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Viggo-Works Marketplace News: FEATURED ARTIST

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© VW. Used by permission.
Announcing the featured artist at Viggo-Works Marketplace News!
A Stroll in the Park
A Stroll in the Park.
© Itaya. Used by permission.

We are proud to feature Itaya Lightbourne and her shop Itaya's Designs. Her work is lovely, using paint as her medium she creates both impressionistic and abstract artwork. A member of The Indie Collective and the Daily Painters Guild. You may have seen her work on Etsy.com, Art Desy - An Art Directory, The Artist's.org, Another Daily Artist Blog and Art Bloggin.

Not only does she have products using her paintings, she also uses graphic designs to create pleasing effects. You will see just a sampling of her designs on products. With limited space we've tried to give you an idea of the scope of the work in her shop.

You can see much more of Itaya's work here at Viggo-Works Marketplace News.

© viggo-works.com. Images © Artwork: Itaya.

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Here Viggo again

Source: Capital Times.
Found By: Sally
Our thanks to Sally for the heads up on this new piece from Capital Times in New Zealand.

Viggo Bore-tenson

Capital Times: June 2009
Capital Times: June 2009.
© 2006 Capital Publishing.
10 June 2009

A bad interview with GOOD actor Viggo Mortenson.

WHEN I met Viggo Mortenson I dropped my notepad.

Not because I was nervous - no, not me.

Juggling a camera, two bags, and the notebook, I then tried to shake the man's hand. Luckily, Mortenson didn't show any sign of seeing my blunder.
The first thing I noticed was his hair.

After watching his latest movie, GOOD, I had left the theatre slightly disturbed at the carefully straightened, bowl-shaped extravaganza sitting atop his crown.
Today's hairstyle was no improvement. It was so perfectly preened, I had the urge to pat it to see if it would move.

I restrained myself. Instead I smiled and shook that hand - there was no eye contact and a limp piece of flesh greeted me in return. Mortenson then left the room to get some hot water.

"That's the one thing Viggo asked to be on the table," one of the minders scolded the other as I sat down and made myself at home.

Mortenson returned and sat next to me. We had a moment of uncomfortable silence before he said, "Would you like a piece of chocolate?" and pushed a block of Old Gold towards me.

With my cheeks bulging I was taken back to The Lord of the Rings when Gollum bit Frodo's finger off. I gulped the chocolate down quickly.

Mortenson was not the friendly, outgoing man I had heard friends gush about after a signing.

He seemed awkward, and out of place in the room bustling with random hangers-on and eager PR women who laughed hysterically every time the poor man opened his mouth.

I started off with what was possibly not the most imaginative question: What was it like to play a Nazi?

"I wasn't an over-the-top character - usually there are extreme characters (in Nazi movies). Initially you can kind of relate to the character. It's important not to generalise..."

Mortenson's long-winded answers sucked me in for a while before I realised he wasn't saying much at all.

Instead, I was taken away to his steamy and violent naked scene in Eastern Promises, as well as, of course, his stellar performance in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It was easy to let the mind wander as the Oscar nominee took up 10 minutes on the first question. I only had 15 minutes with him, and the irritating "times up" finger signals one lady kept waving at me from across the room didn't help.

He is a bit Bore-tenson, but there's no denying that Mortenson is beautiful to look at - flawless skin, just the right height, strong jaw line - shall I go on?

Plus, there's a sort of intensity about him, via his piercing blue eyes, which draws you in and compels you to find out more.

With the interview over half an hour later (take that finger pointer) Mortenson drew a visible sigh of relief and warmed up. I realised that this is an actor jaded from the thousands of interviews he is subjected to.

If one thing was clear from my time with him, it's that he's so serious because he's so passionate about acting (and damn good at it too) - but sadly for me, not so much about journalists.

You never know though. During photos we cajoled an unenthused Mortenson to give me a high-five. He indulged us once and then opted for the classic arm-around-the-fan picture.

His warm arm lingered gently over my shoulders for several moments after the snap had been captured - a sure sign, right?

If he cut his hair, maybe I'd be keen.

Sophie Schröder.

© 2006 Capital Publishing.

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Viggo-Works Marketplace News

Categories: Marketplace News
© VW. Used by permission.
Announcing the newest addition at Viggo-Works!

There are such great items at the Viggo-Works Marketplace, and Zazzle is always running specials on our favorite items that we have opened a new section here at V-W called the V-W Marketplace News.

Things change there daily, so make it a part of your daily routine to check out all the latest deals and offerings here at Viggo-Works Marketplace News

© viggo-works.com.

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From Viggo At Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press
Categories: Perceval Press

pregunta de un visitante:

¿Qué pasa en Tartagal y en la Provincia de Salta con los que gobiernan? ¿Aunque sea ilegal hacerlo de momento, es posible que empresas sigan talando árboles para llevárselos en camiones sin que nadie se oponga de verdad aparte de algunos miembros de la Comunidad Wichi en Lapacho Mocho y pocos otros ciudadanos? Así me pareció, así lo ví, y lo digo con todo el respeto del mundo para los ciudadanos de Tartagal y de Salta, y para los lindos bosques del norte.

