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Images from 'Good' Press Conference in Budapest

Source: Premiere Park.
Found By: Sachie

Thanks to Sachie for finding these first pictures from the Hungary press conference for 'Good'.

© 2000-2008 . Images © Falus Tamás.

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Promoting 'Good' in Budapest

Found By: Sally

Thanks to Sally for the heads up on this article from the 'Good' photocall in Hungary on Saturday.

Itt járt a király és a varázsló

'Good' Press Conference Budapest, Hungary 12.06.08
'Good' Press Conference Budapest, Hungary 12.06.08.
BUDAPEST ‒ „Az afganisztáni barlangokban lakó emberek is tudják, hogy én vagyok a gonosz varázsló a Harry Potter-filmekben, de egyáltalán nem zavar, hogy főleg gonosz szerepek találnak meg" - tréfálkozott Jason Isaacs (45), aki egy bohém zsidó férfit alakít a Good című filmben.

Én juttattam el a forgatókönyvet Viggóhoz, bár tudtam, hogy egy évig nem akar kamera elé állni. Kiderült, ismerte a film alapjául szolgáló darabot, és azonnal igent mondott."

Isaacs producerként is jegyzi a Goodot, és elmondta, a kedvező fi nanszírozás és az épületek miatt választották Budapestet a berlini helyszínül, de a Balatonnál is forgattak.

Ezt a klassz zakót kaptam a jelmeztervező Szakács Györgyitől" - mutatta Viggo Mortensen (50).

„Ezek a kedvenc csapatom, az argentin San Lorenzo színei. A forgatás alatt egy pesti kocsma tévéjén keresztül követtem a bajnokságot, és mi után győzött a csapat, megkaptam a zakót."

A gyűrűk ura sztárja azt is elárulta, minek köszönhető, hogy 50 évesen ilyen fi atalos.

Nem élek egészséges életet, néha rá is gyújtok, de jó géneket örököltem. Gyerek maradtam, aki néha azt képzeli, hogy cowboy, néha meg azt, hogy király.

© Images ©

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

With our wonderful new Christmas Calendar (courtesy of Techadmin) we're having a veritable feast of Aragorn to lead us into Christmas. I commented a few days back that Viggo was 'born to play Aragorn and already had him in his soul, even if he didn't know it'. Well.... we can NEVER have too much Aragorn, can we? So here are some musings on how a highly regarded character actor, who'd found acclaim but not fame, became KING.

When Mr. Jackson telephoned Mr. Mortensen, whose work he admired, the conversation did not seem to go well.

"Knowing Viggo now, his conversation was incredibly Viggo-like, but at the time it was incredibly off-putting," Mr. Jackson said. "He was asking about the character: how long has he lived with the elves? Where are his parents? If I didn't know the answer, I'd make it up. There would be this terrible long silence, and I didn't know if the phone had disconnected or not, and then he'd ask another question and there would be 30 more seconds of silence."

"At the very end of the call, I thought it had gone very badly, that he wasn't going to do the role," Mr. Jackson continued. "I was thinking, `What are we going to do now?' as I was waiting for the call to end, and then there was another long silence and Viggo said, `I guess I'll see you on Tuesday.' "

Peter Jackson on offering him the part of Aragorn
The Man Who Would Just As Soon Not Be King
By Sarah Lyall
New York Times, 2003

"I guess in the end I did it because I would feel that I had been chicken shit really. I had to leave the next day, so I'm on the plane reading, looking at this gigantic book and thinking, 'What the hell have I done?"

Viggo Mortensen on agreeing to play Aragorn
The Man Who Would Be King
by Nick Dent
Black & White magazine 2001

"I started reading the Tolkien book on the plane the next day, and about an hour into it or so, I started to see the first signs of things that I recognized: archetypes and storylines, particularly from Nordic sagas. . . . That put me somewhat at ease, and realizing that I was going to get to be part of this saga and be some sort of Viking warrior - a heroic character with all the flaws and self-doubt that the best of those saga heroes had."

Viggo Mortensen
Playing the Hero Suits Mortensen Fine
Philadelphia Enquirer, 2002

And Viggo came on quite late. I'm sure you were designing for Stuart Townsend then?

