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Viggo at San Lorenzo Game

Found By: Eriko
Thanks to Eriko for today's news item on Viggo:

Viggo voló en bandada


Enamorado de un Ciclón, Mortensen llegó ayer a la mañana al país sólo
para ver al líder, y viajó a Rosario, donde lució su cuervo tatuado.

© 1998- Diario Olé . Images © JUAN MANUEL FOGLIA.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Viggo's been making a lot of comments lately about taking a break from movies, doing some theatre, catching up with family, concentrating on his art... there is a constant tension between his love of film as a way to express himself and all those other interests and demands. So I thought that this week we'd take a look at why he loves acting and film, and also why it's frustrating - a shared work of art that passes out of your control and is finished by others, that eats up precious time long after the filming's finished, and with which he sometimes seems to have a love hate relationship because of all the baggage that goes with cinematic success.

'Dreams about becoming famous wasn't what got me into acting to begin with, but the dream about telling stories.'

Dreaming About Telling Stories
By Einar Fal Ingolfsson - translated by Rosen and Ragga
29 May 2008
Source: Morgunblaðið

Have you ever asked yourself what you're doing in the world of movies?

Many times, but I always come to the conclusion that I'm in the right profession, one that permits me to share what I have inside and, by chance, allows me to explore other means of artistic expression.

Viggo Mortensen
"I'm permanently dissatisfied."
by Amelia Enríquez, Lecturas Magazine
30 August 2006
Translated for V-W by Margarita

"A movie set is like a ritual, with all the trappings and preparation. I feel like when we go to a set and we rehearse - or not - and we're wearing these costumes and saying these words, it's like an invocation, an invitation to magic, to the unexplained, to let the unexpected to enter into our lives."

Viggo Mortensen
A Fantastic Leap of Faith
by Brent Simon
Entertainment Today, 2001

"The places you will or can go in your mind in this line of work is still why I am doing it."

Viggo Mortensen Talks 'Appaloosa'
Premier Magazine
By Karl Rozemeyer
19 September 2008

"As always, I try to find something that's a good piece of writing, an interesting character, [and see] if there's a good director attached. If the other elements are good that's always extra, but it starts with the story being interesting and the character. Sometimes it's interesting but I'm not sure about it, and then you ask yourself why am I not sure about this? Is it because I'm afraid, because it's different, it's unknown? And then in which case maybe you should do it just for that reason."

Viggo Mortensen
A Fantastic Leap of Faith
by Brent Simon
Entertainment Today, 2001

Film reconciles the sprawl of his interests: philosophy, history, psychology, photography, music. Sure, it's an odd business, with plenty of pitfalls, but he thinks he has a pretty healthy take on it. "But then," he says, "if I had a really healthy attitude, I wouldn't be in the industry at all. So I must be somewhat contaminated."

'My mother is very happy about it'
By Harriet Lane
The Guardian
February 22, 2008

Photography, like his painting and writing, gives him a sense of completion acting doesn't. "I see them all as the same thing, the only difference being that in acting you have to give it away," he says. "Unfinished paintings, that's what I keep handing in as an actor."

Viggo Trip
by Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39, 2002

'You supply the blue and they supply the other colours and mix them with your blue. And maybe there's some blue left in the painting and maybe there isn't. Maybe there wasn't supposed to be any there in the first place. So have some fun and make a good blue, and walk away. I try to do that. Sometimes I succeed.'

Viggo Mortensen on acting
St. Lawrence University: March 1, 2003

"I'm comfortable being by myself," he said. "If I could get out of going to my own premieres, I would."

Viggo Mortensen
I Still Ask Why
Dotson Rader
Parade magazine, 2004

"I don't think I'm quite cut out for the glamour side of this business," says the 45-year old, Manhattan-born actor. "I enjoy the working process more than the hoopla that comes once a film is released. For me, it's all about the making of the art itself - whether it's films, or music, or painting, or whatever. Once it's done, I'd just rather move on."

