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This Week In The V-W Marketplace News

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© VW. Used by permission.

We have had another great week with our features in the Viggo-Works Marketplace News. Check out all the delightful artistic offerings.
© Houk, Nichole Camarillo, Roycie, kathyfena.


FEATURED ARTIST: Nichole Camarillo



Once again, check out all of our features in the Viggo-Works Marketplace News.

© viggo-works.com. Images © Houk, Nichole Camarillo, Roycie, kathyfena, Zazzle.

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More From Diario de León

Source: Diario de León .
Found By: Miguel Angel Nepomuceno
Categories: Scans
Once again our friend Miguel Angel Nepomuceno, sends us this interview with Viggo done by Pacho Rodriguez for Diario de León this past May. Once again...our sincere thanks to Miguel!

Click on scan to enlarge.

Yes...we are again working on a translation to English for all of you. Stay tuned!

© Diario de León . Used by permission.

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Diario de León Article: Translation

Source: Diario de León .
Found By: Translated by Graciela and Remolina
Our thanks to both Graciela and Remolina for the excellent (and speedy) translation of the piece by our friend Miguel Angel Nepomuceno featured in today's Diario de León.

Viggo Continues In Memory

Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06
Insignia of Gold of León Ceremony 10.13.06
Image Ramiro DL.
© Diario de León. Used by permission.
Though it is a little later than expected and is still awaiting the imminent laying of the stone that will commemorate that this is the birthplace of Diego Alatriste y Tenorio, the captain of the Flanders Tercios, the city council of Valdelugueros, led by mayor Emilio Orejas, has realized the promise made three years ago that they would name the recently built square in the center of the town of Valdeteja, in the central León mountains, after the New York actor Viggo Mortensen.

Specifically chosen by Viggo among the many places that he visited before shooting the movie as he tried to absorb the language and customs of the residents of this beautiful place, and to transform it into the homeland of the character that he would play months later in the now mythic Díaz Yanes movie, Alatriste, Valdeteja has become ever since, as agreed by actor and author, the birthplace of one of the most popular fictional heroes of the current historic narrative, which takes place in the XVII century.

The Argüellos region, with its Curueño river winding between its narrow pass, attracted Mortensen from the first time he admired it on a snowy morning in Februay 2005; its rugged and precipitous geography led him to make it his usual place of rest during the filming, and an obvious meeting point from then on with friends, local people and children, so there wasn't a time when he didn't take some present for them and play swords with them around the fountain located just in front of the church. Both Anabel's bar, the first place which the actor visited on his arrival in Valdeteja, and the winding paths that lead into the low hills that surround the village, were for some months the mute witnesses of the actor's excursions and, just after the León premiere of Alatriste, he traveled with the director and the other members of the crew to Valdeteja, so that they could see with their own eyes the home village of Reverte's hero, and he filmed a DVD and published a book of photographs about Valdeteja.

As Viggo in person told us, "I would like to build a house in Valdeteja, and make it the Alatriste Museum, as well as a place to rest for actors and friends who would like to visit this región." It is never too late, and the latest news we have is that next winter he will return to León, from where he's been absent for more than four years. Now, Emilio Orejas, Valdeluguero's mayor, suggested to the city council and reached agreement to go ahead with the proposal to rename the main square in Valdeteja as Viggo Mortensen's Square "for the reiterated interest shown by Viggo Mortensen for this region, and his contributions to spreading awareness of it". The City council highlights the great esteem shown by the actor for discovering the historic roots of the legendary character of Alatriste in the above mentioned municipality. His continuous visits to our villages, and to Valdeteja in particular, which transcend the mere professional interest, makes him a loving ambassador of our region and contribute to its recognition and praise.

© Diario de León . Images © Diario de León . Used by permission.

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UPDATE: Work Honoring Viggo Begins In Valdeteja

Viggo sigue en el recuerdo

Diario de León: July 27,2009
Diario de León: July 27,2009.
© Diario de León .
On December 14th, 2007 we posted a story from our friend Miguel Angel Nepomuceno, who sent this piece that he wrote for Diario de León about Viggo and Alatriste being honored in Valdeteja. We are delighted to hear from Miguel once more with a follow up piece that construction in the plaza in Valdeteja is beginning. As always...our sincere thanks to Miguel!

Click on scan to enlarge.

Yes...we are working on a translation to English for all of you. Stay tuned!

Here is our original post and translation from 2007.

© Diario de León . Used by permission.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Categories: Quotable Viggo
In previous Quotables I've quite often looked at Viggo's relationships with fellow actors and directors. But there are other people involved in film making - the stuntmen, bit players, extras, makeup-artists and those that just take on any job that needs doing. To his eternal credit Viggo never forgets how valuable their input is and he never overlooks them. They share the gifts, hospitality, attention and courtesy he gives to everyone on set and, quite often, find themselves on the receiving end of unexpected help. If ever an actor deserved at Haka at the end of a long shoot, it's Viggo. Remember that moment from the end of the RotK extras? Admit it. You cried.

From: My Fairy Tale.
© Fon Chansenthor.

