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'Appaloosa' Clips

Found By: Eriko and Paradise
© New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers.
Thanks to Eriko and Paradise for finding 8 wonderful clips from 'Appaloosa' that have just been released!


Click here to go to the clips!

© Warner Brothers. Images © Warner Brothers.

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Appaloosa Review in Studio Magazine

Translation by Chrissiejane
Source: Studio.
Found By: Dom
Categories: Appaloosa
Many thanks to Dom for sending scans of the Appaloosa review from the September issue of Studio magazine.

Click to enlarge (the black and white one definitely looks better after you've clicked).

Our thanks to Chrissiejane for the translation.

APPALOOSA: Superb example of a genre that will never become out-of-fashion: the Western

By, and with, Ed Harris, also with Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellweger......1h 45 min

The story:
A New Mexico town lives in terror of Randall Bragg and his gang of outlaws. Marshal Virgil Cole and his deputy arrive, to take care of the safety of the townspeople.

Appaloosa is a Western, a very good Western, the genuine article! It ranks with those American movies that made the settlement of the West into a one of the best movie settings in American cinema.

Ed Harris - in this, his second movie as director after Pollock (2001) - follows the example of Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves and Open Range, and demonstrates his palpable respect for this totally beyond-fashion genre. A respect that seems to forbid him from modernising the genre for fear of spoiling it.

One could find this approach ridiculous if it did not prove that some things have absolutely no need to be updated.

Appaloosa tells of the battle of two honorable men (Ed Harris himself, and his deputy, the impeccable VM) to bring respect for the law to a little town which until now, has had none, because of the renegade (Jeremy Irons, the best surprise of this movie) who terrorises the region. Once the clear line between the good guys and the bad guys has been established, the storyline moves on with ease, dealing out the cards so that the diverse personalities of each main character comes into play. Thus, we see that the "good" marshal possesses an inner capacity for violence which threatens to explode at any moment. And similarly, the love of his life, (Renee Zellweger) is just as volatile.

Ed Harris' clever direction concentrates on the best characteristics of the men, follows their restless wanderings like a vulture tracking its prey. He also knows how to keep the direction very simple, and via the cinematography, goes straight to the point without meandering off. To summarise - tough, but with sensitivity.

From up in the heavens, John Ford will be happy to see that his heritage is in good hands!

© Studio.

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'Appaloosa': Deauville Evening Highlights

Found By: Chrissie
Deauville: Appaloosa - 9.13.08
Deauville: Appaloosa - 9.13.08.
© 2007-2008
Thanks to Chrissie for finding this video from Deauville of the highlights of last night's Red Carpet event and the tribute to Ed Harris.

Click here for the video.

© 2007-2008 Images © 2007-2008

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Images: 'Appaloosa' Premiere at Deauville

Categories: Movie Promotions

© Wireimage/Getty.

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Deauville Press Conference

Source: 34th Deauville American Film Festival.
Found By: mums and ewa
Categories: Movie Promotions

Our thanks to both mums and ewa for bringing us the 'Appaloosa' press conference from Deauville via the official Deauville site.

You can view the entire press conference here.

© 34th Deauville American Film Festival - 2008. Images © Wireimage.

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