© Viggo Mortensen/Perceval Press. Images © Perceval Press.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Last week in my selection of Birthday Quotes I pulled out my all-time favourite piece of Viggo's writing from The Introduction to Best American Non-Required Reading. Viggo says that words 'became tangled in horses' manes'. It seems that over the last few years he's been nothing but tangled in horses manes. Who could ever forget him, single-handed, turning a rearing horse at the Black Gate while holding up a five foot sword? How many actors are you likely to see galloping bareback? Or producing a photography book where you can practically smell the horses? After calming Brego in the stables of Edoras, we find him doing the same things to a fidgety horse team on the set of Appaloosa. Let's face it, if he ever quit acting, writing, painting, photography and publishing he could make a pretty good career as The Horse Whisperer.

"I can't lie to you, I had a lot of fun riding around on horseback..."

Viggo Mortensen talking about Appaloosa
CBS News Interview
8 September 2008

"Wow, that was nice," said Renée Zellweger, who plays Cole's love interest, Allison French. "Look at that man ride!"

Watching Viggo ride off at the end of the film.
Ed Harris ramrods unconventional western 'Appaloosa'
By John Horn
Los Angeles Times
7 September 2008

"We did all the hardest stuff in the first week; climbing up steep hillsides with rocky terrain. Rex selected two very impressive steeds for Cole and Hitch to ride because when they first come into town, they want to make an impression. They come in on horses that are much bigger than the other ones in town."

Viggo Mortensen
Appaloosa: Shooting Ed Harris' Western
August 2008

The two horse team was getting a little fidgity. Viggo Mortensen walked over to the horse nearest him and started caressing its right flank slowly, and repeated it over and over, while talking to Renee, standing in the buckboard. The horse relaxed along with it's teammate. .........

24 October 200

"....days after he was cast he called me and said, 'Who do you know on Pine Ridge reservation and can I go there?' Within a week he was out with these Lakota horsemen and riding with them, and on a long ride to Wounded Knee."

John Fusco
IGN gets the behind-the-action goods from the director, writer and star of Hidalgo.
By Jeff Otto, IGN
March 04, 2004

"He did things on the horse that the stunt man had difficulty doing. He fell off the horse, he rode bareback, he jumped on the horse at a gallop, which is difficult to do, and he you know, he fell off a few times and he got knocked down and he got kicked a few times, but you know, he also got right back up and wanted to do it again. I think he knew that if there was anything that was really life-threatening, he would come forward and say, 'I don't feel comfortable doing this.' But he never did."

Joe Johnston
IGN gets the behind-the-action goods from the director, writer and star of Hidalgo.
By Jeff Otto, IGN
March 04, 2004

How was your riding ability before versus after you made the film? Now you're pretty good. Actually, you are very good.

I think by the end of the movie I had gotten back to where I was almost as good as when I was a little boy. I'll never be that good because when you're a kid you're more flexible and more fearless. You don't care if you wipe out or fall off. As a kid you don't have the concept that you'll never break every bone in your body. Life is interesting and fun as a kid.

Viggo Mortensen
190 North Interview by Janet Davies, transcription by Mararan
Chigago, IL, 22 February 2004

"TJ had a strong personality. He was smaller than the other horses and like a dog he thought he was BIG ...I thought, "This is going to be a chore!" But we got to know each other and he's a smart animal. You're not going to be able to lie to that horse. You need to ask nicely."

Singin' in the Reigns
by Emily Blunt
The Blunt Review, Mar '04

"He's fat and happy and lazy."

Viggo talking about TJ
Sympathy for the devil
By Chrissy Iley
The Observer
19 April 2009

"...I realized that I was gonna be in the saddle most every day and some days all day long. And that point of view is different than sitting here or standing or walking down the street. You're up higher, you're moving a different way, the perspective of the rider through the camera or holding it down lower to get the horse's point of view, with the landscape, the people, and the animals and all that. I thought it would be interesting to do a collection of images, 'cause we'd be in different places - the Northern Plains, U.S., Sahara Desert, the Wild West Show, going down the street, who knows where, on horses."

Viggo on The Horse is Good
The Lord of the Rings & Hidalgo Star Discusses Horses
D Spence
FilmForceIGN, 2004

"Last week we were filming Hidalgo in High Plains, Montana, where there was no fence for miles; you could just imagine that it was 1890 or 1790," he says. "I was in the middle of a herd of six or seven hundred horses. I was really aware of the fact that very few people would ever get to be in such a place. Nobody in the world gets to be in the middle of that many horses, running as fast as you can." And where does that thought lead you to, I ask. He pauses. "Just, 'Don't forget this'."

Viggo Mortensen
The New Hollywood Male
by Charles Gant
Arena Hommes Plus #18, 2001

"...he became my friend, just like the other cast members"

Viggo talking about Brego
Hail To The King
by Lawrence French
Starburst #305, 2003

When Russell Crowe yaks about his herd of cattle, you accept it as part of his tough guy shtick; when Mortensen buys a horse, you just know it's because, somehow, the animal spoke to him, that he had to have it. Mortensen puts the 'must' into Mustang - untamed compulsions drive him.

Lone Star
by Peter Ross
Sunday Herald, 2004

© Viggo-Works.com. Images © New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers/Touchstone/Buena Vista Pictures.

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