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A Message from Viggo

Source: Perceval Press
Here's wishing all creatures on this earth luck, love, and good health in winter and in summer as we go into what most people like to call 2009. Of course, it is not possible for every being to live lucky and healthy lives all at once, but we can be loving. There are choices we can make, from moment to moment. We can join ourselves and others, choose to see the ties that unite us, feed us, make our lives what they actually are. We at Perceval Press certainly thank you for participating in our journey.

A special Happy 100th Birthday wish to the Montreal Canadiens - Joyeux Anniversaire! To all fans of San Lorenzo de Almagro I suggest that, now that we have spoken our minds about the perceived misfortunes and systemic injustices of the championship that closed out our centennial year of 2008, we look to the unfolding present, heads high, and get on with life. Aguante Cuervo!
--V. M.

© Viggo Mortensen. Images © Perceval Press.

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'Good' Clips

Source: ReelzChannel.
Found By: Eriko and Chrissie
Categories: Good
Image Larry Horricks.
© Good Films.
Thanks to Eriko and Chrissie for the heads up on these expanded 'Good' clips now available at ReelzChannel!

Well it's not everyday
they've made me head of the department
And this is an echo

Click here to view the clips.

© ThinkFilm. Images © Good Films.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Categories: Quotable Viggo
As the New Year is almost on us I thought I'd set myself the nearly impossible task of finding a quote for each month of 2008. There were a few 'dry' months (March and August - thank goodness for interviews) and April almost qualified as impossible, but luckily there were big things going on at San Lorenzo . So this week we have a bit of a mixed bag - Viggo talking about a variety of subjects that have been occupying his mind over this last year. There are, of course, musings on art in a year that has seen him preparing two outstanding exhibitions (Skovbo and sådanset). In the last part of the year the focus shifted back to film. Appaloosa was released, and challenging thoughts about individual responsibility rose to the surface with the 'Good' promotions coming alongside the US elections. But winding back to the beginning of 2008 we start off with the New Hampshire Primaries and the year's most fearsome challenge....the Oscar Red Carpet .



Of course, conservative Sean Hannity took a few swings. But Mortensen struck back at the dark lord of talk television.

After complimenting Mortensen's film performances, Hannity said, "In spite of everything, I'm going to forgive your politics..."

"You don't have to," said Mortensen. "I'm not going to forgive yours."

That was typical of Mortensen's campaigning on behalf of Kucinich, which was a good deal sharper and more engaged than that of most of the absolutely exhausted contenders in New Hampshire.

Viggo supporting Dennis Kucinich
New Hampshire Presidential Primaries
Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" Show
January 2008


"This road is more daunting than the road in the movie I'm making -- and that one has cannibals."

Viggo arriving at the Oscars
The Envelope
By Geoff Boucher and Chris Lee
February 24, 2008


"I can understand why people get so hardened that they become almost callous. They get this Teflon coating to their personal presentation, and even, finally, their acting. Because it is, in some ways, psychologically injurious as an occupation. I understand that, but I don't think it's good for the work. You have to leave yourself open to be hurt, just as you do in life. You have to be willing in life to suffer, even if it's in subtle ways, if you want to grow as a person."

In Conversation With Viggo Mortensen
By Dorian Lynskey
March 2008
Source: Empire


"I came because I feel passion for San Lorenzo, because it is something that I always understood and that I incorporated into my life from when I was child. I felt very happy among the people on Monday's night of great joy as we marched down to the place where our glorious Old Gasómetró once was, a ground that we remember with much nostalgia and without which we suffer. Many people say to me that I am supporting from the outside, but I feel like a supporter right at the heart of the club. The greatest honour of my life is to be part of El Ciclón,"

San Lorenzo Celebrate Centenary With Viggo Mortensen In Tow
By Nick Dorrington
3 April 2008


"This is only me and my camera. I sit down and watch the sky, stop, and maybe sing a little or write something down. When I have time to do that, I am as happy as I can be."

Viggo Mortensen
Capable Of Many Things
By Hanna Björk Valsdóttir - translated by Ragga
30 May 2008
Source: Fréttablaðið


"A photo, a painting, a poem or music that we use to express our experience is not the main thing, but what you are expressing. How you sense the world around you is art in its own form. To stop for one silent moment and just see what happens."

Viggo Mortensen
Margt til lista lagt article from Fréttablaðið
Translated by Ragga
June 2008


"This world is a dream we all contribute to, in one way or another. We are part of the dream, if we are aware or not, if we like it or not. These pictures are a part of my dream, of the way I exist and act in the world."

Viggo Mortensen, The Photographer Of Dreams
By Giovanni Valerio - translated by Cindalea
July 2008
Source: Panorama First


"I think Cole trusts Hitch more than anyone else in the world, specifically because Hitch is very honest with him, even when it's difficult to bring certain things to Cole's attention," says the actor. "That is my definition of a good friend: somebody who is brave enough to tell you the truth even when it's not what you want to hear."

Viggo Mortensen
Emmanuel Levy
August 2008


"I can't lie to you, I had a lot of fun riding around on horseback..."

Viggo Mortensen talking about Appaloosa
CBS News Interview
8 September 2008


"Things that happened, let's say in the United States in the last eight years, maybe if they had to do it again, legislators and citizens, they may not have given up so many things," says the self-identified "proud American" with quiet insistence. "There have been incredible changes in a short period, just as there were then in Germany. If somebody said to you, 'Would you be willing to put up with all these changes to your rights and the legal system,' you'd say, 'Well, no.' But by having it happen little by little, it's like death by a thousand cuts. Pretty soon you're bleeding to death."

