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Today's Rumor: GOOD Cancelled

Found By: Gaby
Categories: Good
Photocall for Alatriste in Madrid, 8.29.2006.
Photocall for Alatriste in Madrid, 8.29.2006..
© Univision.
We have just received an alert from Gaby and verified by Jochen Schütze at that the Good movie project has been cancelled, or at least is not moving forward because of lack of funding. We will try to check for further confirmation.

nach unserem Info-Stand wird der Film GOOD definitiv nicht gedreht, weil die Finanzierung nicht zustandekam.......

Images © Univision.

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UPDATE: More Honors for Viggo in Spain

Translation by Margarita
Source: Diario de León
Categories: AwardsAlatriste

Valdelugueros will dedicate a plaza and a plaque to Viggo Mortensen

On December 14th, we posted a story from our friend Miguel Angel Nepomuceno, who sent this piece from Diario de León about Viggo and Alatriste being honored in Valdeteja. Our thanks go out to Margarita for this wonderful translation. Now we know what a great honor this is for Viggo and for Alatriste.

Agreement by the plenary session of the City Council of Valdelugueros, Oct. 14, 2006 / 8.3-Recognition by the city of Valdelugueros of the New York actor Mr. Viggo Mortensen

The mayor proposes the following for the consideration of the Council:

To thank New York actor Viggo Mortensen, star of the movie Captain "Alatriste", for the interest he has repeatedly demonstrated in our city, contributing to the knowledge of the city and its recognition around the world

The City Council emphasizes the appreciation and interest shown by the actor in researching the historical roots of his legendary, historical character, a soldier of the Flanders Regiment in the 17th century, and a native of this city of Valdelugueros.

The actor Viggo Mortensen portrays Captain "Alatriste" serenely and eloquently, identifying himself with the proverbial sentido hidalgo of our country.

His repeated visits to our cities, especially to Valdeteja, which went far beyond purely professional reasons, have made him a beloved ambassador of our city, and contributed to the city's recognition and elevated status around the world

In virtue of the many merits of New York actor Viggo Mortensen, the City Council of Valdelugueros and its members unanimously concur:

First: To express our most sincere gratitude and recognition to Mr. Viggo Mortensen, New York actor, by dedicating a Plaza and stone monolith to him in the city of Valdeteja.

Second: From this day forward, that the actor Viggo Mortensen will become a part of our history and that, for the neighbors and admirers of this city of Valdelugueros, he will embody the transparency and warmth of Captain Alatriste's character, native of this region. His name will be engraved in the noble and sturdy stone of Valdeteja, in recognition for his kinship with the region of the Alto Curueño, and he will be a well-qualified ambassador for the city of Valdelugueros before the world.

© Diario de León. Images © J Casares. Used by permission.

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Alatriste: Limited Edition DVD

Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Alatriste

Available in Spain on February 7, 2007

Our thanks to Rogorn at for giving us the reminder that the 2 disc limited edition Alatrsite DVD will be available in Spain on February 7th.

When ordering, be aware that there may be Zone differences that will keep the DVD from working on other DVD players around the world. Check for Zone compatability with your personal DVD player before purchasing.

Order from Simply type in Alatriste in the search function to bring up the order page.

Images © 20th Century Fox/Estudios Picasso/Origen.

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The Rumor Mill: Update

A HoV: LA Premiere September 21, 2005
A HoV: LA Premiere September 21, 2005
Image Keven Winter.
© Getty.
On December 21, 2006 we published a report from that pushed a rumor stating that Viggo had been offered a part on the TV series Crossing Jordan.

We can officially debunk that rumor as being false.

From Viggo's manager and publicists...

...we have never been approached by Crossing Jordan in regard to Viggo, and secondly, he's committed to films all year and not available for a series.
Now you know.

Images © Getty.

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Domincal Translation

Dominicale - 8.27.2006
Dominicale - 8.27.2006.
© Dominicale.

A Multi-Talented Hero

It's been a long time coming but it has definitely been worth the wait. You can now find a full translation of the article that appeared in the 27 August edition of Dominical magazine here.

Many thanks to NacidaLibre for the wonderful translation.


© Dominical.

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