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Viggo-Works Visitor Usage: Poll Results

Our thanks to all of you who participated.

Top Poll Percentages ...

1. I usually visit Viggo-Works on my home computer - 88.89%
2. I visit all parts of the Viggo-Works website - 44.96%
3. I use Facebook - 36.69%
4. I visit Viggo-Works FORUMS several times daily - 26.87%
5. I visit Viggo-Works FORUMS several times weekly - 24.03%
6. I do not visit the Viggo-Works forums. I only visit the Viggo-Works News Page - 23.26%
7. I would visit Viggo-Works on Facebook if it were there - 21.45%
8. I usually visit Viggo-Works on a computer at work - 20.93%

Bottom Poll Percentages ...

1. I usually visit Viggo-Works on my cellphone/blackberry/Iphone, etc - 1.55%
2. I visit Viggo-Works FORUMS no more than once a week - 3.10%
3. I would use a Text Only option at Viggo-Works if it were available - 3.36%
4. I visit Viggo-Works equally on my computer and my portable communication device - 4.39%
5. I only visit the forums - 5.17%
6. I use the RSS feature on the Viggo-Works News Pages - 6.72%
7. I would visit Viggo-Works on Twitter if it were there - 9.56%

Here's our rationale for consideration. Anything worth considering would need to have a poll rating of 20% or better. At least 1/5 of the respondents need to show an interest for us to even consider it. Truthfully, the number should at least be 33% or better, but I think we are OK to discuss the 20s and higher.

Anything below 10% is simply not going to get enough action to be worth the effort.

Things we are discussing in our Viggo-Works backroom ...

  1. Facebook ... it seems to be the social network of choice. Do we want to foray into this network? If so, how? What does it look like? What is the content? How do we connect it and the content to How do we manage/mod it?

  2. In all honesty, this poll is telling us to continue to work hard at making the News Pages and the forums innovative and inviting. This is where the significant majority of people want to come to get their news and socialize.

  3. Twitter and Text Only features appear to be significantly insignificant. A few people access us on their mobile devices ... only occasionally. It makes sense that Twitter is not currently popular. With Viggo having been so inactive ... what's there to tweet about? The juice just won't be worth the squeeze on these options.
Feel free to chime in with your concerns and ideas.

Guests also have the option to post in this thread as well.

We invite all of you to once again give us your opinions and feedback here on our forums.

Again, many thanks for your feedback.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

This week's Quotable just had to be about football after the opening of the new chapel at Ciudad Deportiva. It's no secret that Viggo is probably San Lorenzo's most dedicated fan when even his socks come in red and blue. I've put together a mixture of some old favourites that are so good it's no hardship to read them again, along with some new ones that I've ferreted out for the occasion. GO CUERVOS!

San Lorenzo 100th Anniversary Celebration, 4.1.08.

A global star since his turn in Lord of the Rings, he could easily lay claim to the title Lord of the Nuevo Gasometro, the stadium home of Argentinian side San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Fans in high places
20 February 2009

'I grew up in Argentina, and I loved soccer. My favorite team was San Lorenzo, and when the cast of Lord of the Rings went to Argentina to promote the movie, they heard about it and invited me to a game. I met the players and they gave me an autographed team jersey.

'It was a real thrill for me, and for once, I understood the benefits of being famous.'

Viggo Mortensen on meeting the San Lorenzo football team
A Reluctant Star
By Barry Koltnow, Orange County Register
7 March 2004

"...these are my heroes. The one group of people or thing I support unconditionally. They can do no wrong,"

Viggo on San Lorenzo
Sympathy for the devil
By Chrissy Iley
The Observer
19 April 2009

"I would rather see San Lorenzo win the tournament than get an Oscar, definitely."