It was terrifying. I didn't know Viggo. It had been a pretty difficult time working with Stewart and the original design for the costume of Aragorn - the costume when working with Stewart went through a number of radical changes....

Viggo paced up and down and said, "Do you think we could just put a few more ties on these boots?" And in that moment - I had known the first time he put that costume on that it was ten times better on him and that was actually to do with the amount of - just Viggo's experience and age and life. He imbued that costume with its own life. The terrifying thing for me was that I might have an actor who simply wanted to get rid of it, but he did not do that.

He just wanted to add to it. I was in love with Viggo from the beginning. (laughs)

On Aragorn's costume
Ngila Dickson Interview

How do you 'dive' into fight scenes?

Well the first day I met the fight choreographer, Bob Anderson, who's been around a long time - he taught Errol Flynn to fence and represented the UK at the Olympics. I went into this room and there were all these stunt people standing there and screaming and yelling. He had them all pumped-up and he stood me in front of them and said "Okay, go!" And they all started running at me, and I was like, "Holy shit!" He said "stop" and they all stopped. Then he told me: "This is what you're going to be dealing with so let's get to work..." He gave me a sword and it was just, like, crazy for two days. The first thing I did on camera was swordplay and I liked it. It was fun.

The Ranger - Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
by Martyn Palmer
Total Film magazine, 2002

"I'm still shocked that that was the first thing he did," says Wood, who had an early dinner with Mortensen during which he found him hard to talk with. "But when he started working, there was no question. This was Aragorn, this was the man who was meant to play this role. We had an immense amount of respect for him being able to jump in so quickly."

Elijah Wood on Viggo shooting the Weathertop battle as his first scene
The Hero Returns
By Tom Roston
Premiere 2003

"Viggo came with a level of intensity and commitment," says Sean Astin, who portrays hobbit Samwise Gamgee. "He got this reputation as an eccentric because he would carry his sword around, but I found it quite inspiring. There was a glimmer in his eye - he was aware of how other people were perceiving him - but he really reawakened in me a sense of the possibilities of what it can be as an actor enjoying a role."

Sean Astin
A Fantastic Leap of Faith
by Brent Simon
Entertainment Today, 2001

"I read an article that said, 'Finally, someone's found the niche for Viggo Mortensen: the rugged hero who has a deep intellect and a great humanity. That's what Aragorn is, because Viggo has brought that to it. He's very like that as a human being."

Bernard Hill
It's Good to be "King"
by Susan Wloszczyna
USA Today, 2003

'Viggo just became so synonymous with Aragorn that it was hard to see him as Viggo again and not Aragorn. I have never witnessed an actor enter the spirit of a role as he did.'

Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings: The Untold Story
By Ian Nathan, Empire, December 2004

I really don't know what happened myself, but I lost myself completely in the role. I am a man who likes to withdraw into solitude and take long hikes in the woods and mountains. So was Aragorn. We fitted perfectly together.'

Viggo Mortensen
The Lord of the Rings: The Untold Story
By Ian Nathan, Empire, December 2004

This is Return of the King though, and Viggo is that king. Throughout all three films, this has been a journey of responsibility for Aragorn as he grows to accept the destiny for which he was born. Viggo is noble, Viggo is powerful, Viggo is resplendent. He's a young Sean Connery but with a grittier style. More than anyone else, this is Aragorn's film.

Film Hobbit
16 December 3003

© Images © New Line Productions.

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Rabbit Ridge Art

© Rabbit Ridge Art. Images © Rabbit Ridge Art. Used by permission.

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A Wonderful Interview from This Week in Japan

Source: BIGLOBE Japan.
Found By: Eriko and sidhex3
Categories: Movie Promotions

Our mega thanks to Eriko for the heads up on this lovely interview from Japan, and to sidhex3 for supplying the downloads.

For those of you in America and elsewhere who have never seen the exquisite Spanish film, Alatriste, filmed in aware that there are indeed **SPOILERS**. interview (the clip will only play for those using IE)


You can download the clip here:
wmv format (49.3MB) or mov format (69.7MB).

© NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd. 1996-2008 .

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