I have no beard. I have really long hair, and it's partly in a braid. And, I'm wearing definitely elvish kind of clothing. I look like some young elvish lord. And, I think, I'm barefoot, walking in these flowers with her. And, we're in that courtship period, you know, and because of our aging thing, we look similar. I look a little younger than usual, the no beard helps and all that.

And, it's a memory, right, and it was meant to be used as one of those moments where I'm remembering something about her. They didn't use it. So, they could use that, and then they could shoot other things in that vein. I don't know, they could make up a certain amount of things that would be in the spirit of Tolkien, I have no doubt. People ask me about it a lot, and I say, obviously, "Nobody's come to me," but I won't be surprised if they do, if I'm right for it in their eyes. Obviously, as an actor who originated on film that role, I'd rather finish the job, all things being equal, meaning, Is it a good script, and do they have their shit together, than see another actor do it.

Capone: Right. Well, yeah, yeah, nobody wants that.

VM: I mean, I'm as interested in principle in the idea as, maybe, some of your readers are. [laughs]

Capone: Well, that's good to hear.

VM: Yeah, why not?

Read the entire wide ranging interview here at

© 1996-2008 Harry Knowles. Images © Cindalea.

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