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Photos from Argentina

Found By: Farol
Categories: Books & CD's
Many thanks to Farol at Viggo Mortensen y Alrededores for allowing us to repost some of her photographs from Viggo's recent poetry event in Buenos Aires.

Please do not post elsewhere without Farol's permission.

Images © Farol.

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TRANSLATION: Viggo in Córdoba

Translation by Ollie, Remolina, Rio, Sage and Zoe
Source: Negro&
Categories: Books & CD's
Our thanks once again to Ollie, Remolina, Rio, Sage and Zoe for translating the article from Negro&White posted earlier on this news page.

Viggo Mortensen Passed Through Córdoba: With the Soul and the Stuff of a Poet

Image Eliana Gorelick Czenik.
© Negro&
by Milly Bianchiman Sur

On the occasion of the presentation of his book, Canciones de Invierno and Las pequeñas grandes cosas by Talo Kejner, Viggo Mortensen visited our province to show to us he also has the stuff of a poet.

The story begins when Viggo was filming The Lord of the Rings, and between takes, he bumped into Camilo Kejner (who was part of the production of the film). He told him his dad wrote poetry. The next thing was to ask his son for Talo Kejner's material and from there, the actor´s love and fascination were instantaneous.

Viggo arrived at the Centro Cultural España Córdoba around 4:30 p.m. to hold a press conference. From the first glance, I realized that he is no ordinary film star. He seems to be the ideal celebrity, an approachable person, who doesn't think he is superior to anyone and believes that he is just like everybody else. Just after 5:30, Viggo shyly entered the amphitheatre of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas [College of Exact Sciences], said hello and thanks, then said that when the talk was over, he would need an orderly line so that everyone could get an autograph. You read that right; Mortensen wanted 600 people to have his autograph so as not to disappoint them.

Gustavo López, who edited the books and the CD, started talking about his experience with both writers and went on to describe how each of them writes and what they communicate. In the meantime, Viggo put the jasmines that the girls just behind me in the queue gave him in his glass of mineral water. He served water to Talo and Gustavo and put everything around him in order, as if he were the host instead of the guest. Then he started talking about his experience writing poems, saying, "Poetry is the politics of the soul" and pointed out that choosing each of his poems was a very complicated process, because he thinks that any poetry reading is an invocation to the poet's soul and every soul deserves a hearing. That said, he wants to read other poets' works, choosing Federico García Lorca. His reading shows his nervousness so he invites Reyna Carranza, a poet from Córdoba to go on reading to keep him from making a fool of himself, according to him. His new passion is apparent to everyone. His silly clumsiness wins over the audience, letting them see what a good guy he is.

He didn´t want to be the centre of attention and the moment he allowed questions to be put to him, he made sure that a couple of them were also addressed to Talo Kejner. The event was about to finish, so he asked again that they get organized so that everybody could have their autograph.

He called his special security guy who was asking that we please line up in an orderly way. By then, there wasn´t much to do; everybody was trying to grab a place in that line. Then, after 20 people went ahead of me, it was my turn, and there he was. He gave me a kiss and smiled shyly at me and I only said to him: Thank you, thank you very much for coming to my province. You know we consider you ours. Listen to the guys from San Lorenzo, how they are supporting you from outside." He answered, "Thank you. Yes, I hear them. They are incredible." I think that my heart had stopped working. I told him that since The Lord of the Rings, I had watched all his films since I was 12. He asked my age while he was signing my DVD and his book. He gave me another kiss. We hugged each other and I kissed him again. The rest is a blackout. I was in shock. For a moment, I was not conscious of whom I had spoken to. He seemed like another friend from the block, who was glad to see you and grateful to you for visiting him. He definitely is not realistic about who he is for us. He doesn´t realize the pedestal on which we have placed him. My arms enfolded his book and my DVD, now signed by him. I´m still not aware that I shared a chat with Viggo Mortensen as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

After everything I saw, I can affirm that he is a super person, shy, transparent, meticulous, punctilious, very observant, attentive to everybody around him, and above all grateful to life and to those who, at one point, gave him a place in the art world. He lets you see that he loves everything he does and that he does it all with great passion."

Those who want to buy the books can find them for sale in the Centro Cultural España Córdoba. Canciones de invierno is his book of poems that includes a CD and costs $40. The hardcover book Las pequenas grandes cosas by Talo Kejner costs $50.

© Negro& Images © Eliana Gorelick Czenik.

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Viggo-Works Christmas Calendar 2010

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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

If you ever follow all the google alerts (as I have been today), you will have realised by now the endless wishful thinking that casts Viggo in a part in practically every comic book film adaption, EVER. Sometimes as a Super Hero, sometimes - much more interesting - as a Super Villain. So I thought it would be super to have a dig around the Comic side of things - comic books, comic strips and superheroes. It leads us to the surprising discovery that Alatriste has a touch of the superhero, that Nikola (I kid you not) is found to have a bit of the comic strip about him, and that TJ reminds Viggo of that old comic strip character, Andy Capp. Of course, A History of Violence sprung from the comic book's darker offspring, the graphic novel, and although Aragorn isn't exactly a comic book character, it did lead to becoming a plastic poseable Ranger, played with by kids the world over. For extra fun, I offer two comic clips:

Viggo winds up Bernard Hill

Dominic Monaghan picks his perfect Batman

....there is reason to suspect Viggo Mortensen was born on a dying planet light years away...

