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Visit Our New Hobbit Forum!

We finally have news that The Hobbit movies have been green-lit and will begin filming in New Zealand in January 2011. Join us in our new Hobbit Forum as we follow the trials and tribulations of the making of these two movies and anticipate the excitement of finally seeing the next J.R.R Tolkien work transformed for the big screen by the man who bought us our beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Scoop and Speculation

We will discuss developing news or speculation as it arises. Whether it is casting news, script leaks, or official announcements - share it all in the Scoop and Speculation thread!

The Book and the Background

The Hobbit has been a beloved book for children and adults alike, with many of us fanatics of all things Tolkien having devoured it numerous times.

For those who have not read the books, or it has been so long that you need a bit of a refresher, you can read an outline of the story here.

Discuss the book and any Tolkien related background information. Whether it is discussing what will or won't be included in the movie, how a character or scene may be portrayed or not in the big screen adaptation or just generally discussing the story, The Book and the Background thread is the place to do it!

Making the Films

We have a good deal to celebrate in the formative stages of the production of The Hobbit. Peter Jackson is at the helm, his co-creators Fran Walshe and Phillipa Boyens have held the pen in developing the scripts, New Zealand will once again play host to Middle-earth and there are strong indications that actors who played characters in LOTR that also appear in The Hobbit will reprise their roles.

In the Making the Films thread, we will discuss all things to do with the making of the movies. Discuss your thoughts on information relating to:

· The actors
· The locations
· Inclusions and exclusions
· The artwork and model design
· The musical accompaniment
· The costumes

and anything else related to converting this story from book to screen.

Minding the Films' Business

As we know from bitter experience, the success of a film doesn't necessarily depend upon great production values or acting. Behind the scenes there is a mega machine, which can create a huge success, or a monumental failure. To date we have seen drama after drama unfold in relation to getting The Hobbit movies off the ground. Let's hope that those problems are a thing of the past and that PJ and the rest of the movie making team get the support required to get these movies to their audience.

Use the Minding the Films' Business thread to discuss the engine room behind the production. Post news and information relating to the studio, the players, release and promotion plans, and financial data.

So come join us here in our new Hobbit Forum and keep up with all things Hobbit!

© Images © Warner Brothers.

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A Dangerous Method in TéléObs

Source: TéléObs.
Found By: Dom
Many thanks to Dom for providing scans of the A Dangerous Method article that appears in the TéléObs supplement of this week's Le Nouvel Observateur.

The article which was done while they were filming at Lake Constance doesn't say a lot about Viggo but does mention that he saved the project when Christoph Waltz left the cast and also talks about the work Stephan Dupuis did to turn him into Freud.

© Le Nouvel Observateur.

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Viggo in Barcelona - Videoclip

Source: Canal-L.
Found By: Chrissie
Categories: Books & CD's
Viggo in Barcelona
Viggo in Barcelona.
© Mavrix.
There is a new, good quality videoclip from the Barcelona event here. Our thanks to Chrissie.

Viggo Mortensen. "Antología de la nueva poesía argentina" - "Si tenés que explicar el argot, estropeás el poema"[/URL]

See videos anteriores for 8/11/2010.

© 2010 Canal-L. Images © Mavrix.

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Remembering Chrissiejane

Remembering Chrissiejane

Day has ended, dim my eyes, but journey long before me lies.
Farewell friends! I hear the call. The ship's beside the stony wall.
Foam is white and waves are grey; beyond the sunset leads my way.
Foam is salt, the wind is free; I hear the rising of the Sea.
Farewell friends! The sails are set, the wind is east, the moorings fret.
Shadows long before me lie, beneath the ever-bending sky.
But islands lie behind the sun that I shall raise ere all is done;
Lands there are to west of West, where night is quiet and sleep is rest.
Guided by the Lonely Star, beyond the utmost harbor-bar
I'll find the havens fair and free, and beaches of the Starlit Sea.
Ship, my ship! I seek the West, and fields and mountains ever blest.
Farewell to Middle-earth at last, I see the Star above your mast.


Remembering Chrissiejane

Today we mourn the loss of one of our own. I speak for all of us who comprise the Viggo-Works team when I say that we are devastated at the passing of Chrissiejane. Jane fought the valiant fight against cancer, but in the end she succumbed like so many to this powerful disease that allows no compromises and besieges the body. Being a nurse, Jane knew full well the power of her foe and what she was up against. Out of all of us on the V-W backroom team, Jane was our strength and her courage in fighting her disease is the stuff of legends. She calmed us all with her humor and candid approach to her illness. We will never know a braver woman.

