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Viggo Travels to Australia and Great Britain in March

Source: Viggo-Works
© Odd Lot Entertainment, LLC.
We can now confirm that Viggo will indeed travel to both Australia and Great Britain to promote Good in March.

> Sydney and Melbourne: March 23rd-26th

> London: March 29th-31st

As we learn more details about these appearances, we will keep you posted.

© Images © Odd Lot Entertainment, LLC.

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Viggo Event in Britain

Source: Curzon Cinemas.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Movie Promotions
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Thanks to Chrissiejane for the heads up.

For the Brits with access to London, here's advance news of a Viggo Q&A at the Curzon Cinema Mayfair on 30 March.

Good/Q&A Viggo Mortensen

Certificate: 15
Directors: Vicente Amorim
Duration: 96
Year: 2008
Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Jason Isaacs, Gemma Jones

Based on the acclaimed play by CP Taylor, Good stars Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises) in an extraordinary change-of-pace role as John Halder; a decent individual with family problems. A German literature professor in the 1930s, Halder explores his personal circumstances by writing a novel advocating compassionate euthanasia. When the book is unexpectedly enlisted by powerful political figures in support of government propaganda, Halder finds his career rising in an optimistic current of nationalism and prosperity. Yet with Halder's change in fortune, his seemingly inconsequential decisions potentially jeopardize the people in his life with devastating effects.

© Curzon Cinemas. Images © Odd Lot Entertainment, LLC.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Categories: Quotable Viggo

A mention this week of Viggo on the FIFA website tells me it's time we looked at Viggo the sports fan. It's reassuring for us fellow-fans to know that no matter how avidly we follow Viggo he is even worse when it comes to all the teams he supports and especially San Lorenzo. He is, as he has said, a "cuervo till death!"

San Lorenzo 100th Anniversary Celebration

A global star since his turn in Lord of the Rings, he could easily lay claim to the title Lord of the Nuevo Gasometro, the stadium home of Argentinian side San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Fans in high places
20 February 2009

"I don't play soccer well... I sing just like I play soccer! But I like it, so I do it anyway, it's just a matter of starting, fear is useless..."

Viggo Mortensen
A Hollywood star in RSM
Argentinean TV interview with Mariana Fabbiani
11 October 2008

MP: Did you go to San Lorenzo matches when you lived in Argentina?

MORTENSEN: No. I would listen on the radio. I was pretty fanatical about it. At the time it was unusual, because we weren't a very good team. We were interesting, but most of the kids in school were Boca Juniors or River Plate or other teams, and then the year before I left, suddenly we won it all. It was the only time that it's ever happened that we had an undefeated season, so that was a big deal. All of a sudden, the day after [that], a kid at school said, "I like San Lorenzo, too," and I said, "Bullshit. You're Boca Junior. Whatever."

Viggo Mortensen - For The Good Of The People
By Elliot V Kotek
Moving Pictures
Winter 2008-2009

"The highest honor in my life is to be a San Lorenzo fan; we have a noble spirit... we know how to win and how to lose with dignity; and the only time we have an ugly face in the stadium is when we play. It will always be like this for me; and stealing some words from the great Homero Manzi (tango writer)... something like this: (singing) "I love you today more than I did yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow; my passion is azulgrana (red and blue), and it demands your fervor". Thank you San Lorenzo! Go Ciclón!"

Viggo's speech
100th year San Lorenzo celebration
Buenos Aires
Translated by Silver

I was about 11 when I came to the U.S. in '69. I got a crash course in baseball that October when the Mets won the World Series. Even though we moved to northern New York -- it was a Yankees town if anything -- the Mets were my team from then on. I've stuck with them through thick and thin. If I'm in town when they come to L.A., I'll see them play. It's not any easier being a Mets fan than it is being a fan of San Lorenzo. You have to have a lot of perseverance -- that's what being a fan is about. You can't be a bandwagon guy.

Viggo talking about the Mets
Viggo Mortensen Q&A
By Richard Deitsch
Sports Illustrated magazine
5 August 2004
Source: Sports Illustrated magazine

'It was unbelievable. You were kind of hoping they'd win, but you knew there was no way it would happen. And right before your eyes, a miracle. It was such an underdog story. That's what fascinated me. Maybe that's why I love the Mets.'

Viggo Mortensen on watching the 'Miracle on Ice' against the Soviets
Lake Placid Olympics in 1980
Viggo Mortensen Q&A
By Richard Deitsch
Sports Illustrated magazine, 2004 enigma wrapped in a Mets T-shirt.

Viggo the Sponge
By Jake Coyle, MSNBC
21 Sept 2007

Rove: I know you used to be a translator with, I think, the Swedish Hockey Team in the Winter Olympics?

Viggo: Well, I was meant to be a translator for the Danish Olympic Team but nobody showed up. Literally. And they said "Well, can you understand the Swedes?' I said "I probably can. I'm not sure they can understand me.' But it became...what I really got to do was go to a lot of hockey games with drunken Finns and Swedes...'

Rove Live interview
February 28 2006

Viggo Mortensen has a trick. He performs it to amuse himself during back-to-back interviews, when he needs something, other than cigarettes, to keep himself alert. The trick is this: He is wearing a Canadian Hockey League pendant - one of those pewter souvenirs you buy at any arena gift shop. He starts the interview with the pendant facing forward on his chest. Then, at some point, he flips the pendant over. On the other side is a Montreal Canadians sticker.

"First I try to guess if the interviewer is a hockey fan and secondly if they're a [Toronto Maple] Leafs fan. Then I wait to see how long it takes them to notice," he says. "This one guy stopped the interview and just starts going, 'No, no, no!' "

Viggo during HoV promotions
Profile: Viggo Mortensen
By Leah McLaren
Globe and Mail
23 September 2005

When asked why he always sports San Lorenzo gear during interviews (today it's a pullover with their logos) he jokes, "mind control."

Viggo does 'Good'
Mortensen shows us his softer side
by Tina Chadha
Metro New York
9 January 2009

© Images © Ole at Clarin.

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A Lovely Way To Support Shambhala Farms

001sham.jpg 002sham.jpg
Heads up on this new auction of a personalized copy of Recent Forgeries in support of Shambhala Farms. A great way to get this lovely collector's item and help a worthy cause.
This book was generously donated by Viggo Mortensen and his publishing house, Perceval Press, for the purpose of fundraising for the rescue animals at Shambhala Farm. Shambhala Farm provides a permanent loving home and a place of spiritual peace for chronically ill, disabled, and severely abused and neglected animals. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly toward the care, feeding, and housing of the rescue animals at Shambhala Farm.

The title page of this book has been personally signed by Mr. Mortensen, "Thank you for supporting the Shambhala Farm", showing what a truly kind and special person Mr. Mortensen is.

You have until February 21 to bid on this item. Don't miss out!

You can place your bid here at eBay.

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Video From 'Good' Premiere In Budapest

Found By: Ollie
'Good' Premiere: Budapest
'Good' Premiere: Budapest.
© Origo 2008.
Our thanks to Ollie for surfacing this nice video of the 'Good' premiere in Budapest last year. There is a whole lot of audience interview, but the smattering of Viggo is lovely indeed.

You can view the Budapest 'Good' Premiere video here.

© Origo 2008.

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