Viggo Mortensen's history lessons
By Michael Ordoña
LA Times
31 October 2008


"I believe in luck and in the thousands of ways attracting it. I can go into a Mosque, or into the San Isidoro of León Collegiate Church, and sit there until things happen. I love visiting temples, churches, places that are supposed to be sacred, and that includes a cinema or a theatre. Where there's acting, there's communion."

Mortensen Code
By Sol Alonso - translated by Remolina
November 2008
Source: Vanity Fair (Spain)


"When we put the frog in hot water, it will jump out of it; but if we put it in cold water and heat it up slowly, the frog will be cooked before it notices. This is what happens to Halder; and it could happen to all of us if we don't pay attention,"

Viggo Mortensen
17 December 2008

© Viggo-Works. Images © Chrissiejane. Used by permission.

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NY Post Interview

Source: NY Post.
Found By: Sachie
Thanks to Sachie for bringing this interview about Good,The Road, and more to our attention!


© Getty Images.
You have to wonder where Viggo Mortensen finds the time to act. In between gigs like the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and David Cronenberg's movies (most recently "Eastern Promises"), the 50-year-old star is also a photographer, poet, musician, painter, publisher, activist and avid traveler. He's fluent in Spanish, Danish, French and possibly Elvish.

When we caught up with him, though, he kindly stuck to English, and to the projects at hand: first, "Good," opening Friday, about a German professor who, through his passivity, unwittingly ends up a high-ranking member of the Nazi party. Early next year comes "The Road," the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel about a father and son traveling in post-apocalyptic America.

Between "Good" and "The Road," you've been in some pretty dark places. has it affected your outlook on the world?

It makes you value paying attention, you know what I mean? As a family member, or friend or member of society, if you don't pay attention or you don't participate to some degree, then you can't complain later if that person leaves you, or your country gets out of control. We may not know why we're here, or where we're going after we die, but if you're here, you might as well be here. And being here means paying attention, I think.

There are quite a few Holocaust movies this season - how would you set "good" apart?

I guess, to quote [co-star] Jason Isaacs, it's an ethical thriller. It doesn't have a political angle, and there isn't a catharsis. There isn't some great heroic gesture. What's terrifying about it is how mundane even the concentration camps seem.

You traveled to many of them before the shoot - did you find that kind of normalcy by visiting one after another?

Yeah. I remember I was in Treblinka, and there's hardly anything left there. And as it happened, I was completely by myself in this forested area. The sun was out, it was a spring day, and I stopped at one point and sat down under a tree. And I thought, "OK, this is where I am now, and it's actually a beautiful, beautiful place." There were probably moments when both prisoners and guards noticed that it was a very beautiful day, [which] makes it more real, and more disturbing.

what type of souvenirs did you bring back from Germany and Poland to be used for the movie?

I brought a lot of books, editions that would have been from that time. Poets from the 18th and 19th centuries, and Scandinavian writers. And my glasses; I found some frames that were made back then. My pocket watch. Little things. I like collaborating with the props and set designers, to feel like I'm involved in the character's life.

what about "The road" appealed to you?

That book has sold more than any other of McCarthy's, because it's the most univerally understood and accepted story. It takes a worry that any parent who cares at all about their kid has, which is, "What's going to happen to my kid if I'm gone? For a day, or a week, or forever?" It takes it to an extreme.

how does the movie address the novel's bleakness in a way that will be appealing to an audience?

Well, gradually the boy becomes the teacher. He reminds his father of the sort of compassion that he's tried to instill in his son. And, as happens with most parents at some point, they contradict what they're telling their kids. You say one thing and you do another. There are moments that are humorous, there are moments of revelation, there are uplifting moments.

why has the release date been pushed back?

I think they just weren't done. They figured, this is a book people like, and we've only got one chance to put it out, so let's get it right. I would have loved to see it come out now, because it's moving into winter and that seems appropriate, story-wise.

* "I like naturally occurring film grain, and what happens to film when it's under- and over-exposed."

* "'Antologia de Tangos y Lunfardos' by Marcelo Oliveri is a very interesting compilation of tango lyrics, complete with glossaries for individual slang, using 'Lunfardo' slang particular to Buenos Aires."

* "[I have] a goalie shirt of the team San Lorenzo, from Boledo, Argentina. I have been a fan of that club for as long as I can remember. I'm going to see San Lorenzo play for the Argentine Championship."

* "[I'm reading] 'Touch and Go,' the Studs Terkel memoir, because he was - like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn - heroic in his efforts to educate himself as to the realities of capitalism and imperialism, never shying away from speaking truth to power."

* "By far the best artwork I have seen recently was a collection of pencil drawings made by a group of 7-to-8-year-olds in Madrid, at their school. They consisted mostly of trees in summer and trees in winter, with the occasional bird, butterfly, fighter jet, dog, cat or horse included. The best "major" exhibition I've recently seen is the Miro exhibit at MoMA in New York. He seems to me to have been less of a showoff and more of an original, purist painter than his fellow countrymen Picasso or Dali, or just about anyone else."

© 2008 NYP Holdings, Inc. Images © Getty Images.

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¡Entrevista Exclusiva con Viggo Mortensen en español!

Found By: Ollie

Our thanks to our friend Ollie from Spain for passing along this great interview with Viggo at Viggo is obviously enjoying this interview very much and having a blast.
Viggo Mortensen, quien se crió en Argentina, habla un español perfecto. El se sentó con para hablar sobre la fama, el cine español y su regreso a las obras teatrales. Su filme 'Good' se estrena el 31 de diciembre en los Estados Unidos.

La historia se centra en un profesor alemán de la ciudad de Frankfurt que en los años 30 se adhiere al partido Nazi. A medida que conoce las ideas y propósitos del grupo político, comienza a racionalizar y cuestionar la traición a su familia y amigos judíos.


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