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Viggo in Flair

Source: Flair.
Found By: Cindalea
Many thanks to Cindalea for sending scans of the Viggo article that appeared in last month's issue of the Italian magazine Flair.

Click on scan to enlarge.

© Mondadori.

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Viggo in Sport Week Magazine

Source: Sport Week Magazine.
Found By: Pipina and Eriko

Thanks to Pipina and Eriko for bringing us this article from the 1.24.09 issue of Sport Week Magazine.

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© Sport Week.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Is Viggo the 'perfect man'? Well, obviously not - that would be impossible and we all know that despite all his gifts he is, thank goodness, as human as the rest of us. But the word 'perfect' just keeps coming up, including in my search last week for quotes about The Road, so just for fun I searched for 'perfect' in my rather large quotes collection and I found it came up an astonishing 57 times. Sometimes it's referring to a spot-on performance where he was the right man at the right time for a role, sometimes it's the admiring musings of a journalist or an astonished colleague like Omar Sharif. When Amelia Enríquez of Lecturas Magazine asked him in 2006 if he had any flaws he admitted to being impatient. He's also confessed he can't dance. Phew. Hold on to that while we gaze at a little bit of perfection...

"I can not believe that somebody can be so perfect. This man must carry a deep secret with him, or he has a skeleton in his cupboard, or something like that. Because Viggo Mortensen is the nicest, most artistic and most generous person I've ever met."

Omar Sharif
Source unknown

If you could design the perfect man, Mortensen might just be close to it.

Mr Good Bard
Sydney Morning Herald
28 February 2009

....a perfect, dryly comic Viggo Mortensen.

Tom Hall
Appaloosa Review
The Back Row Manifesto
6 September 2008

Viggo Mortensen is perfectly cast. Was anyone even surprised when he was announced as The Man? It's a challenging role for any actor, but one can't help but see it as something as a culmination of the excellent work he's been doing since appearing in that little fantasy film a few years ago.

Brian Kinsley talking about The Road
September 2nd, 2008

Mortensen's interpretation, in Penn's film "The Indian Runner', of Frank, a Vietnam veteran who cannot adapt to civilian life, an habitual rebel, mutinous, violent, alcoholic, but at the same time vulnerable and touching, is perfect. His presence is both incandescent and dignified, recalling that of Robert de Niro in Scorcese's "Mean Streets'.

Viggo Mortensen: The magician of The Lord of the Rings
by Aurelie Raya
Paris Match
Jan 8, 2004

Let's just say that Mortensen gives a performance that is not only absolutely perfect in a physical sense -- the slicked-back hair, Russian accent (he also speaks much of his dialogue in that language), the crisp dark dress shirts and tailored black suits -- but that has layers of depth rarely seen in today's movie characters. Mortensen's work is so good that you'll want to go back and see "Eastern Promises" a second time just to appreciate the way he plays us.

Robert W Butler
Kansas City Star
20 Sept 2007

....a perfectly wicked blue eyed Alatriste

Alatriste Fights in the Streets, By Rocío García
EL PAÍS 1st Aug 2005
Translated by Elessars Queen

One of the biggest surprises in the film is the competence and perfection with which Viggo Mortensen incarnates the main character.

Alatriste - A Review
by Uno translated for V-W by Paddy
1 September 2006

"Viggo was perfect. He is not only a charismatic leading man, but the combination of other qualities made me feel he had the depth to play a very complex role. He is a maniac for detail, which I love. He is very focused and obsessed with details of how his character would move, speak and dress. It's really quite spectacular to watch him work and to interact with him," says the director, who admits, that after two weeks of working closely with Mortensen, they felt like brothers.

David Cronenberg talking about HoV
Cannes Film Festival 2005 Press Kit

Hands down, this is the best performance that Viggo Mortensen has given in a film yet. He is just breath-taking in the film......Viggo's acting here reminds me of vintage Harrison Ford, before... whatever happened to him. Think WITNESS or maybe even THE FUGITIVE. He's just very very good. He's not an actor counting the motions for a scene, but his eyes are alive, you can see fear and desperation in his face as he acts, you also see a resoluteness to do what has to be done. It's kinda perfect.

HoV review
Ain't it Cool News
28 September 2005

And finally, there is Viggo Mortensen. If anyone has ever been more perfectly cast than he is here as Tom Stall, I haven't seen the film. His performance is the tricky switch on which the entire History flips. His star turn is a master class in minimalism and exactly what the movie needs at every juncture.

Nathaniel Rogers
Film Experience
September 2005

'Ultimately, you create your own luck. Fate does step in. When we ended up with Viggo, fate was dealing us a very kind hand. Viggo, in hindsight, was the one person who was perfect for this film. He came out of nowhere, and suddenly there was Aragorn.'

Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings: The Untold Story
By Ian Nathan, Empire, December 2004

Viggo is the perfect actor to play a man who is struggling to redeem himself from his ancestry and his heritage. He's incredibly dedicated. He's the kind of actor who one day had his tooth knocked out by a sword and actually asked if they could superglue it back on so he could finish the scene. He became Aragorn, and he brings a real power to the role.

Barrie Osborne
Cannes Booklet (Official Site)

In addition to Jackson's stellar direction, praise for each and every actor in this film is handsomely due. Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn carries himself with the perfect air of strength, compassion, and quiet nobility that you expect from someone who you would be willing to follow into battle.

The Two Towers review
Brian McKay
22 December 2002

He is the lonely cavalier of the cinema. ...He survives everything serenely, whatever might happen in his career, he remains the same person - an idealist, but not a naive one - he has just perfected the art of doing his own thing.

Nobody Is Perfect
By Paola Jaccobi - translated by Ewa
Vanity Fair (Italy)
14 January 2009

Don't forget that you can find all previous Quotables here on our webpages.

© Images © Touchstone / Buena Vista Pictures.

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A Message From Viggo

Source: Perceval Press

Mr. Obama,
You are a fine speechmaker and have helped the government and people of the U.S.A. generally feel a more sincere and positive connection to the civilized world than they have had a right to feel in recent years. However, to name a few of what I honestly feel are dangerously misguided positions of yours that will allow the black mark on our nation's legacy to further stain its way towards becoming a permanent scar:

1) Afghanistan is not a "good" war.
2) The government and people of Israel ought not be held in higher esteem than those of any other nation.
3) Most importantly, you should not let Cheney, G.W. Bush, and other immoral, murderous criminals in their administration off the hook. You and your relatively new government are, it is hoped, better than Gerald Ford and his government, who unforgivably pardoned the wretched criminal Richard Nixon for somewhat less significant wrongdoings and betrayals of the people of this and other countries than Cheney and company are guilty of.

Mr. Cheney,
Please return to cuddling up on your immense pile of blood-soaked plunder and go back to sleep. You are a lying, mercenary, savagely cruel, shameless coward. You were a child once; please remember that there are children and families of these children in the United States of America and in the rest of the world who suffer long-lasting harm from your merciless, uncompassionate words and actions, and from your continuing unrepentant espousal of the same.


© Viggo Mortensen. Images © Perceval Press.

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© Images © plaskka/Iolanthe/

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