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Viggo Scheduled to Appear on Letterman

Source: zap2it.
Found By: pegvt
Thanks to pegvt for bringing us the news that Viggo is scheduled to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman Friday, January 13. The show airs 11:35 pm-12:37 am EST on CBS, so be sure to tune in!

© 2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc. Images © CBS. Image puterpatty.

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Vancouver Film Critics Recognise A Dangerous Method In Their Nominations

Source: Alt Film Guide.
Found By: Chrissie
Chrissie brings us exciting news from the Alt Film Guide about the Vancouver Film Critics 2011 nominations. The ceremony takes place on January 9.
Official trailer cap
Official trailer cap.
© Hanway/Lago.
Other Best Actress contenders in Canadian films are two Englishwomen, Keira Knightley for A Dangerous Method and Rachel Weisz for The Whistleblower, French superstar and Johnny Depp wife Vanessa Paradis for Jean-Marc Vallée's Café de flore, and Slovakian-born actress/director/screenwriter Ingrid Veninger for her mother/indie filmmaker in i am a good person/i am a bad person.

Café de flore is also up for Best Canadian Film, along with Ed Gass-Donnelly's Small Town Murder Songs and Ken Scott's Starbuck. Gass-Donnelly, Scott, and Vallée are vying with A Dangerous Method's David Cronenberg for the Best Director award. Cronenberg's period Jung/Freud drama also earned Best Supporting Actor in a Canadian Film nominations for Vincent Cassel and Viggo Mortensen.

© Alt Film Guide. Images © Hanway/Lago.

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Your January Reminders

Click on image to enlarge.

© Images © Columbia Pictures/Collage by Chrissie.

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'On the Road' to Cannes?

Source: The Film Stage.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: On The Road
Earlier today, Chrissie brought us news of a May 23 Belgian release date. Now she brings us speculation about an appearance at Cannes:
Teaser Poster at Cannes, May 2011
Teaser Poster at Cannes, May 2011.
© MK2 Productions.
Highly esteemed source material and a generally impressive cast notwithstanding, almost any news to speak of has dissipated for On the Road. To be honest, even someone like myself -- a fellow who consumes film-related news at an unhealthy speed -- may have forgotten that Walter Salles even adapted Jack Kerouac's beat guidebook a year or so ago.

Not everyone else has, thankfully, with Peter Howell of Toronto Star tweeting (via Hollywood Elsewhere) about a European premiere on May 23rd -- which, if you do the simple math, might just point to an appearance at Cannes. That latter event obviously depends on timely completion, some modicum of quality, general interest on the Cannes committee's part, and so forth, but an entry is also a good-to-great sign. The delayed, quiet project kind of needs that at this point.

© The Film Stage. Images © MK2 Productions.

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Viggo and ADM in Cineplex Magazine

Source: Cineplex Magazine.
Found By: Topaz
Categories: Scans
Our thanks to Topaz foe sending along these scans from the December 2011 issues of Cineplex Magazine.

Click on scans to enlarge.

© Cineplex.

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