VIGGO: This week on "Sunday Morning" (Dec. 11)

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Unbelievably, we have received 4 SIGNED COPIES to be used for our V-W fundraising efforts. We are overjoyed yet again at Viggo's generosity and so appreciative of the support we receive from him and Perceval Press.

We have not really discussed how to run these contests or auctions or anything else ... but rest assured that at least one or two of these signed books will be give away contests. We know times are tight.

The final thought I would like to leave all of you with this evening is that, unlike the publishing of Viggo's previous books, CANCIONES DE INVIERNO/WINTER SONGS has not been accompanied by any exhibits or book signings (to date) ... and that alone makes these 4 signed copies far more sought after and valuable ... and precious.

How wonderful that all of you who visit here will have a chance to snag one of these.

Stay tuned!

© Images © Perceval Press/Viggo Mortensen.

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Bad Day: Origins of a Guerrilla Western

As mentioned by Viggo at Perceval Press, we thought you might enjoy this one from Modi Frank and Exene Cervenka.
Modi Frank & Exene Cervenka
Modi Frank & Exene Cervenka.
© Moshe Brakha.
Exene Cervenka and Modi Frank have finally released our short western film from the 80's entitled "Bad Day" and it is available as digital download at

"Bad Day" features legendary X front man John Doe, Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, Grammy Award winner Dave Alvin, and Academy Award winner Michael Blake.

Viewers will be able to pay whatever they want for the download in order to view AND a portion of the proceeds from "Bad Day" are going to Gulf Coast aid organizations that help the people affected in the Gulf region.

© Images © Moshe Brakha.

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A Simple Contest: Win a Copy of WINTER SONGS


A Chance to Get a Copy of CANCIONES DE INVIERNO/WINTER SONGS ... Signed by Viggo!!

Coming Soon!! Go HERE!

© Images © Perceval Press.

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Eastern Promises 2: UPDATE

Categories: Eastern Promises
© Focus Features.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this rumor once more, but we have learned that it is just that ... rumor, and Viggo is not attached to this project.

As always ... we will continue to monitor all of Viggo's rumored upcoming projects and let you know if and when they actually materialize (if we can) ... as with On The Road which he IS doing.


© Images © Focus Features.

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Eastern Promises 2

Categories: Eastern Promises
© Focus Features.
Just a heads up to all of you who have been emailing (and everyone else) about the recent piece where Vincent Cassel talks about he and Viggo participating in Eastern Promises 2 to be filmed in Russia. Many thanks to everyone!

A few months ago when we checked on the project, we learned that Viggo was NOT attached to EP2. That was then ... this is now. We have heard nothing new on it until this new buzz from Cassel.

Everyone hopes that the EP gang gets together for a new story. If we learn that it is a definite go for Viggo ... you will be the first to know.

Stay tuned.


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