Viggo Mortensen
Long Live the King
by Paul Byrne 2004

Mortensen is running late again. He should be packing his bags [for Morocco], but he'd rather finish the stack of paintings sitting around his house (his work will be exhibited in Cuba and Italy next year) and then hang out with Henry. Just as his success is opening doors, it's pulling him away from he values. "I'm starting to feel like, Ahhhh, I'm planning my life away too much, and I'm wary of that." He once said that if his acting career ever became too life-altering, he would leave it behind. "I'm pretty close to that now," he says. He isn't joking. "If I never did another movie it wouldn't really matter to me."

Viggo Trip
by Liane Bonin
Flaunt magazine #39, 2002

"In my life, I never did anything while weighing the effects of my actions. If you ask me what I'm planning for the next two years, I really don't know. Acting, writing, taking pictures or painting are all things which answer the necessity to express what I have inside me. And there is no preferential order among them, only chances that I try to take day by day."

A Latin Man Comes From The North
By Riccardo Romani - translated by Cindalea
GQ (Italy),May 2007

    © Images © Focus Features.

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    New Stills from 'Good'

    Source: Imagemfilmes.
    Found By: Chrissie and Eriko
    Many thanks to Chrissie and Eriko for bringing us these gorgeous stills from 'Good'.


    Click on images to enlarge.

    © Good Films. Images © Larry Horricks.

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    A Message From Viggo...

    Source: Perceval Press
    You are bound to get lots of people from all over the world offering their opinions - more people than ever before who are concerned, waking up, standing up, wanting to do something, speaking up, caring what happens next - in regard to what Barack Obama ought to do, ought to avoid doing, ought to fix, ought to keep in mind. I include myself. The reason seems quite clear: The behaviour of the U.S. government toward its own citizens and toward all life on this planet has inspired such extremes of callousness and dishonesty around the world that a great many people - not all, certainly, but perhaps a significant majority - actually give a shit for the first time in quite a while what the government and citizens of the United States of America are thinking about right now, thinking about doing, thinking about not doing. We begin to break loose and honestly wonder if something good might come from this new government and from us, the people of this nation. Bring it on! There is absolutely nothing wrong with caring that Mr. Obama not waste this golden opportunity to improve the lives of people and the relations between nations in at least some small way. But with freedom comes chaos, or rather the reminder that nature in its pure, well-observed state seems chaotic. So what? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! It's beautiful, it's easy, it's difficult, it's unpleasant, it's us. Let's go. No time like the present.

    © Viggo Mortensen/Perceval Press.

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    Mortensen Code

    © 2008 Vanity Fair España.
    Many thanks to Remolina for providing a translation of the article that appeared in the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair (and thanks also to Graciela for her help.)
    Viggo Mortensen arrives late. He is wearing blue pants and a San Lorenzo de Almagro t-shirt, the team he loves the most, whose flag he opens as a protective cloak and, from a corner, it will dominate our entire meeting. He is sorry for the delay, he promises to dedicate us more time than we had agreed on and he tries to compensate us by taking out of his bag three or four boxes of alfajores (a typical Argentinean sweet), that he spreads out on the table while he blames them for the delay: "I am late because I went to buy these." Nobody complains in the face of such a sweet strategy to silence us. What else does he carry in his bag? He lets us snoop: another t-shirt, a CD from the Estonian musician Arvo Pärt, and the latest product from his publishing house Perceval Press. And more music: Time Waits For Everyone, a piano recording by Mortensen himself, which will play as background music while we carry out the interview in a soft Spanish with an Argentinean accent, eroded by the other languages in which he can get by: English, French, Swedish, Russian, Italian and Danish. Mortensen is a man with many sides. Actor, photographer, poet, publisher and musician. Father, friend, lover and acute observer of the universe. Sleeping with him must be stimulating, not only for the obvious reasons. It means, according to him, waking up with a different man every morning.

    Read the complete translation here.

    © Vanity Fair Espana.

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