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FIFTH Signed SKOVBO Auction Starts TOMORROW!

Categories: Friends on Board

It's Getting Down To The Wire: Don't Miss This Opportunity Of A Lifetime!


The auction for the next to last copy starts tomorrow. Support 1, 2, 3 ... Hi Baby! and snatch this priceless Viggo momento in the process!

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Roskilde Newsletter #3

Source: Roskilde Kunstforening
Categories: Gallery Shows
© 2005-2008 Roskilde Kunstforening/Chrissiejane.
September 12, 2008

Newsletter #3

Palæfløjen thank you for all your E-mails and proposals, but regret that we do not have the manpower to reply each and every one of them.

Therefore, we address your questions in this newsletter.

Lodgings: we still cannot help people find lodgings. Please refer to the Roskile tourist office at

Directions: how to get to Palæfløjen. Please access the tourist office homepage:åndværkere&UUID=1:67:91f7baf8ec2e3f5c0d6f2d&Act=1.
If the map does not appear, click on 'show map'.

Admission: admission is free and reservations are not necessary

Artwork: some of the artwork will be for sale. A special issue journal, which can be signed by Mr Mortensen, about the exhibition will be available for sale.

Photographing the exhibition: at this point we do not know if using cameras during the exhibition will be allowed. Information will follow.



Roskilde Kunstforening
Stændertorvet 3C
4000 Roskilde

© Roskilde Kunstforening.

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Make Your Voice Heard

Source: TIFF 2008.
Found By: Paradise
Our thanks to Paradise for surfacing this nice article about The People Speak at TIFF.
The People Speak: TIFF 2008
The People Speak: TIFF 2008.
© TIFF 2008.
Besides bringing us great films, TIFF also puts together some great events like those in the Mavericks series. Sunday night a large crowd at the Isabel Bader theatre was greeted by Howard Zinn, Anthony Arnove, director Chris Moore, Matt Damon, Viggo Mortensen, Josh Brolin and Marisa Tomei who all came to present us a preview of the documentary The People Speak as well as discuss how this project came to be.

After another standing ovation and having the trailer for the film, Zinn started the conversation by saying "I hadn't learned history from the standpoint of black people, native people, ... we need to tell history from the view of the people who been left out." The crowd applauded. The idea for a film version of Zinn and Arnoves's anthology Voices of a People's History of the United States since 1998. They first sold it to FOX network but the deal didn't work out... anyone want to guess why? Regardless, they moved on and created the performances so that actors can embody and give voice to those whose stories are not well known.

Mavericks' programmer Thom Powers asked each of the actors why and how they got involved with the film. Brolin joked at first, "I got to meet Viggo and Matt... but to be honest.. I'm very proud of the film. It's very empowering to me... even [the crowd] watching the trailer here is empowering." Mortensen spoke of his experience working on this project; "it's fun besides it being an honour." He continued by explaining that "as a kid I was drawn to adults who treated me differently; not just like a kid. As an adult, I'm drawn to peole like Howard Zinn who encourage others to speak truth; to be honest with themselves. In lots of places in the world, why people don't say how they really feel can be due to peer pressure, fear of sounding stupid, fear of being liberal... if you can't get [what you want to say] completely right, you'd best [stay quiet]. It's best to get it off your chest and get going." Mortensen is quite passionate about being open about all issues affecting all parts of the world today and this became more apparent as the conversation continued.

Tomei mentioned she got involved in the project a while back through Arnove, whom she already knew. "It's hard for me to speak in public but this kind of thing lets me do it." She expressed she's proud to represent the voice of many women who made changes in US culture one way or another.

Halfway through the discussion, we got to see about twenty minutes of the film. Afterwards, the conversation moved on to issues like the "Vietnam Syndrome," as Zinn called it; regarding the media and how they "all joined the bandwagoon of war and supported the deceptions that were put over the American people.... It's a subservient media." Zinn believes their "movement [telling the real history] will grow" and that national inclinations of people will turn things around.

Arnove brought the topic back to the actors' perfomances. He said, "some of these voices feel so current; so urgent... They can cross time." Director Chris Moore explained how the emotion the actor brings to the words and the collective experience with the audience and through the process of staging, they found series of pieces that can be part of this documentary. "These are the real people... those things really happened... it's their real voices, just performed very well... when you look at that you ask what's the history that's happening now."

Other artists involved in the project include Benjamin Bratt, singer John Legend, David Straithearn. As well, sitting in the audience were actors Danny Glover, Tim Robbins and Michael Ealy; to name a few. It was a great discussion; stimulating on several levels. It will definitely create a buzz and have people talking for a long time. The documentary itself will hopefully be released in the near future.

© TIFF 2008.

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News from Roskilde

Source: Dagbladet Roskilde.
Found By: Mio and Mums
Categories: Gallery Shows

Special thanks to Mio who posted this on sunshineonaplainwall and Mums who brought it to us.

Worldfamous Viggo pops by Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen visits Roskilde to show, what he's also good at

Roskilde: He became a real mega-star , in the hero-role as Aragon fighting the orcs in movie-triology Lord of the Rings .

But Viggo Mortensen is capable of so much more than looking yummy the heroic way on the big screen. He is also a poet, a painter and a photographer . And that last talent will bring him to Roskilde next month , where he will show his photos in Pælefløjlen. It's Roskilde Art Society ,that has persuaded the superstar to exhibit his work.

- We are anxious to see if we will be completly mobbed by all sorts of fans , coming for autographs . It's been like that many other places where he has shown his work , says , Jens Pedersen , chairman of Roskilde Art Society .

Palæfløjen will be the only place in Danmark showing this exhibit , but the art-society was not met by any star behaviour , when they got in contact with him to suggest a visit in Roskilde . He only had to be asked once before agreeing to come to Roskilde and Pælefløjlen .

The artist will be attending the official opening , which will take place on saturday october 18 , the day before will be for specially invited guests only . Maybe some of them are from the Ringsted area - he has family there that he often visits. The oscar-nominated actor has a danish father and an american mother , and even if he was born in New York he spent some of his childhood in Denmark.

Viggo Mortensens has named his exhibition »SÅDANSET.« And it can be seen in Palæfløjen from 18/10-16/11. All detail of the superstars visit are not in place, but according to plan Viggo Mortensen will sign autographs in the palace garden at 15.00 october 18 .

© Dagbladet Roskilde.

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The Cinema Society and Vanity Fair Host NYC Screening of Appaloosa

Source: Getty/Rex.
Found By: Chrissie
001nycappco.jpg 002nycappco.jpg 003nycappco.jpg 004nycappco.jpg

Images © Getty/Rex.

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