But far more than any of all this, Jane was our dear, dear friend. She was the truest of Viggo fans who embraced the entire man with all of his talents and artistic prowess, and even his faults. She taught us all lessons in loyalty.

Every person leaves a legacy in life and Jane's is her indomitable spirit, her courage and humor ... her tenacity in all things. She was a grand presence on these forums and her shoes will never be filled. How do we say goodbye to someone who has been so much a part of us here?

Lands there are to west of West, where night is quiet and sleep is rest.

We hope you have indeed found the quiet and the rest at last.

Jane, we will miss you for always.

We will love you forever.

© Images © David Wyatt/

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Everything He Touches Is Poetry

Source: La Vanguardia.
Found By: Translated by Ollie, Rio and Zoe, with assistance from Sage

Our thanks once again to Ollie, Rio and Zoe, with assistance from Sage, for translating the article that appeared in La Vanguardia.
© 2010.
To have and continue having the luck of ending up with Perceval Press, that is the question. In the publishing house of the actor, poet, musician, painter, photographer... the sun never sets on Viggo Mortensen. And not because of the volume of business, which is actually small, but because of the guy's capacity for dissemination and his ability to attract people's attention. Not in its wildest dreams could the Central del Raval have imagined that the presentation of an anthology of new Argentinian poetry would attract such a crowd in Barcelona. Between the jam-packed displays of books in the mezzanine of the bookstore, two hundred people gathered yesterday: Argentines, of course; lovers of poetry in particular and literature in general, and loving fans of the protagonist of Eastern Promises, who in his colloquial Argentinian accent made them all forget - not entirely successfully - the cop embedded in the Russian mafia who unsettled so many souls.

So Viggo came back to Barcelona - and to Spain in general - after his parents overcame a health crisis that kept him away from his friends in the Peninsula and Ariel Dorfman´s Purgatorio, that along with Ariadna Gil and then Emma Suárez, he had expected to perform in Madrid. And he did it opening the way for Argentinian poets who are attracting attention. Washington Cucurto or Fabián Casas, to name two prominent ones, but also Gabriela Bejerman or Fernanda Laguna. And so up to 22 representatives of a poetry that "began coming on after the fall of the dictatorship, when hidden poets, exiled or censored, emerged and came to bloom in the mid-eighties", says Gustavo López, the editor of this anthology.

Poetry of the experience predicted by the corralito and freed from the prosodic speech of daily life. [Translator's note: see Corralito]

Everything began when Kevin Power, the art critic, found the recipe Gustavo López needed: "I've got someone who can value that poetry and the Argentinian character," he commented to him. "He phoned me, Viggo," explains López "and we talked about poetry for a while, about Williams Carlos Williams, about T.S. Eliot... about the anthology I was proposing... He was a guy with a background. But it didn´t come to me who he was till later on."

The guy with background, for whom long trips by airplane and train were invitations to read poetry - "and if I´m driving, I listen to it being recited on a CD," says the protagonist of The Road - had trouble yesterday getting the print press to give him a break and let the poetry take center stage. With the crowd quieted down, he opened fire with Fabián Casas' "Without Keys and In the Dark", and dedicated it to the late "Néstor Kirchner, who did something good." A man is locked out of his house while taking out the trash: "It's temporary, I told myself;/ but death could also be like this:/ a dark passageway,/ a door closed with the key inside/ the trash in your hand."

If Rilke said that childhood is our homeland, Mortensen's - from two to eleven - was spent in Argentina. There he wrote "my first silly tales," he told this paper. With an American mother and Danish father, he used Spanish as well as English. But his own publishing house with headquarters in Santa Monica is multifaceted: photography, essay, painting...

Catapulted [to fame] as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, Mortensen interrupts his reading and reflects on the ingenious thing that violence can be: He reports that a supporter of an opposing team yelled at him, "****ing actor, go on, put on the ring and disappear," when he didn't want to remove his San Lorenzo jersey. That guy, Mortensen, still cracks up laughing.

© La Vanguardia by Maricel Chavarria. Images © 2010.

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