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With 'Good', Vicente Amorim Gains Status

Translation by Ninniach
Categories: Movie Promotions
Many thanks to Ninniach for providing a translation of Rodrigo Fonseca's review from the Rio Film Festival:
© Good Films/Odd Lot International.
With a gala session next Wednesday, October 8, at 10 pm, at the Odeon, Good, by the Brazilian Vicente Amorim, proves that the Rio Festival has learned to leave the great (and, in this case, disturbing) surprises until last. Director of O Caminho das Nuvens, Amorim may now consider himself part of the select group of Brazilian filmmakers with strong international visibility, including Fernando Meirelles, Walter Salles, José Padilha and Carlos Saldanha, among (few) others, with this adaptation of C.P. Taylor's homonym play.

The filmmaker may have nailed it with the way he deals with the drama basis of the project, preserving a structure that reflects drama staging in his neoclassic shots. When you see an actor reach the maturity Viggo Mortensen, the lead actor in the movie, has reached, it's hard to immediately register the directing subtleties of a director that is not yet an auteur. But in this fable about the decaying certainties and morals of an idealistic intellectual, Amorim was careful enough to let his camera indicate Viggo's dramatic strength, reaching a fine balance.

Distant relative to Copenhagen, the acclaimed play by Michael Frayn that's part of the tradition of historic drama, Good follows the trajectory that leads literature professor and writer Halder (Mortensen) to the height of Nazism, between the years of 1933 and 1942. There are few characters at the drama's core, which seems to indicate the ideological conversion of a humanist educator into a spokesman of Hitler's aims. That's not the major point, though. Halder isn't intellectually inclined to the swastika's arms. He's a tragic, passive hero, overwhelmed by the power of the feelings of passion and love that rule him: his former student and now lover Anne (Jodie Whittaker) and the dream of a lively Germany. That's not a political dream. On the contrary, it's an almost ultra-romantic ambition. It's Halder's Goethe moment, showing his affinity with Romantism in his time and space evasions from the discrete hallucination that haunts him: the feeling that an old ballad from his homeland plays in the moments of highest affective tension.

That tension's peek has a name: Maurice, a Jewish shrink with whom he maintains a two decade long fraternal friendship, started during military duty. Maurice, smartly played by Jason Isaacs, outlines the chaos that Halder, blinded by need, fails to see. The new Germany rising before the protagonist's eyes, with SS officials (Hitler's FBI) bearing rings of Nibelungs in their fingers, obfuscates its evidence. A specialist in Marcel Proust's work, a censored author by the Nazis, Halder tries to leave "searching for the lost time" in his obedience to the Reich; but it's too late.

That feeling of "too late", materialized in a painfully poetic ending, is foreseen in the first scenes, by the cloud of sorrow surrounding Halder's head. The ethical and existential anvil in his conscience is translated by Mortensen's discreet gestures and biting look, that illustrate the greatness he has achieved as an actor. Through him, Good can compare with critically acclaimed films like A Man For All Seasons (1966), by Fred Zinnemann, for which Paul Scofield won the Oscar for his role as the philosopher Thomas More. The difference between these two characters is that Halder's "Utopia" lies in the preservation of values that Nazism threatens to take away. Specially, a value called friendship.

To translate this dramatic uneasiness, Amorim strips the movie from any epic feeling. Halder's drama is not that of a mythical figure. It's just the drama of someone who has remained true to his noblest feelings, not realizing that the most intimate of values may be corrupted by social relationship. Formally, the cinematography by British Andrew Dunn, perfectly serves the director's efforts, choosing a metonymical (linguistic figure in which the part replaces the whole) framing of close-ups. In close-ups, Halder's eye tells his truth: the stupefaction before a horror that screams, asking permission to pass.

Good is therefore more than just a good movie. The future will tell how long it remains in the eyes of cinema fans.

© Images © Good Films/Odd Lot.

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Source: Roskilde Kunstforening.
Found By: Anna
Categories: Gallery Shows
Huge thanks to Anna for sending us the scans of the official program for Viggo's Denmark exhibit at Roskilde Kunstforening.

© 2005-2008 Roskilde Kunstforening.

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Viggo Donates Chapel to San Lorenzo

Source: El Glorioso San Lorenzo.
Found By: Chrissie, translated by Graciela
Categories: Viggo on Life

Viggo's Chapel

© Olé.
This morning there was a ceremony in the San Lorenzo campus to place a plaque at the site where a chapel financed by actor Viggo Mortensen will be erected. Father Domingo Pizulli blessed the plaque and the people in attendance, among which there was the actor himself, the club president Rafael Savino, Jose Capria, Miguel Matas, architect Luchinni and many San Lorenzo fans. Rafael Savino kept his head down attentively listening to the priests words throughout the ceremony, showing what a devout man he is.

