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Radio New Zealand Interview

Source: Radio New Zealand.
Found By: Eriko
Image Larry Horricks.
© Good Films.

Thanks to Eriko for finding this interview which was broadcast on June 3 on Radio New Zealand.

At the Movies with Simon Morris: Viggo talks with Simon about his new film, the Holocaust drama 'Good'.
(Viggo's interview starts at around 14'30")

Click on link: At The Movies for 3 June 2009

Download: Podcast (MP3) or Ogg (Vorbis)

© Radio New Zealand. Images © Good Films.

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Source: NZ Listener.
Found By: kaijamin
Categories: Scans
With huge thanks to kaijamin for acquiring and scanning the magazine, here's that interview from the NZ Listener.

Click on scan to enlarge

© 2003-2009 APN Holdings NZ Ltd..

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Some 'GOOD' News!

Source: Here and There and Everywhere.
Found By: Chrissie & Chrissiejane
Categories: Reviews
Good is doing quite nicely in Spain it seems, given that it's up against blockbusters like Angels & Demons and is also on quite limited release. Here's a link with box office news:
Image Larry Horricks.
© Good Films.
La segunda entrada de este listado es Good, adaptación de la homónima pieza teatral del escocés Philip Taylor sobre un carismático profesor en la Alemania nazi, personaje confiado al versátil Viggo Mortensen. Con apenas 84 copias estrenadas, logra buenos promedios y congrega a cerca de 50.000 espectadores.

And it's also interesting that, although critical reaction has been mixed, there are some enthusiastic opinions from ordinary moviegoers who blog about what they've seen.
Image Larry Horricks.
© Good Films.
Good: Well, well. I couldn't have planned this more perfectly! I went with my Dad to see this for his birthday, the day after I saw The Reader (cf a few paragraphs below), and I must say the two complement each other wonderfully! I think the provide a glimpse into the answer of a question that many people have asked themselves when poring over early 20th century history (particularly the period leading up to WWII in Germany): how could people have allowed that to happen? how could so much of the country be complicit to Hitler's actions? The Reader illustrates the case of a person who finds her way into that mess via ignorance. Good complements that by looking at the opposite end of the educational spectrum: a University professor, an author, who is shocked by the book burning right after Hitler's rise to power in '33, openly mocks that "idiot clown" Hitler with his army buddy and psycologist (who is Jewish, no need to tell you what will happen to him) and refuses to join the National Socialist Party when his father-in-law tells him that's the only way he'll advance in the University hierarchy. And from there you follow the paths he takes, the passive choices he makes that eventually lead him to being a full-fledged member of the SS without realising what that means, and then finally waking up to what is really happening around him (in '42). Excellent work by Viggo Mortensen, I don't think I've ever seen him portray a "bookish" character such as this one. He's very convincing (even dubbed in Spanish). This guy's acting range is amazing, he's one of the few actors I'll go see in just about anything! (now there's a post I've been meaning to put together... another time). In any case, I highly recommend this movie, although I understand such a serious subject might not be everyone's cup of tea (particularly in the summer months, am surprised at the release date!) I believe it to be a good lesson/warning for people now who are too complacent, just let things happen around them thinking it doesn't concern them, they're not responsible. Ignorance of what is happening around you doesn't make you innocent of complicity later.

© Ultima Hora/Here and There and Everywhere. Images © Good Films.

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Your June Reminders

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© Images © Estudios Picasso / Origen Producciones.

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