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Congratulations for our Winning Design from Colette Hera!

Categories: Marketplace News

© Colette Hera

We'd also like to publicly thank White Rose and Alma for participating as well with their very creative and fun designs. In our eyes you are all winners for stepping up and submitting your designs.

Because Colette's image is vertical in orientation you'll be able to purchase cards and postcards with her design on them. Any other merchandise you'd like to purchase with the image please email us and we will specially make them for you.

So once again thank you to all those involved including our voters!

Viggo-Works Market

© Images © Colette Hera Designs.

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Viggo in Q Magazine

Source: Q Magazine.
Found By: Rebecca
Categories: Magazine Shots
Q magazine, August 2010
Q magazine, August 2010.
© Bauer.
Many thanks to Rebecca for sending us a scan of the page featuring Viggo in the latest issue of Q magazine which has an article on actors that are also musicians.

Click on scan to enlarge.

© © Bauer.

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'A Dangerous Method' Filming Ends in Vienna

Translation by Athelin
Many thanks to Athelin for translating this report from about the close of filming in Vienna:

Freud Movie: Shooting in Vienna took place without Keira Knightley.

© APA.
David Cronenberg's crew was shooting for 12 hours at Belvedere castle in Vienna and finished their shoot in Austria on Friday.

Vienna - For the last time the clapper-board was heard at the shooting of the Sigmund Freud movie A Dangerous Method taking place in Austria in the park of Belvedere castle on Friday. After the crew around Canadian director David Cronenberg had shot at Berggasse on Wednesday and in front of Café Sperl on Thursday, lead actor Viggo Mortensen was in front of the camera at the idyllic castle park of Belvedere on Friday from 3 to 11 a.m.

After the 12-hour shoot Mortensen seemed a little tired, but nonetheless posed with extras and crew-members - the Argentinian flag in one hand, a bottle of beer in the other. With the number of extras in turn-of-the-century-costumes, tourists and sightseers at Belvedere castle park felt transported to another time.

As the production company Superfilm, commissioned with the Vienna shooting, answered on request from APA, that the shooting in Austria is now officially ended. In relation to what has formerly been speculated, starting from next week shooting will continue not at Vorarlberg, but will be at either the German or Swiss shore of Lake Constance. Neither Superfilm nor the German Lago film wanted to specify, public and press are unwanted.

In Vienna, co-star Michael Fassbender was also in front of the camera, while Keira Knightley is only expected for the shoot at Lake Constance. The basis for the movie A Dangerous Method is the play The Talking Cure by British author Christopher Hampton. In the movie adaption, Mortensen takes on the role of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, his counterpart Carl Gustav Jung is played by Michael Fassbender. Torn between them is Keira Knightley, known from Pirates of the Caribbean, playing a patient suffering from bouts of hysteria.

© Images © APA.

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Viggo Filming in Austria

Source: Kleine Zeitung.
Found By: Eriko
© Rex.

Our thanks to Eriko for the heads-up on this very nice videoclip of Viggo filming A Dangerous Method in Austria.

© Kleine Zeitung. Images © Rex.

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Viggo becomes Sigmund Freud

Source: Premiere/Vienna Report.
Found By: Kate & Chrissiejane
Images of Viggo working on the set of 'A Dangerous Method' With thanks to both Kate and Chrissiejane.

Images ©

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