Viggo Mortensen
By Juan Cruz Sanchez Marino - translated by Graciela
26 December 2008

Wearing all manner of Buenos Aires and soccer trappings (socks, bracelet, and a San Lorenzo pin, plus a complete mate set and the sports section of The Nation on hand), Viggo Mortensen greeted the Argentinean press on his recent visit to Buenos Aires..... He takes off his black boots and allows us to see the wide stripes on his socks in the colours of the team he loves.

Viggo Mortensen: The Biggest Soccer Fan In Hollywood
By Lorena García - translated by Margarita
La Nacion
16 November 2005

MP: Did you go to San Lorenzo matches when you lived in Argentina?

MORTENSEN: No. I would listen on the radio. I was pretty fanatical about it. At the time it was unusual, because we weren't a very good team. We were interesting, but most of the kids in school were Boca Juniors or River Plate or other teams, and then the year before I left, suddenly we won it all. It was the only time that it's ever happened that we had an undefeated season, so that was a big deal. All of a sudden, the day after [that], a kid at school said, "I like San Lorenzo, too," and I said, "Bullshit. You're Boca Junior. Whatever."

Viggo Mortensen - For The Good Of The People
By Elliot V Kotek
Moving Pictures
Winter 2008-2009

'I left Argentina when I was eleven, in '69, and there was no cable TV, no Internet, nothing. I was in the northern United States with my picture cards, my little t-shirt, my flag, and nothing else.'

Viggo Mortensen
"I feel honored to be able to give a hand to poets"
By - translated by Zooey and Sage
Pagina 12
14 August 2009

When asked why he always sports [San Lorenzo] gear during interviews (today it's a pullover with their logos) he jokes, "mind control."

Viggo does 'Good'
Mortensen shows us his softer side
by Tina Chadha
Metro New York
9 January 2009

Go San Lorenzo! My membership card says "supporter from another country", but I am not a supporter from another country; that does not describe me properly... I am a "local" supporter, [a supporter] from the bottom of my heart, from a heart that is ours, that belongs to all the "cuervos", in the past, in the present and for ever.

Viggo's speech
100th year San Lorenzo celebration
Buenos Aires
Translated by Silver
2 April 2008

"We're cuervos till death!"

The Lord of Simplicity
By Ernesto Garratt Vines - translated by Margarita
Wikén - El Mercurio
30 March 2007

This cuervo that exhales cigarette smoke, tracing a blue and red circle that starts from his feet, is Viggo Mortensen, the seductive Aragorn of the Lord of the Rings, David Cronenberg's fetish actor, fanatic supporter of the Cyclone, who did not win the Oscar for his interpretation in Eastern Promises, and display the San Lorenzo flag on the stage of the Kodak Theatre, as he had planned.

"I feel honored to be able to give a hand to poets"
By - translated by Zooey and Sage
Pagina 12
14 August 2009

"I don't play soccer well... I sing just like I play soccer! But I like it, so I do it anyway, it's just a matter of starting, fear is useless..."

Viggo Mortensen
A Hollywood star in RSM
Argentinean TV interview with Mariana Fabbiani
11 October 2008

It's almost three o' clock in the morning. He is sitting next to the fire on a wood and leather chair. The "asado" (barbecue) is over. The people he was preparing mate for, two at the same time, have said goodbye. He is wearing a gray San Lorenzo goalkeeper's soccer shirt, and he throws a cigarette butt into the embers. Viggo Mortensen, 49, now has a needle in his hand and he starts sewing his red and blue flag, which suffered a passionate tear in the victory against Lanus: "I like to sew it myself."

A Trip With Viggo Mortensen Through The Heart Of The Province
By Robustiano Pinedo - translated by Graciela
14 May 2007
Source: El Tribuno Salta

Don't forget that you can enjoy all the previous Quotable Viggo's here on our webpages

© Images © Ary / mundoazulgrana.

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Lo que no se pierde es la pasión

Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Soccer
Our thanks to Chrissiejane for the find.
El día de su cumpleaños número 102, San Lorenzo de Almagro inauguró la Capilla Padre Lorenzo Massa en la Ciudad Deportiva. El evento contó con la presencia del actor fanático y socio del club de Boedo, Viggo Mortensen, que fue quien donó los recursos para la realización de la obra.