Each time the tracks in the street were swept away rapidly by the crew including Dennis 'the horseman'. All of a sudden Viggo Mortensen apppeared, grabbed a big broom and started sweeping vigorously alongside the crew Now that was different. Viggo Mortensen is definitely not afraid of hard work and dirt.........[/CENTER]

Blogengeezer daflikkers.blogspot.com
24 October 2007

"A lot of those jobs, particularly the factory work, were physically hard and mind numbing. But having that background of menial jobs and manual labour gave me an appreciation for the people who show up to a film set before I do, leave after I do and only get paid a fraction of what I do."

Viggo Mortensen
By Angus Fontaine
Time Out, Sydney
9 April 2009

Men who, some of them being faithful to his call, follow him without batting an eyelid, from the plains of New Zealand or the American coasts up to the torrid plains of Cuenca, like the cordial José Luis Pérez, his make-up assistant, a man of elegant bearing and chivalrous manners, whose paternal roots are deep-seated in the Leonese village of Sahelices de Sabero, and whom he had met five years ago during the shooting of Lord of the Rings.

"Viggo is amazing. A real gentleman," he tells us. "I met him there and worked with him for three years. Then, one fine day he called me so that I could come to work on Alatriste and I had not the slightest hesitation."

Reunion with Alatriste in Uclés
Diario de León
by Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno - translated by Paddy
26 June 2005

In addition to his charm and normalcy, Mortensen had given t-shirts designed by himself, mate and trinkets - every day he would arrive on set with bags of caramels, gum and more - given to the members of technical and artistic crew.

Alatriste Fights in the Streets
By Rocío García
EL PAÍS 1st Aug 2005
Translated by Elessars Queen

"At the end of shooting one day, we went out and had a drink and Viggo was just so encouraging of everybody he'd worked with, including the extras. He always had a kind word to say to everyone. And I don't know anyone who has a bad word to say about him. He bought flowers for all the extras on one incredibly rainy day. He was just really generous with his time but he never talked himself up. He's quite shy about talking about his own achievements. They were really lucky they got him for this. He kind of makes the film for me."

Jed Brophy
Viggo Mortensen
by Desmond Sampson
Pavement #62, 2003

"There was virtually no distinction between stunt players and extras and principal actors. We were all in that same soup, and we were all exhausted and sick."

Viggo Mortensen on filming the Battle of Helm's Deep
Good Fellow
by Jamie Painter Young
Backstage West, 5 January 2004

Mortensen's humble attitude and willingness to do his own stunts earned him the nickname "No-Ego Viggo" among the crew. "He was always taking out stuntmen and buying them beer because he hit them one too many times," says Orlando Bloom. "He just goes for it. Viggo's energy is endless. He knows no limit."

The Hero Returns
By Tom Roston
January 2003

I'm surprised how he was continuously obliging and polite, following everyone's needs closely and sometimes getting ahead on what we needed at that specific moment. The extras and the rest of the crew were equally showered with identical attention, even though these were as simple as the one in which an extra who was still wearing his dusty battledress, shyly goes to him in order to ask him for an autograph for his wife and daughter, whom he had left in Chile. "But of course! Sit with us for a while and have something," was the Captain's warm response, once again he was taking care of his men.

Reunion with Alatriste in Uclés
Diario de León
by Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno - translated by Paddy
26 June 2005

Once they had to shoot a scene in a wood -- she's the only woman among other casts, and there were other two 8-yr-old kids, and during shooting, they had to walk up and down the mountians and through the thick forest. She felt so exhausted, but didnt complained. When they finished shooting, Viggo came to hug and carry her back to their tent, and she's surprised why he did that.

However, she said nothing until they reached their tent, but thought why he didnt carry the other kids instead of her. When they arrived, Viggo said to her, "I know you're tired, Fon." and she almost cried when she heard that.

He explained to her why he didnt carry the kids because they were New Zealand natives, so they got used to weather and surroundings, but she didnt. She didnt ask him that question, but he seemed to understand what in her mind. She nodded and felt overjoyed, and thanked him.....

Filming Lord of the Rings
Taken from: My Fairy Tale.
By Fon Chansenthor.
posted by vecrabanion on Live Journal

When we said goodbye to Viggo the other day inside the Golden Hall of Edoras, the stunt crew, veterans with him of every bloody battle, danced the haka, a welcoming, challenging, life-enhancing Maori tradition. And then hobbits singing, more haka, more praise for Viggo and his make-up colleague Jose and his son Henry Mortensen - and for Bernard Hill who having had his own farewell two days before, nipped back for a second helping of adulation!

The White Book
Ian McKellen
15 July 2003

Before Viggo Mortensen turned away in the brightly lit, night street of Appaloosa, he unexpectedly reached out, grabbed my hand, looked directly into my eyes and said, "Thank You Very Much for your help". 'The Carpenter' gratefully replied, "Thank you sir, it is an Honor having worked with you". Viggo Mortensen smiled, then slowly turned to walk to his 'ride'.....and it truly was an Honor, thats no lie.

Blogengeezer daflikkers.blogspot.com
22 November 2007

© viggo-works.com. Images © Fon Chansenthor.

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