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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Reading Ana Piterbarg's comments about Viggo's latest film, Todos Tenemos Un Plan, they sounded very familiar. It's hard not to be struck by how often Viggo's involvement and enthusiasm has been the key to getting a project off the ground or overcoming a hurdle that's stalled it. Whether it's lending his support to projects which he believes in, like Alatriste, Todos Tenemos Un Plan or Good (though for Good, top accolade goes to Jason Isaacs' dogged determination to help Miriam Segal), or whether it involves jumping in at the last minute to help a friend, as in A Dangerous Method, or taking a plunge into the unknown, like LotR, it's obvious there are a lot of Directors out there who must be wondering where their film would be without Viggo.

"With the entry of Viggo, what wasn't viable became possible..."

Vanessa Ragone, Producer, Todos Tenemos Un Plan
Local filmmakers use Hollywood stars as lure
By Charles Newbery
15 May 2011

"Making a first film is very difficult. Fortunately, and also unfortunately, I had thought up a very complicated story, and because of that it took me a lot of time to persuade the producers. I had the good fortune of finding Viggo; I'd been thinking of him for a long time. You could say, 'Dreams are only dreams,' but the truth is, no. I met him one day, very much by chance, and I said I had a script for him to read, because I was interested in making the film with him. And one day, he told me yes. From that point on, all my problems, which had been infinite, became finite. That's how this dream went on, because if I'd convinced Viggo, everything after that seems easier."

Ana Piterbarg, Producer, Todos Tenemos Un Plan
by Ezequiel Obregon
Escribiendo Cine
Translation by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
23 May 2011

Without him, the $3.5 million film hadn't been able to raise financing in Argentina alone for what promises to be a demanding nine-week shoot, steep in special effects and action scenes, including shootouts and two boat explosions in Tigre (a delta region outside Buenos Aires navigated only by boat).

Local filmmakers use Hollywood stars as lure
By Charles Newbery
15 May 2011

I phoned Viggo. I said, "I know that you weren't interested in playing Freud but it's come up for grabs again and I would be remiss if I didn't ask you if you wanted to do it." He said, "Let me look at the script," and in two days he was doing it.

David Cronenberg on Viggo taking over the role from Christoph Waltz
August 2010

Stephan Dupuis, a David Cronenberg collaborator since 1977 and head of the make-up department on this film, has had a fight on his hands to make Viggo Mortensen more credible for his role as Freud: "I had to fit him with a prosthetic nose and give him brown contact lenses. Viggo has such intense blue eyes that it wasn't working at all!" The actor has saved the film, so to speak.

Of Couches And Men
By Catherine Poirier - translated by Celine
Le Nouvel Observateur - TéléObs supplement
13 November 2010

Isaacs supported Segal throughout the project's many ups and downs, and even signed on to be one of the film's executive producers.

But, it was Viggo Mortensen's attachment to Good that finally gave the project some momentum. Oscar-nominated for his brilliant portrayal of a Russian mobster in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, Mortensen also drew raves for his starring role a year earlier in A History of Violence. Suddenly at the top of his game, Mortensen sparked to the role of John Halder, even though this bookish, cerebral intellectual couldn't have been further from the laconic men-of-action he has so recently been playing.

Good: Production Notes
Good Films/THINKfilm
November 2008

It took Segal several years to get Good to hit the screen. At one point, says Isaacs, the film was ready to start production in Germany with a different actor as Halder and a different director. "There was just some tiny rubber-stamp thing that needed to happen at the bank," he says. "A lot of people hadn't been paid in such a long time. Miriam has sacrificed her rather booming production company, apartment and car to finally get this thing up."

Isaacs wrote a check to help keep things going, but the production still collapsed, "leaving huge debts everywhere, including me. But she was determined."

A Matter Of "Good" And Evil
By Susan King
30 December 2008
Source: Los Angeles Times

... And that's where we can see the silver lining also because even though collecting the money again wasn't easy, it was due to this delay that they could win Viggo Mortensen for the role of the main character.

