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Images from 'Good' Photocall and Press Conference

Source: Getty Images
Here are the first images from the Rome Film Festival 'Good' photocall and press conference earlier today.

Images © Getty Images.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

You probably noticed that there was no 'Quotable' last week because I was in Denmark and, for the first time, experiencing one of Viggo's exhibitions and marathon signings for myself . All through the day quotes kept popping into my head (I think I carry them all there!) - quotes about Viggo's photography, about his view of our world and constant reminders that we are all connected, about that old green fleece with it's badly sewn-on UN badge that has now become an old friend, and, finally, quotes about how Viggo approaches signings and his fans with grace and understanding. His signing table was covered in San Lorenzo stuff - the flag, the thermos, the badge on his fleece. He is such a fanboy himself that I've also included a quote that shows we're not the only ones thrilled by a moment with our hero and a signature! So this week's Quotable Viggo is a bit of a mish-mash inspired by my own personal sådanset experience.

In a way, I am a photographer even when I don't take pictures. I think it's an instinctive thing by now, a part of myself.

Viggo Mortensen, The Photographer Of Dreams
By Giovanni Valerio - translated by Cindalea
July 2008
Source: Panorama First know, no one looks at the world like it really is. Everyone looks at the world like they want it to be. When it comes down to it, everyone is in their own 'dream world', we could become crazy if we thought of the world like it really is."

Dreaming About Telling Stories
By Einar Fal Ingolfsson - translated by Rosen and Ragga
29 May 2008
Source: Morgunblaðið

Mortensen's photography is decidedly low-tech, utterly spontaneous, and free of preconception, employing no staged lighting or posing. He literally takes pictures of what is right in front of him. But there is certainly saturation to his colors and a mystique to the content which captures the sometimes obscure significance in the ordinary moments pictured. Mortensen's stills are often as much a question as they are an answer.

Things Are Weird Enough
by Shana Nys Dambrot
Juxtapoz magazine #19, 1999

'Two years ago, I spent a few days in Montana with Viggo while he was shooting Hidalgo, and I swear he was never without a camera. One moment he was slamming on the brakes to photograph a horse on a hill, and the next, he was slowing down to take a picture of a cloud.'

Tom Roston
Premiere, November 2004

His work is a trace of his own adventure, lived openly and exploratively, with curiosity and a constant sense of surprise.

Kevin Power
Viggo Mortensen: A life tracking itself
Introduction to Signlanguage

'I'm a very curious guy and I stick my nose in everything. I travel a lot because I'm interested in knowing how the rest of the world lives. I love to learn about other cultures, to submerge myself in them, to learn of points of view that are different from mine.'

Viggo Mortensen
"I'm a guy who sticks his nose in everything"
By Stuart Gollum, Gala Magazine
30 August 2006

"For a long time now, I've been certain of one thing: there are more things that connect me to others than there are things that divide us. We should be able to all understand each other. I've proved it."

I wouldn't look the Alatristes of today in the eye
By Oskar L. Belategui, translated for V-W bu Margarita
Hoy Sociedad
3 September 2006

"We actually have more in common with other people, other cultures and other races, than not," he suggests. "People need to make a conscious effort to try and find some common ground, rather than react to what they see as differences."

Viggo Mortensen
by Desmond Sampson
Pavement #62, 2003

Viggo is wearing a green jacket on which he has stitched with light blue thread a vintage United Nations patch. "I just like both the words," he says to the audience, explaining this clothing choice. "United and Nations. I think they go well together. A lot better than separately."

Viggo Mortensen at the Midnight Special reading
The Rebel King
By Chris Heath
GQ magazine, 2004

'You know, for me to look each person in the eye and listen to their question and answer them, and get their name right and be respectful---that takes a certain amount of energy for complete concentration. Unless you're just someone who doesn't look at somebody, who doesn't deal with it. At the end of the day you don't have anything left, sometimes, for yourself. You have to find ways to hide out, that's all.'

Viggo Mortensen on meeting fans
Native Voice Interview with Viggo
by Lise Balk King,
Pine Ridge Reservation
South Dakota, December 2003

'I grew up in Argentina, and I loved soccer. My favorite team was San Lorenzo, and when the cast of Lord of the Rings went to Argentina to promote the movie, they heard about it and invited me to a game. I met the players and they gave me an autographed team jersey.

'It was a real thrill for me, and for once, I understood the benefits of being famous.'

Viggo Mortensen on meeting the San Lorenzo football team
A Reluctant Star
By Barry Koltnow
Orange County Register
7 March 2004

"Actors sometimes forget we're rich and famous because of the fans. I never forget."

Viggo at the Toronto Film Festival
7 September 2008

© Images © Chrissiejane.

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First Images from Rome - Appaloosa Red Carpet

Source: Getty Images
Here are the first images coming out of the Rome Film Festival from the Red Carpet before the Appaloosa screening.

Images © Getty Images.

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Sådanset - Malibu Arts Journal: Mid October Issue, 2008

Source: The Malibu Arts Journal
Categories: Reviews
Our thanks to The Malibu Arts Journal for sending us the images from their mid October issue which features photography from Viggo Denmark Sådanset exhibit.

Click on images to enlarge.

You will also find that the Malibu Arts Journal has a top of the line website. You can see that one of their most popular features is photography by Henry Mortensen, and if you listen closely, you will hear Viggo's Danube Poem playing in the background. A great website.

Visit the Malibu Arts Journal Homepage.

Visit the Malibu Arts Journal feature on Sådanset.

© The Malibu Arts Journal. Images © Viggo Mortensen. Used by permission.

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Nice Interview from Rio

Source: Globo News

Here is a great interveiw from Rio when viggo was there promoting Good at the Rio Film Festival.

Beware of **SPOILERS**

You can view the video here.

© GloboNews.

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