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September 8 at TIFF: 'Good' World Premiere

Source: Odd Lot International.
Found By: Eriko
Categories: Good

Our thanks to Eriko for bringing us the official news from Odd Lot International.

According to Odd Lot International the "GOOD" world premiere will happen at TIFF on September 8th.

© Odd Lot International.

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TIFF Adds Six New Movies

Source: The National Post/The Ampersand
Categories: Good
© TIFF/Odd Lot International.
The Toronto International Film Festival added six more movies to its lineup on Wednesday. Four of the films are world premieres; the other two are North American premieres.

• Disgrace, an Australian/South African drama from director Steve Jacobs. It stars John Malkovich as a disgraced university professor.

• Good, from director Vicente Amorium, stars Viggo Mortensen as a literature professor (sense a trend here?) in the 1930s.

• Spike Lee's intriguing new war drama Miracle at St. Anna, about four black American soldiers in Italy during the Second World War. The ensemble cast includes Derek Luke, John Leguizamo and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

• Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, from director Peter Sollett, about two young people hoping to find "a legendary band's secret show." Co-stars everyone's favourite geek, Michael Cera.

• Paolo Sorrentino's political drama Il Divo, which won the Jury Prize at the 2008 Cannes festival.

• Kathryn Bigelow (director of Point Break and Near Dark) returns with The Hurt Locker, about a bomb squad in Iraq. The cast includes Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce, and David Morse.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 4 until September 13.

© 2008 Canwest Interactive, a division of Canwest Publishing Inc. Images © Odd Lot International.

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Viggo's Danish Exhibition: first news from Roskilde

Source: Roskilde Kunstforening.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Gallery Shows
© 2005-2008 Roskilde Kunstforening/Chrissiejane.
Our thanks to Chrissiejane for the news from Denmark.

From the museum's e-newsletter...

Viggo to Attend Exhibit Opening

At this point it looks like Mr. Mortensen will be present at the opening of his exhibition on Saturday 18 October between 12.00 and 16.00 hrs (12AM-4PM). The range of art will be photographs, possibly with a couple of sketches.

Details about entrance to this exhibition will be forwarded later.

© 2005-2008 Roskilde Kunstforening. Images © Chrissiejane.

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Publishing News from Viggo and Perceval Press

Source: Perceval Press.
Found By: Sandrob and kaijamin
Categories: Perceval Press

Our thanks to Sandrob and kaijamin for bringing us the latest publishing news from Perceval Press.
Perceval Press has a number of books presently in various stages of planning, editing, and design. Some are more complicated to put together than others, and will take longer to complete and prepare for printing. Among the projects that we are involved with and are considering for publication in the coming year are books by Layla Mackay (an artist from New Zealand), Sara Solati (a writer from Iran), ), a third installment from Mike Davis (whose Land of the Lost Mammoths and Pirates, Bats and Dragons we previously published), an anthology of new Argentine poetry, and a book about the painter Minerva Chapman. Next from Perceval, to be released at summer's end, will be photographer Robert Whitman's Mostly People, a new poetry collection from California poet Scott Wannberg, Otra Isla Para Miguel (our second book from Cuban artist Henry Eric), as well as The Future States Atlas, from artist Dan Mills. We thank you for your interest, patience, and patronage.
-Viggo Mortensen.

© Perceval Press.

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Rings actor keen to work on latest films

Source: The Dominion Post
Categories: The Hobbit
© New Line Productions Inc.
From The Dominion Post: New Zealand

American actor Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, says he would happily reprise his role for Peter Jackson if asked.

"I'd rather not have another actor play the part that I started out playing for Peter Jackson. And I had a lot of friends from that experience, so it would be nice to work with them again," Mortensen told website Reelz Channel.

The Hobbit and a second film detailing 60 years between the end of The Hobbit and the start of The Lord of the Rings, will be largely shot in Wellington in 2010.

Aragorn does not appear in The Hobbit, but the second film might include the first time Aragorn meets elf princess Arwen - played by Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings, when he meets Gandalf the wizard and when he fights for the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor under the alias of Thorongil.

"It's possible that they might ask me and some of the others to be part of it."

Guillermo del Toro, the director of the two films, has said he was in talks with Mortensen and others, but Mortensen said he had not heard directly from anyone involved.

© Fairfax New Zealand Limited 2007. Images © New Line Productions Inc.

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