But even this didn't make signing Viggo Mortensen up for the movie any easier because in those days he had said in every forum that he didn't intend to make another movie for at least a year. Finally Mr. Isaacs sent him the screenplay through a friend (which, according to the unwritten rules every actor keeps to, is forbidden, Mr. Isaacs said), and when Mr. Mortensen realized which play it was about he said yes right away. According to both the producer and Mr. Isaacs, Mr. Mortensen was the only actor they could picture in the role; what's more, they could only obtain money for the shooting if they provided a name that would draw in the crowds. Miriam Segal considered Viggo Mortensen one the few actors today who's not only a movie star but a very talented actor.

Santa Brought Us Viggo Mortensen
By Lavicska Zsuzsanna - translated by Zee
Film Klub
7 December 2008

'Without Viggo this wouldn't have been built up ever. Viggo could have done any film, especially after The Lord of the Rings. He fell in love with the project. He insisted on it and this could be done thanks to him.'

Arturo Pérez-Reverte talking about Alatriste
Mano a Mano
XL Semanal, 20 August 2006
Translation for V-W by Paddy

CK: What did Viggo Mortensen provide the film?
ADY: Everything; absolutely everything.
Agustín Díaz Yanes
Action, history...and skilled swordsmen
By Andrés Rubin de Celis - translated by Paddy for V-W
Citizen K Espana
July 2006

"I bow down to Viggo. He came in and saved the day. A lot of things would happen on this film where a certain amount of trouble would arise, and then something would come along where it would not only solve it, but would seem like fate, like it was meant to be. And Viggo was one of those cases. Someone just mentioned his name, they called him, he came and it was perfect. He was meant to play Aragorn, he is Aragorn."

Elijah Wood on Viggo joining LotR
A Fantastic Leap of Faith
By Brent Simon
Entertainment Today
14 December 2001

"At the very end of the call, I thought it had gone very badly, that he wasn't going to do the role," Mr. Jackson continued. "I was thinking, `What are we going to do now?' as I was waiting for the call to end, and then there was another long silence and Viggo said, `I guess I'll see you on Tuesday.' "

Peter Jackson on offering him the part of Aragorn[]
The Man Who Would Just As Soon Not Be King
By Sarah Lyall
New York Times, 2003

"I guess in the end I did it because I would feel that I had been chicken shit really. I had to leave the next day, so I'm on the plane reading, looking at this gigantic book and thinking, 'What the hell have I done?"

Viggo Mortensen
The Man Who Would Be King
by Nick Dent
Black & White Magazine 2001

'Ultimately, you create your own luck. Fate does step in. When we ended up with Viggo, fate was dealing us a very kind hand. Viggo, in hindsight, was the one person who was perfect for this film. He came out of nowhere, and suddenly there was Aragorn.'

Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings: The Untold Story
By Ian Nathan
December 2004

As always, you will find all previous Quotables here in our Webpages.

© Images © Haddock Films.

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Viggo Mortensen filmará su película en Tigre

Source: Zona Norte Hoy.
Found By: Dom
Our thanks to Dom for bringing us this piece from Zona Norte Hoy.

El reconocido actor grabará, junto a Soledad Villamil, su próximo filme "Todos Tenemos un Plan". El rodaje comenzará en los próximos días y mostrará a todo el mundo la belleza natural de nuestro distrito.

© Municipio de Tigre.
Miércoles 25 de mayo de 2011

Con un increíble elenco como Soledad Villamil, Sofía Gala, Daniel Fanego y Javier Godino; Viggo Mortensen comenzará a rodar su próxima película en Tigre.

El Intendente Sergio Massa, recibió en las instalaciones de su despacho, al actor y a la directora del filme, Ana Piterbarg, y conversó con ellos sobre las características del distrito y la realización de la pieza cinematográfica.

En tal sentido, el Subsecretario de Cultura del Municipio, Daniel Fariña subrayó: "Esta película, que tiene una coproducción entre España y Argentina, va a permitir que todo el mundo conozca las islas y nuestro partido, ya que también utilizarán locaciones del continente".

Por su parte, la Directora del filme, Ana Piterbarg agregó: "Nuestra película se va a llamar "Todos tenemos un Plan" , y transcurrirá en una isla del Delta y en la ciudad. Tigre es un lugar especial, muy lindo y nostálgico, estamos muy contentos de estar acá".