En un ambiente de alegría y de pasión por el Ciclón, el famoso actor, obsequió un cuervo negro hecho íntegramente en los Estados Unidos y regaló remeras que incluían el logo del centenario confeccionado por él. Más allá del mal momento deportivo que atraviesa la institución, quedó demostrado una vez más, que la pasión de Viggo por el ciclón se mantiene inalterable.

© 2010 Magallanes Media. Images ©

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Inauguration of Capilla Padre Lorenzo Massa

Found By: Chrissiejane

Thanks to Chrissiejane for bringing us this report from Argentina today:


Se inauguró la capilla

San Lorenzo sigue festejando su cumpleaños número 102 y su regalo más importante es sin duda la inauguración de la capilla Padre Lorenzo Massa que se llevó a cabo este mediodía en la Ciudad Deportiva. En la ceremonia no faltó nadie: estuvieron presentes muchas glorias del club, varios dirigentes, algunos jugadores actuales, y por supuesto el principal responsable de esta obra, Viggo Mortensen.

La ceremonia comenzó alrededor de las 12.30, luego de que todas las glorias del club, como Sanfilippo, el Bambino Veira, El Beto Acosta, Telch, o el actual ídolo, Bernardo Romeo, entre otros, se saludaran y se sacaran fotos con todos los Cuervos que se acercaron. Luego, una breve reseña de la historia del club le dio el paso al Padre que bendijo a la nueva capilla Lorenzo Massa.

Y tras sus conmovedoras palabras, le tocó el turno de dar su discurso al Presidente de la institución, Rafael Savino, quien agradeció varias veces a Viggo por todo el apoyo que brindó para poder llevar a cabo su proyecto. Y fue él quien lo acompañó a cortar la cinta para inaugurar definitivamente la nueva capilla.

Ya consumada la inauguración, las palabras esperadas de Viggo Mortensen no podían faltar, y el actor sacó un papel de su bolsillo para no "enrollarse" hablando como le pasó alguna vez. Y tras agradecer a todos y pedir el cuidado y el respeto de todos los Cuervos por la nueva obra, Viggo se ganó la ovación de la tarde al recordar su deseo de poder volver a Boedo. Y no alcanzó con eso, porque terminado su discurso, Viggo desenvolvió la estatuilla de un Cuervo, que pidió, quede adentro de la capilla, y luego repartió remeras a la gente presente.

Está fue la inauguración oficial de la capilla, a pesar de que esta todavía no está finalizada. Seguramente, para la primera misa que se dará el 10 de abril, en recuerdo de Mirko Saric, ya estará terminada en su totalidad.

© 2010 Images © Images Fotobaires.

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Viggo invites us all to the party.....

Source: San Lorenzo Prensa.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Categories: Soccer
Our thanks to Chrissiejane for the find.


Viggo at the San Lorenzo Game: 4-01-07
Viggo at the San Lorenzo Game: 4-01-07.
© Reuters.
Este 1º de abril, cuando cumple 102 años el Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, vamos a inaugurar la nueva capilla en la Ciudad Deportiva. La primera misa se celebrará el 10 de abril, en memoria de Mirko Saric. A los que vengan a disfrutar del lugar, rogamos que traten al parquecito, al que todavía le falta césped, y a la capilla con el respeto que merecen.

Sean todos bienvenidos.
¡Aguante Ciclón!
Viggo Mortensen.

Roughly (very!! corrections welcome):

This April 1st, on the 102nd birthday of San Lorenzo de Almagro Sporting Club, we will hold the inauguration of the new chapel at Ciudad Deportiva. The first mass will be celebrated on April 10th in memory of Mirko Saric. To those who are coming to the events, please try to treat the park, which still awaits turfing, and the chapel, with the respect they deserve.

© prensacasla. Images © Reuters.

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