Philip Martin at TIFF
Arkansas Democratic Gazette
September 16, 2008

As a child, he loved comic books and was obsessed with adventure stories, tales of Vikings and explorers. If he was not going to be a soccer player, he wanted to be a gaucho. "I liked the whole cowboy thing, I suppose," he remembers. "Being self-sufficient, living off the land. You know, a knife in the back of your belt."

The Rebel King
By Chris Heath
GQ magazine
April 2004

'When I was very young, we travelled very often, and we stayed there for a couple of weeks during the summer. Yet, I remember being shocked when I moved to the US and saw that all the TV shows that I used to watch in Argentina in Spanish were the same, but they were in English! I thought that Batman and all the cartoons were in Spanish...'

Viggo Mortensen Under The Spotlight
By Gabriel de Lerma - translated by Graciela
March 2009

Viggo Mortensen as Batman: As I said before, this really isn't the Batman that we know, love, and secretly wish we were. He is not the Bruce Wayne figure with flaunted wealth. He's a beleaguered soul ruined by the loss of his parents, a figure of revolution and destruction, a terrorist. I'd like to throw out the name Viggo Mortensen for no other reason than it's Viggo. I don't see a need to justify it beyond that. The guy is a genius.

By Cole Abaius
6 February 2010

After reading the script [of HoV], which was inspired by a graphic novel, actor Mortensen wondered why Cronenberg took the project on. "I thought it was interesting, but most directors would make an exploitation movie out of it and it might have been interesting to look at, but not very thought-provoking. Obviously, he makes thought-provoking movies, so I wondered why he wanted to do this one. I asked him immediately. He gave -- and continues to give -- interesting answers."

American brutality
by Liam Lacey
Globe and Mail Cannes Review
May 17 2006

A touch of stylisation in the look of the characters - notably, Mortensen's somewhat comic-strip hood, with his shades and sculpted hair - emphasises the gulf between Anna's legit reality and the dark side inhabited by Nikolai.

Eastern Promises - Surprisingly Tender Thriller
By Jonathan Romney
Screen Daily
10 September 2007

Alatriste's powers: The cape - He doesn't fly, but at night on the streets of Hapsburg-ruled Madrid, he uses it to conceal himself. It's just like Batman and Superman's, even if it's a little more tattered.

Alatriste: The Great Spanish Hero
By Carlos Maranon - translated by Margarita
September 2006

"With T.J. anybody can go up and pet him or be around him and it's like, 'whatever.' I think of Andy Capp a lot when I look at him. You know that comic strip, the guy who's got the pint and the cap and the cigarette in his mouth? That's T.J."

Interview with Viggo Mortensen
By Jeffrey M Anderson
Combustible Celluloid
11 February 2004

Two days later I'm in a toy shop looking at the small Aragorn figurine that my son has thrust into my hands bleating "I want, I want", and I'm wondering if this is as close as I'll get to Viggo.

Josie McNaught attempts to interview Viggo
"I'm a poet" - Rings star Mortensen
By Josie McNaught
Sunday Star-Times
16 November 2003

He is [also] an accomplished artist, photographer and poet - in short, not at all the sort of person that you would expect to find represented as a 3-inch high action figure in a Burger King children's meal.

Viggo Mortensen: A Method Actor in Middle-Earth
by Ryan Gilbey
The, 2001

"Is it horrible?" he winces. "Does it look like me? As long as it doesn't look like me, then there's no voodoo risk."

Viggo Mortensen on his LOTR action figure
Viggo Mortensen: A Method Actor in Middle-Earth
by Ryan Gilbey
The, 2001

Your son Henry convinced you to take the part of Aragorn. What was his impression of the final product?

Henry is typically understated, so if you know him, approval from him basically comes in an answer like "You guys did okay, you guys did all right." But I would have heard from him in detail if we had screwed up. I think he was pretty well pleased and as I found out later, very happy for me to play a character who, as he put it, "finally has an action figure."

The One King
By Bryan Cairns
Film Review Yearbook (Special #49)

As always, you will find all previous Quotables here in our Webpages .

© Images © Estudios Piccaso / Origen Producciones.

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Arrival of the Poets

Found By: Dom
Categories: Books & CD's
Córdoba - December 2, 2010
Córdoba - December 2, 2010
Image Eliana Gorelick Czenik.
© 2010 Negro&White.
Our thanks to Dom for the heads up. A fun little video.

Arrival of the poets - and football fans - at the presentation in Cordoba here.

Images © Eliana Gorelick Czenik/2010 Negro&White.

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