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AFI Film Fest to offer free tickets, while they last

Found By: Ellie
Our thanks to Ellie for the heads up.
© AFP Photo/Filippe Monteforte.
This 23rd year of the film fest, in an unprecedented move, the American Film Institute's Film Fest will offer free tickets in its "See a Film on Us" initiative. In a welcome move, AFI will make complimentary tickets available for all screenings during its event, October 30-November 7, happening at the famous Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Among the more than 65,000 attendees, patrons may purchase reserved passes and receive priority seating. Thanks to sponsor Audi, AFI will provide limited free seats to evening shows and Gala Presentations which must be acquired in advance, via the website, at the theater as of October 26, and at the screening.

The "Official Selections" program of international work from emerging filmmakers and showcases of films by film masters include: South Korean Bong Joon-ho's return to the festival to screen his thriller Mother; French director Claude Chabrol's Bellamy and Jacques Audiard's A Prophet; Italy's Marco Bellochhio's Vincere drama about Mussolini; Police, Adjective by Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu.

Red-carpet gala premieres feature opening night for the North American premiere of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson's animated adaptation of the children's book by Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach) with voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman. The closing night presentation is with A Single Man with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, based on the moving Christopher Isherwood novel.

Among the 80 films scheduled, the program highlights many independent features of the fall season, such as The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and Everybody's Fine with Robert DeNiro and Kate Beckinsale, who will attend. Also there will be tributes to Viggo Mortensen after a screening of The Road and to Christopher Plummer with the UK/Germany production, The Last Station directed by Michael Hoffman and also starring Helen Mirren, James McAvoy, and Paul Giamatti.

Must-see films in the schedule include upcoming releases: Lee Daniels' Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (with newcomer sensation Gabourey Sidibe), Werner Herzog's The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, the remake of the 1992 film with Nicolas Cage in the roll of Harvey Keitel's rogue cop.

AFI DigiFest, November 4-5, showcases interactive cross-platform projects from around the world, including prototypes developed for and the Leonardo DeCaprio Foundation.

AFI FEST is a qualifying festival for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Short Films category of the annual Academy Awards.

The schedule of screenings includes the last weekend of showings located in Santa Monica, at the same time as the annual American Film Market. The AFM is an eight-day independent film production and distribution deal-making event with more than 8,000 participants from 70 countries at screenings, networking sessions and parties.


© Images © AFP Photo/Filippe Monteforte.

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Sneak Preview: THE ROAD - November 6

Source: Egyptian Theater.
Found By: Eriko
Categories: The Road
Our thanks to Eriko for the find.

Viggo in LA: November 6

© Dimension Films.
Director, producers, and actor Viggo Mortensen in person!

Host: Egyptian Theatre
Type: Party - Movie/TV Night
Network: Global
Date: Friday, November 6, 2009
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Egyptian Theatre
Street: 6712 Hollywood Boulevard
City/Town: Los Angeles, CA

DescriptionTHE ROAD, 2009, Weinstein Co, 119 min. Dir. John Hillcoat. Based on Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Academy Award nominee Viggo Mortensen leads an all-star cast in this epic post-apocalyptic tale of a journey taken by a father (Viggo Mortensen) and his young son (newcomer Kodi Smit-McPhee) across a barren landscape that was blasted by an unnamed cataclysm that destroyed civilization and most life on earth.

Discussion following with director John Hillcoat, actor Viggo Mortensen and producers Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz, and Paula Mae Schwartz.

Advance tickets:

© Egyptian Theater: Facebook. Images © Dimension Films.

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'The Road' at Stockholm Film Festival November 25, 26, & 28

Source: Stockholm Film Festival.
Found By: christi
Categories: Movie Promotions
Image Macall Polay.
© Dimension Films/2929 Productions.
Our thanks to christi for the heads up.

'The Road' will show on November 25, 26, and 28. Check out the official website here.

© Stockholm Film Festival. Images © Dimension Films.

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'The Road' at Austin Film Festival October 28

Found By: Ellie
Image Macall Polay.
© 2929/Dimension Films/MGM.
Most people who have read Cormac McCarthy's chapter-less mind scraper The Road were terrified when they heard it was going to be made into a feature film. How on earth could anyone portray such a dark and seemingly hopeless (though filled with love) story on the silver screen and actually expect the general public to pay money to see it? Are we masochists? People, if you haven't read it, The Road rips your heart out and while it is still beating stomps on it in, covers it in the ashes of your burning-former-world and smashes it back into the cavity from whence it came. This literary gut-puncher won the Pulitzer, for Pete's sake. Let's not ruin the almost permanently tear-stained cheeks of the reading public with the possibility of a less-than-brilliant adaptation. Perhaps we are all just cowards, and the brave screenwriter Joe Penhall is here to toughen us up with his characterization of the beloved book. Not to be left in the shadows, Director John Hillcoat is tasked with creating the bleak landscape and capturing the sallow faces of a father, played by esteemed badass Viggo Mortensen, and son, the newcomer Kodi Smit-McPhee, who just need to keep trekking across the barren land, towards the coast, in order to stay alive. They will struggle and they will hurt and they will sometimes wish for death, but they will never stop moving. If you're looking for a feel good flick, you've come to the wrong place.

[The Road screens at the Paramount Theater on Wednesday, October 28th at 9:30 p.m.]

...The full AFF schedule can be seen here.

© 2003-2009 Gothamist LLC. Images © 2929/Dimension Films. Image Macall Polay.

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Happy Birthday Viggo!


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