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eBay Auction: Viggo Supports Ocean Charter School

Bid On This Great Collectors Item Signed By Viggo

Viggo has signed this wonderful Lord of the Rings Collectors Set for the good people at Ocean Charter School for their fund raiser. It is being auctioned at eBay. What a great way to support their school and land a truly unique autographed collection.

This rare package from Lord Of The Rings Hand Autographed by Viggo Mortenson!

One: Complete Box of 36 unopened packs of Topps
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring collectible movie cards.
All foil stamped series with randomly inserted authentic printed autographs and prismatic foil cards.

Frodo Bonus Foil Card as well.

The outside of the Box is HAND autographed by Viggo Mortenson who played Aragorn!

He hand signed both the top and the side.

He wrote on the top: "(heart) Viggo Thanks For Supporting Ocean Charter School."
On the side: "Thanks (heart) Viggo"


One: Lord of the Rings Collector's box set of eight Double Sided 8 x 10 postercards of Aragorn.

Lord of the Rings logo is stamped in gold foil, inc eight envelopes.

Cards are in brand new condition and are a large 8X10 size prefect for framing!

Box is also HAND autographed by Viggo Mortenson!

He wrote: "Thanks For Supporting Ocean Charter School (heart) Viggo"

Viggo Mortenson actual hand signature is extremely rare, let alone
a complete set of two different collector's cards from Lord of the Rings!

This item is 100% authentic and comes with a letter of authenticity from Ocean Charter School.

Visit the Ocean Charter School Website.

Bid on this great item at eBay until July 11.

Images © Ocean Charter School.

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Happy Canada Day!

From All of Us at Viggo-Works
To Our Friends and Neighbors Up North
Have a Wonderful Day!

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Your July Reminders

Click on image to enlarge.

© Images © Gamma Presse.

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Eastern Promises Trailer

Source: Yahoo News.
Found By: Chrissiejane

At Last! We Have An "Eastern Promises"Trailer...And What A Trailer It Is! Our thanks to Chrissiejane for bringing us this first fabulous Eastern Promises trailer from Yahoo News.

**Obvious SPOILERS**

The EP trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure by going HERE.

© Focus Features.

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Extraordinary Viggo Video

Source: YouTube.
Found By: Dom
Categories: Gallery Shows

We have to extend out thanks to Dom for surfacing this old but wonderful video from the Track 16 Gallery Signlanguage Exhibition, held in Feb-March 2002. What makes this video extraordinary are the artistics insights given by Viggo as he discusses several pieces from the exhibition.

It is our firm belief that you will ENJOY this one.

Watch the video from the Track 16 Gallery Signlanguage Exhibition, held in Feb-March 2002.

© 2007 YouTube, LLC/fromtheothersideprod/Craig Parish.

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