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Purgatorio, the play that brings together Chilean Ariel Dorfman and Viggo Mortensen

Source: El Mercurio

El Mercurio in Chile recently published a short article about Ariel Dorfman. We are very grateful to Ollie and Sage for translating the part relating to Purgatorio.

The writer speaks in an exclusive for 'El Mercurio' on his friendship with the American actor who will perform Dorfman's play in Madrid.

© Associated Press.

By Amparo Hernandez C.

A year ago, Viggo Mortensen called Ariel Dorfman to ask him whether his play Purgatorio was available. To the Chilean's surprise, Mortensen wanted to act in the Spanish version of the work. "The truth is I initially had thought he should be doing it in English, in New York," admits the Chilean from the States. In fact, the play by the author of Death and the Maiden will open on February 12 at the Teatro Español in Madrid.

Mortensen and Dorfman met in September of 2007 at the Toronto International Film Festival, at the premiere of A Promise to the Dead, a documentary based on the life of the writer. The Australian and Oscar winner for Shine, Geoffrey Rush, introduced them. "It was nice to hug Viggo in person after the letters we had sent each other. He knew my books rather well, while I not only admired him as an extraordinary actor, but also as a poet and activist. One of the things that caught my attention during that first meeting was that, like me, he is completely bilingual, which makes us deeply complementary," Dorfman says.

Actor and writer are currently working on the staging of Purgatorio. Early in the year they got together in Madrid to work on the Spanish script and on December 6 they will meet again: "I'm going to get involved in the rehearsals as much as possible. In December, I will be in Madrid for a week with Viggo, the great Emma Suárez, and the Catalan director Josep María Mestres. Later on, I´ll get together with them during the two weeks prior to the opening, in February 2010."

© El Mercurio Online. Images © Associated Press.

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UK Poster - 'The Road'

Found By: Eriko

Thanks to Eriko for the heads up on this beautiful poster for the UK release of The Road on January 8!

© Images © 2929 Productions/Icon Films.

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On 'The Road'

Source: Vocable Magazine.
Found By: Dom

Thanks to Dom for scanning in this interview with VM from Vocable magazine.

Double click for full size.


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The Road: a world exclusive look at the UK trailer

Source: The Guardian.
Found By: Dom

John Hillcoat's acclaimed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's apocalyptic novel, starring Viggo Mortensen, hits the UK in the new year. The distributors have recut the trailer for British eyes - compare and contrast with the original and tell us what you think...

© Guardian News & Media LTD. Images © 2929 Productions/Icon Films.

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This Week In The V-W Marketplace News

Categories: Marketplace News
© VW. Used by permission.

We have had another great week with our features in the Viggo-Works Marketplace News. Check out all the delightful artistic offerings.

© blacqbook, Diane Duda, Itayasdesigns, maternity.



FEATURED ARTIST: Itayasdesigns


Once again, check out all of our features in the Viggo-Works Marketplace News.


© Images © blacqbook, Diane Duda, Itayasdesigns, maternity, Zazzle.

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