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Viggo the Fanboy

Source: Perceval Press


© Perceval Press. Images © unknown.

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Viggo Mortensen's Gift To Danish Animals

Translation by Mums
Source: Ekstra Bladet
Categories: Gallery Shows
Our thanks to Mums for the great translation from Danish to this very interesting article from Ekstra Bladet.
Sådanset Art Exhibition - Roskilde, Denmark 10.18.08
Sådanset Art Exhibition - Roskilde, Denmark 10.18...
Image Jakob Jørgensen.
© Ekstra Bladet.
Viggo Mortensen is as generous as he is world famous. The Danish "Lord of the Rings" star has recently donated 100,000 kroner to a Danish Animal Protection society.

Viggo Mortensen has sent exactly 103,915 kroner to the Animal Protection. The money comes from the profits of his photo exhibition in Roskilde a few weeks ago.

It has cost a fortune

"Viggo is incredibly generous. He is very humble. The exhibition has cost him a fortune. He has even paid for the special plexiglass frames for his pictures out of his own pocket - and then he gives away the entire surplus," says Henriette Westh, who is Head of the Secretariat of the Palæfløjen in Roskilde, where Mortensen exhibited his photographs.

It was Henriette Westh, who helped Viggo Mortensen find an organization which the money could be donated to.

"He asked me and I gave him some ideas - both national and international. But it was important for him that the money went to a local association, and we discussed both environmental and animal welfare organizations," says the Head of the Secretariat.


That the choice fell on Animal Protection came as a complete surprise to Borge Klit Johansen, who is director of the association.

"I simply had no idea, not until the lady from the Palæfløjen phoned and told me. I only know Viggo Mortensen from the movies and had no inkling that he is also a photographer," said Borge Klit Johansen to Ekstra Bladet. The money warms the Animal Protection, which often receives donations of less than 1,000 kroner. And even though the animal loving actor is not someone you just call, Viggo Mortensen may well expect to receive a warm thanks from the organization.

"We should send him a thank you. It will probably be through a letter to his agent," says the director.

Viggo was even more pleased

But Viggo Mortensen already knows that the money did good. Henriette Westh has told him.

"When I had given Animal Protection the good news, I told Viggo how pleased they were. So Viggo was even more happy . He is simply a rare man who loves to make others happy. And it is contagious," said Henriette Westh.

© Ekstra Bladet.

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Thursday Dec 11 - 2008 Museum of Jewish Heritage: 'Good' Premiere

Found By: Chari910
Categories: Movie Promotions
'Good' Premiere: Rome 10-26-08
'Good' Premiere: Rome 10-26-08.
© Cindalea. Used by permission.
Our thanks to Chari910 for the heads up...
Premiere Party. 7:00 pm. "GOOD" screening, panel discussion and after party.

Speaker(s) Viggo Mortenson.
Museum of Jewish Heritage.
Battery Park City. (212) 444-7900.

Event address: 36 Battery Place, Battery Park City.
Noted attendees: Jason Isaacs.

After party Discussion Panel Premiere Artist Arts Patron Film Supporter Industry-Film Industry-Media Industry-Music Industry-Publishing Industry-Theater Industry-TV Social-Patron.


They will be doing press all day before the Premiere Party. Location unknown at this time.

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Esher Video

Source: Viggo-Works
Categories: Movie Promotions

Gift-giving Videoclip

'Good' Screening and Q&A: Esher - 12/7/08
'Good' Screening and Q&A: Esher - 12/7/08.
© Chrissiejane. Used by permission.
As has been mentioned the lighting at the Question & Answer session in Esher was really bad so Chrissie's video camera struggled to focus properly. However, with the help of sidhex3, you can now [just about] see and hear the moment when Tallulah and Ben who play Halder's children were presented with gifts. Viggo is hilarious and Ben holds his own very well with the teasing.

Please DO NOT HOTLINK. Left click and SAVE to your computer.

Gifts video

Please do not post on other forums without Chrissie's permission.

© Chrissie. Images © Chrissiejane. Used by permission.

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Found By: Sachie
Categories: Scans
Our thanks to Sachie for the scans.

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