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Happy Halloween!

Here us something that is a bit more trick than treat, brought to us by Paradise...created by lotr_gal709. Let's just say that it is Viggo in costume!

Happy Halloween everyone!

© lotr_gal709.

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Your November Reminders

Click on image to enlarge.

© Images © Overseas Film Group.

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Worls Series 2007

Congratulations to the World Champion
Boston Red Sox

To the Wonderful Colorado Rockies
Thanks for the Ride!

Images © Boston Red Sox Baseball and Colorado Rockies Baseball.

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Laurel Tree Guild

Categories: Art Community
An Open Invitation

We'd like to give all creative people an open invitation to participate in the Laurel Tree Guild. The LTG (Laurel Tree Guild) is a small community of artists who through support and encouragement link their websites to a common page. Our Mission Statement is as follows:

Mission Statement

We have created the Laurel Tree Guild as an artists gathering and our purpose is to maintain a listing and linking of creative individual artists as a community, and to energize and further our own individual artwork. Our mission is to promote and help artists be seen by those on the internet, and to eventually have a free standing page of its own accord for that purpose.

What types of work and sites are accepted:

All aspects of art, except books regardless of the genre, are accepted into the juried process.

To be a member of the LTG you need a website complete with a shopping cart (without the assistance of companies like or Cafe for others to purchase your work.

Whether you choose to offer your work internationally is up to you.

You can have a site specifically in your own language however, if you include English your audience will be much larger due to your affiliation with V-W.

Members and non-members of are welcome to participate.

None of your proceeds goes towards

For more information or to submit your website to the Jury, please e-mail mailto: or mailto:

Images © Laurel Tree Guild™.

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For You Consideration #2

Source: Variety.
Found By: Eriko, Yoyo, and Nikkie
Our thanks to Eriko, Yoyo, and Nikkie.

© 2007, Reed Business Information. Images © Focus Features.

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