Según la sinopsis, en "Todos tenemos un plan", Mortensen encarnará a dos hermanos gemelos (Agustín y Pedro). Uno de ellos, a la muerte del otro, se instala en el Delta, donde se había criado, y toma la identidad de su hermano, pero se encuentra envuelto en "un peligroso mundo criminal.

Mortensen, nacido en Nueva York y criado en la Argentina, filmará por primera vez en el país y así cumplirá, según reconoció, "una cuenta pendiente" en su carrera. El actor es reconocido por películas como el "El Señor de los anillos", "Alatriste" o "Promesas del este"

El filme, que se estrenará en el 2012, brindará la posibilidad de mostrar la belleza natural del partido, que nuevamente es elegido para la realización de películas y series con gran prestigio y reconocimiento mundial.

© Zona Norte Hoy. Images © Municipio de Tigre.

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A New Translation

Translation by Ollie, with assistance from Zoe
Source: La Nacion
Many thanks to Ollie, with assistance from Zoe, for translating this article from La Nacion:

With A Plan To Film In Argentina

"Todos tenemos un plan" Press Conference - 05.20.2....
© La Nacion.
by Marcelo Stiletano

"I´ve got here in my hand a Danish passport, very similar to that of Lars Von Trier. I admire the guy a lot; he has immense talent. But I hope he gets his act together, that he thinks through what he says better. I don´t like anything at all about either Hitler or his cruel intolerance." In this way, in words resonating with what happened in Cannes and that he probably thinks will be heard outside Argentina, Viggo Mortensen began, the night before last, the presentation of the first film he´ll shoot in our country as the main character.

Todos Tenemos Un Plan, the first work by Ana Piterbarg, seems like the biggest local film project and the one with widest scope internationally this year. "It will cost about three and a half million dollars, more than the average cost of any Argentinian film, because it requires an important production framework," explained producer Vanessa Ragone, who is already credited, as head of Haddock Films, with the historic success of El Secreto De Sus Ojos. Very close to her, Liliana Mazure, head of INCAA, was agreeing.

Just as in Juan Jose Campanella´s film, Haddock is associated with the Spanish Tornasol Films for this project. And to continue with the coincidences, the peninsular actor Javier Godino (the villain in the Oscar-winning film) also joined the cast. "This movie has a suspense plot and an auteur´s tempo. I hope it will be the perfect blend between Campanella and Lucrecia Martel," specified Ragone with a smile.

The shooting will begin on June 6 and will take place mainly in the natural settings of the Delta del Tigre, the main location of a thriller with the characteristics of film noir, written by the director. Later, there will be additional takes in Spain.

"I´m going to play two brothers, very alike and very different at the same time. In the good stories, which are the ones I Iike, there are words and also music between the words. Here, even the most innocent characters have their own frustrations and endure failure," said Mortensen in that Argentinian accent we´ve now gotten used to, characteristic of someone who, it seems, just left the country yesterday and not of an actor who is famous in Hollywood and Europe. " You can talk about this kind of film only after seeing it, and not before," he pointed out, maybe uncomfortable with the fact, unusual for him (and to international film making, in general) of being forced to promote a film before the shoot. To have some idea of the plot, he recommended reading La Ribera, by Enrique Wernicke, and suggested that the setting of the film has a lot in common with Sudeste, by Haroldo Conti.

It all began with a chance meeting between Mortensen and Piterbarg. "When Viggo said yes to me, all my problems, that were infinite, became easier," said the director. "We´ve been talking about the project for several years with Ana. It´s hard to find a story like this one. It´s a homemade product from Argentina, which still is my home. I grew up here and came back many times to talk about films I made elsewhere. Now it is different because I am coming to shoot here," the actor added.

The main cast is completed with Soledad Villamil ("If there´s something extraordinary about this job is that I´ve been called for a project like this one. Viggo ceased to be a "name" in order to become a great co-worker."), Sofía Gala (still indignant about the picture that showed her smoking marijuana at a rock concert) and Daniel Fanego, who only stayed for the pictures because he had to attend to his theatre commitments.

