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Iolanthe's Quotable Viggo

Found By: Iolanthe

Here are the answers to last week's early film quiz. Did you know in which film Viggo sported a 'mullet'? Or where he channeled a 'James Dean vibe'? Did you get many of them right?

GI Jane:

Mortensen… has rarely looked so sleek, appealing and ready to play romantic leads as he does this time, gleaming out from behind a clipped mustache and a dangerous attitude. This ought to launch his career into the highest spheres.

Barbara Shulgasser
San Francisco Examiner
22 August 1997

The Prophecy:

He even manages the tricky balance of being horrible and seductive enough to slip you out of your soul… Plus, he manages it in a mullet.

Stars in Rewind: Viggo Mortensen in 'The Prophecy'
by Elisabeth Rappe
12 October 2009

The Indian Runner:

…a magnetic actor capable of both scary outbursts and eerie, reptilian calm.

Janet Maslin
New York Times
20 September 1991

The Passion of Darkly Noon:

…his silent actions are evidence that this actor is not one who doesn't need lines to act the role of his career. To a lesser-talented actor, this restriction might have resulted in a poor performance but does not.

"The Passion of Darkly Noon" Review
By Russell Hill

A Walk on the Moon:

…played with silky eroticism by Viggo Mortensen.

Janet Maslin
New York Times
March 26, 1999


Viggo Mortensen in a pre-Rings role, sporting a profoundly ridiculous blond weave, though still giving the film's best performance by miles…

Shaun Munro
BluRay review
Obsessed with Film
Feb 2011

A Perfect Murder:

But Viggo Mortensen, well heck, now there's an actor with some bite!! If you have yet to hear much about this man, open your ears, and listen wide. This guy can act...and act well goddammit! … certainly a force to reckon for all great future character roles. Watch for him...he's hot!

Berge Garabedian
November 2, 1998

Carlito's Way:

Viggo Mortensen, in a small role, manages to steal a scene… without ever getting out of his chair.

Ken Dubois Ultimate Edition DVD Review
October 2005

American Yakuza:

I'd recommend this movie to anyone interested in seeing a younger shirtless Viggo, as well as some nicely choreographed action.

American Yakuza Review
Flash Bang: Action Movie Reviews

The Reflecting Skin:

Viggo shows up well into the film, and we see an early example of his willingness to be both vulnerable and venomous. Naturally, too, we see his buttocks, surely at least part of the appeal for some audience members.

Jason Gorber
23 July 2015


It's interesting to watch him here as he channels a James Dean vibe, with his wedge-cut hair and sulky, almost shy delivery. He rises to the occasion when the dramatic scenes demand it, but for much of the movie his presence borders on the self-effacing, in contrast to his later work.

David Maine
20 February 2013

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