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Source: The People Speak.
Found By: Dom
Categories: Politics
The People Speak
The People Speak.
© Cinema Management Group LLC.
Thanks to Dom for the heads up. The People Speak has now got it's own website with a longer trailer, the whole cast of the documentary, photos, etc.

Check it out here at The People Speak.

© Cinema Management Group LLC. Images © The People Speak.

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A Message From Viggo

Source: Perceval Press
And how does the government pay for universal tax-payer funded
healthcare and universal tax-payer funded education? You might say it
is only a utopian dream, that it is naïve to ask for the government of
the United States of America to provide free comprehensive healthcare
and education for all of its citizens. I say that it was not dreaming
to expect Barack Obama to become president, and it is not dreaming to
expect the United States of America to behave like a modern, civilised
democracy. Where does the money come from? For one thing, it comes
from not bailing out the privileged few who have, through willful
mismanagement of their financial institutions and through corporate
piracy, raped and pillaged the nation's economy and robbed the U.S.
tax-payer blind with the encouragement of the government officials
whose campaigns they continue to fund. It does not come from
continuing to make a lucrative business of war-profiteering and
military-backed corporate imperialism, from perpetual armed corporate
robbery around the world, largely funded by U.S. taxpayers of today
and tomorrow.

Barack Obama received considerably more campaign funding from "Wall
Street" than John McCain did. Does this mean that he will
automatically bail out the rich who continue to steal from the hardly-
as-rich vast majority of U.S. citizens and their children? Ask him. If
he tells you that it is just too complex an issue, that bailing out
these for-profit failed capitalistic institutions and corporations is
a necessary stop-gap measure to save the economy, I would venture to
say that the answer is "yes". I would venture to say that he is as
bought-and-paid-for as George W. Bush, Bill "Nafta" Clinton, and every
other president in memory. Sadly, this would mean that "Change", that
word Mr. Obama so eloquently used - if often vaguely - as a
rhetorical cudgel to win the presidency and a chance to really make a
difference, is worth nothing more than a handful of pennies to the
economic future of the average citizen and to the hope of a socially-
responsible democracy. If the answer is "yes", then those who have
stolen Big will be richly rewarded and the profitable (for the
privileged, amoral few) military-industrial empire will thrive and
prosper as the noble dream of a just society suffers ever greater set-
backs. Let capitalism function as a responsibly-regulated system, not
as a costly welfare safety-net for billionaires and their capitalist
enterprises. We have a dream. It need not be further compromised by
the next U.S. administration. Sometimes the picture is quite clear.
Take a stand.

Viggo Mortensen

© Viggo Mortensen/Perceval Press.

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'Good' Exhibited at American Film Market

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.
Found By: Chrissiejane
Our thanks to Chrissiejane for finding this brief synopsis from The Hollywood Reporter's daily American Film Market supplement.

© oddlot international.
Odd Lot International
BOTTOM LINE: Absorbing drama about a good man who is blind to the orrors of Germany's Nazi regime.

Brazilian director Vicente Amorim's drama "Good," based on a play by C.P.Taylor, is set in Nazi Germany and tells with escalating tension the story of a presumably decent man whose bland acquiescence to Nazi terror makes him a horrified accessory.
-- Ray Bennett

© 2008 Nielsen Business Media, Inc.. Images © Odd Lot International.

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

The recent historic US election is fresh in our minds and we'll be waving goodbye to President Bush very soon. Viggo has been expressing strong opinions on Perceval Press so I think it's time to take a look at some of Viggo's past thoughts on voting, politics, leadership and, above all, honesty.

Are you a politically-motivated person?

I don't know that I'm more politically motivated than anyone else. I'm curious about the world and I have a resistance to just assuming that what I see on TV is the gospel truth.

The Horse Whisperer
Daily Mirror
by Honie Stevens
16 April 2004

'I think it should almost be a requirement that leaders in our world have self-doubt, that they display a certain hesitation in certain situations. I mean, the price of acting rashly in our times, because of the weaponry involved and because of the amount of people involved, is great. And if you don't hesitate or if you don't consider the effects of your thoughts and your actions and your words on others around you as an individual or as a leader of a nation, then it's a dangerous thing.'

Viggo Mortensen
A Sense of Finality
by Markus Tschiedert
Green Cine, 2003

'I vote, and I pay close attention to what politicians say and even closer attention to what they do. I try to keep in mind the admonition of the great teacher Plato: "One of the penalties of refusing to be involved in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." We have certainly seen the proof of that statement in this country over the last five years or so.'

Viggo Mortensen's Watertown Speech in support of Dr. Bob Johnson,
Democratic party candidate for congress
Watertown, NY
9 September 2006

'A couple of days ago, a man wrote a letter to the Watertown Daily Times saying, in effect, that he would not vote for Bob Johnson just because Viggo Mortensen thought he ought to. He was absolutely right.'

Viggo Mortensen's Watertown Speech in support of Dr. Bob Johnson,
Democratic party candidate for congress
Watertown, NY
9 September 2006

'Look at the country I'm in right now and the administration, and what's happened to the judicial system, the laws, the standing of this country in the world, education, healthcare, the economy...There have been incredible changes, and if somebody said to you would you be willing to put up with all these things and have all these laws changed, you'd say: well, no. But, by having it happen little by little, it's like a death by a thousand cuts. Before you know it, you're bleeding to death.'

Viggo Mortensen: A Man Apart
Dave Calhoun
AnOther Man
Issue 7 Autumn/Winter 2008

'...this doesn't have to do with left wing, right wing, it doesn't have to do with democrat, republican, it's about honesty.'

Viggo Mortensen on his call to impeach Bush
In Contention
Chris Tapley's In Contention blog
6 October 2005

'I'm not anti-Bush; I'm anti-Bush behaviour.'

Viggo Mortensen on his call to impeach Bush
By Nina Siegal
The Progressive
November 2005

'With regard to history, Bush's record with regard to foreign relations, the environment, the economy, concern for the average citizen ... I can't think of any accomplishment that will put him anywhere else than in last place historically as a president. Of all the presidents in the history of the United States, it's hard to think that there's anything other than public relations - getting people to swallow huge lies so you can get your dirty work done - that this president will be considered remarkable for.'

Viggo Mortensen
The Man Who Would be King
By Scott Thill, 2003

I consider myself very fortunate to have a platform. I don't take it lightly, and I don't abuse it. I don't speak up about something unless I feel strongly about it and until I've researched a subject extensively and have an informed decision about it. But I think if you don't say something it's lying by omission. I personally think it's immoral. Yeah, it might cost you a few fans, but you have to say something.

Viggo Mortensen on speaking up for his beliefs
By Nina Siegal
The Progressive
November 2005

© Images © Focus Features.

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'Vanity Fair' Scan

Source: Vanity Fair Italy.
Found By: mia
Categories: Scans
Vanity Fair, Italy: Issue, November 11, 2008
Vanity Fair, Italy: Issue, November 11, 2008.
© Vanity Fair.
Mega thanks to mia for this beautiful scan from Vanity Fair Italy in thie November 11, 2008 issue.

Click on scan to enlarge.

© Vanity Fair.

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