© La Nacion.

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Images from the Set of TTUP

Source: Haddock Films.
Found By: Eriko
With thanks to Eriko, I thought we might post those images from the set here.

© Haddock Films.

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The beginning of filming for Todos Tenemos Un Plan, with Viggo Mortensen and Soledad Villamil, is announced.

Translation by Ollie, Rio and Zoe
Source: Escribiendo Cine
Many thanks to Ollie, Rio and Zoe for bringing us this translation of the Escribiendo Cine report from the press conference.
"Todos tenemos un plan" Press Conference - 05.20.2....
© Escribiendo Cine.
by Ezequiel Obregon

In a centrally located hotel, the producers, director, and part of the cast of the film (Sofía Gala Castiglione and Daniel Fanego) spoke with the press. Liliana Mazure, the president of the INCAA, was also present.

"Making a first film is very difficult. Fortunately, and also unfortunately, I had thought up a very complicated story, and because of that it took me a lot of time to persuade the producers. I had the good fortune of finding Viggo; I'd been thinking of him for a long time. You could say, 'Dreams are only dreams,' but the truth is, no. I met him one day, very much by chance, and I said I had a script for him to read, because I was interested in making the film with him. And one day, he told me yes. From that point on, all my problems, which had been infinite, became finite. That's how this dream went on, because if I'd convinced Viggo, everything after that seems easier," said the first-timer Ana Piterbarg. With the addition of an international star, everything seemed simpler. But the task remained of assembling the structure that would make filming possible in the middle of the delta del Tigre, with a cost of - according to the producer Vanesa Ragone - nearly three and a half million dollars.

EscribiendoCine asked the director about the choice of place for the development of this thriller: "I began with this story many years ago. When I started writing, I thought about a place that would have rivers. I went back to el Tigre and I did some research for writing. The story was just beginning. And because of a person who was working in the Department of Culture in that municipality, I was able to know places that as a tourist you never know."

Mortensen, before talking about the film, made an assessment of the aesthetics of Lars Von Trier and a repudiation of what he said at the Cannes Festival that led to him being declared "persona non grata." In regard to his participation in Todos Tenemos Un Plan, he stated, "I'm very happy to be here with this team, with our producers and above all with Ana. We've been talking for years. Things were changing; we were at the point of doing it and it wouldn't get done. It's that way with independent cinema; it takes a lot to get it going and to tell a story like this, such a special one. It is a home-grown product, from this home, which has also been my home. And I feel as though it's mine. It's the first time that I'm going to film here." About his character, he said, "I play two men, very similar and yet at the same time very distinct. What I like is that there are words and the music of the words. And the music beneath the words and between them is something that isn't in linear time. It's something that has to do with what is lost, what is yearned for, nostalgia, doubt, jealousies. All of that is in this film noir story." And he finished off with, "And the foundation is there," recalling the popular phrase of Bambino Veira, a well-known figure from the San Lorenzo club of which the actor is a fan.

Vanesa Ragone, Haddock Films producer (responsible for the successful and Oscar- winning El Secreto De Sus Ojos, among other films) appreciated that INCAA provided funds for the realization of the project, in a strong alliance between private and public investments. "We arrived at this film through sheer conviction. It was Ana´s conviction, it was she who convinced all of us to do our best. The INCAA always supported us and gave us the chance to make free cinema where each one writes what they want and what they think and can develop it. Our relationship with TELEFE is also excellent. A film of this size requires co-production with Spain and with other producers who have joined in."

Soledad Villamil referred to her participation, acting with an international film star: "If there's anything extraordinary about this job, it's that on the one hand, things like this can happen. First, that they contact you to do a movie: extraordinary because it's unusual. Second, that they bring you a script where there's a character that calls to you. And then they tell you, 'The main character is Viggo Mortensen.' But even more extraordinary is that you find yourself working and meeting someone with the human and acting quality that Viggo has. That he's a 'name,' but he's a co-worker. It might be hard to explain or understand, I suppose, what the transition from global star to co-worker, to someone who likes to teach, as he did me and Ana, could mean in the imagination of the public or a journalist. And that is... extraordinary."

© Escribiendo Cine.

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