Viggo was wearing a number 9 jersey, signed by the 1968 Matadores and the famous flag that he carries around the world, which will stay forever in the chapel. The actor had time to get some pictures with those in attendance and to calm the anxious female fans that had showed up for the ceremony. Throughout the morning, one could hear cheers for the most famous San Lorenzo fan, thanking him for taking San Lorenzi to every corner of the world and to every movie festival, and you could hear the crowd shouting "idol" every now and then.

After the touching ceremony, all those in attendance signed the minutes and there were words of gratitude for Viggo. Father Pizzuli evoked the moment when father Lorenzo Mazza made him a San Lorenzo fan.

After the ceremony, Viggo went to the "Cuidad Deportiva" to have an "asado" (barbeque), and although the women were expecting to get invited, today he only had eyes for the Ciclon.

© 2008 El Glorioso San Lorenzo . Images © Olé.

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Viggo in Argentina

Translation by Graciela
Categories: Movie Promotions
Our thanks to Graciela for the translation.

A Hollywood star in RSM

TV anchor Mariana Fabbiani was visited in the studios of America by a true worldwide movie star.

Actor Viggo Mortensen, who arrived in Argentina to promote his latest movie "Between Life and Death" (Appaloosa), was interviewed yesterday by Mariana Fabbiani in the current edition of "Summary of the Media", where he not only discussed the different movies he has starred in during his successful career but also received several surprises and gifts of his beloved team San Lorenzo of Almagro Athletic Club.

The "cuervos" (crows) are the sex champions, that's why I am a San Lorenzo fan," joked the handsome American artist at the beginning of the interview, in the show that airs Monday through Friday at 8:45 pm on America.

"It's true that they've checked my luggage more than once because of the yerba maté; they don't know what it is, it looks like a pipe. I once carried a kilo of yerba in a bag, and that was the problem... It looked like a kilo of something else!," commented this maté fan about the unpleasant moments he has had to go through when he has been held back at several airports.

In the TV studios, Fabbiani honored Mortensen with a tape that had greetings from the current San Lorenzo players, while at the same time, he got a surprise visit by the members of "Los Matadores" (The Killers), among them Sergio Villar, Roberto Telch, Pedro Gonzalez, Rodolfo Fischer, Agustin Irusta, Osacr Calics and Victorio Cocco. "These are my idols!," said the Hollywood star visibly touched.

"I don't play soccer well... I sing just like I play soccer! But I like it, so I do it anyway, it's just a matter of starting, fear is useless... I can't stay to see San Lorenzo, but I will go to see the national team play on Saturday... I will come back in November because I don't want to miss this tournament. I would like to buy a house here... In Boedo!, the protagonist of movies such as "A Perfect Murder", "Lord of the Rings", and "Eastern Promises" expressed while laughing.

Besides, RSM handed him the book written by Hector "Bambino" Veira especially dedicated to "Guido", the name the former coach likes to call Mortensen; a San Lorenzo jersey signed by the current "cuervo" team and another one commemorating the "Matadores" 40th year anniversary; a frame with magazine covers of San Lorenzo's best years, and a special edition of El Grafico that came out when San Lorenzo won the tournament. "Next week you will have to bring a Huracan (another team) supporter, because all this must be ugly for some..." Mortensen expressed happily before leaving.

In Appaloosa, the western directed by Ed Harris, Mortensen acts alongside Jeremy Irons, Luce Rains, Timothy V. Murphy, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Gabriel Marantz and Erik J. Bockemeier, among other important actors.

© Carolina Croci, . Images © Ramey.

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Newsletter #4 from Roskilde

Source: Roskilde Kunstforening.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Gallery Shows
© 2005-2008 Roskilde Kunstforening/Chrissiejane.
Thanks to Chrissiejane.
October 10, 2008
Newsletter #4

In this newsletter we will provide you with the final details pertaining the Viggo Mortensen exhibition at Palæfløjen. Earlier newsletters are printed below for those of you who are new to this mailing list.

Earlier statement was:

Mr. Mortensen will be present and available for autographs from 15.00 hrs at Palæhaven (the Palace Garden ) from which point the exhibition will also be open.

New statement is: The exhibition will open at 12.30 hrs, and the time for the signing session has been moved to approximately 13.30-14.00 hrs and the location for the signing has been moved from the Palace Garden to a nearby highschool. Directions to this place will be available outside Palæfløjen. The address is: Roskilde Gymnasium, Domkirkepladsen, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark.

Additional information:

The artwork will be for sale for the present visitors, but NOT available through the internet. Perceval Press publications will also be available. People who cannot visit the exhibition can send us an email and be put on a list for buying the special issue journal should any copies be left after the opening. The price and conditions will be published on our homepage.
Photographing is allowed.

Admission is still open for everyone and free of charge.


© Copyright 2005-2008 Roskilde Kunstforening.

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